What is your opinion about Israel and Palestine? I do not want racism. Just say your opinion impartially. Like: The only solution without genocide is a 2-State Solution.

Bunk on EU and Quartet imperialism. This vile “2-State Solution” would carve up the Jewish state into a post WWII West/East Germany and Berlin! Reagan said: “Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!” Israel won the 1967 War. Jordan attacked Israel in that 1967 War. Israel does not compare to Nazi Germany, despite Vichi UN Resolution 242!

The Israeli victory in the 1967 Six Day War, cemented the One State Solution. What to do with the Dhimmi Arab refugees? An international economic alliance between Israel and the States of the Middle East and North Africa, the vision of President Trump’s Abraham Accords, opens the possibility wherein Arab countries drop the propaganda of the Arab refugee plight, a policy that dates back to the Arab defeat in the first Israeli war of Independence. And agree to repatriate their Dhimmi Arab refugees like as did Israel repatriate some 850,000 Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries in 1948.

The Arab Spring a deeply troubling threat to the region of the Middle East. Coupled with the UN racism which excludes Israel as a Middle Eastern country! The UN racism/Apartheid does not extend to any other UN member to exclude: think of the American “separate but equal” racism toward Blacks, any other country from recognition as a member of the community of nations of their region!

The UN has no place in any negotiations between Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa till it invalidates its racist Apartheid UN Resolution 242, 338, 446, 2334 rulings – similar to UN Resolution 3379 Zionism is Racism! UN Apartheid racism must void these vile attempts to negate the Israeli victory in the June 1967 War. Primarily because the Vichi government feels threatened that this Israeli victory damaged the balance of power. That this 2nd Israeli War of Independence destroyed European dominance over the States of the Middle East and North Africa, comparable to the Israeli bombing of the Vichi built nuclear reactors of dictators Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad.

Quartet imperialism, its moronic ‘box thinking’, argues that the Israeli dispute with Dhimmi Arab refugees threatens Middle East stability which could spark WWIII. The Arab Spring, the international mass chaos and anarchy that these conflagrations of Civil Wars across the entire Middle East – comparable to Forest wildfires. A trivial matter that the Quartet generated and set them ablaze. War crime invasions of Iraq and the violent murder of Muammar Gaddafi, a direct result of Quartet ‘No Fly Zone’ interventions! The absurdity of miniscule Dhimmi Arab/Israeli conflict, the last one resulted in 10s of deaths. The Quartet argument that the Israeli/Dhimmi Stateless Arabs dispute threaten World stability, compares to the idea that the Roma gypsies of Europe could undermine the Union of the EU economic alliance!

Cutting through this ‘Great Power’ propaganda rhetoric, splashed across all the Headlines of the Quartet dominated Press-Rooms, that World Peace hinges upon solving the Israeli/Arab Dhimmi Conflict, starts with recognition that the UN occupies only 2 large buildings – hardly a “World Government”. That ‘International Law’ comes through signed and ratified treaties between Nation States NOT UN General Assembly Resolutions like the treif drip drip drip stream of UN condemnations of Israel; repeat the lie over and again and people will believe that lie as truth! Most nations which condemn Israel in these UN General Assembly voting block coalitions, do not even have diplomatic relations with Israel. The notion that such hostile nations, that they have a UN legal right to impose “international law” upon the “rogue” Zionist Entity – propaganda most base and foul. Herein defines the terms which Israel demands that the Quartet must agree to obey. Otherwise the Quartet has no invite to the negotiation table.

One thought on “What is your opinion about Israel and Palestine? I do not want racism. Just say your opinion impartially. Like: The only solution without genocide is a 2-State Solution.

  1. I agree with your statements! Rashi said it well in his commentary on Breishis. When others claim that we stole the land from others, the answer is that the Creator created it, gave it to nations, then took it from them and gave it to the Jewish people. Archaeological findings show a Jewish presence in Eretz Yisrael predating that of other peoples.

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