REAL Moshiach and the World Today by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

My Response:

[[[“””The smallest shall become a thousand, and the least, a mighty nation. I am the Lord, in its time, I will hasten it. (Isaiah 60:22)

According to tradition, the prophet Isaiah was referring to the future arrival of the savior of the Jewish people — Moshiach ben Dovid — Moshiach, a descendant of King David, from the tribe of Yehudah. There are many similar references to his eventual arrival in the Jewish Bible and subsequent commentaries, and this is one of the most-discussed concepts in Torah literature.”””]]]

Clearly ישעיה bases his mussar upon the precedent of the gaulah of Israel from Egypt. A precedent comparative sugia: ז:ג-ח:ד The early aggaditah of mussar teaches: in the span of time that a woman conceives and gives birth shall come the disaster of Assyria, who conquers the kingdom of Israel and besieges Jerusalem. It concludes with the prophet’s wife conceiving and birthing a child. Which confirms the 9 month window, prior to the destruction of g’lut. This sugia contrasts with ס:א-כב whose aggaditah teaches a mussar of geulah. Another precedence, cross reference to שמואל א יד:יב- מה.

Blessed\Cursed, upon this oath brit sworn at Sinai stands both Geulah & G’lut. HaShem wars against the Gods whom the Goyim worship and Israel stands victorious in battle; Israel breaks faith with the oath brit, HaShem does not war against the Gods whom the Goyim worship and Israel falls in defeat before the army of the enemy. King Shaul placed his fear of the people above his fear of swearing a false oath in the Name of HaShem; from this יסוד stands the collapse and downfall of his rule as the anointed Moshiach king of Israel.

The aggaditah mussar which the NaCH learns by means of precedents teaches how to learn the k’vanna of the all the prophets, specifically ישעיה ס:כב. The church abomination culls p’sukim and learns them totally out of contexts of their containment sugia. G-d forbid that Jews assimilate and duplicate the tumah of this abomination.

[[[“””To appreciate the importance of Moshiach’s arrival, one must first appreciate that the Jewish people are in exile, as we have been for thousands of years. “””]]] Jews in g’lut, according to the opening Mishna of גיטין lost the wisdom how to do and keep mitzvot לשמה. How to learn and study prophetic aggadic mussar through the Oral Torah discipline of learning; learning by way of precedents. Herein defines the disaster of g’lut for the Jewish people.

[[[“””This is true even with the present-day State of Israel; “exile”from a Torah perspective can occur even when the Jews are living in Israel, as was the case during the Greek Exile (319-139 BCE) which ended with the miracles of Chanukah.”””]]] The lights of Chanukah – Israel dedicated our Will through a formal oath – not to learn and interpret the Written Torah with any other logic format other than the Oral Torah logic format revealed at Horev. G’lut Jewry has long ago abandoned and broke faith with this solemn oath. G’lut Jewry lives under the cursed Moshiach of king Shaul who likewise cursed himself and his House by swearing a Torah oath and later violating the oath which he formally swore before the nation of Israel in the Name of HaShem.

[[[“””In other words, “exile”, from a Torah-perspective, is defined as “anything short of a complete and perfect Torah society living on the Land of Israel under the leadership of Moshiach.”””]]]. NO. Absolutely not accurate. Torah faith stands upon: Justice Justice Pursue. G’lut Jewry, as stateless refugee exiles who have no country of their own — they possess no power to pursue justice. Only in the oath sworn lands, there and only there, then and only then, when Israel rules the land, as opposed to some vile British Mandate 1922-1948, do Jewish rulers hold the reins of Justice responsibility within their hands.

[[[“””That will be a time when all nations will accept the existence of God, and the need for devotion to Him.”””]]] NO. Absolutely not accurate. All the nations stood and rejected the revelation of the Torah at Sinai! Upon this precedent stands the mitzva of Moshiach.

[[[“””Until this is an absolute reality, exile will still be a primary theme of Jewish history.”””]]] This blog follows the tumah of assimilation. Rabbi Pinchas Winston, the author of this narishkeit does not learn Torah לשמה.

[[[“””The million-dollar question has always been, “When will Moshiach come?”””]]] Bunk. What an idiotic question of utter and complete narishkeit. The mitzva of Moshiach, like all other Torah commandments applies to the whole nation of Israel. The prophet Shmuel anointed Shaul as Moshiach before David. Kingship applies to the whole house of Israel, not just to the house of David. The vision of Moshiach – the obligation to rule the oath sworn land with justice. The Last Will and Testament of Moshe the prophet: he established three of the six small Sanhedrin Courts of lateral common law! Moshiach builds the Beit Hamikdash. To learn Torah Primary sources requires the wisdom of learning by making the required דיוקים. Torah teaches through משל\נמשל.

The Beit Hamikdash, not some building constructed of wood and stone. Israel worshiped idols made of wood and stone! No. The Beit Hamikdash exists as the establishment of latteral common law courtrooms. The term ברית, as first found in בראשית, the oath to rule the oath sworn land with justice. Who and What rules the oath sworn lands with justice? The Federal Great and small Sanhedrin Federal Courts. Another definition for the word brit, other than oath alliance –Republic. The 12 Tribes cut an oath alliance among themselves in the lifetime of Moshe the Prophet, to forge a Republic of Tribes. The Gemarah of קידושין, Rabbi Meir teaches the conditions placed upon the Tribes of Reuven, Gad, and half of Manasseh. The Moshiach establishes the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Republic of States. The Moshiach establishes the Six small Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms in the Cities of Refuge. But Klall Israel bears the brit obligation to rule the oath sworn lands לשמה – the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

[[[“””Bringing Moshiach “early”means, for the most part, national repentance to the ways of Torah, after which the rest of the world will fall into line.”””]]] NO. Not accurate in the least. Repentance exists as a Xtian concept based upon the avodah zarah narishkeit of ‘Original Sin’. T’shuvah shares no common ground with the tumah concept of repentance. חכמים say kre’a shma, in the evening they accept the Torah curses; in the morning they accept the Torah blessings. The tefillah adjacent to the kre’a shma, in the evening,,, a person remembers his tumah social interactions with his people and dedicates t’shuvah not to return like a dog and eat his own vomit. In the morning,,, a person remembers his tohor social interactions with his people and dedicates t’shuvah to continue to walk down this holy path of halachah.

[[[“””“This world is but a corridor to the next world”(Pirkei Avot 4:16).”””]]] Reading words from Primary sources does not equal learning those same words from Primary sources. To learn requires making the necessary דיוקים\logical inferences. Rabbi Jacob ben Korshai, the grandson of Elisha ben Abuya. He was the confidante of Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel II, the student of Rabbi Meir, and the teacher of Rabbi Judah HaNasi. Rabbi Jacob was active from 135-170 CE. The use of Greek loan-words for “vestibule” and “banqueting hall” indicate not just a familiarity with Roman culture, but an absolute rejection of avodah zarah practiced by both Greek and Roman dead civilizations, who never accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

Why did the Rabbi employ Greek and Roman terms of reference? דיוק the pagan notions of the world to come and “72 virgins”\”banqueting hall”, this avodah zarah has no portion with Torah faith. O’lam Ha’Bah learns from the brit cut between the pieces. Avram swore an oath alliance with HaShem on the faith that in the future, childless Avram’s current plight, that his future born seed would compare to the stars in the heavens for its multitude. The mitzva of קידושין, a man acquires the nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul of his wife — specifically – the children that come from this union to all eternity, based upon the precedent of the brit cut between the pieces. Hence, the Torah likewise obligates a man to give his wife a ‘Get’ upon divorce. The ‘Get’ returns the O’lam Ha’Bah unborn children back to the wife. Thus permitting her to do קידושין again with another husband. All the mighty empires of old, ground to dirt and dust. Israel alone though it has experienced g’lut yet thrives and lives.

[[[“””The first thing to know is that history will last only 6,000 years (Talmud – Sanhedrin 97a). This is because the six millennia are based upon the six days of creation, as hinted to in the following verse:

For one thousand years in Your [God’s] eyes are but a day that has passed. (Psalms 90:4)”””]]]. Cherry picking from the Talmud, just as disgusting as cherry picking p’sukim from the T’NaCH. This Gemarah comments on the closing chapter of Sanhedrin

כל ישראל יש להם חלק לעולם הבא שנאמר (ישעיה ה) ועמך כולם צדיקים לעולם, יירשו ארץ נצר מטעי מעשה ידי להתפאר. ואלו שאין להם חלק לעולם הבא: האומר אין תחית המתים מן התורה, ואין תורה מן השמים ואפיקורוס וכו

The assimilated Tzeddukim of the house of Aaron, they did not know how to learn לשמה. They denied the Torah taught תחית המתים at the brit cut between the pieces. They did not understand the k’vanna of the mitzva of קידושין whereby a man “acquires” his wife. A woman, neither a slave or a prostitute! What does the man “acquire” in the mitzva of קידושין? The nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul of his wife! Just as Avram at the brit between the pieces had no children, so too the man when he does קידושין for the first time, has no children.

R. Kattina taught this aggaditah of six millennia. Aggaditah makes a דרוש unto T’NaCH mussar. Quoting straight from aggaditic sources without making the necessary דרוש perverts the mussar which the aggaditah instructs. ישעיה ב:ה-יא, this sugia contains the p’suk which R. Kattina learned. A similar sugia ישעיה יח:ד-ז. The mussar of the prophet refers to the darkness of cursed g’lut.

Tehillem צ:ד the ילקוט שמעוני offers no Midrashic comment. The Aramaic Targum interprets the p’suk as a day already past unto history. Therefore its simply not permitted to take a literal understanding of this poetry, which speaks in metaphors. Jumping to Zohar mysticism – religious rhetoric. Personally am not a scholar of this medieval kabbalah, made famous only after the public burning and destruction of all the hand written Talmudic manuscripts in France in 1242. About 60 years thereafter the French king would expel all Jews from France. Which permanently destroyed the Rashi\Tosafot schools of Talmudic scholarship. Jews suffered in the throes of the ירידת הדורות curse which followed the publication of the tumah Rambam code of law.

Chasing after later commentaries accomplishes little to nothing. Torah faith stands upon the sealed Masoret of T’NaCH, Talmud, Midrashim, and Siddur. These other latter day opinions carry little or no weight. Nothing personal against these rabbinic authorities but the concept of Moshiach stands upon the יסוד of the sealed Masoret alone. Compiling a bunch of private opinions amounts to an explanation of Tehillim צ:ד.

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  1. Rabbi Kerr, we all know you are smart and educated. I admit at times you scramble my brain. Please consider that what many of us need now is HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. Our entire world is changing and many, many of us need to hear a “positive” message that this metamorphosis we are experiencing will result in a better world and we need to pray that the flower will unfold and the world will make sense again. We need a more positive perspective from you Rabbi Kerr! I have told you before that you have a GIFT that very few people have. USE IT ! Our world needs people like you. I am M.D. BAKER so my prescription is for you to have a glass or two Kosher Wine before you “post” again ! For myself, I will go and have 3 fingers of J & B Scotch on the Rocks. I recently had some wonderful guests arrive on my dock that were referred to me. ( who shall remain nameless). They are all members of the Royal Thames Yacht Club in London. guess who is the Admiral of the Club ? google it.
    One of my guests designed the J.B Label. I get my middle name from Scotland.
    David Darrough/Darrach, sailed from SCOTLAND to South Carolina, USA in 1767 I hail from a long line of “DAVID’s”. Long story short, Now I like J & B SCOTCH !
    still your friend, ( Like it or not ! )
    marc david

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  2. Deal and done ! Whisky vs Whiskey trivia. When the colonies started to brew WHISKEY in America, there was a big ruckus about the “Colonials” calling their brew WHISKY ! WHISKY from SCOTLAND is filtered through burned Peat Moss and aged. SCOTLAND was very upset ! They resolved their trade dispute with the American “Colonials” agreeing to call their WHISKY (then and now) spelled WHISKEY. ( they added an “e”). Only SCOTLAND was and possibly still is,
    the only country that can spell the name of their product “WHISKY” ! Now most all of USA WHISKEY is called Bourbon Whiskey.
    I am full of little tid-bits of worthless information. Best debated over a glass or two of WHISKY !! Yes, I will bring the bottle and if we run out we will enjoy a glass of SABRA ! Sounds like fun ! See you in Beersheva !
    marc david

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      1. Both stupid and obtuse. Atheist praise God … do not believe doctrines, theologies, theologies or dogmas which pretend to inform a person how he should believe in God(s).

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  3. Rabbi Kerr, time to part ways with “ST”. People are falling apart. Omicron is a wildfire in the USA right now and deaths are “through the roof”. RED FLAG ! DANGER !! STOCKPILE DRINKING WATER AND FOOD.
    I THINK THE “ST” IS STARTING TO HIT THE FAN !” I GOT ON MY KNEES TODAY AND PRAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A VERY LONG TIME and…..It felt wonderful. Our island here is closed as of today to tourists. I may have difficulty getting my wife back here. Suggestion, please ignore “ST.” He is busy buying a ticket to SHEOL.
    Not worth your time. I do appreciate your time and all your fellow blogger friends do also. I pray for PEACE .
    Marc David

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    1. Day 51: Lift your eyes
      Greetings Taylor.

      You wrote: [[[“””What the words originally meant is always primary, but it’s hardly the only way God speaks to us. Take for instance the connections one passage makes with other parts of the scriptures. One can’t read Isaiah without thinking of Christ. He is the son Immanuel, the Light that has dawned, the King that rules in righteousness. We read from one page, but God speaks from the totality of the book.”””]]]

      Absurd. The Greek\Roman son of Zeus has no part with taking Israel out of Egypt, much less so the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

      You opened with Isaiah 40:1-8, most probably the basis for your first time preaching experience. First and foremost, the Hebrew T’NaCH has no chapters and verses. The Hebrew T’NaCH its organized around sugiot. All Xtian translations of their bible – created in their own image. These tumah books of avodah zarah expunge the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai which the church whore of Babylon totally rejects, and never accepted.

      Aaron, the elder brother, he erred and translated the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai to the word אלהים. This error the Torah refers to as the sin of the golden calf. Torah learns by way of משל\נמשל. The language ‘golden calf’, serves as but only a משל\\metaphor. Worlds separate reading words as found in Torah books from learning Torah mussar commandments. Whether a student studies the T’NaCH sealed Canon. ((Sealed long before the Greek\Roman new testament forgery)); or a student studies the Oral Torah revelation – as codified in the Talmud, likewise sealed by Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina in about 450 CE. (Sealed long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the literature of the T’NaCH books). All students of both T’NaCH and Talmud know that learning a page of any Primary source (as opposed to secondary source commentaries or later apocrypha books similar to the new testament counterfeit “scripture”), require that students make the required נמשל דיוקים\interpretive inferences.

      Why do all Torah and Talmud students stand on this precise יסוד\foundation/? That learning these Primary sources absolutely requires from them that they accept the obligation to make the required נמשל דיוקים. The abomination of the Xtian religion of avodah zarah, never for a single second stood upon this יסוד of Torah acceptance and faith as an eternal sworn oath obligation. Non bnai brit Goyim never accepted the Torah at Sinai. And how much more so their church leaders throughout the generations; they denied the revelation of the Oral Torah on Horev שמות לד:ו,ז.

      Worlds separate and differentiate between Oral Torah logic and Court rulings of halachah\LAW. Yet the new testament counterfeit errs precisely on this very יסוד. It confuses Torah commandments which command mussar, with courtroom legal rulings of halachah\LAW. Such a huge blunder made by the alien foreigners who penned the new testament counterfeit, the magnitude of such an error compares only to translating the revelation of the Spirit Name as commanded in the first Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai to words; comparable to Aaron who made this exact error when he translated the Name unto אלהים. The Torah revelation at Sinai refers to this avodah zarah through the משל known as the ‘Golden Calf’.

      All Xtian bibles of avodah zarah, duplicate the sin of the golden calf משל. Words like YHVH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Allah — all duplications of the משל sin of the golden calf. The new testament forgery repeatedly employs the ‘holy spirit’ metaphor, which later theologians elevated unto the Trinity dogma of avodah zarah. רוח הקודש, this term exists only as a משל. The נמשל of this משל – the Oral Torah middot Spirit Names for HaShem, first revealed at Horev after the Sinai revelation. The book of the gospel of John opened with the golden calf error by declaring the Word is God. Words have tremendous difficulty describing colors. Neither words, nor human lips can pronounce the Name of HaShem first revealed at Sinai. This error יסודי\fundamental, the Xtian church religion of avodah zarah never perceived, not in 2000+ years.

      The Talmud codification of Oral Torah law, codified in about 450 CE obviously came long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the T’NaCH Books in the early years of the 2nd Commonwealth. Talmud stands upon the יסוד of the T’NaCH literature, and not the reverse – as the counterfeit church authorities slander continuously the chosen Cohen nation. The blood libel slanders, common throughout the Middle Ages, springs forth from this יסוד; that church leadership continually confused Oral Torah logic with law. The church perversion throughout its long history of murder and bloodshed has confused ‘the Law’ with Torah commandments which command mussar. All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Mussar defines the meaning of the word prophesy. This key Torah definition which defines all prophetic commandments, the counterfeit church abomination has never perceived in 2000+ years.

      None of the Books of the T’NaCH originally contained chapters and verses. The church created their bibles of avodah zarah in their own image. They expunged the Order of sugiot and replaced this Order with an alien worship, organized around chapters and verses. Church confusion over the distinction between the revelation of the Oral Torah logic at Horev with the codification of Oral Torah laws, sealed thousands of years later has tremendous consequences. The Talmud follows the precedent established by the T’NaCH codification. Rabbi Yechudah’s Mishna, published in 210 CE, a common law code of judicial rulings of halachah\LAW. The style employed by the Mishna, Case//Rule. The Mishna employs the method, as duplicated by all other judicial courts systems, throughout human history, whose courts exist as Common Law courtrooms. Common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents.

      The Gemarah “commentary” made upon the Mishna, in its turn employs a style of difficulty\answer. Why? The Gemarah learns the Case\Rule Mishna by way of bringing precedents. The difficulty\answer style of the Gemarah either validates or rejects possible precedents to “understand” (בינה defined as משל – learning a matter in the midst of other matters\נמשל distinguishing between like and like) the k’vanna/intent of the Case\Rule of Rabbi Yechudah’s Mishna. The much later Talmud stands upon the יסוד of the much earlier T’NaCH common law system.

      The T’NaCH organized by and through the Order of sugiot! T’NaCH common law learns\נמשל//it makes the required דיוקים/inferences by comparing sugiot with similar or contrasting sugiot. This compare & contrast learning goes by the משל of learning the Torah לשמה. The opening Mishna of גיטין\divorce/ teaches that Jews in g’lut/exile\ had lost the skill/wisdom\ to learn the Torah and keep the mitzvot commandments לשמה. The counterfeit Xtian abomination which worships the golden calf, never – not even for a day – ever obeyed the Name of HaShem לשמה.

      Three sugiot contain your “key verses” Isaiah 40:1-8. A precedent to “understand” the mussar which the prophet commands, 3 different sugiot ישעיה כו:טז – כז:יא. The mussar of the prophet, did not just rebuke the folk of his day, this mussar rebukes all who worship and kiss the golden calf.

      Let’s bring a 2nd witness, because all cases of דיני נפשות\\Capital Crimes Cases// requires no less than two witnesses. מלכים א יב:א-כד. King David, all other anointed kings as Moshiach stand by the precedent of his service to do and obey the mitzvot לשמה. The church abomination, never for even a single day has ever obeyed HaShem לשמה. For 2000+ years the church has kissed the golden calf avodah zarah abomination, yet called themselves ‘the new Israel’. HaShem brought a curse upon king Shlomo for his avodah zarah and destroyed his kingdom. HaShem shall not likewise judge the church, guilty of the Shoah – the systematic extermination of the Jewish people, the starvation, torture and cruel murder of 75% of European Jewry in less than four years?


  4. Hey there “ST” ! S–T head. You are like a child sitting at the adult Thanksgiving dinner table that farts during the prayer.
    The guests are polite enough to ignore you ……but you still stink.
    Marc David

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  5. Salam , ” ST “. I will offer some unsolicited advice. Don’t start talking about Muhammad. Muhammad is a/the Prophet of ALLAH…and G-D has many names and many faces and speaks to different people in different ways at different times. If you start your mumblings about Muhammad, you should be very careful and respectful. The Muslim faithful are very serious. If you say the wrong thing and insult their faith even by accident… they can find you if they want to find you. I will not discuss the Christian Bible with you. I have been reading the same Bible since my father gave it to me on Christmas Day in 1966. I was taught that the teachings that we learn should be reflected in our lives and not just lip service. I believe we all will be judged individually and how we interact with each other will be a determining factor.
    This is not a word to the wise. This is a word to you individually. If you were in my class,
    I would give you a “F” for FOOL. I claim no spiritual authority. You seem to think you have some authority. ???
    What authority do you claim ? Is it because you read the King James “VERSION” of the Bible ?
    History is filled with FOOLS that claimed spiritual authority. AND…. HAVE A NICE DAY !

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