An Abundance of Peace

First Order of business … the Xtian perversion of the Bible which translates the Name revealed @ the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai — which Xtianity rejected, comparable to the Jewish rejection of JeZeus the mamzer son of Mary, an extension of the Pantheon of the Greek Gods on Mount Olympus, the brother of Hercules – another bastard son of Zeus. Xtianity simply adores its tumah religious rhetoric. Xtians simply delight in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit religious narishkeit (Yiddish for non sense).

For 2000+ years the Jewish people have not simply rejected this false messiah imaginary man, we have vocally denounced this Greek mythology as a Greek myth dolled up in Jewish garments. Xtians across Europe and Russia reacted with fury, they slandered and murdered Jews at the drop of a hat, based upon blood libel pretexts and other such lame excuses to justify the slaughter of Jewish stateless refugee populations scattered across Europe, Poland and the Ukraine. The education of Xtians in their “faith” of love compares to how pigs wallow in mud.

The Torah instructs mussar (A term which no Xtian ever heard of, poor ignorant fools. Mussar defines the Hebrew word prophesy); by and through the sh’itta\methodology known as משל\נמשל. Bible believing Xtians, it never occurs to them of the necessity, to learn Hebrew and Aramaic, poor ignorant fools. Doctors of Theology and totally ignorant of the language of the Hebrew T’NaCH. Can’t get more pathetic than that. Yet these alien foreigners, they always jabber about God this … and God that; they exalt themselves in the absolute shame of their ignorance. Mussar means instruction. But Xtians do not know mussar because – impossible to educate STUPID.

Besides confusing, as did the new testament authors touching the difference between Logic with Law; Law with Torah Commandments … that religion of abomination perverted their bible by creating it in their own image. The Xtian translators expunged the revelation of the Name, as revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai; these ignorant fools usually confuse the 2nd Commandment with the first. In point of fact, that tumah religion of avodah zarah, it no more accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai than did the Gods Moloch & Baal, the Hindu Gods or Allah. Fools, the theology of Monotheism violates the 2nd Commandment of Sinai – not to worship other Gods.

טפש-פשט, an idiotic-literal reading of the printed word. Words quite often contain multiple meanings. Xtians in their evil simplicity read their bibles on the level of small children. Forty days after the Revelation of the 1st Commandment of Sinai, the Name of HaShem, Israel confused a golden calf as the God that took them out of Egypt … the God who split the Sea of Reeds?! Mussar means nothing to religious Goyim because – simply not possible to educate stupid. If stupid could receive education, it would not remain stupid. In 2000+ years Xtians, every man woman and child, remain always stupid.

Their religion arouses their emotions; Xtians just adore their Easter passion plays, together with their blood libels and pogroms which resulted in 2000+ years – as the established faith of Europeans – in the Shoah: the systematic starvation, torture, and murder of 75% of European Jewry. Even their own new testament condemns them: “by their fruits you shall know them”.

Fools. The Torah defines the meaning of the term “love” through the mitzva of kre’a shma. This Torah commandment (commandments not the same thing as halachic “LAW”), defines the meaning of love as taking responsibility for Life or Death\\Blessed or Cursed. Any parent knows that the damage caused by small children – the parent accepts responsibility for the damages inflicted, and not the child. Even non Jewish law recognizes the distinction between a minor and an adult. Love does not exist where ever a person does not embrace the responsibility to behave with justice with sworn allies; post American and French revolutions these “allies” took the name of “citizens”. The term brit, does not mean covenant but rather alliance. To cut a brit entails swearing an oath in the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai. From this Name derives the term רוח הקודש, the Xtian bibles translated it as ‘Holy Spirit’.

Translating abstract & exceptionally profound visions of revelation into simple words … just cannot educate Stupid. רוח הקודש refers to the revelation of the Oral Torah 13 middot logic system which the church has systematically denied, comparable to the Nazi attempt to exterminate all the Jews of Europe. This huge Shoah trauma means next to nothing to Xtians, comparable to the genocide of the Armenians amounts next to nothing to the average Joe-Blow Turk. The wicked, like a whore who attends church on Sunday, they simply possess no shame.

Stupid in similar vein cannot make subtle distinctions between like and like; stupid does not possess understanding…and wisdom – how much more so. Stupid has a passion to worship words; it simplifies faith unto silly pictures. Forty days after the revelation of the Name of HaSem, (that Name no where found in any Xtian bible translation, that Name – the 1st Commandment at Sinai), Aaron erred and replaced the word אלהים for the רוח הקודש Name which breaths רוח הקודש middot\attributes into the clay which caused Adam to live as a Man. Very difficult to employ words to describe colors in the rainbow; the words red, green, and blue, mean nothing to a person born blind. The Name of HaShem, it took the revelation of the רוח הקודש 13 middot to define the meaning of the revelation of that Name, first revealed 80 days prior. The Talmud describes this revelation as doing the mitzvot לשמה.

The Torah instructs mussar through משל\נמשל, the mussar language employed by the Torah, the metaphor of the golden calf. The Torah speaks in the language of Aggaditah and not in the language which describes events which physically happened in history. To understand the משל language of the Torah requires making the necessary נמשל דיוקים. The word דיוק, means logical inference. The Ramban in his introduction to his Torah commentary made a רמז\hint to this most basic and essential kabbalah through his משל of black fire on white fire – language. Printed letters and the surrounding space between the letters. The ancient wisdom which defines Chinese silk-screen artwork. The difference between reading,,, and learning a page of T’NaCH or Talmud … the difference between oil and water. Small children can read books. Mussar instructs wise Men who can make the required נמשל דיוקים.

Next Order of buisness. The Hebrew T’NaCH does not contain Chapters and Verses. The latter innovation of the Church, it up-rooted the Order of Sugiot by which the Oral Torah revelation of the Name interprets the intent of prophetic mussar commandments. This fundamental error, it prevents all later generations of Xtians to learn the bible with understanding. Understanding – meaning the ability to discern subtle distinctions. Like from like, compares to parents who can immediately discern between their identical twins. The church corruption of the bibles for ever condemned all generations thereafter with an inability to learn based upon understanding the bible. Hence the fruits of church preached morality, the attempted Shoah extermination of European Jewry in less than 4 years by all Europeans and Allies either by acts of commission or omission. When a Cossack rapes a Jewish woman and a priest sits and watches the crime, and does nothing because he’s not Jewish — both criminals — equally guilty.

Logic stands upon Order. How a person organizes thoughts determines if he can למשל, correctly solve a math problem correctly or incorrectly. The perversion of the Hebrew T’NaCH, organized into chapters and verses produced horrific consequences. Jewish rabbinical authorities refer to this crime as ירידת הדורות, “the diminution of the generations”; the intellectual inferiority of subsequent, and contemporary Torah scholarship and spirituality in comparison to that attained by earlier generations. The publication of the Rambam code of halachah, it compares to the error of early Church authorities, when they expunged the Order of sugiot.

Rabbi Yechuda in the opening Mishna of גיטין acknowledged the curse of g’lut Jewry, even in 210 CE, the year he published the Mishna, g’lut Jewry had lost the wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה. This opening Mishna therein taught the rabbinic concept of ירידת הדורות. Jews who study both Talmud and T’NaCH have no awareness of the Order of sugiot, than do Xtian church Officialdom who up-rooted this basic Order of organization, something like sentence structure and paragraphs, from the Hebrew T’NaCH. After the Rambam published his halachic codification on the Talmud, all subsequent Torah scholarship radically degenerated.

Jews ceased to learn by way of bringing comparative precedents of Primary sources, like as learned the Baali Tosafot. Instead they became addicted to drugs: learning with secondary and tertiary source material – much later commentaries. Learning with far removed commentaries compares to organizing halachah into codes organized into simple subjects. Students stopped developing the skills which a חכם requires to know how to compare a Case study with similar precedents of the same era. Jews ceased to discern between logic and halachah. Hence the curse of ירידת הדורות.

Jews just like Goyim, only more so. When the church fathers perverted and corrupted the Hebrew T’NaCH with their arbitrarily imposed Chapter/Verse system, all Xtians born thereafter suffered a tremendous handicap when they in their turn attempted to learn from corrupt and perverted bibles.

Compare what you wrote:
[[[“””Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security. Jeremiah 33:6 ESV

You have to back up and read that the Chaldeans are attacking Jerusalem, the people have given in to wickedness and angered God, He allows this, but this is the promise He makes of restoration, prosperity and security.

We just studied sin in September and it has consequences. In the Old Testament people were still very pagan and violent, not really unlike now to some extent. When the people turned from God into idolatry and left His ways, or whatever the case, they suffered but He promised to restore them. People wonder why God allows things? I can tell you.

It is because of disobedience, it is because of sin and turning from Him, it is to draw you to Him or back to Him, to let your faith grow, to test you and strengthen you and some is just plain spiritual warfare, remember, those people depended on sacrifices and Jesus is our perfect one, the Spirit only came upon those people at times, we have Him indwelling us and can listen and obey Him at any time.”””]]]

The sugia which contains your cherry picked verse: ירמיה לג:ד-ט. Upon what scales of judgment does Israel stand, which determines the Rule of g’lut or geulah\exile or redemption? Justice, meaning the righteous compensation to persons who suffer damages by others, either due to accident or with intent. Israel left the slavery and oppression of Egypt with the purpose to inherit the oath sworn lands to rule these conquered lands of Canaan with justice. A summation of the entire T’NaCH, Talmud, Midrashim, and Siddur in one sentence.

A precedent by which to make a depth analysis to gauge the mussar k’vanna of the prophetic rebuke ירמיה כב:יח-יט. Rulers who govern through torture oppression theft & murder, history does not remember their memory with favor. The responsibility of the bless\curse brit faith stands upon the יסוד of justice alone. Rabbi Akiva saw a fox leave from the destroyed Holy of Holies, the Sages wept while he laughed. The sages asked him, Akiva! Why do you laugh? He responded the fox revealed the curse of the Torah! דיוק just as down must have its opposing up, and right must have its opposite left, so too g’lut must have geulah, and therefore Rabbi Akiva laughed. HaShem took Israel out of the oppression of Egypt. Based upon the oath sworn to Avram, before he had any birth born children, that his future born seed would endure g’lut\exile in a foreign land. HaShem swore to give to the chosen Cohen seed of Avram the oath sworn lands as an eternal inheritance. This brit has not ceased or changed throughout all the generations of the chosen seed of Avraham, like the stars in the heavens for multitude.

Now the דרך\\way/sh’itta\method by which the Gemarah “learns” a Case\Rule Mishna, this דרך of learning bases itself upon the precedent of how the Sages learned the T’NaCH Primary sources of the masoret\tradition/faith. Therefore, the sugia compared to your sugia … difficulty\answer – the sh’itta\style whereby the Gemarah learns each and every Case\Rule Mishna equally applies to the precedent whereby a comparison made to another sugia contrasts the anger of HaShem with the seige of Jerusalem by the Babylonians ie ירמיה לג:ד-ט.

Does the sugia ירמיה כב:יח-יט more closely match as a sharp contrast or ירמיה כב:יג-יז? Shall cross reference with other prophetic sources. By bringing a comparative sugia and there after bringing a closer sugia which more closely instructs the k’vanna of the prophet(s) mussar touching the distinction between g’lut vs geulah. Let us learn by comparing the possibility of two possible precedents, learned in the order of “close” and “closer”. ישעיה כא:א-ח, opposed by ישיעה ז:יח-כ?

To shave a man’s beard represents a disgrace during that time period. The art of comparing possible precedents whereby later generation struggle to learn and understand the mussar which the prophets command all generations of bnai brit — the chosen Cohen seed of Avraham — has nothing what so ever to do with foreign Creeds, theologies, doctrines or dogmatism. Herein differentiates the brit Torah faith from the avodah zarah practiced by Xtianity and Islam.

Daniel M. Klem a simple man of VerseD: Amose 5:24

First order of business. The Hebrew T’NaCH contains no chapters and verses. This fundamental perversion of the T’NaCH came at the arrogant hands of the idiotic biblical translators who “converted” the Bible into their own image. All Bible translations – evil avodah zarah. Church idolatry (an incredibly bad translation for avodah zarah), [but this response speaks in the language of non bnai brit Goyim]. {Goyim a term of respect. Pagan\heathen Xtian terms of contempt}.

The fools of the Xtian church, arbitrarily decided that imposing foreign chapters and verses upon the Books of the T’NaCH best served their evil cherry picking of verses propaganda rhetoric. Joseph Goebbels most probably learned his trade of propaganda corruption from reading the Xtian new testament. The Nazis clearly based their ‘Final Solution’ for European Jewry upon clear Xtian precedents of oppression violence and murder. Cain beget many evil & wicked children, who continued his tradition and filled the world with oppression bloodshed slander and courtroom injustice perpetuated by State salaried Judges.

No European government ever directed its Judges to try the Xtian church for war crimes committed against humanity. A disgrace which proves that Europe as a civilization – utter barbarians and savages, who preach morality but impose violence oppression and death upon the subject dark skinned inferior races; these pathetic unfortunate morons require imposed rule and order of the superior White Race. Like Leopold II’s just rule over the Niggers of the Congo – first established, by the love of JeZeus – in 1885. רשעים have no shame, coupled with very short memories by ensuing generations of the atrocity war crimes committed against mankind by their leaders.

No European court ever tried, much less so, imprisoned that רשע. No European court ever forced Belgium to pay war crime compensations to the People of the Congo. But Xtian Beastiality continues to preach the preach that JeZeus saves. The slaughter of the natives from Africa to the New World, the Pacific Islands – Indochina to China, gawd damned church arrogance continues to piously sing hymns from their hymnals, as if war crimes ever committed. JeZeus saves,,, the church walks the walk,,, it goes from genocide to genocide, generation after generation – all in the name of love.

Oral Torah logic as opposed to halachic law established by Jewish courtrooms, learns the sealed Masoret\traditions through the sh’itta\methodology known as common law. Common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents. The word יסוד, contains סוד\\hidden kabbalah. No one cans see the foundation upon which a building stands. When learning a minor prophet, the search to understand the mussar instruction which all prophets command, requires cross referencing that sugia of the minor prophet with similar sugiot in the major prophets. Learning a Case through precedents defines the sh’itta methodology of all common law throughout history in all societies to this day. Societies which lack – the rule of law – know anarchy, chaos, and Civil War.

The sugia which contains your cherry picked verse עמוס ה:יח-כז. A very strong mussar which denounces the Xtian idolatry which preaches the second coming of JeZeus and the end of days. Let’s learn. Learning prophetic Primary sources – Day and Night different – from reading prophetic Primary sources. ירמיה ד:ט-כא. When ever a court places a רשע into נדוי\excommunication/, the court makes the din of their ruling public by blowing the shofar. The blowing of the shofar, it likewise defines ‘Yom HaDin upon the Brit’, otherwise known as the Yom Tov of Rosh HaShanna. When bnai brit hear the call of the shofar, dread fills their hearts comparable when the chosen Cohen nation first heard the call of the Shofar during the revelation of HaShem at Sinai.

דיני נפשות\\Capital Crimes cases requires no less than two witnesses. The war crimes committed by the church through the generations of mankind stand on trial. שופטים ז:ט-יח, the 2nd witness called to testify. The Court of Israel blows the shofar against the רשע ‘whore of Babylon’. Day 51: Lift your eyes

Greetings Taylor.

You wrote: [[[“””What the words originally meant is always primary, but it’s hardly the only way God speaks to us. Take for instance the connections one passage makes with other parts of the scriptures. One can’t read Isaiah without thinking of Christ. He is the son Immanuel, the Light that has dawned, the King that rules in righteousness. We read from one page, but God speaks from the totality of the book.”””]]]

Absurd. The Greek\Roman son of Zeus has no part with taking Israel out of Egypt, much less so the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

You opened with Isaiah 40:1-8, most probably the basis for your first time preaching experience. First and foremost, the Hebrew T’NaCH has no chapters and verses. The Hebrew T’NaCH its organized around sugiot. All Xtian translations of their bible – created in their own image. These tumah books of avodah zarah expunge the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai which the church whore of Babylon totally rejects, and never accepted.

Aaron, the elder brother, he erred and translated the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai to the word אלהים. This error the Torah refers to as the sin of the golden calf. Torah learns by way of משל\נמשל. The language ‘golden calf’, serves as but only a משל\\metaphor. Worlds separate reading words as found in Torah books from learning Torah mussar commandments. Whether a student studies the T’NaCH sealed Canon. ((Sealed long before the Greek\Roman new testament forgery)); or a student studies the Oral Torah revelation – as codified in the Talmud, likewise sealed by Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina in about 450 CE. (Sealed long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the literature of the T’NaCH books). All students of both T’NaCH and Talmud know that learning a page of any Primary source (as opposed to secondary source commentaries or later apocrypha books similar to the new testament counterfeit “scripture”), require that students make the required נמשל דיוקים\interpretive inferences.

Why do all Torah and Talmud students stand on this precise יסוד\foundation/? That learning these Primary sources absolutely requires from them that they accept the obligation to make the required נמשל דיוקים. The abomination of the Xtian religion of avodah zarah, never for a single second stood upon this יסוד of Torah acceptance and faith as an eternal sworn oath obligation. Non bnai brit Goyim never accepted the Torah at Sinai. And how much more so their church leaders throughout the generations; they denied the revelation of the Oral Torah on Horev שמות לד:ו,ז.

Worlds separate and differentiate between Oral Torah logic and Court rulings of halachah\LAW. Yet the new testament counterfeit errs precisely on this very יסוד. It confuses Torah commandments which command mussar, with courtroom legal rulings of halachah\LAW. Such a huge blunder made by the alien foreigners who penned the new testament counterfeit, the magnitude of such an error compares only to translating the revelation of the Spirit Name as commanded in the first Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai to words; comparable to Aaron who made this exact error when he translated the Name unto אלהים. The Torah revelation at Sinai refers to this avodah zarah through the משל known as the ‘Golden Calf’.

All Xtian bibles of avodah zarah, duplicate the sin of the golden calf משל. Words like YHVH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Allah — all duplications of the משל sin of the golden calf. The new testament forgery repeatedly employs the ‘holy spirit’ metaphor, which later theologians elevated unto the Trinity dogma of avodah zarah. רוח הקודש, this term exists only as a משל. The נמשל of this משל – the Oral Torah middot Spirit Names for HaShem, first revealed at Horev after the Sinai revelation. The book of the gospel of John opened with the golden calf error by declaring the Word is God. Words have tremendous difficulty describing colors. Neither words, nor human lips can pronounce the Name of HaShem first revealed at Sinai. This error יסודי\fundamental, the Xtian church religion of avodah zarah never perceived, not in 2000+ years.

The Talmud codification of Oral Torah law, codified in about 450 CE obviously came long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the T’NaCH Books in the early years of the 2nd Commonwealth. Talmud stands upon the יסוד of the T’NaCH literature, and not the reverse – as the counterfeit church authorities slander continuously the chosen Cohen nation. The blood libel slanders, common throughout the Middle Ages, springs forth from this יסוד; that church leadership continually confused Oral Torah logic with law. The church perversion throughout its long history of murder and bloodshed has confused ‘the Law’ with Torah commandments which command mussar. All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Mussar defines the meaning of the word prophesy. This key Torah definition which defines all prophetic commandments, the counterfeit church abomination has never perceived in 2000+ years.

None of the Books of the T’NaCH originally contained chapters and verses. The church created their bibles of avodah zarah in their own image. They expunged the Order of sugiot and replaced this Order with an alien worship, organized around chapters and verses. Church confusion over the distinction between the revelation of the Oral Torah logic at Horev with the codification of Oral Torah laws, sealed thousands of years later has tremendous consequences. The Talmud follows the precedent established by the T’NaCH codification. Rabbi Yechudah’s Mishna, published in 210 CE, a common law code of judicial rulings of halachah\LAW. The style employed by the Mishna, Case//Rule. The Mishna employs the method, as duplicated by all other judicial courts systems, throughout human history, whose courts exist as Common Law courtrooms. Common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents.

The Gemarah “commentary” made upon the Mishna, in its turn employs a style of difficulty\answer. Why? The Gemarah learns the Case\Rule Mishna by way of bringing precedents. The difficulty\answer style of the Gemarah either validates or rejects possible precedents to “understand” (בינה defined as משל – learning a matter in the midst of other matters\נמשל distinguishing between like and like) the k’vanna/intent of the Case\Rule of Rabbi Yechudah’s Mishna. The much later Talmud stands upon the יסוד of the much earlier T’NaCH common law system.

The T’NaCH organized by and through the Order of sugiot! T’NaCH common law learns\נמשל//it makes the required דיוקים/inferences by comparing sugiot with similar or contrasting sugiot. This compare & contrast learning goes by the משל of learning the Torah לשמה. The opening Mishna of גיטין\divorce/ teaches that Jews in g’lut/exile\ had lost the skill/wisdom\ to learn the Torah and keep the mitzvot commandments לשמה. The counterfeit Xtian abomination which worships the golden calf, never – not even for a day – ever obeyed the Name of HaShem לשמה.

Three sugiot contain your “key verses” Isaiah 40:1-8. A precedent to “understand” the mussar which the prophet commands, 3 different sugiot ישעיה כו:טז – כז:יא. The mussar of the prophet, did not just rebuke the folk of his day, this mussar rebukes all who worship and kiss the golden calf.

Let’s bring a 2nd witness, because all cases of דיני נפשות\\Capital Crimes Cases// requires no less than two witnesses. מלכים א יב:א-כד. King David, all other anointed kings as Moshiach stand by the precedent of his service to do and obey the mitzvot לשמה. The church abomination, never for even a single day has ever obeyed HaShem לשמה. For 2000+ years the church has kissed the golden calf avodah zarah abomination, yet called themselves ‘the new Israel’. HaShem brought a curse upon king Shlomo for his avodah zarah and destroyed his kingdom. HaShem shall not likewise judge the church, guilty of the Shoah – the systematic extermination of the Jewish people, the starvation, torture and cruel murder of 75% of European Jewry in less than four years?

REAL Moshiach and the World Today by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

My Response:

[[[“””The smallest shall become a thousand, and the least, a mighty nation. I am the Lord, in its time, I will hasten it. (Isaiah 60:22)

According to tradition, the prophet Isaiah was referring to the future arrival of the savior of the Jewish people — Moshiach ben Dovid — Moshiach, a descendant of King David, from the tribe of Yehudah. There are many similar references to his eventual arrival in the Jewish Bible and subsequent commentaries, and this is one of the most-discussed concepts in Torah literature.”””]]]

Clearly ישעיה bases his mussar upon the precedent of the gaulah of Israel from Egypt. A precedent comparative sugia: ז:ג-ח:ד The early aggaditah of mussar teaches: in the span of time that a woman conceives and gives birth shall come the disaster of Assyria, who conquers the kingdom of Israel and besieges Jerusalem. It concludes with the prophet’s wife conceiving and birthing a child. Which confirms the 9 month window, prior to the destruction of g’lut. This sugia contrasts with ס:א-כב whose aggaditah teaches a mussar of geulah. Another precedence, cross reference to שמואל א יד:יב- מה.

Blessed\Cursed, upon this oath brit sworn at Sinai stands both Geulah & G’lut. HaShem wars against the Gods whom the Goyim worship and Israel stands victorious in battle; Israel breaks faith with the oath brit, HaShem does not war against the Gods whom the Goyim worship and Israel falls in defeat before the army of the enemy. King Shaul placed his fear of the people above his fear of swearing a false oath in the Name of HaShem; from this יסוד stands the collapse and downfall of his rule as the anointed Moshiach king of Israel.

The aggaditah mussar which the NaCH learns by means of precedents teaches how to learn the k’vanna of the all the prophets, specifically ישעיה ס:כב. The church abomination culls p’sukim and learns them totally out of contexts of their containment sugia. G-d forbid that Jews assimilate and duplicate the tumah of this abomination.

[[[“””To appreciate the importance of Moshiach’s arrival, one must first appreciate that the Jewish people are in exile, as we have been for thousands of years. “””]]] Jews in g’lut, according to the opening Mishna of גיטין lost the wisdom how to do and keep mitzvot לשמה. How to learn and study prophetic aggadic mussar through the Oral Torah discipline of learning; learning by way of precedents. Herein defines the disaster of g’lut for the Jewish people.

[[[“””This is true even with the present-day State of Israel; “exile”from a Torah perspective can occur even when the Jews are living in Israel, as was the case during the Greek Exile (319-139 BCE) which ended with the miracles of Chanukah.”””]]] The lights of Chanukah – Israel dedicated our Will through a formal oath – not to learn and interpret the Written Torah with any other logic format other than the Oral Torah logic format revealed at Horev. G’lut Jewry has long ago abandoned and broke faith with this solemn oath. G’lut Jewry lives under the cursed Moshiach of king Shaul who likewise cursed himself and his House by swearing a Torah oath and later violating the oath which he formally swore before the nation of Israel in the Name of HaShem.

[[[“””In other words, “exile”, from a Torah-perspective, is defined as “anything short of a complete and perfect Torah society living on the Land of Israel under the leadership of Moshiach.”””]]]. NO. Absolutely not accurate. Torah faith stands upon: Justice Justice Pursue. G’lut Jewry, as stateless refugee exiles who have no country of their own — they possess no power to pursue justice. Only in the oath sworn lands, there and only there, then and only then, when Israel rules the land, as opposed to some vile British Mandate 1922-1948, do Jewish rulers hold the reins of Justice responsibility within their hands.

[[[“””That will be a time when all nations will accept the existence of God, and the need for devotion to Him.”””]]] NO. Absolutely not accurate. All the nations stood and rejected the revelation of the Torah at Sinai! Upon this precedent stands the mitzva of Moshiach.

[[[“””Until this is an absolute reality, exile will still be a primary theme of Jewish history.”””]]] This blog follows the tumah of assimilation. Rabbi Pinchas Winston, the author of this narishkeit does not learn Torah לשמה.

[[[“””The million-dollar question has always been, “When will Moshiach come?”””]]] Bunk. What an idiotic question of utter and complete narishkeit. The mitzva of Moshiach, like all other Torah commandments applies to the whole nation of Israel. The prophet Shmuel anointed Shaul as Moshiach before David. Kingship applies to the whole house of Israel, not just to the house of David. The vision of Moshiach – the obligation to rule the oath sworn land with justice. The Last Will and Testament of Moshe the prophet: he established three of the six small Sanhedrin Courts of lateral common law! Moshiach builds the Beit Hamikdash. To learn Torah Primary sources requires the wisdom of learning by making the required דיוקים. Torah teaches through משל\נמשל.

The Beit Hamikdash, not some building constructed of wood and stone. Israel worshiped idols made of wood and stone! No. The Beit Hamikdash exists as the establishment of latteral common law courtrooms. The term ברית, as first found in בראשית, the oath to rule the oath sworn land with justice. Who and What rules the oath sworn lands with justice? The Federal Great and small Sanhedrin Federal Courts. Another definition for the word brit, other than oath alliance –Republic. The 12 Tribes cut an oath alliance among themselves in the lifetime of Moshe the Prophet, to forge a Republic of Tribes. The Gemarah of קידושין, Rabbi Meir teaches the conditions placed upon the Tribes of Reuven, Gad, and half of Manasseh. The Moshiach establishes the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Republic of States. The Moshiach establishes the Six small Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms in the Cities of Refuge. But Klall Israel bears the brit obligation to rule the oath sworn lands לשמה – the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

[[[“””Bringing Moshiach “early”means, for the most part, national repentance to the ways of Torah, after which the rest of the world will fall into line.”””]]] NO. Not accurate in the least. Repentance exists as a Xtian concept based upon the avodah zarah narishkeit of ‘Original Sin’. T’shuvah shares no common ground with the tumah concept of repentance. חכמים say kre’a shma, in the evening they accept the Torah curses; in the morning they accept the Torah blessings. The tefillah adjacent to the kre’a shma, in the evening,,, a person remembers his tumah social interactions with his people and dedicates t’shuvah not to return like a dog and eat his own vomit. In the morning,,, a person remembers his tohor social interactions with his people and dedicates t’shuvah to continue to walk down this holy path of halachah.

[[[“””“This world is but a corridor to the next world”(Pirkei Avot 4:16).”””]]] Reading words from Primary sources does not equal learning those same words from Primary sources. To learn requires making the necessary דיוקים\logical inferences. Rabbi Jacob ben Korshai, the grandson of Elisha ben Abuya. He was the confidante of Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel II, the student of Rabbi Meir, and the teacher of Rabbi Judah HaNasi. Rabbi Jacob was active from 135-170 CE. The use of Greek loan-words for “vestibule” and “banqueting hall” indicate not just a familiarity with Roman culture, but an absolute rejection of avodah zarah practiced by both Greek and Roman dead civilizations, who never accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

Why did the Rabbi employ Greek and Roman terms of reference? דיוק the pagan notions of the world to come and “72 virgins”\”banqueting hall”, this avodah zarah has no portion with Torah faith. O’lam Ha’Bah learns from the brit cut between the pieces. Avram swore an oath alliance with HaShem on the faith that in the future, childless Avram’s current plight, that his future born seed would compare to the stars in the heavens for its multitude. The mitzva of קידושין, a man acquires the nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul of his wife — specifically – the children that come from this union to all eternity, based upon the precedent of the brit cut between the pieces. Hence, the Torah likewise obligates a man to give his wife a ‘Get’ upon divorce. The ‘Get’ returns the O’lam Ha’Bah unborn children back to the wife. Thus permitting her to do קידושין again with another husband. All the mighty empires of old, ground to dirt and dust. Israel alone though it has experienced g’lut yet thrives and lives.

[[[“””The first thing to know is that history will last only 6,000 years (Talmud – Sanhedrin 97a). This is because the six millennia are based upon the six days of creation, as hinted to in the following verse:

For one thousand years in Your [God’s] eyes are but a day that has passed. (Psalms 90:4)”””]]]. Cherry picking from the Talmud, just as disgusting as cherry picking p’sukim from the T’NaCH. This Gemarah comments on the closing chapter of Sanhedrin

כל ישראל יש להם חלק לעולם הבא שנאמר (ישעיה ה) ועמך כולם צדיקים לעולם, יירשו ארץ נצר מטעי מעשה ידי להתפאר. ואלו שאין להם חלק לעולם הבא: האומר אין תחית המתים מן התורה, ואין תורה מן השמים ואפיקורוס וכו

The assimilated Tzeddukim of the house of Aaron, they did not know how to learn לשמה. They denied the Torah taught תחית המתים at the brit cut between the pieces. They did not understand the k’vanna of the mitzva of קידושין whereby a man “acquires” his wife. A woman, neither a slave or a prostitute! What does the man “acquire” in the mitzva of קידושין? The nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul of his wife! Just as Avram at the brit between the pieces had no children, so too the man when he does קידושין for the first time, has no children.

R. Kattina taught this aggaditah of six millennia. Aggaditah makes a דרוש unto T’NaCH mussar. Quoting straight from aggaditic sources without making the necessary דרוש perverts the mussar which the aggaditah instructs. ישעיה ב:ה-יא, this sugia contains the p’suk which R. Kattina learned. A similar sugia ישעיה יח:ד-ז. The mussar of the prophet refers to the darkness of cursed g’lut.

Tehillem צ:ד the ילקוט שמעוני offers no Midrashic comment. The Aramaic Targum interprets the p’suk as a day already past unto history. Therefore its simply not permitted to take a literal understanding of this poetry, which speaks in metaphors. Jumping to Zohar mysticism – religious rhetoric. Personally am not a scholar of this medieval kabbalah, made famous only after the public burning and destruction of all the hand written Talmudic manuscripts in France in 1242. About 60 years thereafter the French king would expel all Jews from France. Which permanently destroyed the Rashi\Tosafot schools of Talmudic scholarship. Jews suffered in the throes of the ירידת הדורות curse which followed the publication of the tumah Rambam code of law.

Chasing after later commentaries accomplishes little to nothing. Torah faith stands upon the sealed Masoret of T’NaCH, Talmud, Midrashim, and Siddur. These other latter day opinions carry little or no weight. Nothing personal against these rabbinic authorities but the concept of Moshiach stands upon the יסוד of the sealed Masoret alone. Compiling a bunch of private opinions amounts to an explanation of Tehillim צ:ד.

REAL JUDAISM Maimonides 13 Principles; #12 – The Messianic Era Rabbi Mordechai Blumenfeld

My Response:

Oppose the 13 principles of faith. Torah faith centers upon Justice Justice Pursue. This creed theology exists as assimilation to Xtian avodah zarah. A hard fast rule that shuts down missionaries on the spot: The question – ‘Which Torah commandment did the prophet Shemuel learn as the יסוד of the commandment to anoint the Houses of Shaul and David’? Talk of Moshiach without the Torah … just reactionary non sense\narishkeit/ in Yiddish.

The unique quality of Torah commandments – their universal applicability. For example: Tefillah in the place of korbanot; the Sages learn Torah commandments to apply to Klall Israel, and not to some hoped for-future born Man. Difficulty: the laws of niddah do not apply to men. But the laws of tumah and modesty – which the mussar commandment of niddah instructs as the most essential נמשל of niddah – DOES equally apply to Men. Torah commandments command mussar. The Ramban’s introduction to the Chumash refers to ‘Black Fire on White Fire’. It seems a valid interpretation of this kaballistic metaphor: משל\\נמשל. Rabbi Waldman, one of my Yeshiva instructors at D’var Yerushalim, taught me that students of the Talmud had to develop the skill, to continually make דיוקים when they learn any page of Gemarah.

This skill of bi-polar inference making, it efficiently separates learning a page of Gemarah from reading a page of Gemarah. This same יסוד equally applies to learning the T’NaCH — “How much more so”. The mitzvah of Moshiach learns from Moshe anointing the House of Aaron. As the Talmud affixes the mitzva of tefillah to korbanot, so too the prophet Shmuel affixed the mitzva of Moshiach to the concept of “king”. Blessings, according to the halachah require שם ומלכות. The משל ‘king’, has the נמשל of dedicated tohor middot, to sally forth and fight the wars between the two opposing Yatzirot within the heart.

What mussar does kingship instruct which elevates a blessing from that of a praise – as found in say — Tehillem? Learning requires בינה. This key term, the Gemarah defines as discerning between like from like; ‘learning a subject in the midst of another subject’. Do you see the דיוק made upon the language of the Talmud? משל\\נמשל a defining technique of instruction which Talmudic literature continually relies upon and employs.

Learning how to learn Torah and Talmudic Primary sources requires students to acquire these most basic & necessary skills. Learning a page of T’NaCH or Gemarah, simply does not compare to reading a page of T’NaCH or Gemarah. Both T’NaCH and Talmud base the Order of any page upon their יסוד of sugiot. Oral Torah, whether learned from a T’NaCH or Talmudic sources learns by way of precedents. The Mishnah bases its Common Law Case\\Rule style upon the common law comparison of sugiot discipline which a חכם learns from T’NaCH literature.

What caused the curse of ירידת הדורות? Compare what the Xtian church abomination did to their corrupt Bible translations, to how assimilated Rambam organized his code of law. בינה requires the discipline and critical eye that can separate and discern between like from like. Both the corrupt Biblical Xtian translators, and the Rambam’s code of halachah, bear striking resemblances. The foreign Xtians, who translated their bibles into their own image, they up-rooted the Order of Sugiot and replaced that Order with their foreign, alien, arbitrarily imposed, Chapters and verses. How a person organizes thoughts in the mind, radically changes what that same person thereafter perceives or believes. O, D, G … G0D or DOG.

After the Rambam, Jews became addicted to learning our Primary Sources of faith by means of commentaries. Contrast the Baali Tosafot commentary to the Talmud. The Baali Tosafot quoted the Rambam all of twice. Both times, in their commentary to the Talmud, they argued against his opinion. Why does the style of Baali Tosafot learning continually jump from off the page and bring some other Talmudic source from different Gemarah sources? Answer: the Baali Tosafot strived to duplicate how the Gemarah learns a specific Case\Rule Mishna.

The Rambam code closely resembles the errors made by the bible translators. (1) He cherry picked halachot comparable to how the New Testament authors cherry picked T’NaCH p’sukim\\verses. (2) He up-rooted the sugiot within the Order of the Talmud and replaced it with chapters and topic headlines. (3) Most damning — He confused Oral Torah logic with Law. Contrast how the B’hag, the Rif and the Rosh organized their codifications with that of the absurd & obtuse Rambam code. These opposite\\tohor codes of law, they did not cherry pick halachot as did the Rambam code. The Order of the Rambam halachot strikingly separates and distinguishes itself from the opposing tohor codes. Gone – the ability to compare a precedent halachah to its specific Case\\Rule Mishna.

Logic compares cases. The Mishna employs a Case\\Rule common law style. The Gemarah brings halachot pulled from throughout the 6 Orders of the Mishna to compare that precent halachah to this Case\\Rule Mishna. The style of the Gemarah: Difficulty\\Answer. Why this style? The Gemarah brings precedents to compare (Oral Torah logic) them to the Case\\Rule of a specific Mishna. All post Rambam scholarship made upon his code, they universally validate the error of the Rambam’s failure to include exactly from where he culled his specific halachic rulings from the Talmud. Alas the ירידת הדורות curse, they could quote a theoretical Gemarah source, which contained a similar halachic ruling as the Rambam included within his tumah code of law, but they failed, all commentaries made upon the Yad ha-Chazaka, to compare that halachic precedent, which that tumah code originally cherry picked, to make a depth analysis of that specific Case\\Rule Mishna! Worlds separate logic from law, just as do Torah commandments of mussar – heaven and earth apart – from Courtroom legal rulings of halachic law.

The study of Talmud compares to weaving two separate fabrics together. The Difficulty\\Answer style of Gemarah which learned the Case\\Rule style of the Mishna. The Gemarah learns through the logic of making comparisons or contrasts through the medium of halachic precedents – with the explicit purpose of achieving a depth analysis of the intent\\k’vanna// of the language of Rabbi Yechuda’s Case\\Rule Mishna. This learning by way of bringing precedents — it defines how to learn both T’NaCH and Talmudic literature. The much later Talmud follows the sh’itta of learning originally established by the far earlier חכמים who authored the T’NaCH.

The Rambam code destroyed this discipline of learning. Instead of instructing students to learn how to understand\\discern// between like and like, this tumah code rebelled against the kabbalah of פרדס taught by Rabbi Akiva and all the talmudim of Rabbi Akiva – the rabbis whose opinions the Sha’s Yerushalmi\\Bavli brings. The Rambam compares to the princes whom Moshe the prophet sent to spy out the land; to the Great Man Korach who challenged the commandments which Moshe learned by means of the Oral Torah revelation of logic @ Horev. His code changed the intent\\k’vanna// of learning, which compares a Case to an earlier precedent … unto a focus upon the end product: what is the halachah? His code ripped the Aggadic\\Halachic fabric which ironically shapes and determines “משנה תורה”, the Xtian name by which he baptized his silly code! This key term, משנה תורה, another name for the Book of דברים, has the interpretation meaning of “Legislative Review”. The wisdom of prioritizing the mussar commandments as the k’vanna of the forms of law — halachot, most essentially defines the meaning of משנה תורה\\דברים//.

The New Testament writers would confuse Torah commandments with law. Law, from both the Mishna and Gemarah, comes from Court judicial rulings. Torah commandments command mussar. Mussar simply not the same as law. Confusing Torah commandments with law for ever witnesses, testifies, and denounces, the creation of the false religion known as Xtianity.

The apostle Paul, by way of precedent, he perverted the Torah mussar of g’lut, as told in the stories of the expulsion of Adam from the Garden, Noach exiled in his Ark, and Avram at the brit cut between the pieces,,, with ‘Original Sin’. This theology uprooted the mussar of g’lut\exile – the Torah blessing\curse responsibility of faith – it set the New Testament upon a perverted tangential course of faith,,, that corrupt man required the death and resurrection of some phoney messiah in order to save Man from sin and death. An unheard of faith that never caused the hairs of our forefathers to stand on end in dread and fear.

After the Rambam code – came the ירידת הדורות. Students of the T’NaCH and Talmud stopped learning by comparing precedents! They relied solely upon later commentaries rather than searching the Primary sources for precedents – like as did the Baali Tosafot – the grand children of Rashi. Post Rambam, especially among Achronim pilpul “scholars” – whose published works but slightly compare to the common law way of learning by means of precedents, their fuzzy learning confused comparing two competitive Reshon commentaries made on the Talmud with Primary source precedents. Their perverse logic split hairs to a degree, that when Yeshiva students return home for shabbot, that they discuss any and everything other than their learning that week in Yeshiva.

Students stopped learning the B’hag, Rif, Rosh, commentaries of halachah as a definitive set of Gemarah halachot which require a study of the logic that compares these halachic precedents, set aside as קודש, to learn a depth analysis of the specific Case\\Rule Mishna. Rather, the focus of Yeshiva learning shifts to debates over what qualifies as the halachah, and all that that entails. A subtle but distinct shift to a tangential different subject all together. The ירידת הדורות scholarship of the Tur and Shulkan Aruch codifications of Halachah. These ירידת הדורות commentaries upon commentaries upon commentaries on the halachah…. Gone from Jewish consciousness, the revelation of Oral Torah logic first revealed @ Horev. Comparable to the post apostle Paul theology of ‘Original Sin’ which uprooted the Torah concept of g’lut from both the New Testament and all later generations of Xtian church folk; GONE: their mental awareness of g’lut from the story of the expulsion of Adam from the garden of Eden.

Assimilation learns from the negative commandment: the ways of Egypt and Canaan – do not follow. The folk of Egypt and Canaan no more accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai than have the believers of JeZeus and Mohammad. Following the publication of the Rambam code began the ירידת הדורות experienced by g’lut Jewry. The opening Mishna of גיטין teaches that g’lut Jewry had already lost the knowledge how to do mitzvot לשמה. Jews cannot keep and observe Torah commandments in g’lut – a Torah curse of g’lut itself. That the Rambam code duplicates the errors of the Xtian church biblical translators repeated abominations — testifies that Jews in g’lut worship other Gods.

nicholasv56 God’s View of our Work – Isaiah

[[[“””The integral connection of our work and the practical application of our worship also show up in the stories of two kings the prophet used to highlight the place of trusting God in the workplace. Both Ahaz and Hezekiah had leadership responsibilities in Judah as monarchs. Both faced terrifying enemies bent on the destruction of their nation and the city of Jerusalem. Both had the opportunity to believe God’s word through the prophet Isaiah that God would not allow the nation to fall to the enemy. In fact, God’s word to Ahaz was that what the terrified king most feared would not take place, but “if you do not stand firm in faith, you shall not stand at all” (Is. 7:9). Ahaz refused to trust God for deliverance, turning instead to an imprudent alliance with Assyria.”””]]].

My response to this cherry picking narishkeit. The name given to the 5th Book of the Torah\דברים, this closing Book of Torat Moshe has a second famous name among the Jewish People – משנה תורה\Mishna Torah. Rabbi Yechudah the Prince, his famous codification of Jewish common law takes the name Mishna. Much later the Reshon, who has the acronym of Rambam, named his infamous code & Hebrew translation of Jewish law — Mishna Torah — translating Talmudic Aramaic to Mishnaic Hebrew, like Rabbi’s Mishna. Why infamous code? Publication of this code of halachah radically changed the pre-existent Talmudic definition for the term “Halachah”. This radical code of halachah – it moved the Goal Posts of Torah learning, and produced Civil War and the collapse of Torah learning. Hence the phrase ירידת הדורות\the generations in decline.

The Talmud stands upon the יסוד\foundation of kabbalah which Rabbi Akiva introduced, known as פרדס chariot mysticism. All the Rabbis within the sealed masoret\tradition of the Talmud/”owned”, “followed”, and “obeyed”, the teachings of Rabbi Akiva. These sages became Rabbi Akiva’s talmidim\students. Rabbi Akiva – the father of the Talmud – Yerushalmi and Bavli. That רשע, ignobly remembered by the generations as the Rambam, his code of halachah which his chutzpah expressed itself, he named this vile code of halachah — “Mishna Torah”. that famous Reshon scholar did not know, much less understand the פרדס chariot mysticism taught by Rabbi Akiva and every Rabbi within the pages of the Talmud. He divorced the married couple: Aggaditah and Halachah, and he refused to give Aggaditah her ‘get’. The Rambam code of halachah likewise divorced the common law way of learning the T’NaCH Primary Sources as equally applicable to the masoret of learning the Sha’s Mishna and Gemarah – the Talmud.

Learning the T’NaCH by comparing or contrasting sugiot defines the sh’itta of learning this Primary Source of the sealed masoret. Rabbi Yechudah – the Prince – based his codification of Oral Torah – the Mishna – upon this exact same יסוד which the T’NaCH Books learn. Common law learns by way of precedents, NOT competitive commentaries/pilpul. The discipline of Common Law, compares sugiot to similar sugiot precedents. The T’NaCH preceded the Talmud by centuries. The post 2nd Temple Talmud follows the precedent of learning which the T’NaCH 1st Temple established.

Why does the Book of דברים likewise have the name משנה תורה? The Sages of Israel teach that the revelation of the Written Torah at Sinai encompasses תרי”ג commandments. The Sages of Israel likewise teach, that following the revelation of the opening first two Commandments at Sinai, the People whom HaShem and Moshe brought out of Egypt, cried out in absolute dread, that if they heard another Commandment from the voice of HaShem – that they would surely die as a nation, there on the spot at the foot of Mt. Sinai.

The Sages of Israel teach 3 Basic Divisions which separate and distinguish the תרי”ג commandments: קום ועשה, שב ולא תעשה, וקום ועשה זמן גרמא… positive, negative, and positive time oriented commandments. This רשע, his rebellion against the authority of Torat Moshe places him together with the precedents of disgrace ‘the 10 spies, and Korach. In his Book of Commandments he chose to divide the תרי”ג commandments into positive and negative Commandments. A fundamental error, that other great Torah sages, like the B’hag – (a late Gaonim\”the magnificent”/, a period in Jewish history from approximately 500 to 1040 C.E, marked by intense scholarship at the Babylonian academies by scholars who studied and interpreted the Talmud), also regretfully made.

This 3rd category of Torah commandments, unlike קום ועשה ושב ולא תעשה, requires “k’vannah”. Furthermore, the Mishna of ברכות teaches that this type of Torah commandment – an obligation only upon Men. The simple explanation for the exclusion of women from the obligation to keep positive time oriented commandments, to achieve “k’vannah” requires Talmud; the study of Talmud … a positive time oriented Torah commandment. Women had no portion with the golden calf error which defines the tumah revelation of avodah zarah; therefore the double inheritance of קום ועשה ושב ולא תעשה commandments rests first upon the women of Israel.

Learning how to learn takes years of intense study, and even then – based upon the ignorance of the Rambam – few grasp the depths of kabbalah taught by Rabbi Akiva and his 5 surviving talmidim, whom the Romans failed to murder. Rabbi Akiva himself and 20,000 of his talmidim did not survive the 2nd attempt to throw off the oppressive yoke of Roman rule. The Romans delighted and perfected the malignant narcissism of torturing captured prisoners – a war crime against humanity, both then and today.

An interpretation\translation for משנה תורה – ‘Legislative Review’. Kings, Parliaments, Congress, Legislators – one and all resent and oppose Courts, within any given country, who possess the mandate that enables these Courts to annul laws passed by the Government. משנה תורה goes beyond the parameters of negating laws imposed by ruling governments. משנה תורה gives the Great Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms the power to re-write laws imposed by governments upon the People, such that these re-written laws comply with the k’vanna of the Written Torah – the Constitution of the chosen Cohen Republic of States. But how do lateral Sanhedrin courtrooms achieve what virtually all governments throughout history despise and reject? Comparable to the NaCH, whereby ancient authorities demanded from the prophets not to command mussar in Israel. That these prophets should teach mussar only within the kingdom of Yechudah.

The answer to this question most most essentially defines the kabbalah of Talmudic learning. This kabbalah, originally taught by Rabbi Akiva, that רשע Reshon clearly did not know. That halachic codification, made during the early Middle Ages, it redefined halacha — by shearing this fundamental branch of Talmudic scholarship away from קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות, the Rambam destroyed and uprooted Israel from off the well trodden path which Talmudic halachah defined prior to the Rambam rebellion against Torat Moshe.

Halachah as codified within that Reshon codification limited the scope of Halachah to rabbinic positive and negative commandments. This gross error of judgment, it profaned the commandment not to add or subtract from the Torah. Neither the Rambam nor the B’hag defined the mitza of k’vanna which tefillah most fundamentally requires. This fundamental lack of clarity by virtually all Reshonim scholarship thereafter, promoted in later generations, blind ignorance concerning the Siddur. “Scholars” today falsely teach, that a person who da’avens – requires only a simple understanding of the words which his lips pronounce! רשעים have no shame.

The Rambam’s code failed to link t’shuva by both the Yatzir Ha’Rah AND the Yatzir Ha’Tov. Two fundamentally distinct and separate sets of social memory interaction-relationships among and between the Jewish people. His halachot on kre’a shma likewise failed to teach the k’vanna which distinguishes the purpose of saying the evening kre’a shma, from saying the morning kre’a shma. Tefillah and kre’a shma, two examples of קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות. Both he and his predecessor the B’had acknowledged tefillah as a mitzva from the Torah, yet both failed to distinguishes this type of Torah commandment from positive commandments – which do not require k’vanna; comparable to two different categories of korbanot offered upon the altar.

A basic and fundamental error, comparable to a man who dedicates a burnt offering, and later changes his mind and offers that same animal as a trespass offering. But the B’hag did not up-root the halachah from the dof of the Gemarah as did the Rambam code and like Xtian commentary which opens this discussion, cherry picks p’sukim. The error of cherry picking p’sukim defines the New Testament abomination. This false scholarship it perverts both meaning and intent of the obliterated sugiot which the Framers of the T’NaCH designed designed each and every sugia to instruct mussar.

What k’vanna do קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות require? Answer: משנה תורה. Meaning legislative review! Have come full circle to the above addressed topic. The פרדס kabbalah taught by Rabbi Akiva and by centuries of his talmidim, halachah functions as the form or shape of Torah commandments. The k’vanna of קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות, this 3rd type of Torah commandments, they possess the power to elevate all Torah commandments both דאורייתא ודרבנן, (positive, negative commandments together with rabbinic halachot), unto this third Order of Torah commandments.

This פרדס kabbalah breaks up into דרוש\פשט and רמז\סוד partnerships. They purpose, to make a warp\weft relationship that unites and weaves the interpretation of Torah commandments through the generations unto a unified fabric. Both the Aggaditah and Halachah within the Shas Talmud, they serve with the k’vanna to achieve this learning and purpose. Even more, the warp/weft kabbalot of פרדס and מעשה בראשית, likewise weave a fabric of faith which unites the פרדס T’NaCH\Talmud common law sh’itta of learning together with מעשה בראשית creating a new Creation through the dedication of avodat HaShem\tefillah with tremendous joy – comparable to the precedent of the splitting of the Sea of Reeds. The latter affixes itself to defining the k’vanna of the Siddur in general and da’avening unto HaShem in particular.

Weaving these two contrasting kabbalot permits a חכם to affix Torah commandments and Talmudic halachot, whose משנה תורה affixes the k’vanna of prophetic Mussar – the פשט of the Aggaditah, directly to blessings within the Shemone Esrei; halachah and aggaditah – forms of faith united with the substance of faith – משנה תורה prophetic mussar. A חכם also dedicates the t’shuvah made by the two opposing Yatzirot memories, that recall social interactions – both evil & good – as קדוש unto HaShem. The t’shuvah of the Yatzir Ha’Rah dedication, that years later when that Man stands in the identical “Moccasins” (An interpretation Rabbi Asher Dov Kahn taught me in Tulsa Oklahoma.) wherein he previously stubbled. The t’shuvah of the Yatzir Ha’Tov, the tohor behavior express during times of social crisis\conflict which pacified and reduced hostility among and between bnai brit allies/neighbors.

T’shuvah rejects the guilt and sin bondage, which so defines the tumah of Xtian avodah zarah. The Xtian notions of repentance – an anathema to the Torah faith. The mitzva of Moshiach shares no portion with this tumah guilt trip theology, doctrine, creed, or dogma, made famous by the rebel apostle Paul. His ‘original sin’ tumah perversion, it perverted the Torah curse concept of g’lut. Original sin justifies the false theology of that tumah NOT messiah. It does not merit any Torah respect.

The mitzva of love requires “owning” the blessings and curses of the Torah. For this very reason the Siddur establishes da’avening the kre’a shma both in the evening and morning. The two tefillot dedicate the memories of the two Yatzirot respectively. The chosen Cohen nation “owns” this mussar by pulling responsibility into our hearts for both life and death\blessed and cursed. The k’vanna of tefillah stands upon the יסוד of separating t’shuva memories associated with tumah and tohor middot social interactions with the bnai brit people. דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה.

The kabbalah of פרדס mysticism prioritizes learning and owning the mussar משנה תורה prophesies which all T’NaCH prophets command. Owning prophetic mussar commandments, actively pulled within the heart by means of learning through precedents. Mussar depth analysis does not compare, nor resemble, in any shape fashion or form, “believing” in Gods, or the theologies, or doctrines, or creeds, or dogmas – which claim to know the Will of God. The “mystery” of the Trinity tumah avodah zarah serves as a fundamental example of evil church theology. Such arrogance does not define nor instruct upon the Torah vision of faith. The faiths of Xtianity and Islam, both worship other Gods, which never caused the hairs of my forefathers to stand in fear. The rhetoric deception of “sister religions”, comparable to blood libel slanders made throughout the history of pagan Europe unto this very day.

The T’NaCH learns (Talmud means “learning”), by the sh’itta of comparing or contrasting precedents. The Mishna’s style of Case\Rule duplicates how the T’NaCH compares or contrasts sugiot within the Books of the T’NaCH. The Gemarah makes a דרוש throughout the 6 Orders of the Mishna in order to find close precedents by which to understand (to discern like from like) the k’vanna of the language of each specific Mishnaic Case\Rule halachah. Both T’NaCH literature and the Talmud learn through the exact same sh’itta – known as the “logic” of the Torah Sh’Baal Peh. The church avodah zarah, expressed through the books of the pagan new testament, confuses Torah commandments with Law; Law with Oral Torah Logic.

As Moshe the prophet learned and commanded his 611 commandment mussar to the opening first two Commandments at Sinai, so too did Rabbi Akiva and all the centuries of his talmidim, they likewise learn and command the woven together קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות achieved through the fabric of Aggadic mussar p’shat, (the definition of the משנה תורה which learns the prophetic mussar interpreted by Oral Torah logic – from T’NaCH Primary sources) together with doing rabbinic ritual halachah, as codified in the pages of the Talmud. This fundamental and profound kabbalah which defines the primary\secondary/substance/form משנה תורה legislative review which prioritizes the k’vanna of Aggadic p’shat as the definition of the intent of halachic law.

The rebel Rambam code perverted and destroyed this kabbalah taught by Rabbi Akiva and all his talmidim within the pages of the Sha’s Talmud! Halachah, as interpreted by the Rambam code, degraded the Torah to only קום ועשה ושב ולא תעשה commandments – as codified in his Safer HaMitzvot which divided the תרי”ג commandments into 2 categories of commandments. A basic and fundamental day and night error, which compares the rebellion of the Rambam, to that of the young king Shlomo who despised the mussar commandment of the prophet Natan.

Justice Justice pursue defines the mussar k’vanna, the משנה תורה of the mitzva to build the Beit Hamikdash. The Moshiach does not build a house of wood and stone, the burden of the mitzva of Moshiach rests upon klall Israel, like all other Torah commandments. Justice Justice pursue defines the k’vanna of Torah faith. This mitzva stands upon HaShem taking Israel out of the bondage of Egyptian slavery.

The Safer HaMitzvot, the introduction of Rambam’s halachic code, limits all the halachot learned from the Sha’s Talmud to positive and negative rabbinic commandments. His code fails to affix rabbinic halachot unto the יסוד of Torah commandments- משנה תורה. The gravity of this gross error, sowed chaos and anarchy into the hearts of all generations of g’lut Jewry, which already had lost the wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה, (Jews cannot keep Torah mitzvot in g’lut). His code transformed Halachic ritual observances, it divorced ritual rabbinic halachah from its partner Aggadic mussar p’shat learned from the Prophets. Separating like from like requires development of an eye that can discern subtle distinctions. Talmudic scholarship most essentially require בינה\understanding.

If the Rambam code made the divorce between the Torah mussar commandments and rabbinic halachot plainly obvious for all to see and discern, Israel would have stoned the רשע immediately. None the less, a strong minority of Reshonim authorities placed a נדוי ban upon the Rambam, which holds to this very day. After publication of the Rambam code, a rapid deterioration of Torah scholarship immediately resulted in the destruction of Jewish communities across Western Europe, the result of yet another destructive Jewish war among brothers. The mussar curse which the prophet Natan imposed upon the House of David.

The weaving of Aggaditah together with Halachah defines the requirements of all קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות. These commandments- potentially include all the halachot which the Talmud codifies. The meaning and intent of משנה תורה\legislative review, an aliyah potential of all Torah and rabbinic commandments to that of קום ועשה זמן גרא מצות from the Torah; learning prophetic mussar as the p’shat of Aggaditah, Aggaditah therein establishes the k’vanna of keeping halachot in the whole of the Sha’s Talmud. The mandate of the משנה תורה itself establishes the authority of all Great Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms, to determine the k’vanna of all laws imposed by governments. Despite the fact that these governments have an open hostility to the משנה תורה mandate welded by Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms.

With this required Preamble, shall now address the distinction of learning T’NaCH sugiot through the revelation of Oral Torah logic; contrast this discipline of learning with your cherry picking of p’sukim\verses – non sense.

Ahaz at the age of twenty succeeded his father -Jotham – as king of Judea. He, like the kings of Israel rejected the Written Torah as the Constitution of the Cohen Republic. Ruling the land through justice meant little or nothing to this רשע. He murdered his son, forcing him to walk through the fires of Moloch. This assimilated king embraced the cultures & custom of the Phoenicians – who rejected the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Hezekiah, a sibling son, assumed the crown after Ahaz. By the courage of his mother, who saved his life from a similar fate of his murdered brother. Hezekiah rejected and abhorred his fathers assimilation to foreign cultures, the first face of avodah zarah.

The pagan Xtian European barbarians burned Jews upon the altars of Moloch throughout the 2nd European Civil War. 2000+ years of preaching Creeds, theologies, doctrines, and dogmatism by Xtian Preasts and Preachers – produced the “fruits” of the Shoah. NEVER AGAIN shall Torah Jews assimilate and kiss the Moloch Xtian God as its theology of Trinity monotheism dictates. That cursed dead religion now rots in g’lut – waiting for the 2nd coming of JeZeus the mamzer son of Mary.

The sugia which contains your rhetoric propaganda, that cherry picked p’suk\verse – ישעיה ז:ז-ט. Mussar does not compare to history. Failure to discern the distinction between the two – exposes a fundamental incapacity of understanding. Reading the T’NaCH as history of days long ago past, totally perverts T’NaCH spirituality. Each and every generation, each and every individual in every generation, has the burden to make a serious דרוש\to search out and own/ the meaning of T’NaCH prophetic mussar spirituality. T’shuvah which differentiates the dedications made by the opposing Yatzirot to HaShem, no messiah possesses the power or authority to do avodat HaShem for any other Man, woman, or child. The mitzvah of Moshiach, a commandment incumbent upon the whole house of Israel, to do and live. The absurd notion preached: belief in a foreign Greek\Roman messiah whose death and resurrection saves Man from sin and death – utter total rubbish.

Learning Torah requires obedience to the WAY: the discipline of precedent based common law. Herein defines the function and purpose of the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev שמות ל”ד-ו’ ז, which the church abomination has always denied. Confusion between logic and law, a fundamentally obvious abuse and corruption. On par with removing the sugiot Order established by the Framers of the T’NaCH and arbitrarily replacing them with chapters and verses. Every generation struggles, just as did like Ahaz, with assimilation unto foreign cultures and customs of peoples and nations who never accepted the oath brit sworn at Sinai. The mussar which the Ahaz story commands, it applies equally to all Jews living today. Students who learn in Yeshiva, they rely primarily upon commentaries on the T’NaCH rather than learning how to learn by the Way of precedents — ירידת הדורות.

Compare: ישעיה יח:ד-ו. Torah instructs mussar by means of the sh’ittah of משל\נמשל. Both sugiot address the owned curse of g’lut. Cross reference this mussar with מלכים א ג:ג,ד. Did the young king Shlomo have a tohor or tumah faith? The error of building the Temple in Jerusalem, king Shlomo failed to establish the authority of the Sanhedrin lateral common law court system. The last mitzva which Moshe the prophet exerted his last life energy to achieve – Moshe strove to established the Federal small Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms in three of the six Cities of Refuge. Justice Justice pursue defines the meaning and purpose of Torah faith. Man cannot love God and tolerate injustice and oppression of his bnai brit chosen Cohen people. Therefore king Shlomo chose the halachic ritual forms of faith, rather than prioritize the k’vanna substance of faith. This choice places him in the exact same camp as king Ahaz.

The kingdom of Shlomo, under his rule, witnessed unprecedented wealth and prosperity. Yet this did not prevent the explosion of Civil War which almost obliterated his kingdom only one generation later. The T’NaCH makes virtually no mention of the Sanhedrin Federal Court System. King Shlomo, like king Ahaz, rejected the Torah as the written Constitution of the Cohen Republic of Tribes. King Shlomo, like king Ahaz, rejected the משנה תורה mandate which Torat Moshe strove to establish the judicial authority of the Sanhedrin Federal Court system as his choice, last and final mitzva, his Last Will & Testament in this world while he yet lived. Both kings despised the mussar commandment which Moshe the prophet commands all generations of the chosen Cohen nation to do and to live.

James Gregory Index of Undergrad Papers Pentateuchal Criticism and Genesis

[[[“””Arnold opens up his article with a quick summation of the history of pentateuchal criticism. In this summary he notes that the tradition of Mosaic authorship for the whole Pentateuch in early Jewish and Christian sources went uncontested (2003, 622). Arnold notes several important Jewish literatures, the New Testament, and also Josephus as ones who support Mosaic authorship (2003, 622). However, as time went on, certain problems arose regarding Mosaic authorship. Several different ideas of authorship for the Pentateuch sprout out from here. At the start of the eighteenth century, “scholars sought to construct literary theories of pentateuchal authorship that would account for the internal features of the text” (Arnold 2003, 622). Arnold outlines where he will be taking his readers from this point: first, the eighteenth century; second, the nineteenth century; third, early and mid-twentieth century; fourth, late twentieth century; and fifth, his own conclusion.”””]]].

The problem with undergraduate work, young students do not study original manuscripts but rely upon “experts”, in your case “Arnold” to inform them what the original manuscripts say. Its this low education level reason why a BA degree, in terms of getting a job, about as valuable as used toilet paper. Takes little or no skill to read what “others” say about any given subject. In Hebrew the term that applies when Yidden talk “about” others … לשון הרע. This tumah middah the Torah condemned the Wilderness generation to die as exiles; the 10th and most terrible test which definitively proved a lack of faith by the generation which originally accepted the Torah at Sinai.

The fundamental problem with this German higher criticism none sense, they attempt to study the Hebrew T’NaCH – like as did the Nazis – as an extinct inferior race whose culture customs manner and ways of the civilization which originally produced the writers who wrote the T’NaCH, had become extinct like the dinosaurs. A critically stupid assumption, on par with the idiotic idea that the Jewish people exist as a race.

Xtianity came thousands of years after the revelation of the Torah; Islam likewise came long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the T’NaCH. This Old\New Testament none sense, ignorant of the decree made by early 2nd Temple period Jewish leaders who closed and sealed the 22 books comprising the T’NaCH. Xtianity to a very large degree, shaped and formed by the Dark Ages and Middle Ages of feudal European barbarism. Judaism as a religion developed during this horrible trauma of g’lut\exile from our homelands. Prior to the defeat by the Romans in two vicious wars which resulted in over half of all Jews living in Judea, killed in those revolts against Roman oppression; what function did the Written Torah serve in Judean society?

A basic question which Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), never asked. Doctrine, Creeds, Theology, Dogma define the religion of Xtianity to this very day. Such utter none sense did not shape, influence or determine Judean society – not during the 2nd Temple period nor during the 1st Temple period. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), never ask: what made the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem so special; more specifically, what made this construction so WRONG??! Again, a basic question which Xtian “scholars (what a joke), never asked.

The reason why the revelation of the Torah occurred at Mount Sinai as opposed to Mount Zion, the site whereon the two Temples stood, the site where, according to Jewish tradition, Avraham offered his son Yitzak as a korban unto HaShem; Israel, by the terms of the oath brit alliance cut between HaShem and Avraham at the oath sworn between the pieces (Torah teaches by way of משל\נמשל. Cutting animals in half and walking between the pieces serves as a משל. The necessary דיוק\inference [In his commentary to the Chumash {5 Books of Moshe the word 5 in Hebrew chamesh}, the Ramban refers to this משל\נמשל דיוק learning as ‘black fire on white fire’; something like a film has its negative], learned from the משל of animals cut in half), the דיוק נמשל learns the concept of the 2 opposing\contrasting Yatzirot within the heart. The reason why the revelation of the Torah occurred at Sinai,,, the Torah commands Israel to uproot and totally destroy the cultures and customs practiced by the societies and kingdoms of Canaan. Israel could not expunge Canaanite culture and customs if it had no “Constitutional” culture and customs whereby the chosen Cohen nation replaced the wicked Canaanite kingdoms. This significant reason, perhaps explains church replacement theology wherein it refers to the church as the “New Israel”, “New Covenant”, “New Testament”.

The language of the mitzva of kre’a shma (the Torah commandment which defines the mitzva of how to love both HaShem and bnai brit neighbors) the Torah in the 5th Book דברים misspells the word heart as לבב. Rabbi Yechudah Ha’Nasi (Head of the lateral Sanhedrin common law Court) explained the error which mispelled לב, that the service of avodat HaShem requires the dedication of t’shuvah made by both the Yatzir Ha’Tov together with the Yatzir Ha’Rah. T’shuva does not translate into the Xtian term “repentance” because the latter term refers to grief for committing sin, (a Pauline doctrine based upon his absurd notion of ‘original sin’.) whereas t’shuva exists as two opposing memory remembrances of dedication. The t’shuva memories of the behavior of the Yatzir Ha’Rah completely and totally different than the t’shuva dedication which recall the behavior of the Yatzir Ha’Tov in social settings among and between the bnai brit people.

Returning to the Written Torah revealed at Sinai\g’lut – rather than Zion\site of the two WRONG Temples. Peoples and societies in many ways resemble a domino effect. A wrong decision taken by leaders, recall the לשון הרע which the spies Moshe sent to search out the oath sworn lands, the consequences of that wrong decision effects all the generations who come there after. HaShem warned Adam HaReshon that if he ate from the Tree of Knowledge that he would die. Adam ate and did not die! In the generation of Noach, 10 generations of Adam, they died as a Man in one day. דיוק derived from this and that … the death of a Man includes his soul ie his future born children. Herein defines the din of כרת; a man dies and so too does his soul. Hence the meaning to the term: O’lam Ha’bah. Avram cut the brit between the 2 Yatzirot (נמשל), upon this יסוד\foundation rests the k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a sh’ma – בכל לבבך\לבבכם.

A rule that Xtian “scholars”, (what a joke) fail to consider: mitzvot (Torah commandments) learn from other mitzvot — comparable to metal sharpens metal. The Torah negative commandment which forbids adding or subtracting from the Torah commandments, means that rabbinic (inclusive of all later prophetic commandments, like for example the mitzva of Moshiach), that these later commandments must spring from the יסוד of Torah commandments. The new testament Roman authors, they did not know this hard fast rule, even though their gospel forgery refers to Peter as “the Rock”.

The anointing of David as Moshiach stands upon the collapse of the House of Shaul as Moshiach. New testament “scholars”, (what a joke) fail to consider this fact. The House of David stands in the shadow whereby the prophet Shmuel commanded a mussar (All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Mussar defines prophesy.), which prioritizes obedience to prophetic mussar commandments over and above sacrifices! The Roman gospel writers of fiction did not know, much less consider this prophetic יסוד on which stands the mitzva of Moshiach from the later prophets. For 2000+ years Xtian “scholars”, (what a joke) fail to learn from the Torah itself exactly which Torah commandment defines the mitzva of Moshiach, as the later prophet Shmuel accomplished!

This domino effect, it most essentially defines the concept of destiny. Early in the Middle Ages a Jewish Reshon scholar by the acronym name ‘the Rambam’, made an error in judgment that fomented a tragic Jewish Civil War, which resulted in the forced population transfer of millions of Jewish stateless refugees forced to flee Western European barbaric oppression, in mass these despised refugees uprooted themselves unto Eastern European countries and Russia, like as did their fore fathers, the Romans expelled from off the lands of Judea. Goyim expelled all Jews living in the German kingdoms, England, France, Spain, Portugal etc. The domino effect error made by ‘the Rambam’, his halachic code, commonly known as the Mishna Torah, changed the key Talmudic definition for the fundamental term halachah. The equivalent error of giving the “New Testament” parity with the “Old Testament”.

But as the opening thesis of this critique states, Xtian “scholars” (what a joke) they continually err by attempting to interpret the meaning of Scripture, divorced from the culture, customs, and society of the Jewish people who wrote the Books which Xtian idolatry worships. (Avoda Zarah does not translate as idolatry, a very bad translation, on par with the translation of ברית into the evil meaning of covenant).

Therefore what role did the Written Torah serve in the 1st and 2nd Commonwealths? The Civil Wars which Israelites fought one another, that lead to the formation of the two kingdoms: Yechuda (The term Jew, derives from the name of this Tribal kingdom.), and Israel. That Civil War hinged upon the issue: Does the Written Torah function as the Constitution of the Republic? Yes or No. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to grasp this critical dispute, which defines the Civil War which likewise split the kingdom and defines the remembrance of lighting the lights of Chanukkah. A Civil War during the 2nd Common Wealth two perhaps three centuries before Xtianity.

Civil Wars fought among and between Jews always, a hard fast rule, precedes the g’lut\exile of the bnai brit people from ruling, as an Independent nation, the oath sworn brit lands. Hence the first obligation of all Jewish governments: to prevent the outbreak of Civil War among our People. The Torah opens with:
בראשית א:ב והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשך על פני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת על פני המים

The משל\נמשל דיוק teaches that מים refers to the Torah itself. The Creation story teaches a mussar that HaShem will give the Torah to our People during times of great anarchy and chaos. Like, for example, the arrival of the Baal Shem Tov following the horrors of the the Cossack-Polish War, the Chmielnicki Uprising, the Khmelnytsky massacre or the Khmelnytsky insurrection, 1648 and 1657. Like, for another example, the Israeli victory in the 1948 Independence War which ensued after the systematic murder of 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years by Xtian pagan barbarians. 2000+ years of Xtianity in Europe produced the fruits of the Shoah.

Torah faith: a person does not believe. Torah faith commands an eternal mussar which requires all generations of bnai brit (Seed comparable to the stars in the sky, despite the fact that at the time of swearing that oath brit Avram had no children.), to “own” the mussar which T’NaCH prophets command all generations of bnai brit Israel to obey. The Torah has no commandment to “believe” not in this or that God, and how much more so not in doctrine, theology, creeds, or dogma. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to make this critical distinction.

A fundamental error made by Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), their arrogance up rooted the Order of sugiot which defines the T’NaCH Books and arbitrarily replaced this יסוד order, with chapters and verses. The Hebrew T’NaCH has no chapters and verses. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to grasp the יסוד rule that forbids stealing verses, taken totally out of their surrounding sugia contexts. Each sugia of the T’NaCH commands mussar. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), they confuse Logic with Law; owning the prophetic mussar commandments does not resemble nor compares to their replacement theology, which substituted believing doctrines, theologies, creeds, and dogmatism; cherry picking p’sukim\verses defines the counterfeit error of the new testament, on par with the יסוד error of the Xtian bible avodah zarah which worships other Gods, the negative 2nd commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai – which Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to accept and never aroused the courage within their hearts to “own”.

Therefore the Written Torah has many editors, just as does the Jewish Talmud. Both T’NaCH and Talmud learn through the sh’ittah\methodology of Common Law which requires understanding a specific Mishnaic case with other prior precedents. The T’NaCH employs this identical discipline by and through the organization of the T’NaCH Books into sugiot. Moshe the prophet employed the revelatin of the Oral Torah at Horev through which he commanded 611 Torah commandments. The first and primary commentary to the revelation of the opening two commandments of the Sinai revelation of the Torah.

Comparing a specific Case to other similar or contrasting Cases requires logic. שמות ל”ד-ו’ ז, defines the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system which permits all generations of bnai brit to interpret the original intent of the Framer[s] of the Written Torah לשמה. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to grasp the basic fundamental distinction between Torah commandments of mussar and halachic law. The latter, expressed through lateral Sanhedrin common law courtrooms.

The definition of Torah faith, upon which hinges the blessing\curse – live/death oath brit sworn at Sinai (oaths do not in any way shape or form resemble beliefs), all generations of Israel for ever stand upon the scales of Judgment which weighs the pursuit of justice among and between the bnai brit people; Civil Wars only occur when justice collapses into chaos and anarchy within the domestic civilization of the Jewish bnai brit people. The Torah defines ברית as “alliance”. Civil War erupts when the ברית that binds the Jewish people together collapses. Comparable to Washington respecting illegal aliens as citizens on par with US “Citizens” protected by the Bill of Rights.

Liam Sweat: A Biblical Theology in Three Acts

My response:

Greetings Liam,
You have written on your blog:

[[[“””The second verse that speaks of sweat is Ezekiel 44:18. It comes in the final main section of the book (40-48) where, having spoken about the exile and destruction of the Temple, Ezekiel prophecies about a new Temple, re-inhabited by God’s glory. It is a vast structure, full of order and life. Whilst this section of Ezekiel’s vision may be one of the most challenging passages of Scripture to interpret, it seems that he is prophesying about the New Creation, where the fall will be reversed, and God’s presence will finally dwell among His people in a renewed Eden-like Temple, that doesn’t simply occupy a tiny portion of the world, but stretches across the whole New Earth (cf. Isaiah 66:17).”””]]]

First order of business. Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the Cannon of the Hebrew T’NaCH. The later new testament Greek manuscripts in no manner or form compare to the authority of the T’NaCH. Xtian propaganda foists the false notion of Old and New Testaments, as if they shared parity as equals. The latter in no way shape manner or form shares authority with the T’NaCH, because it worships avoda zarah alien foreign Gods.

Church priests and pastors of avodah zarah, they reject the revelations of HaShem made at Sinai and Horev respectively. Likewise the alien Arabs who preach the Koran avodah zarah, they too, like the church abomination, reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Oral Torah at Horev. Both Bible and Koran fail to obey the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai and ispo fact, by that inevitable result they both worship other Gods; both religions of avodah zarah make flagrant violations of the 2nd Commandment of the Torah revelation at Sinai. Therefore in no manner shape or form does the new testament avodah zarah compare to the literature of the 66 Books that comprise the sealed cannon of the T’NaCH.

The interpretation of both T’NaCH sources and much later Talmudic legalism both this and that learn by way of precedents as expressed through Common Law courtrooms. The basis of blessing or curse … life or death centers upon the Divine Judgment of — Justice Justice Pursue (דברים טז:יא). Justice defined as — court imposed judicial compensation for damages inflicted, either intentionally or by accident, upon others. Neither the new testament nor koran theology addresses the Torah chief cornerstone of faith – justice. HaShem took Israel out from the oppression of Egyptian bondage to accomplish the oath alliance mutually sworn by both HaShem and Avraham, that the chosen cohen seed of Avraham would rule the oath sworn lands of Canaan with justice.

The new testament theology which preaches “the messiah saves Man from sin” and the koran theology that preaches that “belief in Allah as the one God and Mohammad as the prophet of the One God” makes any Man who accepts this theology into a Muslim, neither theology emphasizes justice as does the Torah oath brit alliance faith.

As previously mentioned, both T’NaCH and Talmudic literature learn and interpret by means of prior precedents. The Xtian bible translations, one and all, evil. The Church unilateral decision to impose chapters and verses upon the Hebrew T’NaCH perverts the T’NaCH unto avodah zarah, comparable to Man making love with other homosexual male partners – an abomination. It requires no great skill to read English translations of the T’NaCH. The false Roman new testament writers, their theology cherry picked T’NaCH p’sukim\verses – stolen from their sugia contexts; their speculation perverted these stolen p’sukim\verse comparable to a woman laying with an animal – an abomination.

The study of T’NaCH and Talmudic Primary Sources, as mentioned above, learns by means of comparing precedent Case\Din/Rule studies. The latter style defines Jewish common law. The arbitrary expunging of sugiot from the T’NaCH followed by the replacement “order” of chapters and verses (which defines every Xtian biblical translation of abomination), this error supported the Church preference of belief in theologies, creeds, and dogmatism above the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev, whereby Moshe the prophet received and accepted the Oral Torah revelation, wherein he thereafter commanded 611 additional commandments which serve as the primary commentary to the revelation of the opening first two commandments, which all Israel accepted at Sinai, and which all Goyim to this very day reject.

The verses which your blog cherry picked, followed by your reactionary 2 dimensional speculations, they sit within 2 separate sugiot. T’NaCH does not follow the Xtian organization of chapters and verses. But for clarity, since you do not read Hebrew, shall likewise employ them to designate a sugia. יחזקאל מד:א-ח,,,מד:טו-לא. The logic of Oral Torah as opposed to halachic laws codified within the pages of the Talmud (((The Church confuses the latter with the former, in their denunciation of the existence of the revelation of the Oral Torah; Oral Torah logic sharply contrasts and differentiates itself from ancient Greek Philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle who developed Greek logic formats. Oral Torah, this unique logic format, this discipline of rational thinking, the Sages throughout the generations, (stars in the sky the promised future born seed of Avram), they derive halachic laws, just as and similar to Moshe the prophet used this exact same Oral Torah logic to derive 611 Torah commandments as his commentary to the revelation of the opening first two commandments of the Sinai revelation of the Torah.

A distinct, basic, and fundamental distinction which forever separates Oral Torah “logic” from the codification of Jewish halachic laws. T’NaCH “common law” learns by comparing sugiot precedents (((with other similar or contrasting sugiot))) within both the same Book of a Prophet or by comparing similar\contrasting sugiot of other T’NaCH Books. In like as similar fashion the Gemara commentary upon the Mishna brings precedents collected from any of the 6 Orders of the Mishna whereby the Gemara compares the Case\Rule of a specific Mishna to other Mishnaic precedents scattered throughout the whole of the 20 volume Talmud Bavli.

A sugia precedent comparison ישעיה כט:ט-ל:יח. T’NaCH prophets command mussar NOT speculation which so defines new testament preaching and vain empty noise. Compare the mussar of Isaiah to יחזקאל ו:א-יד. As HaShem, no JeZeus mamzer son of Mary, brought Israel out of the oppression and slavery of Egypt and revealed the revelation of the Torah at both Sinai and Horev, so too
יחזקאל מד:ג : את הנשיא השיא הוא ישב בו לאכול לחם לפני ה’ מדרך אולם השער יבוא ומדרכו יצא
Which “prince” does the navi refer? To the baali t’shuva of all and every generation who return to obey the Torah לשמה. The opening Mishna of גיטין teaches that g’lut Jewry lost the ability to do and keep mitzvot commandments לשמה; similar to all the Xtian biblical evil translations which never even once bring the Name of HaShem. Your speculation confuses JeZeus son of Zeus with the generations of faithful bnai brit Israel who do mitzvot commandments לשמה.

Your blog then proceeds to speculate on יחשקאל מד:טו-לא. Compare this sugia with ישעיה א:י- יז. Contrast the strong mussar of Isaiah. An abomination those who offer sacrifices comparable to a buffet barbeque made unto Heaven. On par with evil men who keep and observe the halachah established by Talmudic codifications of law, made by famous Reshon scholars, as if halachah has any connection with Torah commandments without prophetic mussar woven into the fabric of halachic observances. Religious worship of forms of faith which lacks the substance of prophetic mussar defines keeping and doing the commandments לא לשמה. The Torah does not breath the Spirit of HaShem without mussar. All the Priests and Pastors for 2000+ years, not one of these evil men knew that all T’NaCH prophets command mussar as the definition of their prophesy. A person does not “believe” the mussar which the prophets command. Rather the generations of bnai brit Israel have the Torah obligation to “own” the mussar which the T’NaCH prophets command.

The Talmud teaches that the Sages did not know how to teach mussar. Why? Preaching ‘fire and brimstone’ can go into one ear and out the other ear of the preached at congregation. Not so mussar. Mussar compares to a seed planted within the heart, and from this soil does that mussar spout from within the heart of Man himself. Mussar does not exist as an foreign idea preached at by others, but rather a native idea which sprouts from within the heart of that individual Man himself, as his own an internal original idea\chiddush – known to no one else other than that Man alone.

Mussar does not attempt to inform or tell people what theology or creed or dogma that they should believe. All belief systems worship the tumah of avodah zarah. T’NaCH mussar learns by comparing a sugia of the T’NaCH with similar or contrasting sugiot from the T’NaCH. This way of learning goes by the Hebrew term sh’itta\method of learning profound wisdom.

Compare that sugia of Isaiah with יחזקאל יז:יא-יח. The Torah stands upon the oath brit. Brit cannot mean “covenant” as found in the pathetic Xtian translations of their bibles. To swear a Torah oath לשמה requires the Name of HaShem, and the Name of HaShem no where found on any page of any Xtian bible abominations of avodah zarah which worships foreign alien gods like JeZeus the mamzer son of Mary.

Pam Lason. Knowing God through His Word … Day by December 18 Habakkuk 1-3

The problem with your approach Pam, what people can’t read an English translation of the Bible? Honestly it requires the skill of a 9 year old to read an English translation of the Bible. This early 2nd Temple period prophet, what nevuah does he add to the prophets who lived before the Babylonian exile? Honestly amazes me of the gullibility of Goyim. (Goyim a term of respect. Xtians refer to folk not “inside” their theology belief system as pagans and heathens). Not till 1948 did stateless refugee Jewish populations merit the term “Goy”\Nation. The gullibility of Goyim though never ceases to amaze me. How they can buy this religious crap and never ask basic fundamental questions. Like for example: How does the Torah define the term “prophet”? The rhetoric propaganda of the new testament writers relied upon the “fuzzy logic” of ignorant Goyim to assume they knew the definition of the term “prophet”. Sorry, can not rely on Webster’s dictionary to define a term employed by a culture and people that you know virtually nothing about.

The outright religious arrogance of Xtians (does not matter what denomination – all pathetic), makes me wonder why no Xtian never developed “the balls” to question the BS of theology and dogmatism which church idiots continually vomit. 2000+ years Xtianity has struggled with its heretical movements, hundreds of popular mass movements which the church denounced and then destroyed. In all that time, no Xtian has possessed the courage to ask basic fundamental questions concerning how the Torah defines certain essential base line terms. Brit does not mean covenant. Prophets do not foretell the future. Prayer not the same as Jewish tefillah, not even in the same ball park…not even in the same galaxy!

The historic oppression, corruption, and wickedness of the church … and no one challenges church dogmatism on how to define the key T’NaCH terms upon which hangs all matters of faith, hope, and love. Never seen a single Xtian person struggle to determine how the Torah defines these terms? This basic error, its so obvious and fundamental. It defines a person that can’t see his glasses because they rest upon his nose. Bunk upon remove the beam from your own eye none sense religious rhetoric noise. How do Xtians generation after generation exalt and worship their eternal ignorance of the basic terms from the T’NaCH upon which they hang faith, hope and love?

Sue Love Run With His Plans for Us

Greetings Sue.

Your blog quotes: Jeremiah 29:10-11 For thus says the Lord: When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you, and I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

First order of business, the Hebrew T’NaCH Books do not employ chapters and verses. The Xtian biblical translators they chose upon their own authority to add chapters and verses; to make reading and quoting scripture nifty and so much easier. But in the process the church threw out the baby with the bathwater. It requires logic to interpret the meaning of what a person reads. The church denies Oral Torah logic – the revelation of Horev (שמות ל”ד-ו’ ז). Logic fundamentally requires Order, comparable to: “Humans need air to breath”. The choice to arbitrarily impose chapters and verses upon the Hebrew T’NaCH came at a huge expense. The church biblical translators expunged from the Torah the Order of sugiot, which the Framers of the T’NaCH originally established. The Order of sugiot, they compare to the rules of grammar unique to each and every language.

T’NaCH which lacks sugiot, in effect becomes castrated; impossible to learn any T’NaCH Book through the 13 tohor middot logic format. This logic system, revealed through the revelation of the Oral Torah, does not compare to the philosophies of logic the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle developed.

Invalid biblical scholarship cherry picks p’sukim\biblical verses. Effectively this invalid method of scholarship, it “robs” the meaning of these up-rooted verses of their original k’vanna, as learned within, as part of its larger sugia contexts. Cherry picking p’sukim effectively “steals”, p’sukim – like a thief in the night. Mitzvot do not come by way of transgression. A man does not beat and rape a woman, with the k’vanna to raise children born through such a criminal union, as a married couple who live together in shalom.

Talmudic common law, this format follows the precedent which the T’NaCH Books themselves established. Often, a T’NaCH sugia contains primary and secondary parts within the same sugia. The purpose of all sugiot within the T’NaCH — to instruct mussar to all generations. This mussar, it discerns and defines the distinction of what merits primary as opposed to secondary importance\priority.

For example a sugia in Book of Israiah tells a vision, of a young woman. That she shall give birth as a sign of HaShem. That same sugia concludes with the most bitter of warnings. The invasion and ensuing destruction of Israel and the siege of Jerusalem, by the Assyrian empire. Why the two subjects? Primary\secondary: the sugia makes reference to a woman conceiving and birthing a child, a period of about 9 months, this time reference term serves as the Gate of Warning unto the invasion of the kingdom of Israel – by the Assyrian empire. The Gospel writers perverted the primary\secondary relationship and foisted the “virgin birth” rhetoric propaganda, because it served the interests of their theology religious rhetoric.

Torah prophets do not fore-tell the future; they do not serve as soothsayers. The Torah strictly forbids this tumah through the negative commandment which prohibits the practice of witchcraft. The negative commandment of witchcraft qualifies as a Capital Crimes Torah transgression. Mitzvot do not come by way of transgressions.

All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Mussar defines the meaning of the word “prophesy”. Extolling T’NaCH prophets without knowledge of how the Torah defines “prophet”, qualifies as hanging a mountain by a hair. The “hair”, that key undefined term, in this case: “prophet”, upon which everything else hangs upon. The ancient Greeks referred to this “hair” as ‘the art of rhetoric‘ whereby the ruling elite control and govern the ignorant masses.

The Order and organization of the T’NaCH Books into sugiot serves as the basis by which all later generations have the equal opportunity to employ the ‘comparison contrast’ Oral Torah logic system to interpret the k’vanna of T’NaCH and Talmudic mussar -as learned from Aggaditah.

This discipline of learning, known as: ‘stand the Torah upon the feet of precedents‘. Both the T’NaCH and the Talmud learn through this identical precedents sh’itta\methodology. This rule of learning by way of precedents permits students of the T’NaCH to learn prophetic mussar. Learning by way of precedents compares sugiot against similar or contrasting sugiot. Something like how a person needs both eyes in order for the mind to see in 3 dimensions.

Precedents permit later scholars to make a depth analysis of a prophet sugia; by folding the prophetic sugia upon other sugiot contained within the same Book; or by also comparing similar or contrasting sugiot located in other prophetic Books. The Gemarah brings precedents from all 6 Orders of the Mishna in order to understand the k’vanna of a singular and specific Mishna. This style of learning follows a difficulty\answer format whereby the sages determine if the precedent merits approval or they dismiss that precedent as to far removed from the Case within the Mishna, which the Gemarah currently studies. Herein defines a succinct summation of how to correctly learn both the T’NaCH literature, and the Talmud through its Midrashim commentaries. This sh’itta of kabbalah, first taught by rabbi Akiva goes by the title פרדס, my Rav Aaron Nemuraskii taught this sh’itta of learning to me.

The sugia of the prophet which holds your cherry picked p’sukim ירמיה כט:י- טו. A precedent sugia ירמיה א:ד-י. This second sugia closely resembles the aggaditah of Moshe at the burning bush. HaShem chooses prophets. A persons just do not up and decide one day to make themselves prophets. Both sugiot thus compared share a common denominator of ‘command & response’. Even Bil’am traveled to Moav – at the commandment of HaShem – and not by his own egotistical whim or desire. Weaving NaCH mussar together with Torah commandments, a unique Torah wisdom, which fundamentally defines Oral Torah based T’NaCH and Talmudic scholarship.

Cross reference your sugia with the comparative sugia ישעיה ט:ז-י:כב. Both g’lut & geulah HaShem determines. Neturei Karta condemns Zionism. They claim that HaShem, not Man determines when and how the Jewish g’lut ends. Zionist like myself respond: ”the Shoah revealed the curse of g’lut comparable to the spies and the decree of g’lut in the days of Moshe. HaShem, not Man opens the eyes, ears, and other senses of awareness by which Man perceives Divine revelations. The victory by Israel who fought and prevailed in two Wars of national independence – 1948 & 1967 – exposes the revelation of the finger of HaShem in this world!

Man does not operate independent from the Will of HaShem. Man lives life expressed by either blessing or curse. Justice Justice pursue. Failure to rule the land (through righteous courtrooms which either establish or fail to comply with the fixed Torah obligation to rule the people with justice), with just governance, results in the curse of g’lut. The mussar of this sugia learns from the arrogance of the king of Assyria. That king assumed that by his might and power alone, nations collapsed and surrendered before his conquering Will. Yet at the end of the day, all the armies of Assyria died besieging the walls of Jerusalem, the Assyrian king fled, and his own children later assassinated him.

Another precedent cross reference שמואל א יג:א-יד, this sugia resembles the impatience of the nation waiting for Moshe to return from mount Sinai. The rejected king moshiach, he feared the Philistine armies more than he feared the prophet Shmuel. Therefore ואתאפק ואעלה העלה translated “I could nor restrain myself from offering a sacrifice”.

This statement defines in a negative manner, the mitzva of Moshiach. (The people originally demanded from the prophet that he anoint a king as the moshiach, so that this anointed would lead and fight the wars fought against foreign nations). The anointing of Moshiach: prioritizes obedience to obey prophetic mussar commandments over dedicating sacrifices upon an altar.

The church by stark contrast, prioritizes the tumah murder of JeZeus on the cross, murdered through the tumah of an evil eye, and totally corrupt courtroom justice. Church theology prioritizes this “sacrifice” above obedience to prophetic commandments, specifically not to dedicate upon the altar of HaShem a bruised or deformed animal as a korban. The apostle Paul preached in Damascus, another example, that brit melah no longer qualified as a Torah commandment that merited obedience.

The moshiach דאורייתא of the house of Aaron, likewise dedicated holy to HaShem, upon the יסוד\foundation that Aaron obey the mussar commandments of Moshe the prophet. Something like the famous ‘chicken and egg argument’ – of which came first. First obey the mussar commandments of the prophets and only then thereafter compel your Yatzir to offer oath sworn sacrifices. At the golden calf, Aaron feared the mob of the people like Shaul feared the Philistine army. Later prophetic mussar commandments always (comparable to the golden rule) spring from the Torah יסוד/foundation commandments.

This hard fast prophetic mussar, exists as the kingdom of heaven yoke of faith. The mitzva of kre’a shma Yidden in all ensuing generations accept this sworn oath obligation equally upon ourselves and the lives of our children. By stark contrast, the religion of Xtianity has determined that its יסוד\foundation of faith, so to speak, stands upon the 10th floor of a multi storey high rise apartment. (משל\נמשל) the new testament has replaced the old testament, as the foundation of faith upon which the hopes of church Creeds, theology and dogmatism stands. The church trusts these theories of faith, developed during the early Dark Ages over and above the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev.