The 2nd פרק of Parshat קדושים

The goal of ‘global democracy’ promoted by British thinker David Held and others; the notion of direct election of Heads of State; that such a notion unilaterally qualifies as the best form of governance.  This fraud of a political idea, it flagrantly violates the concept of States Rights within a Republic. 

The premise of direct election of Senators, passage of the 17th Amendment, favors democracy over the authority of State Legislatures.  After its passage, Democracy undermined States Rights of the Republic; it replaced the strong connection of State Legislatures with the Federal Senate, and replaced this political idea with the illegal fourth Branch of the Federal Government: Corporate monopoly lobbies.

Effectively, establishment of the 4th Branch of Government accomplished the dismantilization of States Rights.  This new type of ‘Democracy’, opened the door to the establishment of a State within a State type of rule.  The Cheney – Bush Administration serves as witness.

Post amendment passage empowered a huge Federal bureaucracy which has no accountability to the Public at large.  Beyond the hype and political rhetoric, where’s the “democracy”?  The notion of Grand Democratic values, by far overshadowed by non elected bureaucratic law makers who have no accountability for their rule enforcement decisions.  Bureaucrats watch elected officialdom come and go.

Only a small government has accountability for actions and decisions taken.  Hence the slogan: States Rights Washington Bites.  And: Down with Big Brother.  Big Government means huge corruption. 

Centralized Governments serve but one ideal purpose: fight foreign wars.  Huge government, due to the corruption of its imperialism, cannot even do that one objective without bankrupting the future born generations in National debt.  Huge governments serve their own self made interests – alone.  Government governs best which governs least.

For these reasons, Israel should withdraw its membership within the United Nations.  The notion of a ‘world democracy’ negates Israel winning its National Independence in two existential wars: 1948, and 1967.  Foreign national leaders do not determine the strategic best interests of the Jewish State or any other country.

World democracy sounds great, till a peoples’ national populations becomes a tiny minority when compared to larger nations.  The House of Congress weighs this crucial consideration. Russia does not permit US Senators to determine the borders of Russia.  Yet the UN demands that a majority of hostile countries, who oppose the existence of Israel, have the right to determine both the Jewish Capital and its international borders?

The farcical notion of ‘global democracy’ merits nothing other than complete contempt.  Israel needs a global big brother like the British political scientist David Held needs a .45 slug, shot between his eyes.

The 2nd פרק commands from קדושים יט: כג – לז.  The פרק contains two סוגיות.  The first סוגיה יט: כג – לב.  Learning the Torah requires respecting its own self imposed system of Order.  The Torah sets its own borders.  Xtian farcical translations do not determine Torah chapters any more than do foreign countries, who do not even share a common border with Israel, determine the international borders of the Jewish State.  

The moment that David Ben-Gurion named the new country Israel, the UN mandate to draw up possible borders for the Jewish state, or other Arab countries, ceased to exist.  Great Britain favored the India\Pakistan split; but once India and Pakistan attained political Independence, England lost its power to determine the international borders of either country.   Same holds true with Algeria after Muslims dismantled French imperial rule.

This opening סוגיה introduced the cultural precedent of ערלה in tree produce.  Moshe established the function of the Federal Sanhedrin Courts to determine the culture and customs practiced by the chosen Cohen nation.  The chief function of avodah zarah, it worships foreign God(s), and dismantles the authority of the Sanhedrin lateral common law courts to determine the culture and customs practiced by the Cohen people within our own nation.

The legal concept of משנה תורה permits these Federal Courts to implement ‘legislative review’ which determines the k’vanna of keeping State imposed statute laws.  Why should a Jewish citizen observe and respect Statute laws made by the Knesset government? 

משנה תורה determines the cultural k’vanna of keeping those laws and regulations, imposed by our Knesset Parliament.  In similar fashion, Aggaditah shapes and determines the mussar k’vanna of all the Halachot within the pages of the Talmud.  This דרך sh’itta of learning effectively defines the k’vanna role of the term משנה תורה.

The Roman law statute halachot passed by the Rambam’s statute law code, it has no prophetic mussar משנה תורה k’vanna.  They exist as but a shell that establishes the forms of the religion known as Judaism.  The Ari’s kabbalah view kleppah as evil. 

Substance always takes priority over forms.  Dreams project forms of thoughts within the human mind.  But the self actualization of dreams – by far – superior to dreams which a person immediately forgets upon waking.  The Torah denounces false prophets and dreamers of dreams, which negate the mandate of the Sanhedrin courts to determine through the משנה תורה wisdom, Jewish culture and custom, which set within the borders of our homelands the substance of our cultures and customs which defines the identity of our Cohen people.
The Torah invalidates how the Canaanites practiced their avodah zarah superstitions through means of the produce produced in the fields.  The sages determine the ‘good name’ which defines our cultural inheritance as the chosen Cohen people, accomplished through the exercise of משנה תורה wisdom.

Let’s Learn.  A slightly distant precedent: ב: ב – טז.  Guardians respect the cultural inheritance of our people as we strive to maintain and respect the borders of our country.  The commandment to respect Esau, it forbids replacement theology wherein enemies attempt to subvert the cultures and customs practiced by minority populations who practice divergent cultures and customs.
Universal religions and theologies directly compare to modern notions of world democratic governance.  The commandment to uproot and destroy the cultural traditions practiced by the cursed nations of Canaan imposes the obligation placed upon Sanhedrin Federal courts to uphold the culture and customs of our People. 

Especially when confronted by Goyim and their replacement theologies.  G’lut promises that as Israel strove to uproot and destroy the culture and customs practiced by cursed Canaan, that this Yatzir equally drives Goyim interests who contend with stateless Jews refugee populations in foreign countries abroad.

An exact precise precedent: ה: יב – יח  Only Israel has the cultural experience of Egyptian slavery.  From shabbot observance to negative commandments not to damage the persons and properties of our allied people, all this learns from the oppression our forefathers endured in the g’lut of Egypt.  

The g’lut suffered there, repeats of that same or similar experience in the g’lut felt by all generations of Israel.  Assimilation to the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim defines the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation.

A distant precedent: ו: טז – כה.  Each and every generation delivered from g’lut has a Torah obligation to maintain the cultural integrity of our Cohen inheritance.
In any ‘world democratic governance’ Jews surrender our freedom to uphold and maintain our unique cultural inheritance.  Herein explains why Jews reject any and all UN or other foreign nation “mandates” which presumes to determine and shape the borders of our country or the Capital City of our nation.

Another distant precedent: י: א – יא.  The appointment of the Tribe of Levi to instruct mussar, this action likewise defines the inheritance of the rabbis who designate the halachah.  A seamless garment – the cultural inheritance of the Jewish people.  Why should Jews keep and observe the halachah?  Because we do not worship the avodah zarah culture and customs practiced by non bnai brit Goyim who reject the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.

A precise exact precedent: יא: י – כא.  Ruling our own country makes our land completely different from foreign countries ruled by Goyim.  The 2nd paragraph within the kre’a shma and tefillen mitzva enshrines this fundamental distinction. 

The curse of מעשה בראשית, Jews who slander ארץ ישראל by calling it g’lut!  Such fools develop no tohor middah of shame nor fear of heaven.  Ruling the oath sworn lands day and night – totally different than g’lut, Jews ruled by Goyim who practice avodah zarah.

Still another exact precise precedent: יג: ב – יב.  The Tzeddukim רשעים, those assimilated fools sought to turn Jerusalem into a Greek polis!  On par with those defiled tumah priests, the assimilated Roman statute halachot of the Yad HaChazakah, Tur, and Shulchan Aruch.  
Frumkeit off the derech Jews arrogantly slander ארץ ישראל and refer to it as g’lut, based upon the narishkeit Moshiach tumah gases which these corrupt codes of assimilated statute Roman law blow.

Gemarah common law always serves to understand the language of the Mishna.  The Roman law assimilated codes profess equality of halachah; they make no distinction between sources: the Mishna from the Gemarah.  They ignore that the B’hag, Rif, Rosh Codes, their halachic rulings served as precedents to understand the language of given quoted Mishna!

Common law and statute Roman law – two completely different systems of law.  Post the Rambam Civil War rabbinic authorities preached assimilation oblivious to the fact that Sanhedrin common law rejects the stamp of Roman statute law, in determining the culture and customs practiced by the chosen Cohen nation.

The animus unconscious masculine side to keep halachah, requires the aggadic femine Shekinah prophetic mussar spirit which inspires bnai brit man to reach set defined goal objectives.  Observance of halachot as precedents to a Mishna, so to speak, releases dopamine into our blood and causes our people to feel happiness… wheels within wheels, the פרדס vision of faith.
Assimilated Roman statute halachah compares to sterile homosexuality, a Torah abomination.  Frumkeit Jews keep the halachah merely because it’s written in the Shulchan Aruch!  Since when did any assimilated code, written during the g’lut Middle Ages, replace the authority of T’NaCH Talmud & Siddur? 

Yet post Rambam Civil War Jews only worship words printed in the Siddur.  K’vanna, as prophetic mussar, they know nothing about.   Their “rabbis” tell them that it’s enough if they say the printed Siddur words.  As if praying existed on par with reading news-paper printed propaganda trash!  Their “rabbis” tell them that the survival of the nation, which they often do not even recognize, (Jews in Israel live in g’lut) depends upon Yeshiva students parroting printed words!  What a disgrace.  Comparable to JeZeus messiah babble or Allah and אדוני, one Unitarian monotheistic theology.

These disgusting tumah codes of avodah zarah learn directly from the mussar commandment: יג: ז – יב.  They directly compare to the cursed Canaanite nations which Moshe received mussar to up-root and totally destroy.

A slightly distant precedent: כג: ד – יז.  And a distant precedent: כו: טז – כז: ח.  Fear of heaven vs. assimilation to g’lut cultures and customs defines the blessings and curses of the Torah באר היטב.

A slightly distant precedent: לא: יד – ל.  Moshe warned that the nation shall disgrace themselves and pursue assimilation avodah zarah, a closing mussar rebuke unto all generations of our people.

Compare the kabbalah of the prophet יחזקאל and his mussar.  A slightly distant precedent: ה: ה – יז.  The sword of g’lut forever hangs over the chosen Cohen nation whose lateral Sanhedrin courts rule this land with common law justice halachot, woven together with prophetic mussar, based upon the משנה תורה wisdom as written here.

A slightly distant precedent: ח: טו – ט: יא.  Another slightly distant precedent: יא: ד – יג.  A more distant precedent: יב: א – כ.  The vision of יחזקאל compares to the disgust of HaShem when the g’lut Wilderness generation asked for meat to eat, but concealed ערוה within their hearts.
The stench of the vision of g’lut, it reeks so bad that perhaps let’s just jump to searching for precedents from where the first פרק left off.  An exact precise precedent: כט: יג – כא.  Israel can make no alliance with any nation, no matter how great, abandon the Cohen brit faith, and expect a blessing of success.  If our leaders behave as did the Rambam and that disgraceful son of the Rosh, who despised & humiliated his father, then curses shall rain down upon our people and we shall once again exist under the oppression of g’lut slavery, לשון הרע, and Shoah.

A precise and exact mussar precedent: ל: יג -כו.  Modern Israel has an alliance with the United States.  This foreign policy blooms with blessings only as long as the Sanhedrin Federal common law lateral courts, through משנה תורה wisdom, establishes prophetic mussar aggaditah as the k’vanna of Talmudic halachah … Knesset statute laws.  The prophetic mussar of the prophets breathes either life or death today, as did the prophet’s mussar commanded during the First Commonwealth Republic.

וידעו כי אני יהוה.

Herein this 2nd פרק has reached a tremendous crescendo.

42 thoughts on “The 2nd פרק of Parshat קדושים

  1. Guten Tag Herr Mosckerr

    Ihre Grundhaltung, ihre Überzeugung die Sie bis ins Letzte zu verteidigen wissen.

    Die Herrschaft der Mehrheit hat den Vorteil, einen Amtsträger, der sich nicht um das Gemeinwohl kümmert; ihn nicht wieder zu wählen und durch die Abwahl, ihn als einfachen Menschen in die Bürgerschaft zurück zu versetzen.

    Herr Mosckerr, Sie haben die unteilbare Menschenwürde, wie wir alle anderen rund um den Erdball von Mutter Erde.


      1. Sehr geehrter Herr Mosckerr, mich wundert, dass Ihre Frau, Ihre Tochter und Ihr Freund nicht darauf bestehen, dass Sie mit Ihren Aussagen, gegen die unteilbare Menschenwürde die Fehde führen und Sie mit; das macht mir so den Eindruck, keine menschenwürdige Lösungen vorschlagen können..


      1. Sehr geehrter Herr Mosckerr, mir gibt diese Aussage den Eindruck, dass Sie sich zum Ausnahmetalent für sich selbst machen wollen. Der Staat Israel, liegt zwischen anderen Nationen, auf der dünnen Haut von Mutter Erde. Wir sind alle von Mutter Natur, wir sind Natur, von dem was uns die Erde zu geben hat abhängig.


      2. Only the chosen Cohen nation accepts the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev. Goyim never to this day accept this Torah mussar. Mother nature be damned.


      3. Sehr geehrter Herr Mosckerr.

        Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass ich Ihnen zu sagen habe. Dass die Juden, seit der Gerichtsetzung, in der Genesis, der heiligen Schrift, der Tora, der Offenbarung durch Moses, das was ‏יהוה‎ ihm und dem Volk Israel dadurch geoffenbart hat, der unteilbaren Menschenwürde alle Juden, auch Ihnen Herr Mosckerr, bis heute seine Geltung hat, demselben wie wir, die nicht auserwählt sind.

        Dem weiteren so, dass ich das Relief an der Kirche, aus dem 13 Jahrhundert, die Pogrome, die Shoah, die Vertreibung aus Israel, der Judenhass, aufs schärfste verurteile.

        Ihre Rede davon Mutter Natur sei verdammt, dem anderen sei eine Kugel in die Stirn geschossen usw.; die Gerechtigkeit, und damit die absolute Wahrheit zu verfolgen; dies macht mir den Eindruck, dass sie dem Recht ein Mensch zu sein, allen anderen, den Widerspruch erteilen.


      4. Chosen refers to the nation of Cohonim. A child born after the birth of the first born … compares to all Goyim, not Cohonim.

        Your 3rd paragraph — Do not understand. Belief in mother nature has no portion in the revelation of the Torah which Goyim to this day reject.


      5. Sehr geehrter Herr Mosckerr

        Alle Juden und die in der Diaspora sind der unteilbaren Menschenwürde

        Auserwählt bezieht sich auf die Nation von Cohonim.

        Wie schon gesagt, ich bin nicht auserwählt.

        Ein Kind, das nach der Geburt des Erstgeborenen geboren wird … ist vergleichbar mit allen Goyim, nicht mit Cohonim.

        Verstehe, ich bin der Erstgeborene einer grossen Sippe.

        Ihr 3. Absatz – Verstehe nicht.

        Ich verstehe nicht, was Sie nicht verstehen können.

        Der Glaube an Mutter Natur hat keinen Anteil an der Offenbarung der Tora, die Goyim bis heute ablehnen.

        Wie schon gesagt, ich glaube an nichts, auch nicht an Mutter Natur. Was die Tora ablehnt, betrifft mich nicht, weil ich kein Auserwählter bin.


      6. [Alle Juden und die in der Diaspora sind der unteilbaren Menschenwürde] Again I don’t have the slightest clue what your declaration means.

        [Verstehe, ich bin der Erstgeborene einer grossen Sippe.] Great just not the Cohen nation.


      7. [Alle Juden und die in der Diaspora sind von unteilbarer Menschenwürde] Auch hier habe ich nicht die geringste Ahnung, was Ihre Erklärung bedeutet.

        Ich denke, dazu braucht es keine weiteren Erklärungen.

        [Verstanden, ich bin der Erstgeborene eines großen Clans.] Großartig, einfach nicht die Cohen-Nation.

        Nein, nichts ist grossartig, ich habe mich vom Hass der Mutter, dem Fluch meines Vaters, von meinen Geschwistern und deren Nachkommen abgesetzt.


      8. Cool gut für dich, mehr Kraft für dich … ein Segen: Von Stärke zu Stärke gehen.

        Ich brauche keine Kraft um mich gegen die Gerechten durchzusetzen, ich brauche keinen Segen vom Vater, von meiner Mutter, noch von Schriften, die gegen mein Gewissen beten.


      9. Die Tora befiehlt Tefillah. Tefillah ist kein Gebet. Tag- und Nachtunterschied zwischen den

        Was minder oder höher ist, das habe ich hier nicht zu entscheiden.


      10. Warum redest du dann über Dinge, von denen du nichts verstehst? Das ist einfach Quatsch.

        Was Ihnen ein Quatsch ist, ich rede davon, wie ich dem will.


      11. Sie sagen es; ich erwartet von Ihnen nicht, dass Sie eine andere Weltanschauung, als jene die Sie für die absolute Wahrheit halten, die Sie in ständiger Wiederholungen, der Erwähnungen von Präzedenzfall zu Präzedenzfall, Ihrer Ansicht nach; laut der Schrift und ihrer Gesetzsetzung, die Gerechtigkeit sei zu verfolgen; eine andere Sichtweise in Betracht ziehen wollen, können und dürfen.

        Ich halte mich an die Grundhaltung der unteilbaren Menschenwürde, für die Bösen und die Guten, der ganzen Menschheit fest.

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      12. Modest people do not parade their dicks in public. Especially those not well endowed. But if you want to be the exception, more power to ya.


    1. Sehr geehrte Frau PoeEternal. Sie sind der unteilbaren Menschenwürde: Es macht mir den Eindruck, dass Sie versuchen, einen Widerspruch, gegen die Wortführungen, die der sehr geehrte Herr Mosckerr in seinem Munde führt; den sehr geehrten Herr Mosckerr, der dieselbe Menschenwürde hat; auch wenn er mit seiner Wut gegen andere, diese in ihrer Würde verletzt; mir mit Ihrem Fingerzeig den Diktator, nicht nur an der Oberfläche zuschreiben zu wollen.


      1. No wisdom expressed in bad mouthing and making accusations of others. All mankind has to put our pants on one leg at a time and crap in the toilet. And sometime the smell causes the paint to peel.

        The I have no sin JeZeus syndrome completely alien to Yiddishkeit. From Adam HaReshon to King David, all bnai brit struggle with our evil inclinations – known as Yatzir Ha’Rah.

        The Torah commands Jews not to assimilate to the cultures and customs practiced by the Goyim who reject the mussar revelation given by the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.

        hgamma your into your belief of ‘Mother Nature’, more power to ya. Go with a blessing and worship however so pleases you and gives you peace.

        My blog addressed to assimilated Jewry in America and Europe. The assimilation rates of my people surpass 70%. To my reading of the Torah oath brit, this represents a disaster known as avodah zarah.

        Clearly based from your perspective avodah zarah amounts to !@#$%^&. But the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation directly rejects the worship of avodah zarah. Folk with fear of heaven therefore run away from this tumah in horror of the Torah curses like those who plagued the hardened heart of Par’o in the days of Moshe.


      2. Sehr geehrter Herr Moscker,

        Keine Weisheit, ausgedrückt durch schlechtes Reden und Beschuldigungen anderer. Die ganze Menschheit muss unsere Hosen auf einem Bein nach dem anderen anziehen und in die Toilette scheißen. Und manchmal führt der Geruch dazu, dass die Farbe abblättert.

        Ich habe mit meinem Verdorbenen genug zu tun, mir bewusst zu machen, um nicht den Fingerzeig auf andere richten zu müssen

        Das I have no sin JeZeus-Syndrom ist der Jiddischkeit völlig fremd. Von Adam HaReshon bis König David kämpfen alle Bnai-Briten mit unseren bösen Neigungen – bekannt als Yatzir Ha’Rah.

        Ich habe mit dem Herrn Jesus in seiner Dreifaltigkeit nichts zu tun.

        Die Tora befiehlt den Juden, sich nicht an die Kulturen und Bräuche der Goyim anzupassen, die die Mussar-Offenbarung der Tora @ Sinai @ Horev ablehnen.

        Ich kann die Tora gar nicht ablehnen, ich gehöre nicht zu den Auserwählten.

        hgamma du in deinen Glauben an ‚Mutter Natur‘, mehr Kraft für dich. Gehe mit einem Segen und bete an, wie es dir gefällt und dir Frieden gibt.

        Ich muss weder einen Gott, noch einen Götzen noch die Natur anbeten .

        Mein Blog richtet sich an assimilierte Juden in Amerika und Europa. Die Assimilationsraten meines Volkes übersteigen 70 %. Nach meiner Lektüre des Thora-Eids Brite stellt dies eine Katastrophe dar, die als Avodah Zarah bekannt ist.

        Die unteilbare Würde der Juden rund um den Globus steht ausser Frage.

        Aus Ihrer Sicht beläuft sich Avodah Zarah eindeutig auf !@#$%^&. Aber das 2. Gebot der Sinai-Offenbarung lehnt die Anbetung von Avodah Zarah direkt ab. Menschen mit Angst vor dem Himmel laufen daher aus Entsetzen vor den Flüchen der Torah von dieser Tumah weg, wie diejenigen, die das verhärtete Herz von Par’o in den Tagen von Moshe plagten.

        Ich habe keine Angst und Furcht, vor dem Zorn eines zornigen Gottes. Für mich gibt es kein Jenseits, ich bin nicht Abel, ich habe das Kainsmal auf der Stirn, ich bin der Vertriebene aus dem Paradies.


      3. Sehr geehrter Herr Mosckerr,

        Alle Juden in Israel und in der Diaspora, sind der unteilbaren Menschenwürde.

        Habe überhaupt kein Problem mit deiner Perspektive. Einfach froh, dass ich Jude bin.

        Das ist wunderbar, dass Sie ein Jude sein dürfen.

        Ich bin der Vertriebene aus dem Paradies, habe keinen Glauben, kein Besitz, kein Haus, ich habe das Kainsmal auf der Stirn, dem ist auch alles gut so.


      4. [Alle Juden in Israel und in der Diaspora, sind der unteilbaren Menschenwürde.] Don’t have the slightest clue what you mean.

        [Ich bin der Vertriebene aus dem Paradies, habe keinen Glauben, kein Besitz, kein Haus, ich habe das Kainsmal auf der Stirn, dem ist auch alles gut so.] LOL Cain has no portion in the Torah. LOL


      5. [Alle Juden in Israel und in der Diaspora, sind der unteilbaren Menschenwürde.] Keine Ahnung, was Sie meinen.

        Sie können, wenn Sie wollen, sich selbst eine Ahnung davon machen, wenn nicht, dann eben nicht.

        [Ich bin der Vertriebene aus dem Paradies, habe keinen Glauben, kein Besitz, kein Haus, ich habe das Kainsmal auf der Stirn, dem ist auch alles gut so.] LOL Cain hat keinen Anteil an der Thora. LOL

        Ich habe die Geschichte von Kain und Abel nicht selbst erfunden. Was die Thora dazu zu sagen, dem kann ich nicht wissen.


      6. [[
        Ich habe die Geschichte von Kain und Abel nicht selbst erfunden. Was die Thora dazu zu sagen, dem kann ich nicht wissen.]]

        Teaches the mussar of g’lut.


  2. I observe that the reform Jewish faith in America can be quite liberal with respect to how much they adhere to Jewish tradition. In fact the label itself can be easily missed. Being half Jewish myself, I fall easily into that category. For example, I am not a big proponent of allowing church and state to infringe on each other


    1. You do not support then the 1st Amendment? Assimilation exists as the curse of avodah zarah that has plagued the Jewish people like as did the 10 plagues did Par’o and Egypt.

      Assimilation defines the central k’vanna of the 2nd Sinai commandment.


    2. Second סוגיה of פרק of Parshat אמור
      Second פרק of Parshat אמור, כב: א – טז. The din of כרת for attempting to practice avodat HaShem while in the condition of breathing tumah spirits. Tumah spirits, effectively define the passions of the Yatzir Ha’rah within the human heart. The Torah brings four לאו דוקא specifics employed to define the general term — tumah: צרוע, זב, שרץ, ונבלה טרפה. A dead body serves as the Av tumah.

      The Torah instructs through means of משל\נמשל. › index.php › מתוך_שלא_לשמה_בא_לשמה
      משמע שהלא לשמה שמתוך כך יבוא לשמה הוא מפני השכר או העונש מה’. וזה שסתם הרמב”ם וכו

      Tumah Partnership mitzvot, if a person fails to keep and do the mitzvot לשמה, then even if that person faithfully keeps all the other 612 commandments, that person worships avodah zarah. Hence the 5th Middle Blessing of the Shemone Esri, does not necessarily address tactical health issues as the primary k’vanna of רפאנו ה’ ונרפא.

      Rather the strategic k’vanna of this blessing, that HaShem remembers the oath sworn to the Avot and heals the soul of Israel from tumah partnership mitzvot done לא לשמה.
      What distinguishes between tohor and tumah partnership mitzvot? Tumah partnership mitzvot, Jews keeping the Torah לא לשמה in g’lut. Contrasted to Jews keeping the Torah לשמה in the oath sworn lands. צדק צדק תרדוף. Justice spins around the axis of court imposed fair compensation of damages. Obviously in g’lut Jews have no power to rule with justice.
      What, Jews in the oath sworn lands do not pursue after passion ecstasy “insanity”, like we do in g’lut? Man lives as an apex predator. Not comparable to a killer whale or a lion, jaguar, or tiger. The latter hunts prey but does not endure being a prey animal hunted by other animals for food.

      Mankind as an apex predator contrasts with pedophiles. The latter expresses a form of ecstatic insanity warned in the mussar commanded by the Book of Sh’muel in the aggadah of Amnon and Tamar, and repeated in the mussar aggadah of king David and Bat Sheva.

      Man as an apex predator compares to a niche market. By which an individual develops a wisdom, a cut or more, utterly profound, above his or her peers, not limited to any particular generation. Making a chiddush on the Torah qualifies, at least for me, as the definition of an apex predator. This author hunts the learning of king Shlomo and the Rambam like a lion kills and consumes prey herds.

      Specifically, even if a person obeys and observes all the other 612 commandments לא לשמה, that person worships avoda zarah. Tumah Partnership commandments pass from generation to generation, comparable to DNA as a genetic inheritance.

      The דיוק made on this chiddush, even if a person keeps only the 1st Commandment of the Sinai revelation and profanes all the rest of the 612 Commandments, that person does not worship avodah zarah – the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. The mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah serves as a precedent witness.

      T’shuvah exists, based upon tumah vs. tohor partnership commandments, as a form or grade of madness. Madness, defined as ecstasy. Tumah partnership commandments, if done לשמה contrast with tumah partnership commandments, if done לא לשמה. The 5th middle blessing of the Shemone Esrei, it seems to me, strategically addresses healing the soul (future as yet unborn generations) from the passion madness as described in the Book of Sh’muel. Consider the US National debt as another relevant example, the future born generations inherit this criminal poverty.

      When a person reaches an Apex in life achievements, from where does that person go thereafter? Down, down, down, America post WWII. Primitive societies relied upon their shaman to heal them. Ecstatic mysticism in a sense compares to how pornography arouses human passions to express sexual fantacies. The false messiah, Yaacov Frank, employed tumah sexual passions and other negative partnership commandments, as a medium to plant his control over minds of others, something like Hitler seduced Germany with his empassioned speeches.

      The Yatzir Ha’Rah once aroused, it proceeds to supplant, dominate, conquer, and subjugate the rational brain. This transfer of control from the tohor Yatzir within the heart to the tumah Yatzir compares to a worm transforming into a moth.

      The aggadic story of Yechuda and Tamar compounds and serves to amplify the aggadic mussar commanded in the trial of Yosef by his brothers. The brothers did not decide in one day to murder their brother. The tumah of their jealousy took years to fester before it overruled their rational minds.

      The anguish and hurt Yosef’s brothers saw in their fathers’ eyes, this intense mussar, it removed the scales which had till then blinded their eyes. For the first time in years, they realized the gravity of their tumah jealousy crime. That crime caused a תמיד מעשה בראשית, the descent of Israel unto Egyptian g’lut.

      Having sold Yosef as a slave those apex predators reached the summit of their desires – then came their fall. The tumah Yatzir\passion ecstasy/ lives as an apex predator within our hearts. This insane madness can and does, it dominates the rational mind. ערוה sexual incest crimes occur because at that moment, the person can not comprehend nor see the consequences of his actions. Even if expressly warned against the crime of that ערוה, again and again, by friends and family. Their warnings accomplish no effect, not short or long term.

      The tumah Yatzir behaves toward the tohor Yatzir something like a predator\prey relationship. Tumah partnership mitzvot, they can either occur לשמה or לא לשמה. Yosef failed to give מחילה to his brothers. Had he sanctified this mitzva לשמה Israel would not have descended into Egyptian g’lut.

      The rule and dominance of the tumah Yatzir לא לשמה – partnership commandments – describes the warning din of g’lut. When Israel refused to free the debt slaves among our people during the sh’mitta year, that prophetic mussar aggadah, as instructed in the Book of ירמיה, teaches that that Yatzir Ha’Rah sealed the din of g’lut; the fall of the kingdom of Yechudah before the armies of Babylon.

      The concept of לשמה or לא לשמה applies directly to – tohor and tumah partnership mitzvot – most specifically to the mitzvah of t’shuvah. Impossible to judge the aggadic mussar instruction without wearing the same wet moccasins (a metaphor taught by Rabbi Asher Dov Kahn), worn by the characters within those stories. The struggle to grow and mature applies equally to all generations. The moose does not kill a pack wolf member at every hunt. If moose did, wolves would soon cease to hunt moose as prey.

      The din of profanation of קודש, compares to theft wherein justice requires that the criminal pays double the value of tithing – 20%.

      Let’s learn: A precise exact precedent: משנה תורה ה: ו – טו. Avodah zarah compares to a dead body, both define – Av tumah. Swearing false oaths brought the g’lut floods in the days of Noach. Only Israel defines the negative commandment of not doing כל מלאכתך through the 39 labours required to build the Mishkan. Assimilation to the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev — the first face of avodah zarah g’lut death.

      An exact precise precedent: טו: א – יא. Do we keep the mitzvah of sh’mitta לשמה דאורייתא or לא לשמה heter mechirah? The opening סוגיה likewise distinguished between the assimilated אביון from the poor עני. Many chilloni Jews feel they have no inheritance in the Torah. Who imprisoned their minds with such an absurd tumah idea? No group or movement(s) holds a monopoly over the Cohen national inheritance. Those who cry out “Torah True Judaism” compare: to the wicked evil of false prophets. No such thing as the wicked lie: a particular set of Jews closer to the masoret of Yiddishkeit than other Jews.

      A slightly distant precedent: יז: ב – כ. Folk who assume that their religious sect has a monopoly over the Torah, compare to the רשעים who seduce their city to worship avodah zarah. The prophet Moshe mandated that the Sanhedrin determines the culture and customs practiced by the Cohen nation in the oath sworn lands. The Sanhedrin determines the times and seasons when Israel sanctifies the Chagim. No other authority has any Torah mandate to challenge the authority of the Sanhedrin lateral common law court. Alien Goyim who worship avodah zarah, how much more so, they have no say what so ever in the determination of practiced Jewish cultures and customs. Just as American citizens do not cast ballots in Russian elections to the Duma.

      Order requires the establishment of a Central Government. The metaphor of the Torah, refers to the anointment of a king. Laws imposed by the king, but the Torah primarily mandates the Sanhedrin to determine the k’vanna intent of the “kings” statute laws. The Talmud employs Aggadic משנה תורה mussar as the medium to practice “Legislative Review” which determines the statute halachot imposed by the Rabbis. The Torah employs the לאו דוקא metaphor “king” when it refers to the mitzvah to establish a Central Governing Order upon the nation. As the Aggadic portions of the Talmud determine the משנה תורה k’vanna of ritual halachic mitzvot, so too and how much more so the Great Sanhedrin has a משנה תורה mandate from the Torah to rule the “Tumah Yatzir” halachot statute Roman law decreed by any assimilated halachic codes written in the Middle Ages (forms of religious g’lut rabbinic governance).

      Establishment of the Great Sanhedrin and lessor small Sanhedrin Federal lateral common law courtrooms, most essentially defines Post Shoah t’shuvah where Jews once more rule our homelands. Do we do this mitzva לשמה or לא לשמה?

      A distant precedent: כ: י – כא: ט. A distant city, conquered perhaps to add another City of Refuge small Sanhedrin court, why does the Torah permit sparing the lives of הנשים והטף והבהמה וכל אשר יהיה בא עיר כל שללה תבז לך. These folk did not enjoy their freedom to choose to make war. They compare to the woman raped in the field and no one heard her cries. Therefore the din of slaughter does not apply to them as to the military-fit, male populations. Herein the interpretation:

      משמע שהלא לשמה שמתוך כך יבוא לשמה הוא מפני השכר או העונש מה’.

      An exact precise precedent: כג: ב – ז: The types of ערוה Moav and Bil’am, they have no possibility of doing t’shuvah לשמה. A slightly distant precedent: לג: כב עד סוף. A blessing of tohor partnership mitzvot required to forge the alliance between the Tribes of the Republic as valid – then as today. Mussar never becomes archaic or out of date. Those who read the Torah as stories of way back then, they lack knowledge in the basics of the Torah faith.

      Turning to the kabbalah of prophetic mussar: יחזקאל ג: כב – ה: יז, a distant precedent. What defines Israel as בית מרי המה? G’lut predestined: Israel pursues tumah partnership mitzvot לא לשמה. Contrast how the prophets sanctifies tumah partnership commandments לשמה through how the prophet יחזקאל endured the pain and distress to teach mussar to the generations of Israel.

      A distant precedent: ח:א – ט: יא. The vision of the Chariot פרדס mysticism. The tumah partnership לא לשמה, avodah zarah within the Temple! Jerusalem described as a city full of tumah injustice and oppression. A slightly distant precedent: יא: יז – יב: טז. Tohor t’shuva overcomes the tumah Yatzir within our hearts. Israel, the chosen Cohen nation pursues partnership mitzvot לשמה. The prophet has a compound vision that separates t’rumah from chol. Rule by the tumah Yatzir Ha’Rah, tumah partnership mitzvot done לא לשמה and the Divine decree of g’lut to the nation.

      The mussar rebuke of יחזקאל bitter cold and dark. Herein concludes the learning on the 2nd סוגיה of Parshat אמור.


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