Post Shoah Israeli Visionary Leadership

The period of g’lut – the times of ירידות הדורות.  The long g’lut has come to an end.  Domino effects — decisions taken by key leaders which shape the vision destiny of our people for either a blessing or a curse.  The curse – the decision to build Temples constructed of wood and stone over the priority to rule the land with justice through the medium of lateral common law Sanhedrin courtrooms.  The curse – statute Roman law halachic codexes prioritized over learning the Torah & Talmud by means of precedents.   The curse – limiting Torah commandments to bi-polar positive and negative commandments rather than standing the Table upon four legs; positive time oriented commandments together with partnership commandments.

The latter type of Torah commandment learns from applying a דיוק upon positive time oriented commandments.  Both types of commandments require k’vanna.  The partnership commandments, learn from precedent relationships.  They combine positive and negative commandments together.  Love your brit neighbor as yourself, a positive commandment with Do not steal or covit, negative commandments.

With the restoration of Jewish rulership upon our homelands, to implement the מעלה הדורות/ascension of the generations require to plant within the vision soul of our People for millenniums, similar but opposite to the g’lut Temple and assimilated Roman law halachic codexes, the vision priority to rule the oath sworn lands through lateral common law Sanhedrin courtrooms.

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