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The kabbala of chariot mysticism stands on the distinction that, unlike a wagon, a chariot rolls upon two wheels – daat & t’shuva.  Daat separates and distinguishes between external events from internal feelings and reactions.  T’shuva separates how a person dedicates his or her life before HaShem in the coming year.  The wheels within the Shemone Esri have gone full circle with the annual reading of the Torah beginning anew with בראשית ונח.  Both the Torah and tefilla begin with the k’vanna of the general Big Picture concepts of faith, prior to delving into the specifics of the Cohen family of Avraham.

“The Existence of God.”   What evidence do atheists accept as valid? The Koran, the New Testament, the Hebrew T’NaCH, or perhaps the faiths as taught from India, Japan, and China?

The Koran declares “Only one God lives”. This bold declaration blatantly negates the Sinai 2nd commandment: “Do not worship other Gods”. By logical inference: if only one God lives, which the Muslims name as Allah, why does the Sinai revelation command not to worship other Gods? Shall we attempt to declare that Par’o of ancient Egypt worshiped only Allah?  Therefore based upon the false declaration of Monotheism made by the prophet of the Koran, who declared himself a prophet on the order of T’NaCH prophets, the Koran strict monotheism stands totally debunked.

The name New Testament makes reference to the foundation of Torah faith known as “the brit”. The first word of the Torah בראשית this word contains within its 6 letters ברית אש\brit fire. The translation of brit into English, based upon the stories of the Avot: alliance. The opening Book of the Torah directly and repeatedly addresses the subject of cutting political alliances. The skill required to cut a political alliance with others, applies equally to us as it did to them.

The problem with the ”New Testament”, that collection of books never once brings the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai. The Name – exists as the living Spirit, and not just another word.  Despite the declaration otherwise, as found in the opening pages of the book of John’s gospels. Moshe the prophet forbade pronunciation of the Name, according to the grammar of its four letters. The opening account of Creation, the Name blew his Spirit unto clay, transforming this clay into the living man – named Adam. Pronouncing the Name, as revealed at the Sinai revelation, perverts and defiles the Spirit of the Name unto that of a common word.  The kabbalah of writing a Safer Torah stands upon this fundamental distinction.

Never in all the pages of the New Testament do any of these Greek books bring the Name as revealed at Sinai. Translation of words from language to language, compares words with other words.  But you can not translate a Spirit by making it into a word. HaShem does not compare to anything in the earth, heavens or Seas.  Words simply do not breath life. Quote Shakespeare to dead people and they remain dead. To cut a Torah brit alliance requires swearing a Torah oath using the Name. This kabbalah learns from Moshe the prophet.  Therefore the new covenant of both the New Testament & the Koran, totally debunked.  Both counterfeit faiths failed to discern that brit means alliance.

A proof that brit does not translate into covenant:  Where do the Gods ‘Father’ & Allah live?  The counterfeit religions teach that their Gods live in the Heavens.  The brit alliance teaches that HaShem lives within the hearts of the Cohen nation.  The mitzva of tefilla, based upon the halacha exists as a duty of the heart.  The halacha requires that a Yechudi face toward Jerusalem in order to teach the mussar that a Man must turn unto his heart.  Torah faith teaches that HaShem lives within the hearts of his Cohen people.  The brit faith established by Avram at the brit between the pieces, our father made an alliance that HaShem lives within the hearts of the Cohen seed of Avram.  This brit faith defines the idea of the ‘Chosen People’.

Torah commands the opposite of Muslim Monotheism, it validates the existence of many Gods. Clearly the Hindus and Chinese peoples never swore a Torah brit alliance. Atheists in Russia, or Europe, or America, shall they make unilateral declarations which negate the Gods which these billions of people worship? Hubris arrogance, every atheist I ever met from Russia, Europe, or America does not speak the language of Hindu, Japan, or China, much less Vietnam or Korea etc etc etc. The Books these millions upon millions of people, by which they base their belief in their Gods, these above mentioned hubris arrogant atheists from Russia, Europe, and America, their negative worship only their Ego beliefs, which seeks to invalidate the traditions of peoples whom they do not know.

Atheism for this reason stands totally debunked by simple humility and logic.  What

בראשית ב:ז – ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים ויהי האדם לנפש חיה … ועץ החיים בתוך הגן ועץ הדעת טוב ורע

faith does this teach touching the chosen Cohen nation?  It seems to me, by the sh’itta taught to me from my Rav, that rabbi Akiva derived his kabbala of פרדס from

ב: י –  ונהר יצא מעדן להשקות את הגן ומשם יפרד והיה לארבעה ראשים.

The פרדס kabbala of rabbi Akiva defines the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system revealed unto Moshe at Mt Horev, 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf; specifically: Moshe has died, who will teach us the rest of the Torah revelation at Sinai?  Moshe derived through logical inference the 611 commandments which he commanded, as his primary source commentary to the opening two commandments, which the Cohen nation accepted upon the soul lives of all generations of our children, as our faith worship unto HaShem who brought the Cohen nation out of Egypt.

The Big Picture concept of faith as taught by the Parsha of בראשית which defines the k’vanna of the opening daat blessing of the first ברכה within the 13 middle blessings of the Shemone Esri, this concept of faith, weighs the commitment of the generations to walk in tohor before HaShem.  The subject of tohor applies strictly and only unto the Cohen nation.  Neither Goyim or Yidden who assimilate and kiss the calves of foreign non Jewish cultures and customs, this huge branch of Humanity has no concept or idea what tohor means.  Keeping the commandments as the ‘sign’ of the brit, most essentially requires that the Cohen people commit before HaShem only to  strive to do avodat HaShem while breathing tohor spirits.

Doing mitzvot לשמה understands that the din of כרת comes and cuts off Israel from Israel when ever the Cohen people behave with hubris arrogance and attempt to do avodat HaShem while breathing tuma spirits.  On par with a woman, attempting tohorat ha’biet who goes to the mikveh while holding a dead rat in her hand; comes out of the mikveh and declares to her husband that she has made herself tohor.  As this example invalidates the mitzva of tohorat ha’biet, so too observance of all the תרי”ג mitzvot.

ג: יד – ויאמר ה’ אלהים אל הנחש כי עשית זאת ארור אתה מכל הבהמה ומכל חית השדה  וכו’.

The נחש teaches a central Torah משל.  The נמשל to wit, the tuma Yatzir Ha’Ra lives within the hearts of all bnai brit souls – unto all eternity – together with the tohor Yatzir Ha’Tov.  HaShem judges the struggle of the 2 Yatzirot within our heart in each and every generation.  The story of king David and Bathsheba, teaches the identical mussar commandment.  Learning Torah requires that students ask:  What mussar does the Torah\NaCH command each and every generation?
דכתיב ג:יט – כי עפר אתה ואל עפר תשוב.

Xtian theology teaches of a physical resurrection from the dead  The daat of “soul”, by Torah faith, by contrast refers to the generations of the bnai brit offspring, the Olam Ha’Bah of the Cohen nation.  How many children did Avram have when he cut the brit between the pieces?

The story of Cain teaches the mussar of the tuma inheritance which the first murderer caused his children to inherit.  The identical tuma which women who abort their children cause their seed to inherit; the most basic and fundamental of Torah curses which denounces an earth filled with violence and injustice.  A simple proof: all women who abort their babies, such women never kept the mitzva of tohorat ha’biet.  T’shuva, no regret or remorse can ever atone for the crime of abortion.
בראשית ה:כט – ויקרא את שמו נח לאמר זה ינחמנו ממעשנו ומעצבון ידינו מן האדמה אשר אררה ה’.

The 2nd wheel of the mystic Divine Chariot – t’shuva.  The dedication within our hearts to keep the commandments לשמה, meaning through the dedication of tohor middot unto HaShem, do the generations of the Cohen nation do t’shuva from g’lut?  The Cohen nation commits to restrict avodat HaShem in the Name of tohor middot which we breath from the midsts of our hearts.  Tefilla – strictly a matter of the heart.  A man who does not discern between the tohor/tuma spirits within his heart, such a man cannot do t’shuva לשמה – meaning in the Name of tohor middot dedicated unto HaShem.

Tonight Yidden light the first of the Hanukkah lights.  The Gemara of Shabbat teaches the famous dispute between Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel concerning lighting the lights of Hanukkah.  This famous dispute always puzzled me, what difference does it make whether one begins with lighting 8 candles the first night or only one?  What does lighting the lights of Hanukkah have to do with the life and death struggle against Greek cultural domination of the tiny Jewish State?

The B’hag, whose Torah shined during the waning domination of the Gaonim schools.  The Reshonim scholarship, followed the lights of the Gaonim schools.  The B’hag holds that the rabbinic mitzvot of both Purim and Hanukkah, that their “light” shines as part of the 613 Commandments Israel received from HaShem and Moshe Rabbenu.

The Rambam denounced the “light” by which the B’hag directed the generations of Israel.  The B’hag links Hanukkah, as does the Talmud to Shabbat.  He held that lighting the lights of Shabbat – this mitzva – too a Torah commandment; its light shines on par with the Torah mitzvot of Purim and Hanukkah.  To comprehend the “light” shone by the Torah of the B’hag, Yidden must discern the common denominator which the Houses of Hillel and Shammai.  Their Torah communicated the k’vanna of the mitzva of Hannukah as expressed through the rabbinic halachic ritual of lighting the lights of Hannukah throughout the generations.

The Greek empire conquered the Persian empire, which uprooted the Babylonian empire, who destroyed Jerusalem and expelled the Yechudim from the lands ruled by the king of Yechuda from the House of David.  Greek hostility to the Torah centered, not upon the Written Torah, but rather the Oral Torah.  This latter Torah “light”, expresses itself through a unique t’shuva, by which Yechudim, following the error of the golden calf, dedicate the souls of their children, to interpret the language of the Written Torah by relying strictly upon the Oral Torah logic format alone.  This Oral Torah “light”, it alone guides how the Cohen nation understands the k’vanna of the Written Torah Constitution of the Jewish Republic.

The Greek schools of philosophy taught a completely different logic formats.  The logic of Plato and Aristotle overshadow the ancient Greek contribution of knowledge to the present day.  Yidden, humiliated from our disgrace of the avoda zarah of the Golden Calf, our forefathers swear a Torah oath, to all generations.  The Yechudim people sanctify as our eternal dedication unto the Torah revelation — to interpret the Written Torah by the “lights” of Oral Torah logic alone.

The lights of Shabbot, the dedication to strive to achieve shalom among family and friends.  The lights of reading the Megillah on Purim, the dedication of tohor, opposed by tuma middot unto HaShem.  The Book of Ester, the only Book of the T’NaCH which lacks the Name of HaShem.  The Name המן and המלך they teach a רמז Gematria of tohor as opposed to tuma middot.  The k’vanna of “kingship” (To make a Torah blessing requires the Name and Kingship), as a king stands as the head of a nation so too the dedication of tohor, as opposed to tuma, middot unto HaShem – middot express the faith unto the revelation of the Torah throughout all and every generation.  The mussar of the Book of Ester teaches middot, expressed through the contrast between  Mordecai and Haman.

In similar fashion the Gemara of Shabbot, teaches the k’vanna of lighting the lights of Hannukah, expressed through the contrast of opinions expressed by the Houses Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel.  What defines the Oral Torah?  Logic stands upon the יסוד/foundation of Order.  The Order of the Torah logic system contrasts with the Order of the ancient Greek logic formats which those famous ancient Greek philosophers developed.

You can not achieve justice, when Western leaders refer to civilian ‘colored’ casualties as “collateral damage” in their ‘police actions’ which shape the internal affairs of foreign societies. A fundamental issue of the Western interventions and imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa, Western society dominates, even conquers Arab and Muslim societies. But the stark contrast: Arabs and Muslims, to a large degree remain strong in their faith in the Koran; whereas Western societies to an ever growing percentage embrace the scientific secular model as their central supporting column of faith. Western civilization has abandoned Xtian theology, due to the corrupt reputation the church’s evil and perverse actions promoted throughout the Ages. Today, Western societies view the Church on par with ancient Greek and Roman polytheism and worship of mythical Gods.

The question stands: How did the unfaithful conquer and defeat the faithful? A fundamental question that has no easy answers for the folks, which the West refers simply as “collateral damage”. What causes the disaster of internal revolution and Civil War, to rank as the worst natural disaster to any people or civilization throughout history? When the “ethical containment force” that makes a people culture and customs separate and unique from all other peoples and societies, when this “social fabric” rips apart and becomes a tattered rag blowing in the winds of war, generally – the first American Civil War excluded – with the collapse of the authority of the Central Government.  The consequences of social and political anarchy, that foreign governments intervene in the internal operations and government of any society in the throws of internal revolution and Civil War.

Lincoln, his illegal decision to initiate and invade the Confederate States, takes the first American Civil War out of the picture of virtually all other internal revolutions and Civil Wars. Because Civil War, by general definition, effectively means the collapse of Central Government order and stability. Even still, without the leadership of Henry Seward as Lincoln’s Secretary of State, the Palmerston government would have most probably recognized the Confederate, ‘States Rights’ revolt against Lincoln’s extreme anti-Jeffersonian ideas of democracy.

Judge the wrestle by which enemies or allies build strength, dignity, and respect. In all matters of din’a nefshot – Torah law requires no less than 2 witnesses. One witness in any Capital Crimes case – acceptance or reliance upon a single witness – tuma. Tuma, commonly expressed as l’shon ha’rah or mo’zteh shem rah.

How does Israel differ from other nations who experience a terrorist attack?

          “DUHOK, Iraqi Kurdistan region,— A convoy of KDP Peshmerga

           militants came under attack by PKK militants when trying to enter

           PKK areas in the Chamalke district in Duhok province in Iraqi

           Kurdistan following a roadside bomb that exploded next to the

           KDP forces. The attack resulted in one death and three injuries,

           KDP-affiliated Kurdistan24 TV.  Head of Culture and Media Culture

           Department at the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG ) Peshmerga

           Affairs Ministry Babkir Faqe Ahmed told the KDP official media outlet

           that the PKK fighters fired from far distance and it was not a direct attack

           on Peshmerga forces”.

The ‘blood libels’, pogroms came after and followed the 1st crusade war crimes. German Jewry slaughtered across, perhaps most, kingdoms or fiefhoods in all the German lands; the soul of the German people who conquered Rome – barbarians.

What contrasts/opposes, perhaps mirrors or opposites, criminal violence?   Righteous Court Room rulings judged by a lateral court 3 Judge system. Prosecution and Defense judges of the 3 man Court, these Court Judges comprise the opposing Court system of all Talmudic legal understanding. Two Yatzirot “wrestle” within the hearts of the bnai brit Cohen nation – light unto the nations — includes all Yechudim residing in g’lut. Justice judges l’shon ha’rah/motze sham rah contrasted by tohor middot. In order to determine who has an obligation to compensate for damages.   Who leads the hearts of men?   Upon these scales  — all Nations – throughout all generations – stand in judgment.

As a possible example: the Cohen Court system judges the domains of the North African Trade Route. Israel calls to all Sahara nations, help build a deep river to connect Mediterranean Sea unto Salt Sea. This action would bless both Israel and Jordan; the canal which connects the Mediterranean to the salt sea,  ocean acidification permits easy  electrolysis which converts water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Comparable to the usage of plastic, in the sense that plastic transports foods and goods easier and cheaper than transport in burlap bags on the backs of camels. Israel and Egypt could cut a salt canal from the Mediterranean Sea.

Bring  rain water to the Sahara desert, and make North Africa bloom. While building such a deep canal, remember Mark Twain’s tales of the Mississippi. Israel dedicates to train refugee Balestinians, in agriculture farm work. Revert the electrolysis gases back to water by means of rain. Build a topsoil across the Sahara, plant trees upon all and every hilltop. Cause a rainforest to dominate the Sahara. Such a work requires the dedication of multiple generations – no less than three. No less than 3 generations qualifies as a strong connection alliance. Shalom requires Trust. Trust among nations never begins till a ‘good eye’ prevails.

An act of honor, Israel shall never unilaterally expel the Arab stateless refugees from any lands of our Republic, like as did the Europeans; they oppressed Jewish stateless refugees for over 2000 years, and no European court ever condemned the Church fathers.  Justice means providing a tohor medium which facilitates airing disputes over damages, and both opposing parties accepting the Judicial rulings, g’lut Jewry never received such an option by any European government.

Justice has a definition of – determining restitution for damages. Something similar to ‘insurance’. All mine or partially mine? Jerusalem – just for example.  Israel rejects the Nazi consequence which divided Berlin at the start of the Cold War. How many Germans fought and died in Hitler’s War? Arabs rejected both UN mandate alternatives, Republic or 2 nations.  Arabs lost two major wars to throw the Jews into the Sea, both 1948 and 1967 they started.

Honor: Arafat declared that the forefathers of the Arab refugees in Israel, the Philistines. Balestinian rhetoric declares that from these non Arabs Philistines, that they fathered the Balestinian people? Shaking my head, since when did Europeans sire Arabs?  The post war mandate given to Britain by the League of Nations, an international assembly established after WW1.  The League named this mandate, based upon the 1917 Balfour Declaration ‘Palestine’. A European name.

During the British mandate, the only folk who called themselves Palestinians, Jews.  Arabs ‘settlers’ moved to the mandate territories searching for work.  Had they referred to themselves as Palestinians, this would imply that Arabs validated the Balfour Agreement, which all Arab leaders fervently rejected.  Important to repeat, the League Palestine mandate stands upon the Balfour Agreement as its foundation. After receiving the League awarded mandate, almost immediately Churchill imposed the Churchill White Paper, June 3rd 1922. Shaking my head. Two points, straight line. Judge.  23rd of May 1939, Neville Chamberlain and his response to the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine – 2nd White Paper which totally negated the foundation upon which stands the League of Nations mandate awarded to post WW1 Britain, the Balfour Declaration came as a result of Weizman’s success of making acetone from the starch in cereal grains.  This solvent the British Army and Royal Navy required to fire their artillery shells.

Britain having won the war, now abandoned their Balfour Declaration ally. A sacrificial gift dedicated to the Nazi Gods of War. In like and similar fashion, Xtian nations of Europe broke faith with the New Testament.  If a mother has the right to kill a 9 month pre-born baby, then that same mother has the same right to kill that 9 month post-birth baby. Better for a new born mother to see and reject her child, than to vacuum abort the life of her child that she will never see. Responsibility requires accountability. Accountability builds a reputation. Post Shoah seals the evil reputation of Europe. Chamberlain imposed a two state solution upon Czechoslovakia in 1938. Two points equals a straight line. Third witness: Pope Pius XII surrendered the Jews of Rome to the Nazis. Western secularism has rejected the God of the New Testament.

Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, Beijing has vehemently opposed separatist movements abroad to logically support its opposition to secessionist activities within China. Beijing officially considers separatism as one of the “three evil forces” besides terrorism and extremism. This reflects its uncompromising devotion to maintaining its territorial integrity at all costs, primarily concerning Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia. China avers that self-determination should not necessarily involve national independence and that stateless nations should not necessarily form or be given states.

Contrast Chinese domestic rhetoric with its imperialist foreign policy toward the Middle East. China upholds the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful co-existence!   Yet concerning Middle East hot-spots, the Chinese system promotes “peace and the reasonable settlement of disputes through dialogue and negotiation”, emphasizing the role of the UN Security Council. China supports an independent state of Balestine with full sovereignty, based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. This obvious double standard, likewise expresses EU Middle East hypocrisy as well.

Nietzsche teaches that God is dead.  Which God?   The Xtian God.  Mythology has an enduring popularity. But mythical persons, by definition , having never lived.  Allah?  The prophet of that God, thought Jesus physically lives as a T’NaCH prophet.  The Koran uses that word, prophet, quite a lot. Alas like all religious rhetoric, the Koran failed to even once define the term prophet, just as the New Testament failed to understand the Torah definition for brit.  The New Testament likewise employs the never defined rhetoric word: love. Both theologies of God. Alas neither this nor that ever once brings, or acknowledges, the Name revealed in Israel at Sinai: the 1st Commandment. Proof: that both theologies profane the 2nd Sinai commandment. What do either give for a defense?

Bill Kerr Sr. used to tell me that a Man did not know the subject he debated if he could not argue persuasively, on both sides of the dispute. Both alien theologies excluded the Name, the first Sinai commandment.  Neither gives as their reason, their fear of the kabbala of Moshe the prophet which forbids the pronunciation of the Name according to its letters.   Neither do either of these rival belief systems about God, teach that their scriptures bring pronouns of the unpronounceable Name, which the Torah calls middot.  Why the command not to pronounce this Name? The defense upon which both religious rhetoric systems?  Both introduce new Gods, based upon the belief that the Name of HaShem exists as just another word, and can therefore be translated as either ‘Father’ or Allah.

This ‘religious rhetoric’ has no foundation. Both mythologies do not know, much less even consider, the basic reason why Moshe the prophet forbade all persons to pronounce the Name? According to the Gospel of John: the Word and the Name are one, the Word was God. Therefore the defense of employment of ‘the Father’ pronoun takes a hard blow because HaShem breaths the Spirit of his Name into the flesh, causing all generations of Man to live.

But ‘the Father’ has the counter: Do not middot, such as ‘King’ pronoun metaphors of the Name?  The story of Jesus, simply a משל/parable metaphor.?  Jesus instructs on leadership. Does this transform the Gospels unto prophetic mussar?   Both religions teach a fundamental belief that Jesus physically lived on this earth.  The comparison to middot does not hold because middot most essentially functions – expressed through logic.  The unique logic system known as Oral Torah.

The Name – the Spirit of life, lives not a word. The Name breaths Spirit unto all generations of Adama clay – ‘HaShem’ breathes the Spirit of His Name, causing all life to live.  Therefore the Name exemplifies the Spirit of life. Try to pronounce the Spirit of Life, and cause their by inanimate clay to live.

The Name lives as Spirit, and not a simple printed word upon a page. This basic distinction separates a Safer Torah from a printed Torah book.  In similar fashion the k’vanna requirement to daa’ven, most essentially requires that a man distinguishes the Name Spirit from all other words. The substitute word employed by the pronunciation of the tongue, Adonoi. 

The mitzva of blowing the shofar – serves as further witness, mitzvot learn from other mitzvot. The dedication of spirit learns from the Akada ram’s horn. Life not death. The question that Yitzak asked Avraham … this same question Ishmael did likewise ask the servant of Avraham, circumcised 2nd after Avraham? The blowing of the shofar signaled that the Name provided a ram in the place of Avramham’s son – Yitzak. The mitzva of blowing the shofar on Rosh HaShanna announces the din of life rather than death. This mitzva teaches how to pronounce the Spirit of the Name of life.

Pardon implies a successful defense. Does this mean that these two counterfeit religions, both based upon mythology, that the worship of either Xtian or Islamic God does not violate the 2nd Sinai commandment: not worship other Gods?

The ‘prophet’ Mohammad permits eating camel flesh. The Torah directly forbids consumption of both camel flesh, together with any of its by-products, such as milk. In the order of succession, camel precedes hog. The Torah establishes the foundation of the Cohen people upon tohora.  Muslims do not eat pork, but do eat camel, or camel by-products, like milk. Muslim theology teaches a strict monotheism. Neither Xtianity nor Islam teach the faith of the Cohen nation.  The faith of the Cohen nations stands upon the foundation of tohor middot.  The strict monotheism of Islam violates the Sinai 2nd commandment. If only one God, then no reason to command: do not worship other Gods.

בראשית\\ברית אש this רמז helps to define the k’vanna of the 1st word of the Torah.  The first word of the Torah contrasts with the revelation of the Spirit Name at Sinai. Words, so to speak, set the destiny course of the Cohen nation: ראש בית/Head of House, ב’ ראשית/Two Beginnings. The Sinai Spirit revelation, by contrast, inspires the conscious Will to act. The genesis of two opposing Yatzirot within the Cohen people’s heart – Brit – an alliance requires no less than two partners.

The Koran never once refers to the spirituality of the oath alliance. Both religions of avoda zara confuse the meaning of brit.  Brit does not translate as – covenant. An oath requires swearing in the Name. How does a person swear in the Name?  Since the Name does not live as a word.  Mitzvot defines mitzvot, comparable to metal sharpens metal.

A mitzva originates back to the prophets, it teaches mussar. Mussar requires the 13 tohor middot which Moshe the prophet heard from the Spirit//Name, at Horev: on Yom Kippor – 40 days after the avoda zarah of the Golden Calf. The counterfeit religions do not teach mussar, but rather theology.  Both tuma faiths deny the Oral Torah revelation of middot.  Our Sages teach that Israel approached Aaron at the crisis of the golden calf.  But what happened to the other judges of the Great Sanhedrin? The people asked Aaron, because he alone remained alive of the Great Sanhedrin judges.

Both Aggadita and Midrash teach that the people thought Moshe the prophet had died. Up to this point, of the Sinai revelation, Israel had only accepted only the first 2 Commandments. Therefore the people said to Aaron, Moshe has passed from this world, who shall teach us the rest of the Torah? All of the other 611 commandments of the Torah, Moshe the prophet logically derive from the first two Sinai commandments.  All Torah commandments teach mussar, because mussar applies equally to all generations.  This oral Torah logic system, Moshe the prophet, heard at Mt. Horev – forty days after the Golden Calf avoda zarah. From this Oral Torah logic system of middot, Moshe the prophet, derived the other 611 commandments.

Neither this nor that religious rhetoric belief system(s) can discern the distinction between Torah commandments and prophetic mitzvot. How much more so the distinction between prophetic mitzvot and rabbinic mitzvot//halachot.  Do both this and that religious rhetoric mythology formats – deserve pardon for Avodah Zarah?  Therefore, based upon the 2nd Sinai commandment, multiple Gods live. Yet Nietzsche declares God is dead. Which God died?  Post Shoah, judging the behavior of believers of both tenets of faith, both Jesus son of Zeus and Allah have died.

The Lies Conflating the Holocaust and The Promised Land – by FirstOneThrough.


Many people believe that the world endorsed the notion of a Jewish State because of the terrible tragedy which befell the Jews. While some countries may have indeed voted at the United Nations in favor of recognizing Israel because of the Holocaust, its reestablishment was sponsored by the global community years before World War II.


2/3rds of the UN member states voted in favor of Jewish self determination.  Arab rejection of the Partition Plan demonstrated that Arab States cared a less about the Shoah.  They had no interest in the establishment of a Balestinian state.  Rather, Arab interests simply opposed any recognition of the existence of the Jewish state.


First by the British in the 1917 Balfour Declaration, then by the League of Nations in the 1920 San Remo Agreement and the 1922 Mandate of Palestine, the leading countries of the world supported Jews reestablishing their homeland. In the late 1930’s the British specifically called for creating a distinct Jewish State in Palestine. All of these actions were taken before the genocide of European Jewry.


These examples fail to address British imperialism which negated the Balfour Declaration; specifically the Churchill White Paper followed by the Chamberlain White Paper, both of which uprooted and totally negated the League of Nations mandate awarded to post war Britain.
The attempt to justify modern history based upon Biblical “prophecy”, merits no response whatsoever.


Yet people confuse the nature of the Jewish State and how it came to be reestablished in 1948. The global community did not create Israel as a safe haven for Jews after the Holocaust; it voted to reestablish the Jewish homeland years before the Holocaust. Further, Zionists do not aspire for a Greater Israel from “the Nile to the Euphrates” the way anti-Semites at the United Nations claim; they want to live, pray and have autonomy in their small patch of the world promised to them by God.


The ‘global community’ did not fight the Israeli Independence War.  Jewish leaders who directed Jewish defenses against Arab invasions of the newly declared Jewish State, lived their lives as secular non religious Jews.  The 1948 Independence War shares nothing in common with the Xtian Crusades.


The relevance of the Holocaust to Israel today is about underscoring the absolute imperative of Israel’s security, which means ensuring that the country’s neighbors cannot threaten it.

Nonsense.  The Shoah emphatically proves the utter depravity and barbarism of the defiled European soul.  Europe has abandoned the Xtian faith, their God died long ago.  Hitler and his evil minions based their criminal barbarism upon ever repeated Church slanders, ghetto imprisonment war crimes against humanity, torture, and murder of Jews.  No European Court, to this day, has ever condemned Church immorality throughout the Ages spanning over 2000 years of cruelty and oppression.  

Justice – a concept which lies outside of European consciousness – actively entails fair compensation for damages.  Only post WW2 defeated Germany did the Allied powers agree to force them to pay some form of compensations for the Nazi war crimes which resulted in the violent torture and murder of 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years.

A bit more history of corrupt vile European barbarity and proof that their God has died long ago: based upon a poem written by T. S. Eliot -‘ Murder in the Cathedral.

Where is Becket, the traitor to the King?
Where is Becket, the meddling priest?
Come down Daniel to the lions’ den,
Come down Daniel for the mark of the beast.

Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
Are you marked with the mark of the beast?

Come down Daniel to the lions’ den,
Come down Daniel and join in the feast.

Where is Becket the Cheapside brat?
Where is Becket the faithless priest?
Come down Daniel to the lions’ den,
Come down Daniel and join in the feast.

In 1532 Henry VIII broke with Rome and proclaimed himself the head of the Anglican church.   Henry VIII, during the Protestant Reformation, desecrated Becket’s shrine, destroyed his bones, and ordered that all mention of his name cease.  The Protestant Reformation began in 1517.The Catholic Church started its Counter-Reformation in 1545.   These conflicts culminated in the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), which devastated Germany and killed one-third of its population, a mortality rate twice that of World War I.

In 1517, Martin Luther’s nailed his Ninety-five Theses upon the church doors.  It took only two months to spread throughout Europe with the help of the printing press, overwhelming the abilities of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the papacy to contain it. In 1524–1525 peasants rose in revolt across southern and western Germany.   Luther condemned the peasants and that revolt ended with the slaughter of peasants by both Lutheran and Catholic armies.

Calvinism emerged in Geneva in the 1540s, preserved from its Catholic neighbors chiefly by Bern’s military strength. (Zurich, Bern and Glarus did not have treaties among themselves and were linked to each other only through the original cantons).  Genevan Calvinism fused with the reformation of Zurich and northern Switzerland, which had been led by Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger, to produce what became known as Reformed (with a capital R) Protestantism.Calvinism qualifies in some ways as a confession made for war. This movie rated R church, viewed the Catholic religion, specifically the Papacy, as the antichrist. 

The extraordinary extent, duration, bitterness, and bloodiness of the wars that raged across France, the Low Countries, the British Isles, and Germany in the 90 years after 1560, all stems from strikingly evil competing theologies.  In 1572 a targeted group of assassinations, Catholic mob violence, comparable to pogroms, directed against the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants).  A leopard doesn’t change its stripes, and an apple never falls far from its tree.  The genetic inherited nature of European cruelty and barbarism merits nothing but utter contempt.

Paris August 1572, some 3,000 Huguenots slaughtered, and probably another 7,000 more slain in a dozen massacres that followed in provincial cities across France.  Periodically from 1612 to 1629. English, German, Scottish, Dutch, and Swiss troops aided the Huguenots; Spanish, Italian, German, and Swiss troops aided the Catholics.

By the seventeenth century the R rated Church effectively ruled as the state church of the Netherlands; the Reformed agenda drove national policy. This meant that foreign Reformed communities aided their fellow Calvinists.  Sebastian I of Portugal, his 1578 “crusade” against Muslims in Morocco ruined Portugal. Emperor Ferdinand II, the Holy Roman emperor of Bohemia, and of Hungary, his policies brought about the Thirty Years’ War—“Europe’s tragedy.”  
A war so destructive of both human life and property that it probably qualifies as the greatest disaster to affect Europe between the Black Death and the First World War.Confessional divisions eventually helped to spawn the British civil wars that began in 1640 and lasted from 1641 to 1651, wreaking destruction across the whole of the British Isles.  This era of religious debauchery culminated in the Cromwell ‘Round Heads’ Civil War.  In 1653 Cromwell dismissed the Rump Parliament by force.  This conflict started a completely different act of State imposed oppression and rule.  A validation of Nietzsche’s philosophy that the Xtian God is dead.

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