How far Washington will go to protect its petro-$ monopoly over OPEC oil and gas sales.
To what does the petro-$ monopoly compare, in understanding the hostility of Washington against all non fiat based currencies.  Consider the old Eastern European periphery States, and how Brussels intentionally subverted their economic autonomy.   Foreign financial inflows result in financialisation in Emerging Market Economies (EMEs).     In 1989 the EU set up the PHARE fund (Poland and Hungary: Assistance for Restructuring their Economies), to direct capital towards the initial “modernisation” of Poland and Hungary. The EU subsequently expanded this policy to include all accession states.

General Electric, after acquiring United Electric and Incandescent Ltd\Tungsram/ in Hungary, GE swiftly closed its profitable product lines.  Through this acquisition, GE effectively removed a source of domestic competition from the market.   Similarly, the Hungarian cement industry was bought by foreign owners, who then prevented their Hungarian affiliates from exporting; and an Austrian steel producer bought a major Hungarian steel plant only in order to close it down and capture its ex-Soviet market for the Austrian parent company. (

The US foreign policy of maintaining and protecting its OPEC petro-$ monopoly has a specific focus objective toward making gold based currencies, a peripheral medium of exchange. Both war and business revolve around plots of deception which benefit and protect the Corporate monopolies whose lobbies write the bills which bribed Congress persons submit to Congress; these Bills, written by Corporate Lobbies in Washington, they go by a much more common name: pork —a metaphor for the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative’s district. 

The ratio between internal domestic social stability: with the value of the US dollar.

Peace rests upon the foundation of trust. You never make peace with an enemy because — an enemy by definition – a person who merits no trust. Peace applies to family and neighbors. Love your neighbor as yourself. Peace applies strictly and only with people who share a sworn alliance as partners. Such a sworn alliance goes by the Torah term “brit”.

Ideally the connection between the people of the land and the leaders of their National, State, and local Governments should promote a relationship of peace based upon trust.  Government leaders who treat their own people, comparable to foreign nationals with whom the National, State, or local Governments share no brit alliance, opens the door to Pandora’s box — Civil War.

Leaders like Nixon, or like Bush #2 (Republicans) //// like Bill Clinton, or like Obama (Democrats), who shaped and determined domestic policies of State on par with how they developed the expression of Strategic National Interests imposed upon Foreign hostile governments; wherein nothing distinguishes the ‘Rights of Citizens’ from (just one recent example) the ‘Rights of Illegal Aliens’.  The “leadership” which permits open borders views the influx of foreign nationals, that they will bring profits toward winning elections for a specific targeted Political Party.  Such a crass and autocratic decision views people as mere ‘cash cows’.  Clearly no trust can exist between such ‘leaders’ and their sheeple ‘cash cows’. 

When the leaders of  Government both view and treat Citizens vs. Illegal Aliens from foreign countries – as equals – both afforded the protections of the Bill of Rights, this foolish leadership undermines the value of the Constitution of the United States.  The “worth” of the Constitution, its stature and authority, an effective comparison, to the “value” of the 1923 hyperinflated mark currency.  Once the genie left the bottle, internal political instability witnessed the French\Belgium occupation of the Ruhr valley.

Fiat ‘paper money’ currencies,,,traditionally Governments change their currencies from a gold commodity based currency unto a paper ‘Monopoly’ based currency whenever a Government confronts tremendous debts.  WWl, Germany for example, suspended the Gold Standard to pay for the tremendous costs of the war.  France by contrast, began to impose a National income tax to pay for the costs of the war.  Fiat currencies finance debt through borrowing.  Herein explains the tremendous US National debt. And therein explains the strategic need of US governments to employ any means or political tool to justify the destruction of all commodity gold based economies. The latter represents a strategic threat through the continued dominance of the US petro-dollar monopoly.

China has deeply acquired US debts. The current Pax American Empire stands upon the foundation of the petro-dollar monopoly which regulates the currencies and trade of the natural resources of all OPEC countries in the Middle East. China and Japan, both Asian powers depend upon OPEC oil. China and Russia have a strong rivalry. Therefore China cannot afford to depend upon Russia to supply its required oil & gas needs. For as long as the US controls and regulates all OPEC oil & gas sales, limited to US $ transactions, the Pax American Empire rules as king – despite its huge national debts.

Any attempt by a foreign power to obviate, or negate the power of Washington to regulate OPEC oil & gas sales, such a hostile foreign policy by any nation would compare to the systematic destruction of South Africa’s gold based krugerrand; or the Obama decision to derail Libya’s decision to establish a gold based economy.
“”””One of the over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on 2016 New Year’s Eve contains damning evidence of Western nations using NATO as a tool to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. The NATO overthrow wasn’t for the protection of the people. Still, instead, it had been to thwart Gaddafi’s plan to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the Western central banking monopoly.””””

Torah justice – the definition of Love. טוב

What does it mean: da’aven for the peace of Jerusalem? Based upon the premise that tefilla and pray two completely (oil and water\day and night) different ideas. Simple question. Did Solomon obey the last will and testament commanded by his father? As king, Shlomo immediately worked to build Solomon’s Temple. Simple question. What does the story of the 2 prostitutes, each claiming that the 1 surviving new born lived as the baby mothered by each woman…have to do with king Shlomo’s decision to build the Temple in Jerusalem? Simple question. Did king Shlomo obey the advice which the prophet Natan, who rebuked king David,,, when David expressed feelings of guilt for living in high style while the dwelling place for HaShem – a permanent tent? [[[[The covering roof over Shilo – Shilo…,,, the Capital city of the 1st Commonwealth of the Republic of Tribes – a tent as a roof.]]]] Compare the son of Shlomo, who traveled to the city of Sh’Cem to receive the oil anointment of “Moshiach”, king of Israel. Now consider a simple question: Did Rechav`am heed the advice given by the elder Ministers, who served in the Administration of king Shlomo. Therefore does the behavior of Rechavam compare to the decision of king Shlomo to build the Beit HaMikdash??

If king Shlomo determined a course of policy, different from the advice given by the prophet Natan unto David. Therefore, king David’s last Will and Testament, what did it obligate the new king Shlomo to do? Answer: To rebuild the 6 Cities of Refuge; affirm the Federal Court System of small and Great Sanhedrin(s). Therefore the story of the 2 prostitutes, who resented their conflict before the Court of king Shlomo – NOT before Capital Crimes small Sanhedrin court into one of the 6 cities of refuge, to plea for her life before the Court. The Case: Accidental Death. Did the mother who smothered her new born child, did this crime occur with or without intent?

The justice of king Shlomo, he made a test by which he succeeded to determine the real mother of the living child. But did king Shlomo compel the mother who slept upon and thereby suffocated her new born baby – to flee to one of the six cities of refuge? This question implies that king Sholomo rebelled and disobeyed the last Will and Testament of King David. Simple question: Did king David base his last Will and Testament commandment decreed upon king Shlomo ((((((whom David, or a servant of David, anointed Shlomo as Moshiach king of Israel)))))), upon the Last Will and Testament commandment decreed by Moshe the prophet, upon all Israel – the Cohen nation?

Justice Justice pursue – rule the oath sworn lands of the Cohen nation – through lateral Common Law Federal Courts, established through the Federal small\Great Sanhedrin system. Prosecution evidence: No European Court ever once held the Xtian church leaders on trial on the charge of committing War Crimes. All Goyim Courts of European Law, equally failed to enforce justice, within the jurisdiction of any of these “vertical courts”; this corrupt court system never imposed upon the guilty any compensation for damages willfully and purposely inflicted – 1st degree premeditated murder. [[[[Vertical Courts: the Executive Authority of any Government, the State pays the salaries of the Judges of the Courts, the Prosecuting Attorney(s) of the Courts, and the Police which enforce the rulings made by these Vertical Court justices.]]]].

Peace rests upon the foundation of trust. You never make peace with an enemy because — an enemy by definition – a person who merits no trust. Peace applies to family and neighbors. Love your neighbor as yourself. Peace applies strictly and only with people who share a sworn alliance as partners. Such a sworn alliance goes by the Torah term “brit”.

Peace in the context of Jerusalem: Justice Justice pursue …through the Federal Common Law lateral court system or small and Great Sanhedrin(s). This key term love, much hinges upon. The mitzva of evening and morning kre’a sh’ma separates the t’ruma from the common. The k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a sh’ma accepted as an oath obligation upon oneself — the responsibility for the consequences of all the Torah curses. The k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a sh’ma accepted as an oath obligation upon oneself — the responsibility for the consequences of all the Torah blessings. The contrast between Oil and Water\Night and Day. Love which lacks acceptance of responsibility for all actions — does not exist as Love.

As an Israeli, my blog seeks to implant a vision of how Israelis can successfully rule our homelands. Three basic visions: (1) Establish the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Jewish Republic of States. (2) Establish the Federal Court System by building the 6 Cities of Refuge. The foundation of Israeli justice stands upon trying and imposing justice to compensate for damages inflicted upon other Jews in an immediate manner. Unlike Western systems which build prisons, Israeli justice limits the power of imposing fines strictly to judicial authorities. Persons guilty of physical damages can receive lashes. Capital Crimes cases can result in one of 4 types of dead penalties. (3) Building a wide and deep canal which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Salt Sea. The purpose and objective of this canal, to maintain the integrity of the salt sea. To convert water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. To introduces these gases, combined with sand or salt, back into the atmosphere with the intention to cause rain to fall in the deserts of Sinai and the Sahara, to cause the desert of the Sinai and North Africa to bloom.

The Post 6 Day War formulation of an EU anti-Zionism Foreign Policy.

The anti-Zionist campaign in Poland began in the summer of 1967 following the outbreak of the Six Day Arab-Israeli war, but reached its main and most dramatic stage in the spring of 1968. In the summer of 1967 the Cold War and political subordination to Moscow caused the Communist leaders of Poland to side with the Arab States of Middle East. Two weeks later, the Polish communist party leader Wladyslaw Gomulka introduced a domestic, anti-Jewish dimension into the ongoing anti- Israeli campaign, by comparing Polish Jews sympathetic to Israel to a subversive “fifth column” and claiming that “one should have only one fatherland.”

This 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict served as the means of strategic planners in France to build an idol image.  Which casts Israeli soldiers and the State of Israel as an enemy to be fought both in the Middle East and on French soil. Such a representation of Israel and the Jews, shared but not limited or restricted to the French Left in the 1960s and 1970s, the Christian Left, close to the newspaper Témoignage Chrétien and the “second left” like the PSU (Parti Socialiste Unifié). These groups took the side of the Balestinians, and portrayed them as martyrs of the Jews. The Christian Left also supported anti-Zionist actions, and Zionism pictured as a new form of colonialism (following the seminal article of French orientalist Maxime Rodinson “Israël, fait colonial?” published in 1967).

The British take of post 1967 Israel … London perceived Israel as a hegemonic regional power closely allied with the USA. Twentieth-century Orthodox Jews, similarly opposed and depised the Zionist agenda; condemned for its efforts to inspire Jews to make aliya to “our” homeland, embrace “our” history as the Cohen nation, that governs “our” ancestral homelands through righteous court achieved justice among “our” diverse peoples. 

Based upon the Pesach song Dayenu (דינו), the faith of keeping Shabbot; that Jews maintain and keep “our” Joy.  HaShem will remember the sworn oath cut at the Brit between the Pieces, and redeem g’lut Jewry from foreign oppression and injustice; Rabbi Akiva laughed when he saw the fox depart from the destroyed Holy of Holies for this exact reason.

Post WWll, France pretended that it had never surrendered to the Nazis, and in fact had won the war; its pulling this rabbbit out of a hat, occurred through the demand to sit as a permanent member of the US Security Council.  Much like Egyptian Arabs revisionist historians pretend that Egypt won the Yom Kippur war in 1973. 

Except for the period of the Algerian War to maintain the old French empire, when its interests embraced Israel during the 1956 Suez crisis, specifically, the French far right embraced a fervent anti-Zionist perspective.  Today Paris rushes to the aid of the Arab world (from Palestine to Iraq).  The French perceive and feel threatened by Israeli dominance in the Middle East.  French propaganda now labels the Jewish state as an instrument of international capitalism.

The attempts to “poison the wells”, how the public should view the post 1967 State of Israel, does not limit itself to EU Capitals.  Revisionist historians and philosophers introduced a sham Left\Right subterfuge to camouflage hostility to an Independent Jewish state which did not require the support of some Foreign Great Power to maintain its national independence.

Judith Butler, an American philosopher in the field of political philosophy & ethics, compared Hamas and Hezbollah as “social movements that are progressive, that are on the Left, that are part of a global Left.”[[Petra Marquardt-Bigman, “Defending Judith Butler in The Ivory Tower”, The Algemeiner Journal, September 7, 2012.]]  Ms. Butler later justified this opinion, as reported by the Progressive Judaism anti-Zionist publication Mondoweiss (Archived from the original on December 28, 2012): “”… those political organizations define themselves as anti-imperialist, and anti-imperialism is one characteristic of the global left, so on that basis one could describe them as part of the global left.””

No.  Anti-imperialism does not limit itself, restricted only to the ‘global left’.  This patently false declaration hides the Right\Left sham schism.  Nation States have interests.  The unique interests particular to each and every Nation State, all governments strive to protect and defend these national interests — independent of any so-called Right\Left sham schism. 

In 19th Century British politics, for example, prior to even a whiff of Socialism, the sham schism which divided British Party Politics, centered upon the division between the Liberal vs. the Conservative Parties.  The two Party system which defines American Politics deceives the sheeple with a similar sham schism.  Both Democrat Johnson and Republican Nixon expanded the US war of imperialism in SouthEast Asia.  Government, like a ship at sea, maintains the course which its strategic interests dictate.  Irrespective of which Party dominates a particular National Government, following a so-called democratic election.

Anti-Zionists portray Israel as a corrupt racist, settler colonialism state that has no redeeming qualities.  This opinion closely resembles the justifications for the “Final Solution”.  European Anti-Zionism resembles the 1967 3 ‘No’s of Khartoum.  (1) Removal of the Samaria separation barriers which separates Israelis from the captured Balestinian refugee populations.  (2)  Implementation of a so-called right for all Balestinian refugees, together with all generations born thereafter, to return to Israel.  (3)  A guarantee of legal equality of Arabs refugee populations as equals to Jewish citizens of Israel.

For over 2000 years stateless Jewish refugees never witnessed anything close to these conditions.  Yet anti-Zionist Capitals across the EU, Russia, the US, and UN, as a simple matter of routine, they condemn Israel for its stiff necked intransigance and Apartheid.

As previously expressed in an earlier article, Washington exploited the “Racism card” (held up its sleeve).  In that ‘poker game’, Washington destroyed both South Africa and Libya’s gold based economies, to protect the US petro-dollar monopoly.  In all matters of strategic State interests, Government leaders compare to a whore in church; who preaches fire and brimstone sermons that crucifies the flock.  That imposes harsh demands, which condemns them for their failure to uphold the values of chastity, virtue, and modesty.

Anti-Zionist rhetoric propaganda seeks to uphold Israel unto some pie in the sky: “higher moral values”. The  “congregations” of its own nationals and Leaders, never once has anyone sought to impose such outrageous demands.  But should Israel fail to maintain these ‘higher moral obligations’, this proves conclusively that the Devil inspired and established the Jewish State!

Only 6% of the separation barrier, build as a response to Arab bus bombings of children school buses, exists as a Wall.  Yet the propaganda MSM media, which these hostile countries promote, continually refer to the separation barrier as both abhorrent, unjust, and a Wall.  Picture rhetoric of a high imposing Wall, plays on the ‘tear down the Berlin Wall’ sentimentality of the ignorant sheeple masses who support the efforts to boycott Israel.

The BDS website in October 2015 announced a broad goal of turning Israel into “a pariah state”.  A more recent publication:
condemns Israel for disrespecting the “rights” of stateless foreign refugee populations captured as a result of the 1967 victory.

A 2016 article summarizes how Settlement Businesses Contribute to Israel’s Violations of Balestinian Rights.
[[]].  Never once does this tuma ilk of propaganda ever ask two basic & simple questions.  (1)  Did Jordan attack and invade Israel in 1967?  (2)  Did all UN member States, except for Britain and Pakistan – in 1950 – condemn and denounce as illegal the Jordanian nationalization of Israeli Samaria?

Propaganda rhetoric stands upon the basic assumption of guilt.  All the UN General Assembly condemnations from Zionism is Racism etc., stand on this cracked foundation.  Israel has become a phobia (defined as an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation) of the propaganda organs of the mass media news of virtually all countries; whose imperialism strategic objectives centers upon carving up the Middle East into ‘Spheres of Influence’ divided and distributed between the Great Powers – like as occurred following the Allied victory in WWl, and the division of China in the late 19th Century.

The fog of anti-Zionist propaganda immediately collapses unto clarity, by asking a simple question.  Based upon the Israeli unilateral withdrawal of about 6000 ‘settlers’ from Gaza, what would happen if Israel withdrew the some 600,000 ‘settlers’ from Samaria and East Jerusalem; an action required to create a Balestinian country? 

Anyone familiar with the near Civil War disaster of the Gaza unilateral withdrawal experiment, knows – without the slightest doubt – any attempt to unilaterally impose a similar decree upon the Israelis living in Samaria and East Jerusalem, would result in a catastrophic Jewish Civil War.  The first rule upon which all Israeli government’s stand – the first cause of successful government: to prevent Jewish Civil War between ourselves.  Israel needs a Lebanese or Syrian Civil War, like it needs a 45 slug shot between its eyes!

If Israel collapsed into political chaos and social anarchy, foreign soldiers from the EU, Russia, the United States and UN would not immediately “occupy” and govern this “territory” that had collapsed into total Civil War?  If Israeli society fell upon itself into brutal cannibalism, Egypt, Jordan, and other Arab countries would not likewise strive to reconquer “Arab” territory?