My Masterpiece. — johncoyote

My masterpiece Once blushing beauty stole my heart. She create a rage of need I never knew. She found me sitting alone by the Boeblingen lake and her river blue eyes stole everything I knew and I wanted. My hazy memory remember now. I remember us, I remember her. I painted her skin with lotion […]

My Masterpiece. — johncoyote

Sometimes, we must steal and loan kisses… — johncoyote

Sometime we must steal and loan kisses… Beautiful lady arrived at the Austin’s tavern at twelve trying to escape the Texas Summer heat. Once she wanted everything and more, now she need the Long Islands ice teas. She was a beauty and the men knew, she wanted the Jazz songs and the silence. Every Friday […]

Sometimes, we must steal and loan kisses… — johncoyote

This hype of Rambam’s posok halacha from an aggadic source, an error so completely fundamentally wrong. The religious Orthodox Jews have gone so far off the path.

Time to throw Judaism the religion upon the dung heaps of history. No such thing as 7 Universal Laws applicable to Goyim living outside the borders of Judea. The 2nd so called commandment, most specifically forbids religious theology about the Gods. G’lut Jewry lost the wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה, yet Goyim who never accepted the Sinai/Horev revelation … they possess the wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה? This God fart theology has nothing to do with justice. No Torah commandment to “believe in God”. Justice has nothing to do with belief systems nor theologies or Creeds.

The famous statement “Its the economy stupid”, equally applies to religion. Teach morality and ethics as faith … excellent. Pretending to be an expert on God, a fart in a crowded elevator. The Talmud teaches concerning the theological avoda zarah fashion rage of talking about God … train your tongue to say: “I do not know”.

Another religious God fart: Know what God requires from Man! This dude with a beard demands a precise definition of terms. Yet “law” requires no definition! Like what’s the difference between Common Law and Statute Law? What a DemoRAT two tiered restriction!

Justice has absolutely no connection with religious beliefs and theology. Did or did not person A damage the goods, property or person of person B? This question has nothing whatsoever to do with God Fart theology of what a person believes concerning the Gods.