A Rif commentary by learning the Midrash Rabba.

Intend to write a commentary on Isaac ben Jacob Alfasi ha-Cohen’s Sefer Ha-halachot. Rabbi Isaac al-Fasi, (the Rif), he stands in stark contrast with the Rambam’s fraudulent halachic code. Among the Reshonim scholars, the Big Four: Rashi and the Baali Tosafot, the Rif and the Rosh, with the Ramban’s commentary to the Torah included together with the Big Four. Rav Waldman, the mashgiach of D’var Yerushalim, includes Rabbi Nissim ben Reuven (the RaN) as part of Spain’s golden age of Rabbinic scholarship. That conservative thinking Rabbi did not much delve into halachic theory; specifically the weave between Halacha and Aggadita.

Can students of the Talmud appreciate how Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina edited the Sha’s Bavli without delving into the warp\weft relationship between Gaonic Midrash and Reshon Halacha? How do these two distinct eras of separate and different sh’ittot of learning, mesh with one another. The study of the Talmud, it seems to me compares to peeling an onion. Just as the Talmud contains layers so too Gaonic Midrash learned together with Reshon Halacha. The Midrash makes a דרוש back to T’NaCH primary sources, like as does the Aggadita within the pages of the Talmud. The T’NaCH functions as the יסוד upon which the building-structure of the Talmud stands. The study of Talmud, essentially requires a the study of T’NaCH prophetic mussar. Rule #1. Learning halachic rituals without prophetic mussar subverts the k’vanna of the framers of the Talmud.

This sh’itta of learning rejects virtually how all Yeshivot across Israel study the Talmud, and ignore the Midrashim. The sh’itta of pilpul learning, this commentator particularly opposes. As such, the commentary which I hope to introduce compares to a lone wolf howling into the wind.

Why at this time,the decision to reveal the secret of Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס kabbala? A secret comparable to the discovery of king Tut’s tomb completely intact.

The Talmud advises not to discuss פרדס merkava, except in a face to face, one on one revelation of this tightly held secret. Why then has this talmid of Rav Aaron Nemuraskii exposed a closely guarded secret, concealed for some 2000 years? Rav Aaron did not reveal this secret to his son. Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv did not reveal this secret to his sons either! Why did Rav Aaron reveal this secret to an American Yid attempting to do t’shuva? Honestly I do not know the answer to this last question. Rav Aaron had far more talented talmidim. He taught at D’var Yerushalim for some 25 years. This tremendous secret of the concealed Oral Torah logic system he never discussed with anyone, to my knowledge, other than myself.

Rav Aaron, his life defines modesty. He white washed the interior of houses for a living. For some 25 years he taught Torah in D’var Yerushalim, a modest baali t’shuva yeshiva, and never received a salary! His focus of learning, the Mishnah Berurah hilchot shabbot. Even though he had completed the Sha’s Bavli 8 times together with Rabbi Elyashiv, the man did not teach Gemarah in a formal manner as did most of the rabbonim who I have met during my life. Rav Aaron took me aside and had me learn the Targumim on the T’NaCH. He demanded learning the Targum as a top primary priority. He then made it his focus to introduce me to all the classic Midrashim, when all other rabbis would not touch this body of scholarship with a stick!

When we sat and listened to a shiur given by some “big” Rav, watched Rav Aaron instantly comprehended the direction of that Rav’s instruction, he intimately knew all the Gemara proofs brought forth. One time he actually complained to me, that had he not fought in the 1948 Independence War, that he would have become a great Rav himself. The stories he told, the near death experiences encountered during that war – utterly spell binding; not just to me, but to and all his talmidim who utterly adored him. I love Aaron Nemuraskii, a blessing upon his memory.

The last time Rabbi Elyashiv and I met one another, erev Yom Kippur, he asked me to give him a ברכה. Rabbi Elyashiv, he taught a Gemara shiur for baali bat’im. For most of his life he lived in a small house with dirt floors. As an old man, his sons gave him showers. Clearly Rav Aaron learned his modesty from Rabbi Elyashiv. Both men quietly learned Torah and silently lived their lives. They both raised large families, and all these children, lived righteous lives as pius simple Jews.

So what inspires me to reveal a closely guarded secret? The Jewish State. The counsel of the Talmud concerning the instruction of the פרדס Merkava kabbala, given when Yidden struggled with g’lut and abject poverty. Rav Aaron fought in the Israeli Independence War. He contributed to this miracle victory which reveals the finger of HaShem within the lives of all generations of Yidden, some three years following the Shoah, wherein some survivors said: “I was in Auschwitz, where was G-d?”

Never in the annuls of all human history as an exiled people, after more than 2000 years, living as stateless refugees with no country; never has it happened that such a refugee population returned, fought a war with five armies and won its National Independence once again! The hostile European empires, would collapse shortly there after, none of them – not England, France, or Russia dreamed that the remnant of a completely crushed and destroyed refugee people would fight a war, in possession of limited homemade weapons, and defeat 5 modern armies, supplied by the treasury of England and France. England and France publicly declared, with great piety, their neutrality.

The burden on the newly established Jewish state: 2 fold. To reestablish the Torah as the Constitution of the chosen Cohen Republic, which includes the lateral Sanhedrin Federal court system. Two: restore the culture based upon tohor middot which defines the traditions of the Cohen nation, and justice defined by Israeli Common Law. These ‘traditions’, they define the culture and customs of the Cohen nation. The Divine scales of brit faith judgment, they weigh IF our people uphold the oath sworn brit, sworn by our forefathers and ourselves OR We Jews assimilate and embrace foreign cultures and customs as did the רשע – the Rambam and most if not all the rabbis of Spain, which brought down the golden age of Spanish Jewry.

The Shoah did not just explode out of the blue. Likewise the Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the “Hamil of Evil” — the Cossack revolt against Polish aristocratic despotism. Jews do not behave like coward Arab thieves, who bemoan their Nakba!! The finger of HaShem rains the curses of destruction upon the Jewish people when our people abandon the oath sworn brit, and assimilate to the cultures and customs practiced Goyim – who never accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Goyim, like Esau, who despise the chosen first born obligations of the chosen Cohen nation. Jews who assimilate and embrace the culture and customs of the Goyim, they reveal the essence of their soul as the child of Esau.

In my earlier years, prior to learning with Rav Aaron, the insistence of Yeshiva rabbis, which forbade any criticism of Reshonim scholarship on T’NaCH and Talmud greatly disturbed and bothered me. How can our sages excommunicate the Karaites, who rejected the Oral Torah, and limited their Torah scholarship to a פשט level of learning … yet praise the Reshonim scholars who did the exact same thing?! The Reshonim scholars, they did not reveal the פרדס kabbala of Torah Sh’Baal Peh of Rabbi Akiva. Worse, Acharonim scholars universally exalt the Rambam halachic code as if his Greek based logic merits absolute praise!

But not till I witnessed a majority of the nascent Sanhedrin, led by Rabbi Steinsaltz, declare their intent to base the Great Sanhedrin Common Law Court upon the halachic code of the Rambam, only then did it occur to me of the tremendous need to denounce that assimilated רשע. The Rambam knew nothing of the פרדס kabbala which Rabbi Akiva and all the Rabbis within the Sha’s Yerushalmi and Bavli obediently followed. His codification of halacha defiled the יסוד “codes” (think morse code) of the Rif and the Rosh!

The Rambam codification treats the Sha’s Aggadita exactly as does a man who divorces his wife and refuses to give her her ‘Get’. This public Chillul HaShem, receives the praise, loud ignorant fools proclaim the Rambam, as the king of the Reshonim; from Moshe to Moshe – none like Moshe! The status of assimilated Rambam, his codification of halacha – as kosher?! This gross injustice not only makes a public Chillul HaShem throughout the generations of Yiddishkeit, but more specifically this tuma assimilation which validates the logic of Aristotle, as a valid logic by which to organize halachic codes of Talmudic law, this farce fraud threatens the continued existence of the chosen Cohen Republic today!

Assimilated Jewry, they look to the Rambam, by which they validate their criminal assimilation. The Rambam serves as a ‘Frum dressed lie’, which profanes the oath sworn brit. Sworn by both our forefathers and ourselves —- the exact k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a shma! Herein explains the k’vanna of the Gemara of ברכות which requires tefillen and tzitzit in order to accept the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven – the oath sworn britot which Avraham, Yitzak, and Yaacov swore, the eternal inheritance of the chosen Cohen people, as expressed through the mitzva of kre’a shma.

How did Xtian Europe embrace Nazism as their new faith in God?

The slaughter of European Jewry under the leadership of the Nazis, known as the Shoah, merits a precedent. Xtian apologists for Pope Pius XII, they wish to declare this detestable war criminal a ‘Saint’. An idea perhaps comparable to Aquinas’s theological doctrine that equates the concept of indulgences, ((the Catholic corruption which so offended Martin Luther)) as a way to give some concrete expression to the mythical body of Christ, also referred in catholic circles as the communion of the saints…the sacrament of reconciliation.

By the 13th Century, Rome had established Canon Law as the basis of ‘pastorial care’. Alas the rhetoric of those barbaric times conceals the facts on the ground. Between 1208 to 1244, Pope Innocent III organized the mass murder of the peaceful ‘heretics of the Languedoc’ of Southern France, as well as the the Fourth Council of the Lateran, which devised the theological dogma which explained how the sacrament of the Eucharist becomes the actual blood and body of Christ. Thereafter began the horrors of the ‘blood libel’ whereby Xtians justified repeated pogroms, and forced expulsions of refugee Jewish populations across Europe.

The Lateran Council stands as the high-water mark of the medieval papacy. Its political and ecclesiastical decisions endured down to the Council of Trent (1545 to 1563) and beyond, while modern historiography has deemed it the most significant papal assembly of the Later Middle Ages. The viciousness and detestable arrogance practiced by Rome against the ‘heretics’ of Languedoc, directly equates and compares to the Nazi SS. The Cathars alternative views about Jesus, justified – in the mind of Pope Innocent III – their mass genocide. To this day, no European Court has ever condemned the Catholic Church for this genocide which serves as a precedent for the Shoah.

The concealed kabbala of Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס logic system greatly troubled Jewish rabbinic leaders. From the 4th Century, perhaps to the present day, Rome has sought to prevent its adherents from taking up secret knowledge. Jewish religious authorities likewise made knowledge of Rabbi Akiva’s kabbala an esoteric concealed wisdom. By the time of the Rambam, the kabbala of Rabbi Akiva had become almost a completely lost methodology of learning. The Church stood against the common man learning to read the Bible for himself. It sought to limit this secret knowledge as a monopoly controlled by its priests. But even the privileged priests, the Church sought likewise to limit their knowledge to a restricted and controlled study. Late in the 4th Century the Church limited Biblical investigation restricted to the Vulgate translation.

The Church evil eye toward competitive knowledge caused Rome to conceal all the ancient Greek texts on philosophy and mathematics. Jewish rabbinic authorities, in their turn, concealed the kabbala of Rabbi Akiva from almost all Jews who studied the Torah. This annual retentive attempt to regulate and control all human knowledge directly contributed and caused the Dark Ages in Europe. Society requires a working logic system, and the despised Jews could not, and must not, expose our treasured Oral Torah logic system to the hostile enemy Church. Independent thinking people, as seen from the Church perspective, they don’t pay taxes, they’re difficult to control, and they most definitely do not require the services of a priest. As seen from the perspective of stateless Jewish refugee rabbinic leaders: independent thinking people threaten to cause the Church to unilaterally expel Jewish communities from European countries.

The pivotal first council of Nicea, convened in 325 by Constantine I formulated Xstian Trinity doctrine, the Church voted out the Gnostic Xstian doctrine – the esoteric Aryan heresy. This theology denied the Trinity Godhead to Jesus. The Aryan heresy, basically agreed with Mohammad and called Jesus a mystical prophet. Aryanism compares to Muslim Unitarian theologies. The esoteric religion of Hitlerism, the one true Kristianity of the White Race! It compares Hitler to Jesus, both men being mystical prophets.

Aryan Kristianity, the Revelation of the God-men, the long-awaited unveiling of the SS Sons of Adolf Hitler, the Revelation on earth of the power and glory of the Aryan God. What begins as Unitarianism terminates in Paganism. The Council of Nicaea condemned Aryan theology; the Catholics, affirmed the full Godhead of Jesus. The ‘barbarian invasions’ of Rome, combined with the Muslim destruction of the Byzantine Empire, effectively terminated the Aryan heresy, till the 2nd coming of Hitler and the Nazis.

A response to

God’s Been Framed טוב

By Nichola Torbett

“I used to read this story as a story about a God who curses the snake and exiles the humans from the garden. That’s how we’ve been taught to understand it, right? ”

No. Pauline theology taught “Original Sin” … the justification of belief in Jesus to atone for Original Sin.

Gafney is an Episcopal priest. Gafney’s book Womanist Midrash uses womanist and feminist hermeneutics to interpret passages from the Hebrew Scriptures. There she discusses the issues of slavery. But fails to grasp the specific subject within the larger contexts,, that all societies existed as agricultural based societies till the Industrial revolution! Wealth came from the land. The wealthy aristocratic land owners both required and depended upon cheap slave labor. This basic error she does not grasp – big mistake.

She refers to the T’NaCH as the Hebrew Bible. Another fundamental error. Its clear that she only reads from Xtian translations of the T’NaCH. All Xtian translations – Bibles, make the exact same error as did Aaron who translated the Ineffable Name (as revealed in the 1st opening commandment of Sinai, which only the chosen Cohen nation accepts) unto אלהים. The Xtian Bible translators did the same error and translated the Ineffable Name to other words: Lord, for example; the Koran likewise translated the Ineffable Name to the word Allah. Herein defines the sin of the golden calf! Consequently both Bibles and Koran violate the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation that only the chosen Cohen nation accept to this very day.

Another example of the cultural gap between the T’NaCH Chosen Cohen nation from Xtian believers, who believe in just another false messiah … the distinction between mussar and theology. T’NaCH prophets – one and all,, they command mussar. Xtian preachers,, by sharp contrast,, they emphasize theology. Mussar compares to theology,, like oil to water. Worlds separate a dialogue where persons debate an issue and the talk to one another;;; from the radical opposite — they talk at one another.

During the barbaric middle ages, priests would invade on shabbot Jewish synagogues and force those Christ killing, accursed wandering Jews to listen to some sermon telling them why they should convert to the true faith. This example serves as a succinct example of what it means to talk at someone else!

Gafney defines her feminism as a ‘black womans’ feminism. She calls Midrash “classic Jewish biblical interpretation”. A fundamental error. Midrash makes a focus, based upon the kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva. ((All Midrashic scholarship – made by Gaonim scholars who thrived between 600 CE to 950 CE, after Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina sealed the Babylonian Talmud in about 450 CE – based their “wisdom of interpretation” upon the kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva, one of the key leaders in the failed Bar Kochba War against Rome which resulted in the expulsion of Jews from off the lands of Judea,, as an Independent nation state,, for over 2000 years! The prophet Isaiah employs the metaphor of the wolf laying down with the lamb and the lion eating grass like a goat. This poetic license refers to the amazing idea that Jews could be uprooted and expelled from off their homelands and return and reconquer their National Independence generations later. This miracle happened after the Babylonians destroyed the kingdom of Judea. And it has happened yet again 3 years after the Shoah. Even after the European Xtian barbarians systematically murdered 75% of European Jewry in about 3 years)).

This kabbala of Rabbi Akiva goes by the concealed code name Merkaba. ((The modern Israeli tank goes by this exact same name!)) Merkaba translates as “chariot mysticism”, but translations do not define concealed/hidden terms. One of the definitions for the term ‘kabbala’,, kabbala understands the term Merkaba as meaning hidden or concealed! The sages within the pages of the Talmud strongly advised to teach it on a personal one to one basis, in order to maintain the secrecy of this logic code system. Ms. Gafney has no knowledge of this hidden kabbala code language,, which conceals a unique logic system format — which rabbinic Judaism calls Torah Sh’baal Peh/Oral Torah … and which the Church throughout its history has outright denied!

To listen to an alien outsider, totally unaware of the code language of this hidden logic system — day and night different and distinct from the logic systems which the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle developed — really quite funny, very good comedy! The Church despises the Talmud. In 1242 the Pope and the king of France burned some 24 cartloads of hand written Talmudic manuscripts. The Nazi book burning [plural] base their war crimes upon the criminal insanity which church theologians imposed upon barbaric societies across Europe.

Both Midrash and the earlier Aggadita — completely closed texts. Without knowledge of the concealed code logic language,, interpretation system…all comments made upon texts not decodified —- complete and total rubbish,, directly comparable to the Rambam’s code of Jewish law. The Merkaba code language developed by Rabbi Akiva,, it directly compares to military use of Code language to conceal from the enemy the strategic and tactical war efforts to defeat that enemy. In Rabbi Akiva’s time, the enemy — clearly Rome. But enemies to the Jewish people did not cease to exist after the victorious Roman legions expelled refugee Jewish populations from off our homelands unto exile.

The Stance Taken by this Yiddishkeit Blog

The Pesach before leaving Gan Shmuel, a left wing, Meretz politically oriented, kibbutz – traveled to Jerusalem and got set up for a meal at some rabbi’s house for Seder Night. I stole the akikomen, much to the chagrin of the officiating rabbi. Thus we initiated the required negotiations. Told him my desire: that he bless me with a blessing that success crown my efforts to learn in a Yeshiva. That year, left Gan Shmuel and started learning in a black hat Yeshiva. Just a short time prior to Seder night, Rav Shach – the Rosh Yeshiva of the Ponovezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak – had denounced Chabad Chassidus; and he equally abused my left wing secular kibbutz – saying that we did not keep Shabbot, ate pork on Yom Kippur, and therefore he declared us as not Jewish.

Years later the son of my wife’s sister married the grand daughter of Rav Shach. I remember my feelings when Rav Shach derided the kibbutz Artzi movement … “Who does this dude who dresses up like a 19th Century Amish fanatic; who cannot distinguish between summer and winter, those ultra orthodox dosey-does, ((Secular Yidden like myself tended to mock the language pronunciation of Ashkenazi religious Jewry. They pronouned the s sound as a t. Religious Ashkenazi Jews referred to themselves as דתי Jews. Both sides deride and made fun of each other, like as did Rav Shach in his famous speech given over the radio. Secular Yidden mockingly pronounce the word ‘religious’ as דסי.

At the birth of my daughter, named her הדס but people called her the nickname דסי. She did not appreciate the joke. She rejected the Ashkenazi minhagim in favor of Sephardi customs! She struggles today with her Yiddishkeit identity as did I at her age)), they wear black coats and fur hats in the Summer! If they can not distinguish between the seasons, how to they assume to wear the crown of wisdom – to say who qualifies as Jewish?

Who’s a Jew, a fundamental argument between Israeli and g’lut Jewry. This issue, the Israeli Supreme Court has heard on multiple occasions. The debate challenges the status quo law established at the founding of the State! Conversions to marriage, all come under the heading of “Who is a Jew?”. The struggle to define Yiddishkeit sums up the struggle between Jews throughout our history upon this earth. So why should Torah scholarship exclude itself from this fundamental debate? Answer: no fence straddling permitted… choose a side. The יסוד of Yiddishkeit: 2 Jews 3 opinions.

So naturally my blog takes up the פרדס kabbala of Rabbi Akiva and Talmud and Midrashim as my cudgel to squash the heads of assimilated Jewry. This blog waves the Banner which emphasizes the culture and customs practiced by the Cohen chosen people. The Torah Constitutional Republic. The lateral Common Law Sanhedrin Federal Court system. The Domestic Policy, that it always has priority over Foreign Policy; land reform: the State has an obligation to build or supply – first time married couples with a house.

Foreign Policy: that it plays second fiddle, in priority importance to domestic local issues. Despise repeated, ad nauseum, foreign powers propaganda which decries “international law” bull shit. Attempts to carve up the Jewish State, based upon the false presumption that Israel lost the June 1967 Six Day war. Abhor Europe, its repeated attempts to turn back the clock and return the Jewish people back to their previous stateless refugee status; our WW2 status as cursed Christ killers who had no country of our own; condemned by Jesus to roam and wonder across the earth. Europeans hate Jews, and Jews detest Europeans as vile sub-human barbarians who worship a mystery of theological mythology, a dead religion comparable to the Gods buried on Mr. Olympus.

Seek to make Middle East and North African countries the main trading partners of the Jewish State. Reject the Quartet, and all foreign attempts to intervene in local domestic Israeli concerns. The Balestinian stateless refugee populations, ((Arabs of the Middle East, they cannot pronounce the letter P)) they directly compare to Romani people within Europe – those pompous self righteous hypocrites. The UN has no voice in any Arab\Israeli dispute till the UN validates Israel as a member of the community of nations within the Middle East. Currently – Israel – the UN has excluded as a country within and part of the community of Middle Eastern States. No other UN member has received such despicable discrimination.

The reason why i denounce the Rambam and all other assimilated rabbis like him. טוב

Abraham Joshua Heschel, his books of theology, quite naturally have an appeal to both Jews and Xtians who believe they worship the same one God.  In my early years in Yeshiva, remember the requirement, the drone buzz, the Rosh Yeshiva demanded from me, that I listen to sichos from Chabad Rebbes.  Heschel authored several theological books, looking back on my cultural identity crisis experienced in the years of my secular 20s, I sometimes walked to the library and saw this or that book authored by Heschel.  Experienced a dud desire to read even a page of Heschel’s drone buzz. 

Later in the Chabad Yeshiva which permitted a 31 year old man who could not speak Hebrew to learn within their institution, forced to listen to some such Rebbe sichos, I asked the question, and reached the conclusion that this noise did not assist me in my efforts to learn how to learn the Talmud and the T’NaCH Primary sources.  Looking back on the early years of my Jewish identity crisis, Heschel’s books, too – utterly boring.  Why read theological books about Yiddishkeit, which totally failed to teach me how to learn, how to learn?!  Remembered what Daral Hall said to me years back earlier, prior to experiencing my Jewish identity crisis, concerning books written on dog training.  He told me that a professional does not write books in order to reveal his closely held secrets of how he successfully trains dogs.

The Rebbe died while I studied Gemara in that Chabad Yeshiva.  The Rebbe the Moshiach slogan totally turned me off – especially after the man had died.  The pressure of my peers, in those Chabad circles put on me, to believe that the Rebbe had revealed himself as the Moshiach, utterly disgusted me.  It reminded me when Xtian missionaries would knock upon my door in Oklahoma, with the intention of causing me to convert to their religion.  My response then and later with the Chabad crowd: “Am an atheist – praise G-d”.

Even in the early years of my Jewish identity crisis – totally rejected and despised theology.  But in Tulsa Oklahoma, the finger of HaShem touched my life, met and started learning Gemara the tractate מנחות.  Rabbi Asher Dov Kahn focused upon the contradiction between the language of the Gemara which favored either a vertical or horizontal placement of the mezuzah.  Later Reshon rabbis interpreted the k’vanna of this Gemara to mean placing the mezuzah in a slanted position.  Rabbi Kahn, in my first introduction to the study of the Talmud, then asked me:  “How did the rabbis determine permission to place the mezuzah on the door post in a slanted position?

Neither Heschel’s theology, nor the sichos of the Rebbe’s ever once duplicated Rabbi’s Kahn’s profound introduction to the Talmud.  Later, while learning in that Chabad Yeshiva, asked Rabbi Kahn’s question to a Talmudic scholar of renown in Chassidic circles.  The question, asked by a Yid who struggled with speaking Hebrew, utterly and totally dumbfounded that Rav.  He could not answer the question.  Thereafter, asking questions on learning which the rabbinic authorities could not answer became one of my focus hobby pastimes; it lead me to demand from all the Chabad rabbis in that Yeshiva and even one 7th generation Chabad baal ha-biet to explain to me the meaning of the 42 letter Divine Name and how tefilla had replaced korbanot? 

Later after receiving s’micha from rabbi Yoel Schwartz, I mocked my nascent Sanhedrin peers, much to their displeasure and disgust, by joking about their primitive understanding of korbanot; scoffed at korbanot and called it a Bar BQ offered up unto Heaven.  The primary debate, by which I learned the k’vanna of korbanot, over which we argued and verbally clashed, whether “bnai noach” (A). qualified as gere toshav, if they lived abroad; (B). if the pledge which the nascent Sanhedrin demanded they make, whether its required that these Goyim swear an oath while standing before a Safer Torah; and (C). the mandate of the Great Sanhedrin did not extend beyond the borders of Eretz Yisrael, therefore asked a simple question: how could any Sanhedrin court enforce violation of any of the Rambam 7 laws of Noach with Goyim living abroad?  

When my nascent Sanhedrin peers expressed their desire to base the establishment of the Sanhedrin upon the Rambam code!  Furthermore, my peers failed to prioritize the need to reestablish the 6 Cities of Refuge together with their Small Sanhedrin lateral Courts of Common Law.  From the start of my involvement with the nascent Sanhedrin, centered as my focus, on the small Sanhedrin Courts and the cities of refuge.   But upon hearing the stated goals of my rabbinic peers, from that moment on, it became obvious to me that the attempt to reestablish the Sanhedrin with these enthusiastic but ignorant rabbis – that this attempt would fail.  The struggle to reestablish the Sanhedrin federal court system, together with making the Written Torah the Constitution of the brit Republic, caused me to conclude that I had an obligation to denounce the Rambam as a fraud.  That רשע did not know how to learn based upon the kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva – the פרדס interpretation of Torah Sh’Baal Peh.

But most rabbis today, alas do not know how to learn T’NaCH, Talmud, Midrashim, and Siddur based upon the kabbala of פרדס.  Any attempt to foist an alien logic system upon the study and interpretation of the sealed Primary sources of Yiddishkeit – extinguishes the lights of Hanukkah.  The B’hag held that lighting the lights of Hanukkah, one of the תרי”ג mitzvot!  Clearly this positive time oriented commandment requires k’vanna.  The opinion expressed by the B’hag has nothing to do with the ritual of lighting lights and everything to do with the k’vanna of lighting lights.  Hanukkah remembers the P’rushim/Tzeddukim Civil War; it declares that the רשעים sought to cause Israel to forget the Torah.  Which Torah did the רשעים attempt to cause Israel to forget?  Answer: פרדס – Torah Sh’Baal Peh.

The tendency of assimilated Jewry to attach titles of Doctor of this or that to bad basic scholarship. Finkelstein’s Akiba and The Pharisees. לא טוב

Inferior scholars prefer to talk about a given historical subject rather than talk through the writings produced by those historical figures. The distinction between the P’rushim/Pharisees and Rabbi Akiva … the P’rushim lead the Civil war opposition to the Hashmonaim kings and their Tzedukim/Sadducee lap dogs. The Rabbis, Rabbi Akiva in particular, lead the opposition against Rome which culminated in the Bar Kochba war.

Finkelstein’s forward dotes upon Muslim and Christian authorities and never once does he address the elephant in the china closet, Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס kabbala, wherein he defined how to learn and use the Torah sh’Baal Peh to interpret both the T’NaCH, Talmud, with the end game: to establish lateral courts of common law, as codified within the pages of the 6 Orders of Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi’s Mishna!

Historical Conservative Judaism jumped on Finkelstein’s empty Torah scholarship, as if it surpassed the invention of sliced bread! Finkelstein’s “work” abounds in superlative accolauds: “The passionate call of Isaiah, the plaintive cry of Jeremiah, and the lofty exhortations of Deutero-Isaiah etc.” But that man had no more of an idea of how to correctly learn Nach than did the schools of Protestant Higher Criticism.

He compares the P’rushim to Jesus, that imaginary false messiah, wherein he declares that both the P’rushim and Jesus understood the opening p’suk\verse of the kre’a shma as the most important commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. What drivel narishkeit claptrap balderdash gibberish mumbo jumbo! The opening first 2 Commandments of the Sinai revelation followed by the revelation of the Oral Torah 13 tohor middot; these tohor middot both derive and define and interpret the k’vanna of all the תרי”ג commandments. Upon this יסוד rests all of the Torah, prophets, and Talmud. Finkelstein assumes that monotheism defines Yiddishkeit. He fails to grasp that monotheism violates the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation of HaShem!

Finkelstein abounds in religious rhetoric noise: “Pharisaism was Prophecy in action; the difference is merely one between denunciation and renunciation.” Never does this tom[b]e define the revelation of the Books of NaCH as a collection of mussar which arouses within the generations an awareness of HaShem within our lives! He compares the P’rushim instructors of Oral Torah logic with the Puritans of England! Eww utterly gross. This quick denunciation of an ignorant scholar, who dolls himself up as a rabbinic authority must end here before I write something which i might later regret.

How to correctly learn the 4 Primary Sources of all Yiddishkeit. טוב

Mendelssohn’s assertion, or supposed assertion, in his Jerusalem, that Judaism has no dogmas, it altogether misses the boat. This famous declaration, fails to emphasize Oral Torah logic, Torah sh’Baal Peh. The discipline of learning the Talmud in equal and like manner does not limit itself to some theory of p’shat, an error made by virtually all the Reshon scholarship upon the Talmud. The focus of learning the p’shat follows the error made by the Karaite heresy. The study of the Talmud follows the kabbala of פרדס taught by Rabbi Akiva. All the Rabbis in the Sha’s Yerushalmi and Bavli, every opinion made follows the logic of Torah sh’Baal Peh as taught through the kabbala of Rabbi Akiva.

The Rambam code of law, did it not institutionalize Dogma? To obey an halacha simply because that halacha Rabbi Karo included in his Shulchan Aruch, that’s not Dogmatism? The Rambam concept of halacha divorces this key aspect ie halacha within the Talmud, from its aggadita “spouse”. The degree of separation, the gulf so wide between the two, that modern Rosh Yeshiva, when they teach a Gemara class, they often skip over aggadic portions of the Talmud to better learn halacha!

The Reshonim long before jumped off the פרדס kabbala train, which defines Torah sh’Baal Peh. The Mendelssohn error which launched Reform Judaism simply continued down the wrong path that Reshonim scholarship had made upon the Talmud. The ghettoization of all European Jewry, both West and East, which began in the youth years of Rabbi Karo, this institutionalized poverty of Jewish refugee populations, its impact upon Jewish Talmudic scholarship becomes immediately obvious when modern scholars compare the scholarship of the Rif and the Rosh to the scholarship of the super commentaries upon the Shulchan Aruch! Ghetto Jewry simply had no idea how to understand the framers of the T’NaCH & Talmud; Midrashic scholarship these “scholars” relegated it to women’s learning. These same “scholars” did not permit women to learn in Yeshiva. Consequently, the best minds of Ghetto Yiddishkeit, they made the Shulchan Aruch the focus of their scholarship.

Ghetto scholarship prior to Napoleon lost the vital connection how Gaonic Midrashic scholarship serves to teach how to learn the דרוש required to logically bind aggadic stories to halachic ritualism; which defines the cultures and customs of Judean society prior to the Roman expulsion of our people from off the Judean homelands. The kabbala of פרדס whereby Rabbi Akiva defines the Torah sh’Baal Peh logic system does not deal in abstractions of theological thought! Such a perverse notion – utterly absurd; comparable to saying that because the daughters of Lot had children fathered by Lot, that the Torah validates incest.

The Romans called the rabbis of Judea – atheists. Torah faith has no portion with theological belief systems which dominated pre-Greek and post-Xtian Roman society. The Romans simply could not grasp that the sole purpose of Torah sh’Baal Peh scholarship centered around learning the Torah through a Case/Rule common law legal system; this logic system requires the introduction of precedents to understand the specific case brought by a Mishna. The Romans wanted to know what they should believe concerning the Gods, they had no interest to learn how they could mature their emotional mind through prophetic mussar, in their walk of life before HaShem. Roman society prioritized dogmatic belief in the Gods rather than growing an awareness, a sensitivity to the revelation of the finger of HaShem within our lives.

After Roman society embraced the religion of Xtianity, that religion easily embraced and accepted by all the cultures and societies which the legions of Rome conquered. The heathen converts to the Church, they too wanted to know what they should believe concerning God, they had no interest to learn how they could mature their emotional mind through prophetic mussar, in their walk of life before HaShem. Church theological propaganda declared that Jesus had fulfilled the words of the prophets. Therefore post Jesus Man needed only to believe in Jesus to be saved from the Pauline dogma of Original Sin.

Outsiders to Torah scholarship, they tends to make themselves blind, can’t see the forest through the trees. The have a tendency to view the Talmud as vast expanse of literature. A person does not have to read every law book in a legal library to practice law. The wisdom of knowing how to correctly learn far outweighs superficial rote like learning, like as found in dof yomi. Rav Aaron would repeatedly say, better a little learned well than a lot learned not so well. טוב מעט ממעט טוב. The precision of Hebrew, truly amazing.

Each sugia of every Gemara attaches to a specific phrase of the Mishna which that Gemara comments upon. This fundamental כלל of Talmudic scholarship plays an absolutely essential function – which post Rambam Yeshiva rabbis fail to insist that their students learn. On the side of the page of every Gemara, * signs which indicate where in other places within the Sha’s Bavli this identical phrase exists within the entire Sha’s Bavli. When the Baali Tosafot jump off the dof of a specific Gemara, usually they jump to sights which these *signs indicate. Why? Because a sugia of Gemara affixes to a specific clause within the Mishna which that Gemara comments upon, then the same hold true off the dof to that other Gemara which likewise has that *sign on the side of its page of Gemara. This permits students of the Talmud to compare the clause of one Mishna to that of another Mishna! The Amoraim followed this exact and precise logic sh’itta, but their scope expanded to the Sifre, Sifra, Mechilta, and Tosefta! What’s more, the *signs only apply to the Bavli and not the Yerushalmi. But if a person searches the sugiot of the Sha’s Yerushalmi; that person makes a search for the sugia of the Yerushalmi which comments upon the identical clause of the Mishna of the Gemara off the dof within the Bavli, then by comparison and contrast the later student can make a logical דיוק from the earlier Yerushalmi to the later Bavli – an extremely powerful precedent which explains k’vanna of the opinion expressed within the Bavli Talmud! And if a Reshon commentary says otherwise, the introduction of an earlier Yerushalmi precedent, it squashes the head of that Reshon commentator rather than the auchron student with a basic question: How come the Reshon failed to bring the Yerushalmi as a precedent?!

The study of Talmud does not compare to an Xtian who carries a big Bible off to church. Talmudic jurisprudence centers around the wisdom, the art of knowing how to logically compare different cases and show their similarities or differences. This basic but fundamental discipline likewise defines the scholarship of both aggadita and its later Midrashim commentaries. The דרוש of פרדס studies the aggadita and midrash with an eye to tracing that story back to a T’NaCH Primary source. The question which the דרוש discipline asks the immediate T’NaCH source, based upon the p’suk which the aggadita or midrash quotes, sometimes misquotes!!; that p’suk exists within a larger sugia within the T’NaCH Primary source. The דרוש discipline of scholarship asks that sugia of T’NaCH: what mussar do you command? To make a proper depth analysis of that specific sugia of T’NaCH requires a דרוש research which locates a similar precedent – another sugia or sugiot, which contains the exact same middot as found in the original sugia which holds the p’suk which the aggadita or midrash quotes.

Once a student of Talmud has no less than two Primary sources which both contain the identical sets of middot, then that student of Talmud can make a logical depth analysis by which he understands the mussar which the prophet commands. Once the student of the Talmud grasps the mussar revelation/commandment which that prophet expresses the awareness of the finger of HaShem within our lives, within any given T’NaCH Primary source, that student can then teach the פשט of the aggadita within the Shas, or within the Midrash. The power of aggadic scholarship, it links itself to ritualized halacha which define the cultures and customs practiced by the Cohen nation prior to the Roman g’lut of Jewry from Judea. Herein decribes the sh’itta which Rav Aaron Nemuraskii the student of rabbi Elyashiv, the gadol ha’dor of Ashkenazi Jewry taught me, how to correctly learn T’NaCH, Talmud, Midrashim, and Siddur – the Primary Sources of all Yiddishkeit.

chavalah Chava’s Footsteps@WordPress, her blog introduces: “Jewish Erasure and Podcasts About Israeli and Palestinian Literature

This blog addresses a particular thorny issue: Quote/UnQuote: “To be honest, I didn’t stop to think that there could be different types of colonialism.  “Settler colonialism,” according to historians.org, is when “large numbers of settlers claim the land and become the majority…[with] the disappearance of the original inhabitants.”  Oxford Bibliographies takes this further—calling settler colonialism “interlocking forms of oppression, including racism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and capitalism,” but Wikipedia points to several recent settler colonialist enterprises that are not white and Eurocentric in nature.  The most well-known are, and they include the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Israel.”

So much propaganda clogs the blogosphere airways – comparable to smog in California.

Oxford Bibliographies qualify as a reliable trusted authority? Non sense. Britain in the early 1920s defined its League of Nations “Palestine Mandate”, when it unilaterally lopped off Trans-Jordan from its “Palestine mandate territories”, determining the Jordan river as the border between Trans-Jordan and its Palestine mandate territories!

Following the success of the newly established Jewish State to attain political Independence in 1948, Jordan illegally nationalized the territories within the defunct British Palestine mandate, collectively known as: Samaria – the lands which comprised the ancient 10 tribes who broke away from the kingdom of Yechuda, and called themselves “Israel”. All member states within the UN condemned the Jordanian nationalization of the lands of Samaria as illegal!!

Chava then argues: Quote/UnQuote: “I’d argue, is that the People of Israel are indigenous to the Land of Israel.  This is about more than bible stories; there is archeological evidence and genetic evidence that ties modern-day Jews to the Levant. ”

The indigenous people’s argument has its roots in Arab and European propaganda. In the 19th Century the majority population of Jerusalem – Jewish refugees which Turkey permitted to “settle” within the city. Political Zionism, late in the 19th Century, established as its primary political goal, to attract a Great Power patron who favored the establishment of a Jewish home in Palestine – a paraphrase of the now famous Balfour Declaration. The current issue: “indigenous to the Land of Israel”, did not concern the Theodor Herzl, nor his political Zionist supporters in the least. Herzl held that the diseased European mind – its hatred of Jews – had no cure. That the only way for Jews of Europe to deal with mass European cultural insanity, for Jews to leave Europe all together and re-establish a Jewish State.

The Shoah has definitively proven Herzl’s analysis of the European mentality as clinically insane – as absolutely correct. Europeans condemn Jewish settlement of the lands of Samaria. Why? Because the diseased European mind remains clinically insane. Hitler and the Nazis defined the norm for Europe’s inherent mental disorder to the present day. How else can we explain, the systematic murder of European Jewry by Europeans?!

It shocked Europe in general and Britain in particular that post Shoah Jewry won our War of Independence, that Jewish warriors defeated five Arab armies who invaded Israel on the same day that David Ben-Gurion named the newly declared Jewish State – Israel. Britain’s imperialist interests favored a Jewish homeland in Palestine, based upon the assumption made by 10 Downing Street that Jews would better serve the British colonial empire in the Middle East than would Arabs. This assumption proved itself correct. The Mufti of Jerusalem threw his support behind Hitler and the Nazis during WW2.

Never did 10 Downing Street stuffed shirts assume that Jews would make British rule within the League of Nations Palestine Mandate completely and totally untenable. Never did any arrogant fool of any British Government assume that Jewish war against British rule in the Middle East would force London to return their “Palestine Mandate” back to the post WW2 newly established United Nations.

Shock and dismay followed one after another. In 1956 Britain and France made an alliance with Tel Aviv. Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein, his nationalization of the Suez Canal greatly offended the European powder heads of State. The hoped to conceal their imperial aggression against Egyptian Independence and political autonomy by supporting a general Arab-Israeli war. Washington and Moscow spanked the bottoms of British and French imperialist presumptions till they bled from their noses.

Then came the shock of shocks, Israel defeated Nasser’s attempt to negate the 1948 Israeli Independence War victory, only to discover that his army lacked the skill required to throw the Jews into the Sea. Jordan, who in 1948 illegally seized lands included within the British Palestine mandate territories, promptly lost those stolen lands after the King of Jordan’s war against the Jews turned into a rout; Israel reconquer the stolen lands of Samaria. Yet France led the EU charge, that Israel must return and denounce its June War defensive victory! Mental insanity caused European minds to pop, and the UN introduced the deranged UN Resolution known as 242.

Since 1967 virtually all European governments have demanded from Israel that it abandon and acknowledge its rightful place, those insufferable Jews must admit their defeat in the June 1967 war! Should Jews dare to live and build homes within the borders of the Palestine Mandate as determined by the League of Nations, that such Jews, they violate international law! Just who determines this “international law”? This question has no clear answer. Only that the Jews, according to the diseased minds occupying European Capitals, that Jewish settlers living within the borders of their own country, that such Jews threaten with their mere presence — the peace of the World. That the whole world could explode into a 3rd World War because Jews live, settle, and develop their own homelands.

So the question stands: Who hates and despises the Jewish people more: Hitler and his Nazi thugs or European governments today? Hitler, at least he declared his hatred forthwith. But the current two faced insanity whereby Europe pretends that they do not continue to hate Jews, all the while, these same governments do everything in their power to promote hostile agenda’s which favor the destruction of the Jewish state. Europe loves to hate Jews. It simply cannot abide the existence of a Jewish state, which by its existence has terminated the Jewish refugee status which the Roman empire established. Especially when the religion of Europe for the last 2000 years stands totally disgraced following the Shoah. It galls Europeans that, based upon their religion, that they now live as refugee populations – waiting for the 2nd Coming of Jesus son of Zeus.

This next YouTube clip CNN hosts a debate between Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian team, and Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett.

CNN whom President Trump referred to as Fake News, does not support the Deal of the Century, it opposes the unification of Jerusalem. The short presentation where two “hostile” opposing persons introduce their talking points — does not qualify as a dialogue between the two leaders. Hence the CNN language “debate” skews the presentation completely.

In June 1967 Jordan attacked the Jewish State and lost the war which it initiated. Israel recaptured Samaria from the Jordanians. Jordan back in 1948 illegally, all member nations within the UN condemned as illegal the Jordanian nationalization of Samaria, nationalized the Israeli lands of Samaria, which the king of Jordan called “West Bank”.

This CNN moderator never weighs any essential background information. Rather she jumps into directed pointed questions, comparable to a person who jumps into a swimming pool on a hot summer day. Clearly the CNN moderator, like the Brussels and Moscow and the UN, has interests which favors a Two State Solution. But CNN fails to address, the elephant in the China closet! More than half a century after Israel re-unified the Capital City of the Jewish state, what would result in dividing Jerusalem like as did the victorious Allies who divided Berlin after the Nazi defeat. Brussels, Moscow, and the US State Department (America has embassies in all the Arab and Muslim countries. Consequently the State Department takes a Pro-Arabist position), never address the consequences of carving Israel into two hostile countries like as did Mr. appeasement, Neville Chamberlain in 1938. The Czech state lost its National Independence and became a satellite state of the Nazis and later the USSR.

This program, which CNN styles as a “debate”, ignores the basic rule: actions have consequences; rocks thrown into ponds produce ripples. More than a half century following the Israeli military victory, Brussels, Moscow, and this CNN moderator totally and completely ignore the consequences of any Israeli government agreeing to divide the Jewish state into 2 hostile countries and the huge population transferal that such a defeat for Israel would entail. Proponents of the 2 State solution ignore the simple fact, Israelis would fight an extremely bloody Civil War among ourselves. That foreign powers such as Brussels, Moscow, the US and the UN would send their military forces into the region thrown into absolute anarchy and Civil War, like they have done to Syria, Iraq, and Libya today.

Saeb Erekat demands an Israeli surrender; an Israeli negation of the victory of the 1967 Six Day War. He makes this demand, not because stateless Arab refugees have militarily defeated the Jewish State, but because the imperialist interests of Brussels & Moscow froth at the mouth at the possibility of Europe becoming once again dominant Powers who dictate terms in the Middle East. The CNN moderator never once addresses the interests of European powers who despise the existence of the Jewish State, even more than do the Arabs countries in the Middle East and North Africa!

This “debate” seeks to internationalize a local domestic conflict. This agenda directly supports the hostile strategic policies of European governments. The current conflict between the nation of Israel with the stateless Arab refugee populations, European propaganda declares World Peace hinges upon this conflict!! What an utterly absurd political interpretation.

The enemy of the Jewish State, Jews have no quarrel with Arabs or Muslims. The enemy of the Jewish State – the same exact barbarians who murdered 75% of European Jewry during WW2. European hostility against Jews has brought anguish and hardship upon Jewish refugee populations for over 2000 years, non stop. European hostility and hatred of Jews stems from the genesis that Jews view Jesus as an imaginary false messiah. Israel did not even exist, yet Europeans committed the Shoah war crimes!

IF CNN really sought an honest debate, THEN CNN would question Israeli strategic policy decisions in the shadow of the Shoah with European leaders. Why do these governments insist upon a 2 State solution which would result in a horrific Israeli Civil War?! Why do the haters of Israel frame the 2 State solution as the one and only solution, when the UN proposed two possible solutions prior to the Independence War which Israel won!