The 8th פרק of Parshat אמור learns from  כג: לג – מד.  

Chag Sukkot, again the Torah commands: כל מלאכת עבדה לא תעשו.  The negative commandment of M’lachah, this commentary argues an additional definition: do not oppress or do acts of injustice.   Clearly this late commentary does not dispute how the Gemarah of Shabbat learns M’lachah.  

Still no generation holds a monopoly on logic.  This commentary argues that the greatest most authoritative commandment of the Torah, hands down, the opening commandment of the Sinai revelation.  This לשמה commandment, not only trashes the Xtian bible and Muslim koran as avodah zarah counterfeits, but most significantly this commandment links the לשמה commandment with the oppression of Egyptian slavery. 

Let’s Learn.  

A distant precedent: משנה תורה ד: א – כד.  This negative commandment לשמה, not to oppress our people, best defines the abstract משל, ‘fear of heaven’.  This negative commandment לשמה also best defines the commandment not to add or subtract from the Torah.

This negative commandment לשמה also functions as the most important precedent by which to learn the k’vanna of the 2nd Sinai commandment.   Righteous common law lateral courts also essentially serve as the clearest definition of Torah wisdom for all generations of Israel.

אלהים קרבים אליו The justices of the Courts go by the name אלהים.  This משנה תורה most specifically commands to remember the Sinai revelation, which links the לשמה commandment with Egyptian oppression and slavery, together with ‘fear of heaven’.   The Torah thesis statement: the mitzva לשמה, it defines the k’vanna of all the other תרי”ג commandments!

All translations of the Sinai revelation of the Name therefore directly exemplify the negative commandment:
 ועשיתם לכם פסל תמונת כל סמל תבנית זכר או נקבה תבנית כל בהמה אשר בארץ תבנית כל צפור כנף אשר תעוף בשמים תבנית כל רמש באדמה תבנית כל דגה אשר במים מתחת לארץ ופן תשא עיניך השמימה וראית את השמש ואת הירח ואת הכוכבים כל צבא השמים

Avodah zarah oppression of the weak most essentially defines.  The משל metaphors of idols, or stars, or planets etc most essentially requires making the logical דיוק as defined by the aggadic story of the enslavement of Israel by Par’o and the Egyptians.  This משנה תורה precedent to Sukkot likewise defines the נעשה ונשמע oath brit sworn @ Sinai @ Horev.

A distant precedent: כא: א – כג: ז.  Justice makes atonement for tumah bloodshed which defiles the sanctity of the oath sworn lands.  Justice measures all social interactions and relationships, judged on the scales of tohor or tumah middot.

Sending away the mother bird before taking her eggs, together with the negative commandment which forbids plowing a field with an ox yoked together with an ass, serves to define the k’vanna of the name justice, as the reputation of the oath sworn lands.  Just as do all the negative commandments of sexual ערוה, or remembrance of the despicable manner which Moav hired Bil’am to curse Israel.

A slightly distant precedent:  כו: טז – כז: כו.  The obligation to dedicate our lives to walk the walk of justice as the most holy sanctification of the oath brit faith, which most essentially separates and distinguishes t’rumah from chol, the chosen Cohen nation from the Goyim comparable to the הבדלה shabbat differentiates itself from the other days of the week.

Righteous common law courtroom established justice shares no common ground with theological belief systems about the God(s) which the religions of avodah zarah prioritize and prize.  Goyim injustice and tumah corruption of their vertical courts forever separates the העם סגולה/the virtuous people\ from Goyim barbarians.

The Torah makes באר היטב, through Chag Sukkot its total and complete repudiation that avodat HaShem hinges upon the construction of some vain Temple cathedral pyramid egotistical vanity.  Better to sanctify within the confines of the borders of our own small land, lateral common law courtroom justice — than conquer vast empires and oppress people through military oppression and cruel inhumanity.

Righteous lateral common law courtroom justice defines the name of the oath sworn lands, dedicated לשמה to HaShem.   Torah definitively rejects the theological, political, and/or religions, creeds & beliefs, which have defined the corrupt and defiled blood soaked lands of Europe and Russia.  Xtianity, together with democracy or socialist political models, the Torah rejects, as utterly irrelevant.

A slightly distant precedent: כח: א – יד.  All Torah blessings hinge upon ruling the brit lands with justice.  Through the mitzvah of Chag Sukkot, the simplicity of what HaShem demands has absolute clarity.  The chosen Cohen nation does not require fancy adorned with gold Cathedral Temple pyramids, to do our avodat HaShem walk לשמה.

The Torah rejects the avodah zarah worship of king Shlomo, his Temple construction, just as much as it likewise rejects both Xtianity and Islam.  The notion that the Moshiach builds the Beit Hamikdash, complete and total narishkeit.  This Moshiach superstition has plagued the Cohen nation long enough.  

Moshiach as a mitzvah stands upon the יסוד of the dedication of the House of Aaron.  To what do the korbanot which Aaron dedicates לשמה sanctify? 

A building constructed of wood and stone and covered with gold, like the Dome of the Rock?  Or lateral common law courtrooms which establish righteous justice as the reputation of our country, dedicated לשמה to HaShem?

The mitzvah of Moshiach contains both curse and blessing, death or life which the generations of our people must themselves choose what they want to prioritize as most essential and important.  Like the Chag Sukkot, just that simple.  Chag Sukkot instructs an incredibly strong mussar which rebukes and repudiates the mystical Moshiach superstition avodah zarah narishkeit, which has plagued g’lut Jewry for 2000+ years.  The tumah of this ‘Moshiach mitzvah’ has inspired and aroused the Yatzir Ha’rah within our hearts, and brought death, destruction, and misery upon our people worse than ever did Par’o.

The kabbalah of the prophet יחזקאל teaches an exact precise precedent of mussar: א: א – ה: ד.  The mystic vision of the Divine Chariot.  Rabbi Akiva taught a simple פרדס explanation which shaped the construction of the entire Talmud, its warp/weft relationship between halakhah and aggadah.  

This kabbalah “mystery”, much like the Moshiach silly narishkeit, later commentators spun notions of superstition that perverted and deformed the simple idea by which Rabbi Akiva instructed, a simple Oral Torah logic sh’itta.  The vision of the prophet refers to Israel as a rebellious house over and again.  The mussar of the prophet forever rebukes the worthless Moshiach narishkeit which has plagued g’lut Jewry who have lost the wisdom to do and keep the Torah לשמה – just that simple.

The curse of טפש פשט forever disgraces the history of our people.  Jews remain in g’lut, just like the Wilderness generation.  Because we foolishly approach avodat HaShem with bird brain mentalities.   

We have foolishly prioritized silly superstition, and Roman statute law over Torah common law and פרדס Oral Torah logic.  What a complete and total disgrace, generations of Israel have tarnished the good name of Torah faith!  What, HaShem decreed g’lut for 2000+ years because our people had turned away from our path of rebellion?!

The mussar of יחזקאל forever rebukes g’lut Jewry, and our horrible stubborn stiff necked stupidity.  The hardened heart of Par’o hardly compares to the way our people have clung to the despicable steadfast refusal to obey the oath brit which our forefathers swore upon their soul – us.  

Twice HaShem brought the battering ram against Jerusalem and razed the city which prioritized a cathedral pyramid Temple over lateral common law justice.  Since king Shlomo worshiped avodah zarah with his “wisdom”; a wisdom that the barbarians of Europe strove to duplicate, the curse of ירידות הדורות has cursed our people with death, disgrace and destruction.

The mussar instructed and commanded by the prophet יחזקאל rebukes and also defines the iniquity of the House of Israel from his generation till today.  As the Book of מלכים, makes a satire that mocks the wisdom of Shlomo, so too the satire of the prophet יחזקאל repudiates the vision of the Temple.

His mussar condemns the Capital City of Jerusalem and its humiliating rebellion which confuses making a barbeque to heaven, which HaShem never commanded – with righteous lateral common law Sanhedrin courtrooms, the essence of the whole of the Torah.  Herein defines the mussar which Chag Sukkot rebukes our generations, to worship HaShem with love and joy through the simplicity of building a sukkah and waving four different species of plants.

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