An explanation of Imperialism. The dream of Europe to restore the glory of their fallen empires.

The propaganda which floods the Main stream media press, it loves to foist the lie that stateless Arab refugees once ruled the mythical land of Palestine. Comparable to the French frogs of Paris who foist the lie that France defeated the Nazis in WWII. The EU and Jimmy Carter love the metaphor that Israel has imposed an Baasskap Apartheid upon the Arabs, whose lands Israel illegally occupies. But why this charade?

Follow the money. The Great Powers view a dominant Israel as a direct threat to their sphere of Influence in the Middle East and North Africa. Great Power propaganda condemns Israel as guilty of establishing bantustan\ghettos; that Israelis exploit Arab refugee labor on par to how S. Africa racially classified its black Untermensch populations. As if Israel following the Shoah had magically transformed itself and become Hitler the rock star idol of the Jews! The gross stupidity of this vile comparison, it measures up with the Xtian belief that 40 days following the revelation of the Name of HaShem @ Sinai, that Israel worshiped a golden calf named אלהים, “who took them out of Egypt”. Confusing the golden calf משל\metaphor/poetic licence\ with historical facts – complete revisionist history.

Israel fought 10 Islamic nations to truly gain independence › watch › v=tIgjU0Pri14

Tarek Fatah correctly points out that the original Palestine Mandate, which the recently post WWI established League of Nations, “awarded” to Britain … but he fails to clarify (how convenient), that the Palestine mandate while it included – by his gracious concession – the lands of Trans-Jordan; the Palestine League of Nations mandate also included the lands of Kuwait – part of the lands of Iraq. At least before the British unilaterally decided that Kuwait merited its own national Independence.

Saddam justified the invasion of Kuwait based upon this historical fact – that Kuwait, originally part of the territory of Iraq … as Pakistan & Bangladesh – originally part of India. At least these original borders actually existed, before the previously mentioned British, carved up the borders of nations, like the head of the house carves up a Thanks Giving turkey.

Tarek Fatah claims that the Jews in 1948 confronted 10 Arab armies. Perhaps, but in point of fact, these newly established Arab countries, they existed and eked out as subsistence under their European overlords as “serfs”. The Great Powers dominated and ruled these non Independent Arab lands as the Ottoman empire fell into chaos and decay. By the 19th Century, the European powers referred to the Ottoman empire by the term of contempt: “The Sick Man of Europe”.

Consequent to the collapse of their empires, Europe threw money and arms at these freed peasants. Both England and France “graciously” granted these crude uneducated refugee “huddled masses”, they really had no other choice, National Independence. However many Arab armies “invaded” the Newly declared Jewish State, despite the massive amount of arms and weapons supplied to them by the deposed European empires, their military capability compares to that of the South Vietnamese “army” after the US unilateral surrender in Vietnam.

The Ottoman empire in the 19th Century, its status as a world power compares to the 2nd tier post WWII status which England and France, Germany how much more so … occupy, following the US military occupation of Western Europe. These post WWII establish Arab “countries”, prior to the collapse of Europe’s First World status, they existed as subject populations on par with the Jews which the British so bountifully permitted to settle in Palestine …NOT! The British immediately restricted Jewish immigration to “Balestine” with TWO White Papers.

Britain artificially created and established the borders of Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait, because it served the self centered strategic interests of that deplorable empire. British interests therefore decided to deprive newly Independent Iraq with possessing a descent deep water port. Land locked, Iraq could never become a naval power. Britain land locked Iraq when it purposely and unilaterally chopped off Kuwait from Iraq. Like it also decided to establish an Independent Trans-Jordan, cut out from the guts of the original “Palestine Mandate”.

The Cheney\Bush One & Two/, their illegal Gulf War repeated invasions of Iraq piously declared the aim of that war: to restore Kuwait independence. But beyond the ribbons and bells, this policy of imperialism has everything to due with Great Power politics. Where imperialist “Great Power” nations assume that they possess some “manifest destiny”. That they have the divine right of kings to determine the international borders of countries across the Middle East. Herein explains the interests of the Great Power “Two State Solution”, whereby the Capitals of Brussels, Moscow, and Washington wave the worn out Banner ‘Peace in our Time’. As if that narishkeit worked by in 1938!

Carving up the Jewish state and Capital City of Jerusalem into two hostile states promises “Peace”, like declaring a Golden Calf took Israel out of Egypt. Why does the Xtian church expose the stupidity of their theologies and dogmatism, when it foists this complete and utter narishkeit for 2000+ years? Church interests center upon name of JeZeus. The Poop of Rome,,, combined with his “opposing” Protestantism pastors,,, they have no interest what so ever to worship the Name of HaShem, as revealed in the opening Commandment of Sinai. Xtianity, like Islam, and all Goyim religions – one and all worship other Gods.

“The 1956 War, 8 years after Israel won its first war of Independence, it witnessed the total collapse of Britain and France as Great Powers. The incompetence of their invasion to capture the Suez Canal Zone completely and totally contrasts with the Israeli success in capturing all of the Sinai Peninsula. This war proved conclusively that the European States, their Crown as Great Powers, first among equals, had fallen to the ground unto their utter disgrace. The Algerian War of Independence fought from 1954 to 1962 terminated the French empire in Africa.

Hồ Chí Minh likewise kicked French butts and expelled them from Vietnam at the Battle of Điện Biên Phủ in 1954. Their first world status, proven only as a boast of hot air, the Great Power status that replaced them, even after the collapse of the USSR, shall not quietly permit these EU punch drunk “Jerry Quarry” punks to pretend that they qualify as anything more than just a money bags towel boy wannabe.”

The First Israeli war of Independence, Britain supplied and trained the Arab armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq, and felt confident that the Arabs would succeed in throwing the Jews into the Sea. The victory of the newly born Jewish state shocked and horrified not just Britain but France as well. The difference between the First and Second Israeli war of Independence, by 1967 Charles de Gaulle felt confident that France could now intervene into the internal domestic affairs of the Jewish state with impunity. France following the utterly shocking Israeli victory in the June war, immediately demanded that Israel surrender all land which the IDF re-captured from the defeated Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian armies.

Israel from the moment that Charles pretended to wear the purple robe of Par’o, like as in the days of Moshe — David Ben-Gurion treated Charles like Moshe mocked Par’o after his army drowned in the Sea of Reeds. This second Israeli Independence War victory, provoked an immediate European and Russan ballistic reaction. After that tremendous War of Independence victory, France lead the EU block and demanded that Israel surrender the re-captured original mandate borders, like Bush #1 equally condemned Suddam’s invasion to restore Kuwait.

The British early in the 1920s took out their carving knives unilaterally dissected Jordan, Iraq\Kuwait from the League of Nations “palestine mandate” lands. Post 1967 the EU strategic foreign policy touching the Middle East — to force Israel to surrender all lands within Samaria which touch the Jordan river and to divide Jerusalem like the Allies split Germany and Berlin following the total defeat of Nazi Germany. Europeans have a long history of slander, their propaganda blood libels now declare once again that the Jews ‘poisoned the wells’. These vile cowards seek to foist the disgrace of Hitler upon the Jews. Hence their criminal accusations whereby they attempt to compare Israel to South African Apartheid.

The propaganda which floods the Main stream media press, it loves to foist the lie that stateless Arab refugees once ruled the mythical land of Palestine. Comparable to the French frogs of Paris who foist the lie that France defeated the Nazis in WWII. The EU and Jimmy Carter love the metaphor that Israel has imposed abaasskap Apartheid upon the Arabs, whose lands Israel illegally occupies. Why this charade? Follow the money. The Great Powers view a dominant Israel as a direct threat to their sphere of Influence in the Middle East and North Africa. Great Power propaganda condemns Israel as guilty of establishing  bantustans ghettos whereby the Israelis exploit Arab refugee labor on par to how S. Africa racially classified its black Untermensch populations. As if Israel following the Shoah had replace Hitler! The gross stupidity of this vile comparison, it measures up with the Xtian belief that 40 days following the revelation of the Name of HaShem @ Sinai, that Israel worshiped a golden calf named אלהים, “who took them out of Egypt”.

Israel fought 10 Islamic nations to truly gain independence › watch › v=tIgjU0Pri14

Tarek Fatah correctly points out that the original Palestine Mandate, which the recently post WWI established League of Nations “awarded” to Britain, likewise included the lands of Trans-Jordan. What he fails to mention, the original Palestine Mandate likewise included the land which comprises present day Iraq and Kuwait!

Saddam justified the invasion of Kuwait based upon this fact – that Kuwait, originally part of the territory of Iraq … as Pakistan – originally part of India. Tarek Fatah claims that the Jews in 1948 confronted 10 Arab armies. Perhaps, but these Arabs “serfs”, the Great Powers dominated and ruled these non Independent Arab lands as the Ottoman empire fell into chaos and decay. By the 19th Century, the European powers referred to the Ottoman empire by the term of contempt: “The Sick Man of Europe”.

The Ottoman empire in the 19th Century, its status as a world power compares to the 2nd tier status which England and France, Germany how much more so … following the Second World War. These Arab “countries” existed as subject populations on par with the Jews in British Palestine! Britain artificially created and established the borders of Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait. British interests deprive Iraq of possessing a descent deep water port! It purposely unilaterally chopped of Kuwait from Iraq like it created Trans-Jordan.

The Cheney\Bush illegal invasion of Iraq to restore Kuwait independence has everything to due with Great Power politics whereby the imperialist nations determine the borders of countries across the Middle East. Herein explains the interests of the Great Power “Two State Solution” in the name of Peace. Carving up the Jewish state and Capital City into two hostile states promises “Peace”, like declaring a Golden Calf took Israel out of Egypt. How come the Xtian church foists this complete and utter narishkeit for 2000+ years? Church interests center upon name of JeZeus. The Poop of Rome combined with the “opposing” Protestantism pastors, they have no interest to worship the Name of HaShem as revealed in the opening Commandment of Sinai. Xtianity, like Islam, and all Goyim religions – one and all worship other Gods.

The 1956 War, 8 years after Israel won its first war of Independence, witness the total collapse of Britain and France as Great Powers. The incompetence of their invasion to capture the Suez Canal Zone completely and totally contrasts with the Israeli success in capturing all of the Sinai Peninsula. This war proved conclusively that the European States, their Crown as Great Powers, first among equals, had fallen to the ground unto their disgrace. The Algerian War of Independence fought from 1954 to 1962 terminated the French empire in Africa. Hồ Chí Minh likewise kicked the French in the butt and expelled them from Vietnam at the Battle of Điện Biên Phủ in 1954. Their first world status, proven only as a boast of hot air, the Great Power status that replaced them, even after the collapse of the USSR, shall not quietly permit these EU punch drunk “Jerry Quarry” to pretend that it qualifies as anything more than just a towel boy wannabe.

The First Israeli war of Independence, Britain who supplied and trained the Arab armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq felt confident that the Arabs would succeed in throwing the Jews into the Sea. The victory of the newly born Jewish state shocked and horrified not just Britain but France as well. The difference between the First and Second Israeli war of Independence, by 1967 Charles de Gaulle felt confident that France could now intervene into the internal domestic affairs of the Jewish state with impunity. France following the utterly shocking Israeli victory in the June war, immediately demanded that Israel surrender all land which the IDF captured from the defeated Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian armies. Israel from the moment that Charles assumed the role of Par’o, like as in the days of Moshe — David Ben-Gurion treated Charles like Moshe mocked Par’o after his army drowned in the Sea of Reeds. From this second Israeli victory immediately after that tremendous War of Independence victory, France has lead the EU block and demanded that Israel surrender the original mandate borders, set by the British early in the 1920s when it unilaterally carved off Jordan and Iraq from the League of Nations “palestine mandate” lands. Post 1967 the EU strategic foreign policy touching the Middle East — to force Israel to surrender all lands within Samaria which touch the Jordan river and to divide Jerusalem like the Allies split Germany and Berlin following the total defeat of Nazi Germany.


An Introduction of Gestalt theory developed in the 1940s. [[[]]] This discussion, influenced and shaped by the thoughts expressed by Malcolm X, and the recent Court exoneration of the 2 men convicted of assassinating him.

Gestalt psychology is a school of thought that looks at the human mind and behavior as a whole. When trying to make sense of the world around us, Gestalt psychology suggests that we do not simply focus on every small component.  Instead, our minds tend to perceive objects as part of a greater whole and as elements of more complex systems. This school of psychology played a major role in the modern development of the study of human sensation and perception.

Gestalt therapy, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Fredrick S. Perls and others in the 1940s, influenced by Gestalt psychology, is a therapy that takes into account the whole individual and is concerned with the obstacles to the functioning of the whole in the context of the present.

Gestalt approach has the basic premise that life happens in the present—not in the past or the future—and that when we are dwelling on the past or fantasizing about the future we are not living fully.  Through living in the present we are able to take responsibility for our responses and actions.  To be fully present in the here and now offers us more excitement, energy, and courage to live life directly.

It seems to me, that throughout history bad people in particular have employed “race anger” as a key propaganda rhetoric whereby they control and direct the masses of uneducated humanity to follow their rage and thereby form a following that sweeps them into power. Obama’s “Change”. Many examples, but the Hitler speeches come straight to my mind. In recent American politics, the manufactured hatred which denounced President Trump, from the disgrace of Nancy tearing up the State of the Union Address as if the President had said something so evil?!

The Democratic controlled House Judiciary Committee which voted straight down party lines to approve the articles of impeachment. Those Democratic ‘show trials of impeachment’ where House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and other’s McCarthy-Like Congressmen declared: Robert Mueller’s report presents “very substantial evidence” that President Donald Trump – “guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors”.

This introduction, it seems necessary to me because as a Jewish person I struggle with powerful contradictory emotions of love and hate. How to communicate this conflict of emotions which surges through my veins something like a river flooding its banks after a drenching rain. Honestly as a white person born in affluence in Texas, have great respect for the accomplishments and successes achieved by the white man dominated United States of America. None the less, the political assassinations leading up to the 1968 Presidential elections, coupled with the crimes committed by US Presidents, FBI, and CIA – both before and after – have greatly disturbed me.

Totally supported in my youth the grape boycott lead by Cesar Chavez the co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), which later merged with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC) to become the United Farm Workers (UFW) labor union. Despite the fact that his world-view combined leftist politics with Roman Catholic social teachings.


Honestly, don’t understand why Black folk embrace the religion of their racial oppressors. That cop placed his knee on a cuffed black man till he died. Yes MLK and Malcolm X enfranchised colored from American Apartheid\\Jim Crow//, but black identity and culture took a tremendous hit, Obama behaved as a white man. As a “cracker”, raised by my black Mamma maids…. Hell, did not even know that beds didn’t make up themselves, till after i left home at about 16! As a boy, traveled to the other side of the tracks and played with the children of my black Mamma maids. Had black folk as roommates in College and Technical training schools. Once living on my own, had a black mechanic as a roommate and lived in a black dominated community in Dallas Texas.

But for us deeply assimilated Jew boy folk, t’shuvah a very complex subject. At least for me, t’shuvah means rejecting assimilation to the cultures and customs, theologies, and creeds of our Xtian oppressors. Malcolm X did not cause me to arrive at this understanding, but listening to what the man said, many years after his assassination, confirmed my Torah studies.

75% of European Jewry exterminated in less than 4 years, this war crime did not happen simply because Nazis hated Jews. How black folk integrate into Cracker culture, and embrace the cracker religion of abomination truly shocks me. Xtianity rejects the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai together with the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system revealed 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf @ Horev. The gold calf disaster has nothing to due with the metaphor of a golden calf! Such a טפש פשט – literal reading of the words – brain dead stupid.

Honestly, why read Jewish ancient books deprived and removed from all Jewish culture, tradition, manners, ways and practices – by the folk who wrote those T’NaCH Books to begin with? All cracker blblical translations — totally disgusting and utterly vile. For example: The first commandment of Sinai, Goyim never received any instruction on this opening revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. The church abomination has no knowledge what that commandment commands.

Unlike black folk, we Jews do not exist as a Race – despite the Nazi propaganda which condemned us for the crime of being an ‘inferior race’. Cracker theology for 2000+ years has divorced that religion of abomination from the T’NaCH\Talmud/ faith of the Jewish people. My folk say, “May Gawd bless the Czar … by keeping him far away from us!” (Fiddler on the Roof).

The Allies bombed the bejesus out of Nazi Germany, but despite knowledge of the Death camps, both FDR and Churchill – refused to bomb the rail-lines leading to the death camps! Poop Pius XII consented to the Nazi demand and agreed to send the entire Jewish community residing in Rome unto the death camps. The 1963 Play: The Deputy, it condemned the Poop. Finally the Vatican public pressure has forced it to opened its archives and confirmed the guilt of that cracker priest.

Adopting a stance of official neutrality during the war years, the Vatican, that Poop of Infallibility, refused to yield to Allied pressure to speak out against Nazis atrocities. Post war, this same policy, the cracker Governments who represent the EU and Russia, they too duplicate this moral cowardice, expressed through their policies of State – their neutrality in all of Israel’s major wars. Had the Arabs won the wars of Israeli Independence, those sand nigger towel heads would have completed the Nazi genocide of European Jewry, while Europe and Russia looked on “with their hands tied”.

To date Israel has fought and won our two wars of National Independence. The ’48 War, England armed the Arab invading Armies. In the ’67 War, France condemned the Israeli victory! Paris cried foul, and demanded the complete Jewish surrender to the Arabs! UN Resolution 242, France judged itself worthy to write that US State Department Resolution of disgrace … as if France had won the 2nd European Civil War of the 20th Century. As if that loser nation merited a permanent seat in the Security Council.

The entire history of the despicable cracker religion of abomination, it centers and spins around Power rather than Morality. The death count produced by the 30 Year War resembles that of World War I. The 300 year Ghetto imprisonment of all Jews living in Western Europe caused a horrific forced population transfer of Jewish refugee populations moving from West to Eastern European countries, primarily Poland and the Ukraine. The 30 year war (1618 – 1648) released a (mixed metaphor) avalanche tsunami of barbaric racial hatred against Jewish refugee populations scattered across the Ukraine and Poland. No one knows the number of Jews violently murdered in the Khmelnytsky Pogroms. But most likely the slaughter compares to the Turkish genocide of the Armenians during WWI.

Assimilation of my People to cracker cultures, customs, manners, and ways … it defines, by the way i learn, the Jewish k’vanna of doing t’shuvah. T’shuvah a totally and completely different concept from that which the abomination religion preaches touching repentance. T’shuvah, a 2 edged sword which requires a unique dedication to HaShem of the opposing Yatzirot within the heart of bnai brit Man. These opposing Yatzirot compare to the two poles of a battery. In Chinese culture, the Yin\Yang/ feminine energies of life,,, opposed by the Yang\masculine energies in life.

Yiddishkeit refers to the Yatzirot as inclinations; the chosen Cohen nation spins around the central axis of tohor vs tumah middot. The religion of abomination knows nothing about this Central Axis of Jewish faith. Faith, viewed from a Jewish perspectives, it shares no common ground with the I believe belief systems preached through: theology, doctrine, creeds, and dogmatism. This I believe belief system, it defines the religions (in all their thousands of branches) of abomination. The T’NaCH (((Divided into 3 parts: Torah, Prophets, and Holy Writings. This Canon, sealed by Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly in the formative years of the 2nd Commonwealth. Ezra lived, perhaps 3 Centuries before the Gospel abomination. This Naxi of the Great Sanhedrin, he sealed the T’NaCH Canon))), has no connection, nor does it share any common ground with the Greek\Roman counterfeit religions of abomination.

Over half of all Jews who lived in Judea died fighting the Romans in two vicious brutal wars. The “foot print” made by the religion of abomination, its new testament Gospels totally ignores the context of this most bitter of conflicts. Not till 1948, some 2000+ years, did Jews reconquer our Homelands and end the terrible g’lut\exile which the Roman barbarians initiated with their total war victory over Judea. The new testament “footprint”, it has a known reputation: it cherry picks T’NaCH prophetic verses, stolen totally out of their surrounding sugia contexts. An act of propaganda distortions which defines the religion of abomination unto this very day!

The European crackers enslaved the black folk. They did this war crime after setting the precedent with stateless Jewish refugee minority populations. Following the total surrender of Judea, Rome scattered the remaining survivors across Europe. The Romans originally sold off the cast out survivors of Judea, as war time captured slaves.

Feudal Europe, that society produced wealth by means of an agricultural based economy. The racist crackers, headed by the religion of abomination, outlawed Jews from the trade of farming, lest they acquire Goyim slaves! Not till the Industrial Revolution did the time arrive that agricultural based economies could expunge slave labor. Pick cotton seeds out of their cotton bolls, and it immediately becomes obvious that to do so requires patience and concentration. Without a cotton gin, separating the seeds from the fibers, requires a lot of manual labor.

All pre-Industrial revolution civilizations, they produce wealth by establishing an aristocratic land owning class and an enslaved serf\peasant class. Agriculture lacking industrial equipment, highly labor intensive, it requires a huge amount of man-power. The Industrial Revolution would cause dramatic population transfer of people moving from rural villages, unto the Cities – in search of Industrial jobs. The textile industry, which started the Industrial revolution began in England, just prior to the start of the Napoleonic Wars.

The damned Yankees of the North, to put slavery in America in perspective, embraced the Industrial Revolution. The Confederate States of the South, where cotton ruled as King, (((Southern strain of long stand cotton, English textile Industries absolutely depended upon, something comparable to a heroin addict. Not till 1864 did the British, in Egypt, develop a similar long strain strain of cotton!))). Throughout recorded history virtually all agricultural based economies depended upon slave labor. But black folk in Northern Yankee states, they hardly lived their lives as enfranchised equals to the racist crackers!

The crackers, they smell different than black folk. Human body odor does not make a person good or evil, just different. Still it shocks me that colored folk of my generation, that they embrace in affection and love the religion of abomination, and have assimilated to such a degree that they have brought that vile religion of oppression unto their hearts. A cracker JeZeus … how utterly revolting!

By now, its obvious from this introduction that this Jew-boy struggles with a tremendous grudge against the cracker religion of abomination. The bane of my life, my struggle to do t’shuvah and uproot my assimilation unto western culture, customs, core values, manners etc. When I began the Aliyah process of moving to Israel. Remember many assimilated Yidden asking me: “Why I wanted to move there?”. This totally non Zionist absurd question began with my family … all of which intermarried with non Jewish crackers. The disaster of Jewish assimilation in the US and Europe in my generation, it has surpassed the assimilation rates which prevailed prior to the Shoah!

Avodah zarah\perverted worship/, qualifies as the 2nd negative Commandment of the Written Torah Sinai revelation. Moshe the prophet defined this שב ולא תעשה commandment, with his commentary of commandments – his 611 Torah commandments. These secondary source commandments, they serve to define the opening first two Primary source Commandments revealed in the Sinai revelation. (((Clearly the 10 Commandment narishkeit\Yiddish for non sense/ plays no part in how the rabbis of the Talmud understood the language of the Written Torah. Torah like the Talmud – both highly edited. Torah commands mussar; the משל 10 commandments expressed in the story of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, they learn from the 10 נמשל plagues. HaShem judged the hearts of the Gods of Egypt, Par’o, and all Egypt. This learning directly ties into how to learn the cherry picked p’suck stolen from דברי הימים))).

Moshe commanded a simple commandment as his commentary to the 2nd Sinai negative commandment. After the ways of Egypt and Canaan, do not follow. This commandment defines the k’vanna\roughly translated as: the mussar rebuke/of the revelation of the 2nd Commandment of Sinai. The bane of my existence on this earth,,, my failure to achieve and do t’shuvah upon my assimilation, wherein i am guilty to have embraced the cultures and customs of Western societies as my own. Again t’shuvah shares no common ground with the religion of abomination, and its theology of repentance for sin. The expulsion of Adam from the Garden teaches the mussar of g’lut\exile — not the Pauline perversion of ‘original sin’.

Following the European ‘Final Solution’ of my people. The horror and trauma this produced upon me caused strong feelings of utter abhorrence and detestation of Europe, together with its ‘White Man’s Burden’ (Kipling). As a small boy of about 8, experienced a nightmare. Alone in the room with a red hot oven. The gate of the oven flew open and consumed me with flames. Woke up screaming, my hair turned prematurely white.

Europe sports no superior Race. Yet European imperialism has a strong need to rule over “the primitives inferiors of Africa”. The atrocities in the Congo by Belgian King Leopold II; the genocide in Namibia of the Herero and Namaqua peoples by the pre-WWI German 2nd Empire; the vile invasion of Ethiopia by the Italians, the French economic slavery in the Sahelzone; the British slaughter and establishment of concentration camps during the Boer War; these war crimes against humanity, every bit compare to the American crackers slaughter of the native Indian populations. (((Personally have a strong love for hunting tribes art work. But the fear that the great peoples who formed the hunting tribe nations, that they will go extinct, haunts me.))) The religion of abomination has embraced, it has never denounced this cracker manifest destiny of imperialism.

Needless to say, as an Israeli, totally oppose the EU attempt to impose their dictate demands. As if Europe has some moral “mandate” to determine the Israeli international borders. The EU, Russian, UN war mongers, they seek to divide the Jewish Capital like the cracker Allies divided Berlin after WWII! Late in the 19th Century, the Great Powers carved up China into ‘spheres of Influence’. Europe bitterly resents the second world status post WWII. They seek to carve Israel up into two hostile states. But this dream to once again rule as the Great Powers of the Planet, it extends to all countries across the Middle East. The vile Cheney\Bush invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan; the criminal Obamo destruction of Libya – that criminal bloodshed has yet to dry.

The MSM propaganda which seeks to make Israel into a pariah Apartheid nation, this vile rhetoric propaganda which appeals to cracker emotional mobs lynching; it reminds me of KKK lynching parties and the blood libel slanders which resulted in destructive Pogroms against Jewish communities across Europe! A leopard cannot and does not change its spots.

The EU & Russian, together with their UN Ventriloquist Dummy doll, their continuous shrill condemnations of the tiny Jewish state; their attempt to divide this small country into 2 hostile camps in the name of Peace … Fools! Shalom stands upon the foundation of trust; this verb most definitely not a noun; like as employed by Lennon’s anti-Vietnam war song – “All We are Saying is Give Peace a Chance”. Idiots! A man only cuts an oath shalom brit alliance with partners – to whom he shares a deep profound trust. A Jew never invites an enemy to break bread while sitting at the Shabbos table.

Following the Shoah, and Israeli National Independence in 1948 and repeated again in 1967, the cracker civilizations of Europe have no moral mandate. These imperialist cracker monsters – they do not determine the borders of the Jewish State, nor the Capital City of Israel. Stateless Jewish refugee populations, the European Capitals, they rejoiced inflicting and imposing cruel inhuman torture and oppression for 2000+ years. But now that the Title of refugee now sticks to Arab stateless refugee populations, suddenly Europe has become all morally indignant & righteous – NUTS!

With this introduction, (((Always admired nigger Jim in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Nigger Jim understood that King Shlomo – a down right idiot. King David accepted the mussar of the prophet Natan. The Book of Kings opens with Natan saving the life of Shlomo and his mother. Yet the young king Shlomo chose to ignore the prophetic mussar by which Natan denounced construction of a Temple, as a tumah\pollution of the Last Will & Testament of Moshe the prophet, before he passed from this world))), Torah faith stands upon the יסוד: Justice Justice Pursue.

Moshe, his last mitzva on this earth, (((Torah commandments apply to all generation of bnai brit Israel as an eternal inheritance; prophetic mitzvot, {they compare to the Gestalt theory} by stark contrast, they only apply to the current living generations of bnai brit Israel today. The revelation of the Torah @ Sinai, stands upon the k’vanna of serving as the Written Constitution of the Republic of States. All other T’NaCH prophets command mussar mitzvot.))), the mitzva to build and establish the small Sanhedrin lateral common law Courts!

Lateral common law courts exist as the opposing pole of the משל “battery” of vertical common law courtrooms. The latter, the State pays the salary, it reins the power of the paycheck over the Judges, Prosecutors, and Police! Lateral common law courts, no judicial authority nor prosecutor, receives any salary from the State. Not till the vile abuses of the British Star Courts, did the American revolutionaries revolt against that vertical courtroom institutionalized corruption, and attempt a reform – a lateral jury system. The vertical Italian courts supported the religion of abomination, its criminal abduction of Jewish children which it unilaterally baptizing, while ignoring the objections raised by the parents of these abducted children. Early in the 20th Century, no vertical European court had ever tried the Church for war crimes committed against humanity. No justice for the Jews or the Roma minorities, whom the crackers often times slander as either: Christ Killers or Werewolves – respectively.

Let’s learn. The Jewish T’NaCH – has 3 Parts. The Torah – the יסוד of all prophesy. The latter term defined as Mussar. The Prophets – whose mussar mitzvot, they serve to define the k’vanna of the Torah commandments. (((Torah commandments, clearly not LAW. Law comes from judicial courtroom rulings which establish the halachah, as expressed within the language of the Talmud.))) As mentioned above, Torah commandments apply to both the living and dead among the bnai brit chosen Cohen nation. The Torah and the US Constitution resemble each other in this respect. Mussar Mitzvot, by stark contrast, they apply only to the living and not to the dead among bnai brit Israel.

This critically important distinction of understanding, includes the basic premise that observance of Torah mussar mitzvot, possible in the oath sworn lands. While to Torah commandments, in theory applicable to do in Israel or in g’lut. The third portion of the T’NaCH, the Holy Writings, what defines their purpose? The Books of the Prophets stand upon the kabbalah masoret of the 13 tohor middot which define the revelation of the Oral Torah @ Horev. (שמות לד:ו,ז); the Books of Holy Writings stand upon the יסוד kabbalah of the 13 Middot taught by Rabbi Yishmael, the middot of logic taught Rabbi Akiva, and the middot of logic taught by Rabbi Yose HaGelili. The latter middot of logic, they serve to amplify understanding of how to employ Torah tohor middot דאורייתא\from the Torah/.

Rabbi Akiva, his פרדס Divine Chariot mysticism, it defines the revelation of the Oral Torah revelation revealed personally unto Moshe @ Horev, a direct revelation of HaShem unto Moshe. Torah commands mussar instruction through משל\\נמשל learning technique\discipline. The golden calf metaphor – it serves only as a משל. The נמשל דיוק\\interpretive logical inference// inverts that משל metaphor; Aaron translated the Name revealed in the First commandment @ Sinai unto the word אלהים. Translating the Spirit Name of HaShem unto a word defines the sin of the Golden Calf.

The religion of abomination perverts רוח הקןדש\\Holy Spirit//into its Trinity worship of avoda zarah. The 13 tohor (((The KJV perverse travesty, that utterly obtuse translation of tohor\tumah as Clean vs. Unclean. An error as big as confusing a hydrogen bomb with the sound of a balloon popping.))), middot — they define the meaning of the term רוח הקודש. The revelation of the Oral Torah logic format revealed @ Horev following the sin of the golden calf… these tohor Spirits, they define how bnai brit Man can call upon the Spirit Name of HaShem while standing in the Amidah da’avening\tefillah.

Aaron translated the Spirit of the Name, first revealed in the opening commandment @ Sinai unto a word אלהים. The word אלהים, not one of the 13 tohor middot of רוחהקודש. All the bibles of the religion of abomination, beginning with the opening verse of the Book of John, they duplicate this exact error of avodah zarah.

Throughout history the religion of abomination has rejected the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai, and therefore worshiped other Gods — the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. רוח הקןדש … these tohor Spirits – not a words. The Torah employs אל רחום וחנון וכו, but ask a man what distinguishes the one term from the other, and that man will not have a clear answer. Tohor spirits, even when expressed as words, for a man to grasp their k’vanna – this requires a direct blessing from Heaven and a lot of Talmud.

Hence the negative mitzva which forbids on pain of כרת, cutting a person off from the inheritance of the brit cut between the pieces (((נמשל דיוק the brit cut between the opposing Yatzirot within the heart of bnai brit man, wherein HaShem swore an oath unto childless Avram that his future born chosen Cohen seed would compare to the number of the stars shining in the Heavens!))). This negative commandment strictly forbids not to pronounce the Name of HaShem according to the order of its’ Letters. Like as in YHVH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Father, Allah etc.

The Holy Writings, they serve as the Primary commentary upon the Books of the Prophets. Your blog equates the new testament forgery abomination with the authority of the sealed Canon of the T’NaCH. A mitzvah done by Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly centuries prior to the writings of the counterfeit Roman messiah dolled up into idiotic Jewish garments. The prophetic Book of Shmuel\Samuel stands upon the יסוד of the Torah. The religion of abomination never once, not in 2000+ years has it ever inquired,,, upon what Torah commandment did the Prophet Shmuel stand his mitzva of Moshiach upon? A crucial error. Because the prophet Moshe commanded the comandment: not to add or subtract from the Torah commandments.

Moshe the greatest of all T’NaCH prophets. The later prophetic commandment, whereby Shmuel first anointed Shaul of the Tribe of Binyamin, and thereafter David of the Tribe of Yechuda (((Yechudim translated as Jews))), which Torah commandment serves as the יסוד of this later prophetic mitzva?! This simple question refutes the new testament counterfeit Roman forgery; its hostile attempt to undermine Jewish culture and tradition ie Old and New Testament narishkeit. Recall that the new testament abomination came at the height of the Jewish wars fought against Roman imperialism in the Middle East. Rome introduced propaganda during those wars, aimed to undermine and destroy the ‘ethical containment force’ which shapes and contains Jewish culture and tradition. Much as did Allied propaganda refer to the Germans during WWI as “the Huns”.

The Holy Writings, they serve as authoritative commentaries to the earlier Prophetic Books which make up the T’NaCH. The religion of abomination completely perverted the Order of the T’NaCH. Note the absurd Catholic attempt to equate Apocrypha Books, all written after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly had sealed the T’NaCH canon as closed; but also the new testament books of avoda zarah – as having equal authority or as in the New Testament – supplanted the Old Testament! The Order of the T’NaCH, organized into sugiot\sub chapters/ this too church biblical translations totally expunged and up-rooted; the early biblical mis-translators replaced those vital sugiot of Order with arbitrary chapters and verses – totally foreign and alien to the Hebrew T’NaCH.

Shall not “soil” myself by addressing the new testament tumah abomination (((tumah learns from dead bodies))) verse which your blog brings. The new testament abomination, it cherry picks p’suking\verses; it takes these p’sukim totally out of their surrounding sugia containment contexts! 1 Chronicles 28:9, this cherry picked verse, contained within the sugia of דברי הימים א כח:א-י. ‘To build my House and Courts’ … what משל\\נמשל דיוקים learns from this statement? King Shlomo he worshiped avodah zarah and caused the Davidic Kingdom to collapse into Civil War.

The נמשל דיוק does not flatter king Shlomo, the ‘wisest of all men’. Nigger Jim correctly understood, king Shlomo – an utter and complete fool. King Shlomo assimilated unto and embraced together with his foreign wives the cultures and customs, practices and beliefs which nations who rejected the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai and Horev.

To repeat for emphasis. Shlomo embraced the avodah zarah practiced by the Goyim — who rejected and refused the revelation @ Sinai and Horev. Goyim “just adore their pent house view” (Green Acres), they build Temples and huge Cathedrals, whereby their priests worship avodah zarah unto strange Gods!

Torah faith stands upon this precise יסוד: Justice Justice Pursue. King David understood the mussar commandment of the prophet Natan. This “man of battles and bloodshed”, he owned the responsibility to establish the lateral Sanhedrin common law Federal Court system. Justice, defined as the restoration of damages, inflicted either by accident or intention, to the injured bnai brit allied person(s), through the judicial intervention, by Torah mandated courts. King Shlomo, he rejected the Written Torah as the Constitution of the Tribes of the Republic. This decision placed him on par with all the רשעים kings of Israel.

Question? Do the courts have a Torah mandate to search the hearts of both the accused and the damaged, who stand before their Courts? Korbanot\sacrifices do nothing in this matter of searching the k’vanna concealed within the heart of Man. Why then did the small Sanhedrin courts in each of the 6 Cities of Refugee have an altar wherein the Cohen Nasi, of the Court, that he would dedicate a korban upon that private altar, prior to the Court pronouncing sentence upon a person who fled to a City of Refuge?

As mentioned above: the din\decree of כרת, all descendants of the chosen Cohen people, we treat this din with tremendous and great respect. For a Cohen to dedicate a burnt offering upon an altar, if he did so while in a state of tumah — this horrible transgression — it carries the din of כרת.

Therefore the Nasi of all the small Sanhedrin courts, this Cohen from the house of Aaron – in all the 6 cities of refuge, part of the 48 Levitical Cities, if he made a public dedication of a burnt offering, it makes a public declaration that the Nasi and the other 22 Justices of the Court, that they have obeyed the mitzva to pursue justice in a tohor state – when judged the person who fled unto their City of Refuge, after having committed the crime of murder.

Murder a Capital Crime. If convicted of intentional murder, the din of the Court – one of the 4 types of death penalties, usually either fire or strangulation. Fire, similar to strangulation, in that the criminal strangulated so that he opens his mouth in order to breath, and hot lead poured down his throat. Stoning or beheading considered more severe body mutilations, and therefore limited to crimes such as avodah zarah.

This Holy Writings commentary upon the NaCH prophets, perhaps it learns and interprets based upon the sugia of ירמיה יז:ז-י. A Dayan\שופט has yet another title – אלהים. The exact term whereby Aaron erred and translated the Name of HaShem! This Divine Name, the name wherein according unto kabbalah, a Yid dedicates the face of his soul on Yom Kippur unto HaShem. Rosh Hashanah, the partner pair of Yom Kippur, the Divine Name of the face of the soul dedicated on that Yom Tov, which opens the din upon the brit, אל.

This Divine Name, one of the 13 tohor middot of רוח הקודש, it defines the dedication made by the Yatzir Ha’Tov to run to give m’chilah, translated as pardon, unto our bnai brit allies. Based upon the error made by Yosef who refused to give m’chilah to his brothers; which sealed the din of g’lut in Egypt unto the children of Yaacov. All generations for ever stand under the shadow of the golden calf avodah zarah. Yom Kippur seals the din whether we have succeeded or failed to live t’shuvah on the din of our assimilation to non bnai brit cultures customs core beliefs etc. Therefore the face of the soul dedicated unto Hashem on Yom Kippur, this face of our soul has the name אלהים.

Capital Crimes trials require no less than two kosher witnesses. Common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents. The much later Talmudic common law system, it follows the much earlier T’NaCH common law system. The latter compares sugiot to other sugiot precedents. The “Style” developed by the sages of the Gemara: to judge the value of precedents brought before the Court, through the discipline of “difficulty\\answer”. Shall open by surrounding our Case bringing a slightly distant precedents, and there after compare it to a more precise precedent. יהושע ה:ב-ח.

The oath brit sworn at Gilgal, followed the brit melah of the survivors of the Wilderness generation. HaShem judged the hearts of that generation as fit to conquer the oath sworn lands. Whereas the hearts of the generation which accepted the Torah @ Sinai, that generation accepted the Torah with their Yatzir Ha’Rah and not their Yatzir Ha’Tov. This Ying\\Yang bi-polar judgement within the heart, it learns from the prophesy which told Rivka, that 2 nations struggled for dominance within her womb. Tefillah – a duty of the heart. The evening kre’a shma learns from Sinai wherein Israel accepted the Written Torah with our Yatzir Ha’Rah. The morning kre’a shma learns from Horev wherein Israel accepted the Oral Torah with our Yatzir Ha’Tov. The t’shuva dedication, the k’vanna of tefillah, night and day different from one another – like as fear of Heaven from love of HaShem.

In War, soldiers aim their artillery fire, first to strike before the enemy target. Then they over shoot the enemy target. Then they blast the evil S.O.B.’s – they fire for effect. Shall do likewise: יהושע י:יב-יד The oath brit sworn at Gilgal,,, just as HaShem fought the Gods of Egypt, so too HaShem would fight the Gods of Canaan. Moshe called upon the 10 plagues and the splitting of the Sea of Reeds. Yehoshua called upon the Sun to remain still in the sky, permitting Israel to totally crush and destroy the enemy. Just as slaves could never thumb their noses at Par’o and live, so too Israel could not war upon Giants – and live. Just as HaShem judged the Gods of Egypt, and Israel thumbed their noses at Par’o. In like manner HaShem judged the Gods of Canaan, and Israel prevailed over Giants. Giants whose size and power had melted the hearts of the spies in the days of Moshe the prophet!

Fire for effect:BOOM: שופטים ז:ב-ו Prior to the great battle and victory by Gid’on over the huge army of Midyan, HaShem judged the ‘warrior spirit’ within all of Gid’on soldiers. HaShem judged 300 men whereby they would make an eternal קידוש השם\\sanctification of the Name. The mussar k’vanna, it seems quite clear that the Book דברי הימים serves as a commentary to the Books of the Prophets, that HaShem judges the heart of Man. Specifically HaShem judges between the Tohor or Tumah Yatzirot, to determine which of the two has dominance within the bnai brit heart — of the Judges of the Court!

A person flees to one of the six Cities of Refuge and pleads that he killed a man with his Yatzir Ha’Tov and not with his Yatzir Ha’Rah. The אלהים\\שופטים of the small Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms, they can either judge that man with their Yatzir Ha’Tov or with their Yatzir Ha’Rah.

A Talmudic idiom: Judge on its own merits. Hence prior to carrying out the sentence of the Court, the Cohen Nasi of the Court dedicates a korban olah\burnt offering/ upon the altar. This korban olah, dedicated to publicly testify – through its cloud of smoke unto the heavens – that the Justices of the Court neither received nor took any bribe; that they judged the accused with their Yatzir Ha’Tov & not with their Yatzir Ha’Rah.

Who stands in Judgment before HaShem? The accused or the Judges who try the accused? The mussar of the prophets answers and declares: the Judges who hear and rule upon any Capital Crimes trial, they stand before HaShem, and HaShem judges their hearts; HaShem weighs the question: which Yatzir exerts dominance within the hearts of these Judges? Herein defines how the Torah creates Man in the image of HaShem. How to Respond to Scripture Rejectors

First Order of business: touching the evil Xtian bible MISTRANSLATIONS – INTENTIONAL SLANDER — wherein their bible books with original intent – did slander and pervert the Hebrew\Aramaic T’NaCH …

All T’NaCH prophets command Mussar. Mussar defines the meaning of the word “prophecy spoken by prophets”. Xtianity, followed by the Muslim Koran wherein every 7th word, or there abouts, repeats the prophet this, or the prophet that etc etc etc etc etc etc. Something like the Polish saying: Od nasiona do rośliny\\{a poor translation: from seed to flower} or Od nasiona do drewna//{from seed to tree}. This defining perpetual error: It perverts ethical mussar unto physical history. But the T’NaCH has no purpose or intent to express the physical history of bnai brit societies of the past. Mitzvot only applicable to the living not the dead. Bible put ancient Israelite history upon a pedestal. It perverts a “historic” description of JeZeus the counterfeit Greek\Roman messiah into a God.

This gross perversion, comparable to that made by aristocratic land owners within the Southern Confederacy of States, who declared that the bible permits slavery. No. The T’NaCH recognizes the way how virtually all agricultural based societies farmed their lands. Ever try removing seeds from raw cotton fibers w\o a cotton engine? Separating those seeds, captured and contained with intertwined cotton fibers – requires intense manual concentrated labor.

Agricultural based economies therefore required slave labor. The aristocratic land owning minute 1% minority made money though owning slaves who work and farmed their lands. This Xtian perversion of the bible as history, it totally ignores the T’NaCH economic revolution, which established, for the first time, that all citizens merited the status of “land owners”. Not till the American and French revolutions would a comparable revolution occur. These two revolutions institutionalized citizens who had Rights over serfs who existed as slaves. The Xtian bible translations totally ignores the k’vanna\intent of the mitzva of sh’mita\\the 7th year release// of all debts owed, and the 50 year Yovel/Jubilee which returns all sold properties back to their original land owners.

T’NaCH does not teach history. True where there’s smoke — also fire. In ancient times a people of Israel existed within the borders of the first Common Wealth. But to confuse smoke as fire, incredibly stupid. People hostile to the influence the Hebrew T’NaCH has on shaping Jewish culture, customs, and identity, they often declare “they do not believe in the bible”! As if such declarations accomplished something, other than their contempt. Non bnai brit Goyim//Volk who reject the obligation of the revelation of the Torah\\virtually all non Jews throughout history//, often these Volk make such arrogant and totally absurd declarations. Comparable to a person who publicly laughs after making a loud stinky fart in a crowded elevator.

The T’NaCH literature compares in a sense unto gravity. Gravity functions irregardless, whether Man believes in its existence yay or nay. Gravity defines physical reality for all living and\or inanimate matter. Irrespective whether before or after Newton attempted to express a mathematical theory which explained this scientific term modern man knows as “gravity”. The Gods, how much more so … they do not depend — much less require, belief by Man Yay or Nay. Yet all belief systems of avodah zarah\\perverted worship//, their creeds, theologies, doctrines, and dogma all absolutely require that Man believe in this or those God(s). All the while, those foreign alien perversions of faith deny and reject the revelation of the Written Torah @ Sinai and the double revelation of the Oral Torah logic system which interprets the Written Torah k’vanna @ Horev.

Mussar, either bnai brit Israel accepts or ignores, but actions Yay or Nay have their consequences. Mussar, in this sense compares to philosophy. It validates the conflict between to opposing Yatzirot forces within the heart of Man. Something like Yin\Yang symbolism, expressed by ancient Chinese philosophy. Or the modern scientific law of thermodynamics: every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

T’NaCH literature — it’s mussar commands the bnai brit people, who accepted the Written Torah @ Sinai and the Oral Torah logic format @ Horev — it, addresses the opposing Yatzirot within the human heart of Man. Perverting the T’NaCH into a history book about ancient Israel,,, as huge a distortion as the argument, ”the bible permits slavery”, made by slave owning Southern aristocrats – prior to the US Civil War.

Such perverted arguments, they totally high-jack original intent. The Torah k’vanna/intent\ represented by & through commandments in general, and the sh’mita and Yovel commandments – specifically! The current year in the Jewish calendar — a sh’mita year! Non Jewish calendars make no more reference to the 7th year sh’mita than does the Gregorian calendar validate: the Asian calendar, the year of the tiger, ox, rat etc, which Chinese calendars both identify & shape the cultural identity and\or perspective – of all Asian societies.

Xtianity stands upon a foundation of racial prejudice. This utterly vile European racial superiority complex express by Nazism in the 20th Century. This specific perversion, it defines the barbarism and extreme violence that expressed through all eras of European history.

Notions of superior vs. inferior races,,, a perversion which so defines Nazis ideology,,, this gross perversion of Humanity, it did not just, out of the blue, pop into only German Nazis minds – only during the 20th Century. European culture stands upon absconding foreign cultures, and making them as their own. Something like General Chang, a Klingon patriot and romantic nationalist declared that Shakespeare – a born Klingon! Roman polytheism renamed the Greek pantheon of Gods, it – so to speak – baptized Greek mythology, as Roman theology.

Comparable to Xtian priests who stole Jewish children and baptized them against their Will. Thereafter Church authorities denied the original heritage these abducted and baptized children. European courts early in the 20th Century validated Church crimes against Humanity. The biblical translations of the T’NaCH, likewise do the same with their old/new testament bible perversions. This latter disgrace defines the distorted nature of Xtianity to this very moment in time. The equivalent of attempts made by pornographic ‘Gay Pride parades’ to normalize the immorality of sexual hedonism.

Parshat Yitro — within the annual Torah reading of the Torah. The most basic question, or First question applicable to all Torah and T’NaCH characters of Aggadic mussar (((Something like characters in the famous books of modern novels Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and Leo Tolstoy’s long novel: War & Peace: Prince Bolkonski Andrew, Mademoiselle Bourienne, Count Ilya Rostov etc. etc. etc.)))).

What qualifies as the dominant Yatzir which stirs the hearts of all T’NaCH mussar characters to keep and obey Torah commandments and Prophetic mitzvot? The Yatzir Ha’Rah: understood as doing mitzvot לא לשמה; or the Yatzir Ha’Tov: understood as doing mitzvot לשמה. This most basic and fundamental question defines the Mitzva known as “Acceptance of the Yoke of Heaven; the mitzva of Kre’a Shma: Hear Israel HaShem our Judge HaShem is One.

This one mitzvah defines the k’vanna of all תרי”ג Commandments (613 mitzvot). For example: When Sarah commanded Hagar, her slave, to serve as a surrogate\substitute mother/ to birth the children of Avraham … with which Yatzir did Hagar obey her mistress Sarah? Answer: Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, obeyed the commandment of Sarah לא לשמה: with her Yatzir Ha’Rah\Evil Inclination.

Contrast Moshe, who obeyed the command by HaShem, for him to go down to Egypt and take Israel out of slavery. He obeyed this commandment לשמה, with his Yatzir Ha’Tov\Good Inclination. All T’NaCH mussar characters within this Jewish novel, whose plot in simplicity designates them as either righteous or wicked. All these T’NaCH mussar characters express and serve the simple story plot that separates Good from Evil; which bases itself upon this most simple distinction. The distinction which separates the heroes from the villains — in all the T’NaCH mussar stories whose characters depict the distinction between righteous vs. wicked.

A fundamental error made by church authorities throughout history, they read their bibles based upon the assumption that these biblical characters physically existed as real historical personalities. The mussar question of substance, which equally applies across the board to all T’NaCH novel characters, fictional aggadic personalities: which Yatzir dominates the heart of bnai brit man when he strives to keep and do Torah prophetic commandments? This most basic question, church theology, doctrine, dogma and creeds never ever, not even once, asks.

The T’NaCH as an ancient novel series of stories never makes any reference to Palestine. The modern parlance ‘Palestinian people’ – how much more so. Post WWI propaganda attempts to refer to historical people, first the Jews who lived within Mandate British Palestine, and later the Arabs who Yasser Arafat called Palestinians, as ‘historical’ peoples. The post WWI British empire labeled their Middle Eastern division of the spoils of Ottoman Greater Syria as — “Palestine”. That same territory renamed unto Israel, in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion — the first Prime Minister of the modern State of Israel. Not till late 1963, early ’64 did Yasser Arafat attempt to foist the name Palestine – as the name of his terrorist organization – which he dubbed, the Palestine Liberation Army.

As stated above, during the entire post WWI period, the British & French imperialist carving up of Ottoman Greater Syria (the name which the Ottoman Empire labeled the lands of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, and Iraq), wherein France took as its post WWI spoils of victory, the territories of Lebanon and Syria – of Ottoman Greater Syria; while England awarded itself, by means of the recently established League of Nations, the Greater Syrian territories of Israel, Jordan, and Iraq. — All this part of Ottoman Greater Syria, the League of Nations Ventriloquist Doll Dummy labeled as part of “the British Palestine Mandate”.

Obviously the post WWI Arabs living in Ottoman Greater Syria would never refer to themselves by the name of European imperialism —- Palestine —- Because this “British Mandate”, based itself upon the Balfour Declaration, cut in 1917. In this famous treaty, Britain agreed to accept as an obligation to temporarily rule the League British mandate territories: to honor the terms and conditions to establish a Jewish Home in the Middle East.

For Arabs share cropping populations, who lived within the pre-WWI Ottoman Turkish Greater Syria – Muslims NOT Arabs – (1) Only Ottoman Turks could own land within the Ottoman empire. (2) Arab share croppers, post WWI, would NEVER consent, much less willingly accept any British European reference: which attempted to describe Arabs as Palestinians”.

The British Palestine, whereby the League of Nations based awarding Ottoman Greater Syria lands as victory spoils of war, unto the British — based strictly and solely upon terms established and specified within the Balfour Treaty; Arabs in the Middle East cannot even pronounce the letter P as in Balestine. All Arabs across the Middle East rejected the British Palestine Mandate established in 1920, which based itself upon the Balfour Declaration of 1917. But Britain won the Great War, and Arab objections which rejected European rule over former Ottoman lands, the Allies and the League of Nations totally ignored. How much more strenuously did all Arab countries and peoples actively reject the name of British Palestine after Britain returned the mandate back to the United Nations in 1947.

Following the Declaration of Independence by the newly born nation of Israel in 1948, the British mandate name of Palestine ceased to exist. Attempts to convert novel fictional characters into historical persons or histories — utterly and totally absurd, war time propaganda. On par with the classic and most famous example of war time propaganda: the Roman inspired counterfeit religion that preaches — the historical man messiah — JeZeus son of Mary.

Stephen D Cook מקרא mikra: Biblical studies Heroes and villains (6): Uzziah, aka Azariah – is burning incense a bad thing?

Greetings Stephen,

The Holy Writings of the T’NaCH in general and דברי הימים\Chronicles in particular — they function as later commentaries to the earlier Books of the prophets which make up the NaCH.

Shall now quote directly from your blog so that the general reader likewise sits on the same page.

[[[“””The writer(s) of Kings either didn’t know this story about Uzziah/Azariah offering incense in the Temple, or it wasn’t relevant to their account because they had no interest in defending the priestly claim to exclusivity when it came to performing religious rites. However, there is a huge problem with this story for the Chronicler. While they condemn Uzziah for offering incense in the Temple, the book of Kings notes that Solomon did the same thing! “Three times a year Solomon used to offer up burnt offerings and sacrifices of well-being on the altar that he built for the LORD, offering incense before the LORD” (1 Kings 9:25). Chronicles asserts that offering incense on the altar was a function of the Aaronic priesthood (1 Chron. 6:49) from which the Zadokite priests claimed descent, and therefore condemned Uzziah for breaching this protocol. Kings, however, asserts that Solomon did the same thing. It is possible that the writer of Chronicles was aware of this and chose to ignore it because it didn’t fit with their agenda. It is equally possible that an editor of Kings added this information to the book after Chronicles was written in order to highlight the inconsistency (and hypocrisy) of the Zadokite position. Either way, it demonstrates the rivalry between the writers of the two books and how they recorded, or altered, history for their own purposes.”””]]]

The T’NaCH commands mussar. This exceptionally bad Xtian non-discipline of cherry picking p’sukim\verses springs from the counterfeit Gospels and new testament narishkeit, written by Roman aristocrats hostile to Jews in general and Jewish culture based upon the T’NaCH specifically. That abomination dolls up a mythical imaginary Man, born from Zeus raping yet another married woman. (Virgin birth: what an original excuse made by a bitch who had an adulterous affair with some other Gawd; the church dogma of ‘free will’ flies straight out the window, if Mary opposed the rape by Zeus. If she opened her legs with consent… either way, Xtian theology, dogma, and doctrine – “””altered, history for their own purposes.”””)

The contradiction raised by your blog merits address. T’NaCH does not teach “history”. T’NaCH commands mussar; it “teaches” by means of Aggadic stories. The sages who organized and edited the Talmud, consequently organized Jewish scholarship around these two opposing poles – Halachic contrasted by Aggadic scholarship. A critical flaw in Xtian preaching over their grossly perverted scriptures, those priests and pastors totally ignore the culture and customs of the Jewish people … the folk who wrote the T’NaCH in the first place. That mamzer (bastard in both Hebrew and Yiddish) religion sought to expunge the Jewish people, our culture, customs, manners, and ways from their “old testament”; on equal par with the Nazis ‘Final Solution’, the criminal attempt to exterminate all Jews from the face of Europe and Russia.

Needless to say, modern Israel has nothing but loathing and utter contempt for the EU, Russia, and their ventriloquist dummy, that post World War II — replacement of the defunct League of Nations\Woodrow Wilson narishkeit\(Yiddish for none sense) — the United Nations. The idiotic attempts by foreign Capitals, which assume that they possess some mystical mandate from heaven, which authorizes some imaginary “International Law”, whereby these hostile Capitals determine the borders and National Capital of the Jewish State of Israel … such arrogant brain dead stupidity … only matched by the mamzer church bible perversions of the Hebrew T’NaCH. The moral authority of all Europe and Russia – terminated with their despicable “Final Solution” which tortured, starved, and violently murdered 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years.

Joseph Goebbels propaganda by which he justified the Nazi invasion of Poland, the main stream media of the western press has even surpassed; through its artificial creation of “Balestine”. (Arabs of the Middle East cannot pronounce the letter P). The League of Nations “mandate”, as if a post World War I 1919 Treaty of Versailles League of Nations had the authority to impose upon other countries the stripping of the Ottoman Empire by the French and British empires respectively! British “Balestine” included within its “mandate” all the lands of Jordan and most of Iraq. Yet the MSM press posts pictures of “Balestine” by which Israeli Apartheid imposes a system of institutionalized racial segregation of the Palestinian people!

No Arab, during the post World War I British mandate would ever consent to refer to himself as a Palestinian, because the British received this League “mandate”, based upon the Balfour Declaration, of establishing a Jewish home in the Middle Eastern which developed into modern Israel. The same MSM press, totally silent over the UN exclusion of Israel as a nation State within the borders of the Middle East! The UN condemnations which continuously denounce the Zionist entity, ignores the FACT that Ben Gurion accepted both UN proposals to establish either a Arab Jewish Republic or a 2 State solution. All Arab countries, by stark contrast, immediately invaded the Jewish state, with the express aim to throw the Jews into the Sea and complete the Nazi Holocaust.

The MSM makes no mention that the states comprising the EU and Russia, publicly declared their neutrality in 1948, the 1st Israeli war of Independence, and actively sided with the Arab enemy in 1967, the 2nd Israeli war of Independence. Ignored, the UN condemnation of Jordan’s illegal annexation of Samaria and East Jerusalem in 1950. Rather all these hostile states, in conjunction with their UN ventriloquist dummy, continually drip drip drip their empty condemnation of Israel as the occupying power of captured Arab territories. Ignored, that Britain, as one of its first acts as the mandatory power, separated Balestine from Trans-Jordan at the Jordan river. Ignored, the post 6 Day June War, which captured Arab refugee populations, temporarily residing within Samaria and East Jerusalem, that these Ottoman era Arab share-croppers never ruled any Independent Arab country within the borders of post 1967 Israel. Never mentioned, the failure of Arab countries since their defeats in ’48 and ’67, to repatriate their stateless Arab refugee populations scattered across the entire Middle East like as did Israel repatriate the Jewish refugee populations expelled from almost all Arab countries following their defeat.

Propaganda rhetoric of this ilk, it stands upon precedents of how the Xtian church perverted and created their bible translations in their own image. Their bible abominations expunge the Name of HaShem commanded in the first Commandment @ the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Thereby duplicating the sin of the golden calf, made by Aaron the brother of Moshe.

Their disgusting biblical translations expunged the T’NaCH Order of sugiot. Their theology replaced sugiot with their alien and utterly foreign, and completely abhorrent perversion – their old testament – made into chapters and verses. This decision “Converted and Babtized” their bibles into books of avodah zarah.

The Nazis, similar to Western press propaganda rhetoric, based their attempted mass extermination of all European Jewry, upon prior Xtian precedents throughout 2000+ years of oppression, slander, taxation without representation, and repeated unilateral expulsion of Jewish stateless refugee populations from all Western European countries. The victorious Allies refused to bomb the rail lines leading to the death camps. Stalin ordered a halt of the Russian offensive, to give the Nazi time to exterminate the remaining Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Xtian hostility to Christ Killers expressed itself, non stop from ancient times to the present. The church used their old testament as but a mere stepping stone to serve as proof of the coming of their victorious messiah. For 2000+ years the church preached that Gawd had cursed the Jews and condemned them to wander as despised refugee populations. But post 1948, the tattoo of Cain, permanently imprinted upon the forehead of the church believers; they now stink and rot in exile, accursed waiting for the 2nd coming of JeZeus son of Mary. All their theology and dogma proven as but vain empty shadows and smoke. The theology of monotheism directly violates the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

The masoret\tradition whereby the sages of Israel have struggled to understand the nature of Torah commandments, this strenuous exertion of thought, during the 2nd Common Wealth, as recorded in the Talmud and Midrashim, the sages taught the tefillah serves as ”avodat HaShem” in the stead of korbanot\sacrifices. This same sh’itta\method of learning/ equally applies to the mitzva of Moshiach, and virtually all commandments\\mitzvot. The sages within the Talmud teach that any Israel can rule as “king”. The prophet Shmuel anointed Shaul of the Tribe of Benjamin, before he anointed David as Moshiach. An opinion in the Gemarah of Sanhedrin teaches that the mitzva of Moshiach applies to all generations of Israel.

What mitzva does the dedication of Moshiach as “king” sanctify? The king fights the war of HaShem. The ‘war of HaShem’ – defined as the eternal struggle between the Yatzir Ha’Tov against the Yatzir Ha’Rah within the heart of all Israel throughout the generations. T’shuvah defines the k’vanna of all tefillah. The t’shuvah dedication made to HaShem: the Yatzir Ha’Tov dedicates ‘holy to HaShem’ – tohor middot; contrast the t’shuvah dedicated by the Yatzir Ha’Rah: wherein Israel regrets tumah social behavior, expressed in social situations among our bnai brit people. The t’shuvah of the Yatzir Ha’Rah commits a person not to behave like a dog, and return and eat its own vomit. The difference between tohor and tumah middot of t’shuvah … as separate and distinct as the earth from the heaven; day from night, land from sea.

Your “contradiction” between the commentary of דברי הימים with the much earlier Book מלכים reveals the mental conflict over what distinguishes between Torah commandments and rabbinic mitzvot. Rabbinic mitzvot define the k’vanna of the תרי”ג mussar commandments, as applicable to all generations of Israel.

The Jewish people do not wait for the coming of Moshiach. Upon each and every Jew, in all generations rests the burden to rule either as an individual, like Daniel, Job, or Noach, or as a national leader, like king David, with righteous justice among our bnai brit people. Justice defined as: the righteous restoration of damages inflicted, (a רמז to Common Law courtroom rulings), either by accident or intent, for the person who suffered damages to receive fair compensations. Torah faith rests upon the יסוד\foundation/ of: Justice Justice Pursue. Both the judgment of g’lut or geulah hinges upon Justice.

Power contrasts with justice. The attempts to negate the existence of an Independent Jewish state in the Middle East by Europe, Russia, and the UN defines exertions of power. Power to declare Israel a pariah state, which denounces Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people, this has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with Imperialism. Third tier Europe, regrets its post war second World ranking status; its moral collapse as king of the First World nations; combined with the fact that the US military occupies Europe to this very day.

The EU views the Jewish State with as much or more alarm as does the Xtian church – irrespective of its many denominations. Strategic Israeli interests which views European intentions in the Middle East as hostile, which seeks to limit the influence of Europe in the Middle East and North African & Sahel countries to an absolute minimum, directly challenges EU and Russian efforts to restore their former Great Powers glory.

Let’s learn. Shall obey and follow the Gemarah style of learning a Case\Rule Mishna by bringing up a close precedent followed by a slightly distant precedent. The common law sh’itta by which the Talmud learns bases itself upon the T’NaCH. The sages based their wisdom upon common law learning – by means of comparing precedent cases, competitive and similar sugiot. The discipline which examines the k’vanna of a sugia based upon similar sugiot, this most essentially defines the Oral Torah logic system. A logic format separate and totally distinct from the logic philosophies developed by the ancient Greek societies, specifically Athens.

Your cherry picked p’suk 1 Kings 9:25, contained within the sugia of מלכים א ט:כג-כח. Shlomo’s wife from the House of Par’o, she ceased to worship her Gods? No. אז בנה את המלוא refers to Shlomo building her a house of worship next to her house. A close comparative sugia מלכים א ג:ה-יד. King David had multiple wives. But none of his wives worshiped avodah zarah as did the daughter of Par’o, and the many other foreign wives which aroused the heart of king Shlomo to abandon the Cohen brit faith. All kings of Israel, the measure of their sanctification, the oils of Moshiach, measured by the Moshiach king David.

Another crossed reference close precedent ישעיה ד:ב-ו. The dwelling place mentioned the heart of bnai brit man, the seat of the Yatzir Tov and Yatzir Rah. A precedent, not as close as the previous two ירמיה ד:ג-ח, which compares to ירמיה ה: י-יג, another slightly more distant precedent. HaShem judges the heart of Man. Herein defines the mussar as taught in the T’NaCH sources.

It’s my birthday. As a present, would like to introduce how my Rav taught me how to learn the T’NaCH combined with the Talmud.

Isaiah speaks almost like poety. The Books of Tehillem\psalms likewise for the same reason – very difficult to read in the original Hebrew. However, my rav had me read 18 chapters of T’NaCH every day, finished it every 51 days. The Torah, its broken down due to the Shabbot Readings, each Parsha has 7 aliyot (people called up to read from the Torah on Shabbot), each day would read all the first, or second, or third etc., aliyot respectively within the whole of the Torah. Hence would completely read the Torah every 49 days.

In this manner I learned Hebrew. Then Rav Aaron directed me apply this same technique to the Aramaic targum (translations). Within a year could read the T’NaCH & the Aramaic like as if it existed on par with English news papers. The precise goal which Rav Nemuraskii set for me to achieve. Rav Nemuraskii, only thereafter formally introduced me to the Midrashim. During my cycle of reading T’NaCH, learned together with Rav Nemuraskii, together with other talmidim, hilchot shabbot from the Misnah Bruer (a 20th Century commentary on the Shulkan Aruch … a commentary on the Arbah Turim). The author of the Tur, the son of the Rosh. The Rosh one of the greatest Talmudic scholars in all of Western European g’lut\exile.

The first time Rav Nemuraskii and myself sat and learned the Talmud Bavli (a 20 volume code), we completed it in about 4 months. Cycling through the Sha’s (Six orders to the Mishna) Bavli (Babylonian Talmud), would learn approximately 20 pages every day. The Bavli, its based upon common law. Common law learns by way of precedents. Therefore by cycling through the Sha’s Bavli, completed the reading cycle, as said above, in about 4 months. In this fashion, fairly quickly familiarized myself with the Cases contained in the whole of the Sha’s Bavli. Cycling through the Sha’s, after about 4 to 5 years of this, only then did thereafter did Rav Nemuraskii demand that i learn each page of Gemarah (the commentary to the Mishna) by bringing precedents, duplicating the style of how the Gemarah learns the Mishna.

At that time started exploring how the classic Reshonim (950 – 1450 CE) learned Gemarah. The Baali Tosafot (about 60 scholars in total, the grand children of Rashi), the French school of Talmudic scholarship, they learned by way of comparing outside precedents. When the Tosafot went off the dof\page of Gemarah/immediately familiar with the precedent that the Tosafot commentary introduced, to compare this outside halachah case to that of current dof of Gemarah which Rav Nemuraskii and myself learned. Needless to say, of all the Reshonim scholars, the Baali Tosafot hands down my favorite.

Then came the B’hag, Rif, Rosh halachic commentaries. If a person understands that the Bavli exists as a common law legal system, then and only then do these halachic commentaries reveal their absolute genius. Common law compares legal Case rulings/halachot to a specific Case\Rule Mishna — something like a mamma bird chased after and followed by her chicks. The Talmud employs a Difficulty\Answer style throughout the Sha’s Bavli. It does not decide which of the “tens” of outside precedents by which it compares halachot to a specific case rule Mishna. The halachic codes made by the B’hag, Rif, & Rosh halachic commentaries – these Great poskim\deciders/, by their authority they reduced from multiple 10s to single digits the compared halachot woven into the context of the Case\Rule Mishnah. Their codes of law decided the chosen precedents which Torah observant Jewry should attempt to self-actualize in their daily lives.

But by reducing the Gemarah precedents, they made it much easier to understand how the Gemarah logically compares outside halachic cases to any given specific Case\Rule Mishna. To learn these classic codes require comparing the halachic rulings which the Codes decide to the language of the Mishna; to thereby make a depth analysis of the language of the specific Case\Rule Mishna. That’s why these code always include the specified Mishna to the designated halachot, drastically reduced in number, and removal of all difficulty\answer debates. The Great codes, their scholarship compares something like an editor cuts and pastes & reduces news copy. Its the discipline of comparing halachic rulings to a specific Case\Rule Mishna which permits scholars to more easily discern the depth parameters which the language of that specific Case\Rule Mishna communicates. These Great halachic codifications permitted, so to speak, a student to more easily ‘see the forest through the trees’.

However just as a garment woven on a loom has a warp\weft opposing threads, even though these tremendous tohor halachic codes did not bring any Aggaditah, students properly instructed understand Aggaditah, its relationship with the T’NaCH, as the most essential requirement whereby to understand the Case\Rule Mishna. Aggaditah learns T’NaCH prophetic mussar, it most essentially defines the “substance” of k’vanna, the tohor spirits of middot, which the Aggadic stories within the Sha’s {breath} into the Halachic”forms” of ritualized Jewish halachic law.

Aggaditah makes comparisons to the sugiot\sub chapters/ of the T’NaCH, like what the sages of the Gemarah brings outside halachot, wherein the Amoraim scholars made legal comparisons to the Case\Rule Mishna. Consequently the Talmud, in my limited experience, by far the most complex text ever penned. The warp\woof relationship in the Talmud … the Aggadic\Halachic threads which make up the Sha’s Bavli and Sha’s Yerushalmi, they weave T’NaCH and Talmud into a unified fabric of faith.

Then struck the defining disaster experienced by g’lut Jewry across Europe and the Middle East. The Rambam published his halachic code of Jewish law. Thereafter g’lut Jewry confused the priority rule of logic over law. This most basic priority rule, the B’hag, Rif, Rosh codes emphatically obeyed. Alas the Rambam halachic code, like a whore in church, it cast this most emphatic priority ie logic primary, and law secondary … that tumah code, it cast this absolute, most essential priority, unto the dumpster. Jews, almost overnight, lost the wisdom, how to correctly learn the Talmud.

This terrible disaster, publication of the Rambam halachic code, which prioritized halachic law as supreme, it prioritized\supplanted/substituted\ assimilated Greek Aristotelian logic over Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס explanation of the Oral Torah logic format – first revealed to Moshe the prophet at Horev on Yom Kippur!

A huge Civil War erupted, all the Gemarahs of France burned; Jewish exile communities in Britain, France, across the Germanic kingdoms, Spain, Portugal — basically all Western European Jewry — expelled from those countries. This Civil War terminated the period of Reshon scholarship upon the T’NaCH and Talmud. The Goyim, especially in the Germanic kingdoms imposed crushing taxation without representation upon Jewish refugee populations. After these feudal lords sponged virtually all Jewish wealth – these now totally destitute refugee populations – the German kingdoms expelled those despised Jewish paupers – from off their lands.

The Church jumped upon the nigger pile, Rome decreed that any Jewish refugee living in Western Europe, that these despised Christ killers must consent to live within locked Ghetto prison walls. These illegal and unjust decrees, did not collapse till American revolutionaries told king George where he could put his taxation without representation, and Napoleon conquered those despicable Western European countries. Napoleon freed imprisoned Jewry from the 300 year wicked, unjust, and utterly insane unilateral imprisonment of Jewish refugees; never permitted to stand trial; nor permitted to challenge the evil slander made by their accusers. Why do English cars drive on the other side of the road? Alas, Napoleon did not conquer Britain like he did Western Europe.

Faced with the choice of Ghetto imprisonment without a trial or fleeing to Eastern European countries like Poland and the Ukraine, millions of Jewish stateless refugees fled unto Eastern Europe. The ירידות הדורות curse, expressed itself thereafter, through the many and famous commentaries made upon the Shulchan Aruch; Yidden in the Pale of Russia had lost their ability, our wisdom, to correctly learn the Talmud. The Czars of Russia, even attempted to replace the Talmud with the Rambam code, as the basis for the education of Jewish youth. Then came the two European Civil Wars in the 20th Century, and those Europeans revealed the true worth of 2000+ years of Church morality.

Pam Larson Knowing Gawd through his word day by July 25 2 Chronicles 34 -36

Pam’s blog offers but only a retelling of Biblical tales. Her blog retells old stories … as if ignorant Goyim just learned how to read a book. With no commentary, the question stands: what does ancient tales concerning the long dead kingdom of Yechuda have to due with Xtian faith, spirituality, and their Gawd awful avodah zarah? Her blog —– completely silent, it even prevents comments or questions.

First year yeshiva students within the study halls of baali t’shuva Yeshivot across Israel, duplicate this rote like instruction called שקלא וטריא. Roughly translated as negotiations or debate. But this translation fails to validate the rote style of memorization of the page of Gemara made by young Yeshiva students, who most recently broke their teeth and learned how to read a page of Gemarah. Learning how to learn Gemarah takes years, hundreds upon hundreds of hours, sitting with close rabbinic instruction … and even then the vast majority of Yeshiva bochim, they fail to grasp the Big Picture across the board interconnections which define the nature of all the Primary Sources contained within the Jewish masoret\traditions.

In my early years as a Yeshiva bocher, endured this primitive style of baby learning at Ohr Sma’ach in Jerusalem. But after about 8 months, completely disgusted, (both the rabbis of that institution and myself), we mutually thought it wise for us to part company. Moved to D’var Yerushalim and their met Rav Aaron Nemuraskii and rabbi Waldman. These two rabbis truly imprinted upon me, a unique sh’itta of learning, which years later would develop into the style of learning by which this blog interprets all Torah Primary sources. Development of an across the board sh’itta of how to systematically learn and interpret the Masoret, permanently changed my life.

Neither of these seminal, highly influential rabbis, at all interested in rote שקלא וטריא narishkiet\non sense. Their repudiation of rote learning shaped how much later, their student – myself – would develop a harsh and critical view of Reshonim commentary scholarship made on T’NaCH, Midrash, Talmudic, and Siddur Primary sources of Yiddishkeit; the dogmatism of current rabbis beliefs touching ירידת הדורות totally disgusts me. It reminded me of the Nazi Untermensch propaganda which Europeans used as a crutch to justify the attempt to systematically exterminate the Jewish people from all Europe and Russia.

View most Reshonim scholarship as an expression of failure. Specifically the short comings of rabbinic leadership to check and prevent Jewish assimilation throughout the long g’lut within Europe and Islamic countries. This blog tends to isolate the scholarship of the “Untermensch” Rambam as contrasted by the far superior French school of Talmudic scholarship, the Rashi and Baali Tosafot commentaries made upon the Talmud and Chumash (Torah commentaries). The bane of my existence personally, it goes hand in hand together with Jewish societies throughout history; we share an identical destiny as a whole.

Nothing has caused more destruction and distress than assimilation to non brit cultures and customs. Assimilation where the Jewish people “ape” the manners, customs and ways of peoples and societies who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai & Horev; while at the same time losing all contact and knowledge of the Cohen civilization which accepts to this day the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev every time we accept the ‘Yoke of Heaven’ … when we say kre’a shma evening and morning respectively.

During my first year learning as a ‘baali t’shuvah’, in a Yeshiva on the outskirts of Har Nof, a Chabad Yeshiva, (The kindness, and generosity of the folk of that community I always remember with a profound sense of gratitude.), the rabbinic teachers, while very nice and supportive, their shallow understanding of how to interpret the Siddur greatly distressed me. Then came the Rebbe as Moshiach narishkeit, this ‘final straw’, combined with my own personal failures to due t’shuvah, severed my relations with Chabad chassidus.

It took the great merits of my wife Karen, to cause me to bow my head and accept\grasp the responsibility for my failure to due t’shuvah. This obligation rests fully upon my own shoulders. In matters of t’shuvah, all fingers point to myself. The responsibility to due t’shuvah rests solely within my own heart. T’shuvah, this great mitzva which defines the k’vanna of tefillah; it likewise and equally defines that moment wherein HaShem asked Adam why he ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The aggadic story of Adam in the garden, this mussar defines and shapes the total k’vanna of the mitzva דאורייתא of t’shuvah, for all generations of bnai brit, unto all eternity in time.

Xtianity, does not limit its rejection of the Oral Torah, but equally rejects the Written Torah. The bible perversion of Old and New Testaments serves as a primary witness which the above accusation makes; and which this blog submits unto the judgment of the reading audience. Even with the most casual of observations, it becomes immediately obvious that the Mishna, (how much more so its Gemarah commentary), has made a radical and drastic change in both style and content when compared to the much earlier T’NaCH sources. This most apparent of distinctions, caused the counterfeit New Testament supporters to decide they had absolutely no interest or need to learn from rabbinic sources which produced Talmudic, Midrashic, and Siddur sources.

This profound error of judgment serves witness that the new testament counterfeit shares no “graft of Paul theology” with Yiddishkeit. All Xtian biblical scholarship, not only did they bury or worse burn rabbinic literature which studies the T’NaCH, they radically altered the organization of the structure\organization of all T’NaCH Books. Assimilated Rambam would duplicate this exact error, when he published his 14 volume Yad Hachazakah code of Jewish law. This error caused a profound ירידות הדורות in all generations, both Goyim and Jews, and how their later generations learned both T’NaCH and Talmud with an amputated right arm.

To reach this astounding conclusion took a gestation period of more than 30 years. Perhaps Rabbi Walman planted the seed of this mussar into my heart when he personally showed me where Rashi disputed an opinion expressed by Onqelos Targum on the Chumash. Remember asking in shock, how Rashi, a Reshon, could argue with a Tanna (a sage who lived before Rabbi Yechuda wrote the Mishna)? By the terms of the modern rabbinic mantra dogma of ירידת הדורות, a later generation could not possibly dispute with an earlier generation!!! Rav Waldman’s t’shuva, have never forgotten. No generation owns a lock & monopoly upon logic. Rashi challenged the logic by which the Tanna Onqelos expressed his opinion.

Later the dispute between Rashi and the Baali Tosafot over how to learn the 13 middot of Rabbi Yishmael; when I saw in Rashi’s commentary to the NaCH that he learned from his own Gezirah Shava! Realized that Rashi and Tosafot did not dispute with each other, in that famous “dispute” over how to learn the פשט of a page of Gemarah.

That Rashi’s comment to the Talmud which limited the uses of Rabbi Yishmael’s 13 middot unto a Kal v’Chomer (a fortiori, or major to minor דיוק inference), that it based itself upon the recognition that Rav Ashi sealed the Sha’s Bavli as the permanent masoret of all generations of Israel to this very day! In effect, based upon the sealed Masoret of the Sha’s Bavli, Rashi’s explanation which on the surface, severely limited use of Rabbi Yishmael’s 13 middot of logic … in point of fact, Rashi’s comment makes a critical דיוק, it made an inverse argument. To learn correctly how to learn whether T’NaCH or Talmud, this scholarship requires the skill to know how to make logical דיוקים based upon employment of all of Rabbi Yishmael’s 13 middot of logic. The sealing of the Sha’s Bavli\Yerushalmi,,, this decree made the Talmud the masoret of all generations of Israel.

Arrived at this conclusion while Rav Aaron personally instructed me on a sh’itta of how to learn, how to learn. Rav Aaron did not teach this sh’itta to his son. This bothered both of us, (his son & myself) for years. Why?

Rav Aaron, a great חכם, he viewed his talmidim as vessels. Old skins cannot hold new wine. Rav Aaron’s son lived among traditional observant Jewry. Traditional Judaism has developed its own unique dogmatism. The vast majority of Observant Jewry, simply will not tolerate deviation from the dogma of their defined and designated sh’itta of learning. A glaring example: the rabbinic narishkeit which has developed concerning the coming of the Moshiach.

Not nearly as wise as Rav Aaron, attempted to reveal this sh’itta of learning to Moshe Eli, Karen’s only son. The attempt, it shattered our relationship together. From that time on, Moshe Eli had absolutely no interest what so ever – to learn Torah together with me. This failure to educate Karen’s children, shot straight across the board, Karen’s three daughters likewise viewed my Torah with the deepest of suspicion. They too had no interest to learn Torah through my sh’itta of learning. Herein explains how I personally answer the question of why Rav Aaron revealed the פרדס kabbalah to me and not to his son.

Rav Aaron understood, at least it appears to me as such, that for me to challenge and harshly criticize Reshonim scholarship made upon T’NaCH and Talmudic Primary sources, not a difficulty for me, seeing that my background came from a socialist non religious almost totally assimilated non Jewish social environment. Perhaps 5 Jewish families lived in Midland Texas, the place of my birth. When Rav Waldman revealed to me that Rashi disputed an opinion taught by the Tanna Onqelos, he did it privately and spoke almost in a whisper. Both חכמים understood, that even in a baali t’shuvah Yeshiva, that most talmidim could not handle this revelation.

Specifically, Oral Torah consists of Logic rather than Law. That most, if not almost all the post Rambam Reshonim, the Baal Ha’Turim stands out as a very strong example of the difference between his work from that halachic code which his father the Rosh produced. Even Yosef Karo spoke of the Tur commentary in terms almost worthy of contempt when compared to the Rambam and the early Reshonim.

The Rosh made a precise commentary upon the terse language employed by the Baali Tosafot. The Rosh modeled his sh’itta of learning based upon the Rif. By sharp 180° contrast, both the Tur and Shulchan Aruch “parroted” the gross errors committed the assimilated Rambam רשע. The Rambam did not know, much less follow the logic kabbalah of פרדס – as taught by Rabbi Akiva and all his Talmudic talmidim. Assimilated Rambam organized the structure of his code of law based upon the errors first committed by the Xtian church’s reorganization of the bible & the foreign alien logic developed by that Greek – Aristotle. Assimilation, the first face of avodah zarah, a direct profanation of the 2nd Commandment of Sinai.

Let’s learn. Contrast Pam’s rote learning of regurgitating T’NaCH sources by comparing her דברי הימים\Chronicles with a sugia in מלכים ב. Specifically מלכים ב כב:א – כג:ל.

King Yoshiyyahu followed the way of King Shlomo in matters of the beit hamikdash. King David obeyed the mussar given by the prophet Natan and understood that the mitzva to build the beit hamikdash centered upon following the Last Will and Testament of Moshe Rabbeinu, to construct the 6 Cities of Refuge most essentially requires the establishment of the Sanhedrin lateral Common law Federal Courts System. King Yoshiyyahu followed the avodah zarah first established by King Shlomo. Hence when he went to war, HaShem did not war against the Gods worshiped by King Nekho, Par’o of Egypt.

The Order of Rashi tefillen stands upon the oath brit sworn at Gilgal in the days of the prophet Yehoshua. The faith of this brit oath, that just as HaShem made war against the Gods worshiped by Par’o in the days of Moshe, so too HaShem would make war against the Gods worshiped by the kingdoms of Canaan. Yoshiyyahu suffered total military defeat before the armies of king Nekho. King Shlomo failed to obey the oath brit faith like as did King David. King David, the model by which all Kings of Israel stand in judgment. Concerning the fall of King Yoshiyyahu in the war he waged against Egypt, the sages teach that Israel placed their idols behind their doors. That when Yoshiyyahu made search for avodah zarah in the camp of Israel, that he failed to search behind the opened doors.

Avodah zarah does NOT, most essentially concern the worship of idols. The sin of the משל ‘golden calf’ requires making the logical דיוק נמשל! Translating the רוח הקודש thirteen Oral Torah middot Spirits whereby a person pronounces the Name of HaShem revealed in the First Commandment of Sinai; herein defines the נמשל דיוק of the Gemarah explanation for the military defeat of King Yoshiyyahu in war … the nation of Israel obeyed the commandments of the king, but not לשמה. When ever the nation of Israel honors HaShem with our lips but not WITHIN our hearts, Israel goes unto g’lut\exile. This mussar, it applies just as much to Jews living in Israel today as it did when the T’NaCH prophets commanded that mussar a long long long time ago.

Following the sh’itta\methodology ‘ whereby the Gemara makes a search for precedents by which to gauge the k’vanna of a Case\Rule Mishna,,, shall bring a precedent and follow it up with an even closer precedent. יחזקאל יא:יד-יג:ז vs. יד:ב-טז:נ. Learning by the discipline of comparing precedents with even closer precedents does not compare to the childlike stupidity and immaturity of rote learning; line by line, here a little, there a little narishkeit. Mussar does not view the visions of the prophets as history that happened a long long long time ago. The discovery of dinosaur bones does not disturb the mussar of the Creation story.