This lady speaks utter and total narishkeit. Not a word about the Talmud as the repository of Oral Torah logic. Not a word about Talmud as the model of lateral Common law courts, written in g’lut with the hope to establish jurisprudence when the Cohen nation reconquered and reestablished the Jewish State! The two opposing contrasting thread which weave together making the fabric of the Talmud itself, halacha and aggadita – zilch. Worlds separate the narishkeit of jabbering about a particular subject. As opposed to learning “through” that particular subject in its details and depth. This woman “authority” lol, she fails to address the critical post Talmudic scholarship which shaped and molded how all future generations learn the Talmud to this very moment in time. In a few words, this presentation: “utterly and totally pathetic and worthless”.

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