Does Judaism refer any details about Messiah’s mother?

Eliezer Abrahamson · 


Jewish educator.

I am not aware of any such details discussed in traditional Jewish sources. To my knowledge, the only requirement is that she must be Jewish.

Moshe Kerr · Just now

Assimilated Xtian narishkeit. The mitzva of Moshiach like all mitzvot learns from Torah common law precedents. NaCH prophetic sources require a תרי’’ג mitzva precedent. Torah – judicial common law. This legal system works by way of legal precedents. Virgin mother narishkeit has nothing to do the the mitzva of Moshiach which stands upon the anointing of Aaron and his house as Moshiach. The Written Torah precedent upon which stand all later NaCH Moshiach sources.

The Baali Tosafot Talmudic commentary a common law commentary. The modern Orthodox pilpul scholarship fail. Why? Not in 250 years has a single pilpul scholar differentiated between common law from statute law, a day and night distinction on the order of forbidden מלאכה on shabbat from forbidden עבודה on the days of the week. The gemarah of shabbat as opposed to the gemarah of baba kama.

All the commentaries since the publication of the Tur and Shulkan Aruch learn the Talmud as statute law rather than as common law. Not a single rabbi has ever denounced this error. Nor has a single rabbi ever learned the T’NaCH as common law mussar as the basis to understand Talmudic Aggadita and Midrashic precedents to Aggaditah!

Totally accepted, the premise that its OK to divorce the Gemarah halachot from their Mishnah. Totally accepted to ignore Aggadita. Totally accepted to rely upon Greek logic rather than the sh’itta of logic taught by Rabbi Akiva and all the rabbis within the Talmud! Not a single modern Orthodox rabbi denounces this blatant error in scholarship!

Dog chasing its tail arguments about ירידות הדורות. That later generations cannot challenge earlier generations despite the fact that Ben Maimon challenged the B’HaG or Rashi in the Chumash challenged אונקלוס. Never in all my Yeshiva experience did i ever here ירידות הדורות interpreted as “domino effect”. Never did any rabbi ever refer to משנה תורה\דברים as common law or legislative review. Never did any rabbi define NaCH prophesy as mussar. Despite the fact that mussar applies equally to all generations of Israel! Never did any rabbi in the Yeshiva world, and I cleaned the bet knesset of rabbi Eliashiev in Meah Shearim, and Moshe and Benyomin Eliashiev danced at my wedding, ever question why the Rashi p’shat on the Chumash an entirely different sh’itta of p’shat than the Rashi p’shat on the Talmud.

Elephants in the closet, like the Baali Tosafot a common law commentary as opposed to the Rambam Tur Shulkan Aruch assimilated statute law perversion of T’NaCH\Talmudic common law! Common law never divorces its Gemarah from its Mishna nor its Aggadic portions from its halachic portions. The Rambam failed to give the sources from the Talmud for his halachic posok and the Tur and Karo codes duplicated this exact same error. And all the Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Revisionist rabbis never once mark the fundamental distinction between Jewish common law and logic from Roman statute law and Greek logic!

It disturbs me that Orthodox Judaism abhorred the accomplishments of political Herzl Zionism following the Balfour declaration. That Weizmann cried in the early 1920s: “Jews of the World where are you?” Have met so many orthodox Jews who refer to Israel as g’lut! That do not view Neturie Karta as a kappo Jew abomination. That fail to see that Jews only in Israel can make the Torah the Written Constitution of the Republic and establish lateral common law courtrooms based upon the Talmudic model for the mitzva of צדק צדק תרדוף.

Never has a single rabbi ever compared the judicial oppression in the days of Par’o who ignored the lack of straw and supported the criminal violence of the Egyptian overseers to the blood libels/pogroms every easter and the failure of all European courtrooms to make the church stand before the Bar for war crimes!

Never as a single rabbi taught: תמיד מעשה בראשית as an explanation why Jews in g’lut cannot observe Torah commandments. That g’lut Jewry has lost the wisdom of doing mitzvot לשמה, the 1st Sinai commandment. It galls me that Orthodox Jews pretend they hold some monopoly on the Torah when clearly they too walk off the דרך.

It appals me that Orthodox Judaism rejects prophetic mussar just as did the Israelites who murdered the prophets.

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