Religion vs. People.

The election of Begin, American left liberal Judaism abandoned support for the Jewish state. American liberal Jewry bought into the PLO propaganda which framed the Arab cause as a national rejection of Israel stealing the Arab land of Balestine. Israel lost the left liberal Jews, with the first Lebanon war. Regardless that no Arab state ever existed, that Balestinians exist as stateless refugee populations without a country of their own.

American religious Judaism leaned its acceptance of Arafat’s political narrative. This YouTube addresses the history of left leaning Jews, who once again oppose the Jewish state. Duplicating the failure of religious Jews opposition to Zionism during the 20s and 30s of the last Century. By assimilated Jews who abandoned Jewish culture and customs.

US Presidents, like Carter and Obama, embraced increasingly harsh rhetoric against Israeli settlements in Samaria. Based upon Great Power interests, and the excuse which accepts the PLO propaganda that Arab refugees exist as a nation in exile. The left politics has come to embrace the Apartheid South African comparison to Israel building up its recaptured territories. This deliberate Israeli policy of State seeks to incorporate these lands into the Jewish state, based upon the model of “the manifest destiny” of US history.

Nothing now horrifies leftist Jewry more than the Israeli absolute rejection of the 2 State solution, as a foreign imperialism idea. Hostile foreign interests who seek to impose an international dictate, which dissects Israel & Jerusalem. Comparable to how the Allies carved up defeated Germany & Berlin following WWII. A foreign dictate which bisects Israel into two hostile States, would require a huge population transfer. Like the Allies dictated upon Germans living in Poland and Czechoslovakia following WWII.

The unilateral withdrawal of about 6000 Jews from Gaza in the early 21st Century, took Israeli society to the brink of Civil War. An international imposed, forced withdrawal of 700,000 Jews from Jerusalem and Samaria would result in the total collapse of the Jewish state; it would require the intervention and invasion of Israel by foreign armies. Far worse than the Syrian Civil War today.

Post Shoah Israelis refuse to return to the status of a pre-Shoah refugee people. Refugee Jews who had no country of our own. Israelis reject that foreign countries have some magical “mandate” to determine the borders and Capital City of the Jewish state. As if Israel today exists on par as a Protectorate of the UN, like in the days of pre-Shoah, post WWI British mandate!

The state of Israel does not exists, post-Shoah Jewry – not on the same plain as post 1948 Arab refugees. The 1948 armistice lines do not poof become the permanent borders of the Jewish state, any more than the 13 colonies did not permanently determine the borders of the United States.

Israel rejects the UN puppet revisionist premise that the 1967 War actually represents a Jewish defeat to Arab arms! Israel did not “seize” Samaria from Jordan. The British separated Trans Jordan from their Balestine mandate at the Jordan river border which separated those two distinct territories. UN Resolution 181 ceased any and all relevance after Arab countries rejected the 2 State solution and attacked Israel in 1948. UN 181 has no grandfather clause which makes it relevant to international diplomacy today in the 21st Century.

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