Has a Tzadik (holy person) ever changed to being a Rasha (wicked)?

Eliezer Abrahamson: Yes. Perhaps the most famous example is the Talmudic sage, Elisha Ben Avuya, who became a heretic and sinner and came to be known as Acher.

Another prominent example is the Biblical figure, Jeroboam, who, according to Rabbinic tradition, was initially a great sage and righteous man who, in his pursuit of honor, became so corrupted that he has come to be seen as the classic example of a wicked man.

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Moshe Kerr: The Wilderness Generation wherein according to Rabbi Akiva has no share in the World to Come, just like Goyim. Meaning the din of כרת cuts the mitzva of fruitful and multiply just as the thief of Sarah threatened; post Shoah Europe stands on the verge of total collapse. In similar vein Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China.

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