The 3rd closing פרק Parshat אחרי מות, and the concept forbidden ערוה relationships.

The classic error made by oversimplification of Torah mitzvot into an assimilated Roman law positive and negative codex.  Lateral common law halachot do not compare to Napoleon’s Codex of statute Roman law.  Impossible to grasp the depth of Torah mitzvot, ignorant of positive time oriented commandments together with partnership commandments.  The latter type of commandment: interest free loans – collateral & pledges – hilchot shabbot, and קידושין\גיטין.  A two legged chair has no stability.

The ירידות הדורות domino effect has its דיוק opposite aliyat affect.  Torah spirituality prioritizes the needs of the many over the Ego driven, self centered, emotionally immature – individual.  As the Av tumah middah – avodah zarah – rains Torah g’lut curses of slander, oppression, slavery, sexual ערוה and murder; Av tohor middot – manifest Torah blessings of political Independence – the Torah Constitutional Republic; a legal system of lateral common law Sanhedrin Federal courtrooms. 

Judean embraced and accepted foreign cultures and customs, Ezra built an Oracle Cathedral made of wood and stone, but the Judean folk never observed the Mitzvah דאורייתא of Sh’mitta during the entire period of the 2nd Commonwealth.   The mussar commanded by ירמיה rebukes all generations of Israel: had our folk observed the Sh’mitta\Yovel commandment, HaShem would not have decreed the curse of Babylonian g’lut.  Observance of mitzvot requires an Order of priorities.  The bi-polar division of תרי”ג commandments into positive vs negative commandments fails to grasp the need to establish an Order of priorities which positive time oriented and partnership commandment fundamentally require.

Domestic justice within the borders of Judea takes priority over emotional love feelings.  The opposing factions and sects during the 2nd commonwealth despised and detested one another – hatred without cause.  Justice requires intra-bnai brit diplomacy among and between our allied people.   Vertical courtroom judges who accept bribes, this Av tumah midda results in the outbreak of Civil War which rips apart and destroys our people.

What mitzva does king Moshiach serve when Jews hate, despise, and detest one another?  The anointed king leads the nation to fight foreign armies.  But this mitzvah accomplishes nothing when Jews make war against ourselves.  No need for a foreign army to initiate war risks, when Jews murder one another – themselves alone.  Rome conquered Jerusalem when disputing brothers did quibble over the Crown.  Both brothers invited Roman armies into the walls of Jerusalem without so much a fight.

Post Shoah, many Israeli Jews (at least before the Eichmann trial) held Shoah European Jewry in absolute contempt for their passivity walking into the Nazi gas chambers.  The Civil War fought between the brothers of the Hashmonite dynasty, hands down a far greater tumah disgrace than that displayed by the cowed Jews of Europe, conditioned by millenniums of blood libel, ghetto oppression & pogroms — who passively died without a fight.
Our forefathers of the 2nd Commonwealth, our forefathers failed to restore the Torah as the Constitution of the Republic/commonwealth.  The Tzeddukim traitors set the precedent which has pursued g’lut Jewry throughout the 2nd g’lut; the Tzeddukim followed by the Xtian church, followed by the Karaites and Reform Judaism – one and all reject the Constitutional mandate given by Moshe Rabbeinu; whereby that prophet established the Torah mandate: the Sanhedrin courts alone have the authority to determine all cultural and custom disputes which divide our people; from determination of the New Moon calendar to kashrut.  

This closing פרק: forbidden ערוה, it learns from יח:א – ל.  The Sanhedrin Federal common law Courts, they interpret and understand the k’vannot of: ושמרתם את חקתי ואת משפטי.  

Let’s learn.  A distant precedent: דברים ה: א – יא.  As Israel listened to Moshe’s explanation of Torah commandments, so too the generations of Israel have a Torah obligation to obey and listen to the Sanhedrin lateral common law courtroom rulings which interpret the k’vanna of Torah commandments, specificly positive time oriented commandments and partnership commandments.  The language Horev, makes רמז to the Sanhedrin court authority.

Another distant precedent: יב: כ – יג: א.  Tohorat ha’biet compares to the negative commandment: eating blood.  The mitzvah of tohorat ha’biet, this partnership commandment, it compares to the laws of tohor and tumah animals.   A unique Torah established cultural tradition, unparalleled by the customs & cultures practiced by any other nation.  Torah commandments and Sanhedrin halachot exist as a seamless dress fabric which therefore fulfills the commandment: לא תסף עליו ולא תגרע ממנו.

A slightly distant precedent: יג: יג – יד: ב.  Who then qualify as these בני בליעל?   People who despise the Torah mandate which establishes the authority of the Sanhedrin lateral courts to determine the k’vanna of Torah partnership commandments.  Rejection of the Oral Torah revelation @ Horev defines avoda zarah throughout the generations.  The Torah compares this Av tumah to the people of Canaan which Israel has a Torah commandment to utterly destroy those רשעים, together with all their property.  חרם\נידוי learns from this precedent.

The language תשמע בקול ה’ אלהיך, refers to the rulings of the lateral Sanhedrin courts.  A distant precedent: טז: ט – יז.  What does במקום אשר יבחר ה’ אלהיך לשכן שמו שם refer to?  The Great Sanhedrin court and partnership commandments.  Another distant precedent: טז: כא – יז: יג.  People who reject the mandate authority of the Sanhedrin courts, resemble unto false prophets.

A slightly distant precedent: יט: טו – כ: יח.  The language ודרשו השפטים היטב refers to the prosecution\defense judges of the lateral courts of common law.  This style defines the language of ‘difficulty/answer’ – all Talmudic discourses.   The language of עין בעין שן בשן יד ביד רגל ברגל only literally applies to דיני נפשות Sanhedrin courtroom hearings.  The Great Sanhedrin primarily addresses cases of partnership commandments.

The language ונגש הכהן ודבר אל העם, refers to the Cohen anointed Moshiach for war, פינחס the most famous Torah example.  The Moshiach describes partnership mitzvot which negate the obligation to risk one’s life to fight a foreign war outside the borders of the oath sworn lands.  Another slightly distant precedent: כג: יח – כד: ד.  More cases of partnership mitzvot.

The kabbalah, slightly distant precedent from עמוס on partnership mitzvot: ו: א – ז: ג.  The Reshonim and Achronim scholars who failed to learn the Torah לשמה, likewise their לא לשמה perpetuation of g’lut failed to grasp the mussar of partnership mitzvot, and its power to bring a כפרה to both the people and the land for the tumah Yatzir within our hearts.  Who bears the primary responsibility for the Shoah?  We the Jewish people, our failure to do and keep mitzvot לשמה.  This מעשה בראשית kabbalah created the Shoah חרה אף monster, which consumed European Jewry.

5 thoughts on “The 3rd closing פרק Parshat אחרי מות, and the concept forbidden ערוה relationships.

  1. Your two thoughts seem more like at least 13 thoughts. It’s too early for me to try and absorb all your complicated thoughts and cross-referencing. I am going to go have another mug of coffee and re-read your thoughts.
    Sometimes you may want to throw down a couple flakes of hay down from the hayloft so the dumb animals (like me) can understand you better. It is obvious that you are scripturally and philosophically educated, but who are you writing for ? I humbly suggest you cast your net towards a bigger “school” of fish.
    Always your friend Rabbi Kerr,
    Marc David Baker @


    1. An introduction to Parshat קדושים

      The suicide of Nero terminated the Juleo-Cladian dynasty which ruled some 95 years before its extinction.  The Civil War, known as the Battle of the Four Emperors brought Rome unto the verge of total collapse.  Had Jewish warriors killed Vespasian at the Battle of Gilboa, Rome would most probably not have survived its internal domestic Civil War.

      Galba replaced Nero.   But before  General Vespasian could swear an oath allegiance to Emperor Galba, he too died through assassination by the corrupt Praetorian guards; these spout brats of the Roman Army decided, if the price was right, who would rule as Emperor.  The Praetorian guard supported first Salvius Otho, a friend and lover of Nero, as Emperor.

      Chaos and Anarchy prevailed in Rome, during the Jewish Revolt. Emperor Otho, replaced Galba.  His rule also lasted but a few months. Alus Vitellius followed Otho, and for a short time he assumed the purple robe.   The Roman Civil War threatened to tear the Roman empire apart.

      The New Testament, during the Jewish Revolt, served Roman interests and the Roman efforts to promote Civil War anarchy and chaos in Jerusalem.  Something comparable to Ho Chi Minh’s ‘Peoples’ War’ strategy promoted chaos and anarchy within the American homefront during the Vietnam War.

      General Vespasian, originally came from a stock of common mule breeders and farmers.   He fathered Titus, and saved the Roman empire.  As the last general to seize the throne, this Roman warrior served the Empire with both talent and integrity.  He sought to uphold and protect the best interests of the Empire, even above his own personal benefit.  He stands head and shoulders above the 3 previous Emperors who seized the reins of power for vain self serving interests.  

      The failure to kill Vespasian at the Battle of Gilboa, compares to king Shaul’s disastrous defeat before the Philistines.   That First Commonwealth disaster, also referred to as the Battle of Gilboa.  General Vespasian decided to return to Rome, he transferred the burden to crush the Jewish revolt unto his son Titus.

      Titus as head of a regional Army, likewise replaced Galba’s vacated domain in Damascus Syria. General Bar Kokhba critically failed to expel the Roman legions from Damascus during the 2nd Jewish revolt against Rome.  Alas, Vespasian’s rule ended the Civil War which Sanhedrin foreign policy actively promoted within Roman society during the 1st Jewish revolt against Rome. Vespasian inherited an empire on the brink of total collapse. This 1st Judean revolt against Roman rule specifically timed to explode during that domestic political anarchy that threatened to topple the Roman empire.

      This political opportunism also failed to coordinate its revolt together with the Jews in Alexandria Egypt. The Sanhedrin sent a Jewish agent spy to Rome to promote propaganda of a limited form of Monotheism among polytheistic Roman citizens! Rome responded with the exact same tactic – its Gospel forgery – in the hope to likewise promote Civil War in Judea.

      Many modern day Indian descendants deny the prevalence of the barbaric, disgraceful custom of cannibalism, practiced by many or most ancient Anasazi Indians in South and Central America.  Likewise Xtian revisionist historians, in their turn, repeatedly deny that the Apostle Paul served as a Sanhedrin agent provocateur, sent to Rome to promote a Civil War.  Or that the Gospel forgeries, in their own right, served Roman strategic interests to plant the seeds of political anarchy. Aimed toward the destabilization of Sanhedrin rule within Jerusalem.

      A key strategy, throughout the annals of human conflict and warfare, it seeks to defeat the enemy by promoting domestic Civil unrest and violence within the internal home front politics of that enemy nation state.  The Torah views monotheism as an abomination, as it likewise does polytheism.   This unique quality of the Torah oath brit faith, Jews as atheists praise HaShem.  The Torah simply invalidates all theological belief systems in any and all God(s), other than the oath brit HaShem faith.
      This prima causa objective crystalized itself during the First Jewish revolt against Rome as a key strategic war effort.  The objective, to promote Civil unrest and political anarchy within both societies.  Launched by strategic planners in Rome and Jerusalem – one against another.  The concept of Peoples’ War guerrilla warfare, Hồ Chí Minh, in the 20th Century, did not originate.  

      General Bar Kokhba during the 2nd Jewish revolt against Rome, felt that his military could defeat the Roman legions.  His strategic planning failed to invade Syria and destroy the Roman base stationed in Damascus.  This failure of leadership extended to Alexandria Egypt, the granary of Egypt.  General Bar Kokhba failed to coordinate the Jewish revolt in Judea together with a Jewish revolt in Alexandria Egypt.  Jews endured a 2000+ year g’lut, as a direct result of Bar Kokhba’s arrogance and poor strategic planning in-depth.

      The result of General Bar Kokhba’s absolute confidence in Judean military prowness; had that “moshiach” expelled the Roman legions from Judea, Damascus Syria, and failure of Alexandria Egypt together with Judea, these strategic military errors & flaws – they compare to the failure of Jewish warriors to kill General Vespasian during the most critical battle of Gilboa – during the first Jewish revolt against Rome.

      Stateless Balestinian interests promote social hatred between ‘Liberal Judaism’ in g’lut and Israelis.   This strategic policy directly compares to the Roman Gospel fraud.  In like manner the imperialist States of Russia, the EU, and United States promote the division of Jerusalen and foreign imposed borders – established by some UN Quartet authority (as if France won WWII) upon the Jewish state, commonly known as the 2-State Solution, expressed repeatedly through UN propaganda Resolutions 242, 338, 446, & Obozo’s 2334.  Foreign power enforced division of Jerusalem, it too would result in a fierce Civil War within Israel.  Consequently, this crude imperialism directly compares to the Roman Gospel fraud.

      Foreign intervention in the internal domestic affairs of distant countries abroad effectively separates imperialist state interests from countries who refuse to jump into the domestic squabbles of distant foreign countries.  Like as occurred in Spain’s Civil War prior to the outbreak of WWII, where Germany and Russia experimented with war.  Separated by the Atlantic ocean, the distant European empires did not intervene in the short Mexican American border war. Imperialist powers habitually behave, throughout history, comparable to flies, attracted to fresh laid manure – distant foreign Civil Wars.   Countries whose military intervenes in the internal affairs of foreign countries; who share no common border with those ‘Lord of the flies’ countries who immediately dispatch their invading troops.

      Religion has always served, throughout all Human history, as a basis of nation state stability or instability.   Religion served as a Prime Cause for the colonization of the New World.  Both church and mosque, throughout their histories, have attacked and disrupted the religious practices observed by minority conquered refugee foreign populations.  Sunni Syria backed the Shiite Iranian revolution to the horror and disgust of the Sunni Saudis.

      The idea that segregates the new testament or koran propaganda into some Apartheid “religion(s) of faith” – alone and all by themselves – divorced from State strategic interests, utterly and completely absurd.  Religion has always served as the key weapon of both choice & rhetoric; employed most often by dictators, to control the herds of the sheeple masses, both domestic and abroad.

      Parshat קדושים, the 4th Parshah of the third revolution of the פרדס wheel, learning the Torah לשמה.  This Parshah contains three פרקים.  The first פרק commands mussar from  יט: א – כב.  This Parshah aligns with the blessing:
      ראה בענינו, וריבה ריבנו, וגאלנו מהרה למען שמך, כי גואל חזק אתה:  ברוך אתה ה’ גואל ישראל.

      The Parshah opens with the korban shalom.  Shabbat teaches a strong mussar of shalom, through the injunction of the 3 meals.  Shalom only cut among and between bnai brit allies – never with Goyim who reject, past and present, the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.

      This Parshah addresses the tzaddakah of crop charity, the negative commandments against theft, deceive, lies, swearing false oaths, profaning the Name of HaShem, oppress, rob, withhold wages of day laborers, curse the deaf, lay traps, corrupt or pervert justice, speak לשון הרע, crush the dignity of others, conceal hatred against bnai brit, faillure to strive to speak through mussar during disputes, take revenge as opposed to love our bnai brit allies.
      The Parshah then addresses concealed deep laws, specifically treatment of animals and not mixing seeds among crops or clothes.  The latter called שעטנז.  Next subject: sex with slaves addressed.  

      Let’s learn.   A distant precedent: דברים  ה: יב – ו: ג.  The commandment of shabbot.  The nefesh shalom dedicated on shabbot, holy to HaShem.  Shalom cut between and among bnai brit allies.  During the 3 meals, a Man does not invite hated enemies into his home during Shabbot.

      The following sugiot – the famous 10 commandments.

      Building within the heart ‘fear of heaven’. The משנה תורה then concludes by addressing some Torah laws which require research and depth examination.

      Another distant precedent: ו: טז – ז: יא.  Do not assume that HaShem lacks ‘fear of Heaven’.  The whole aggadic story of Moshe coming to Egypt centers upon the glory of the Good Name of HaShem; HaShem honors his sworn oath cut with Avraham.  Keeping and observing the prophetic commandments which Moshe brought down from Sinai, by which those additional commandments explain the first two opening commandments of the Sinai revelation, which most essentially defines the whole of Torah faith.

      The language ועדתיו critically defines mussar.  ‘Fear of Heaven’ succinctly defines the k’vanna of mussar which the cursed nations of Canaan definitively lacked.  The dedication of ‘fear of Heaven’, holy to HaShem, defines the k’vanna of Parshat קדושים and the blessing גואל ישראל.  Nothing better channels the tohor middah of רחום, the tohor middah revealed @ Horev better than does ‘fear of heaven’.

      Nothing better comprehends the tumah of avodah zarah better than the Goyim, throughout the generations, their lack of ‘fear of heaven’.  ‘Fear of Heaven’ best defines the teaching of Rav Nemuraskii: טוב מיעט ממיעט טוב, better a little well than a lot not so well.  Theologies, creeds, and dogmatism amount to less than nothing when weighed upon the scales of ‘fear of heaven’.

      A bit closer distant precedent: י: א – יא: ט.  Did the 2nd tablets teach Oral Torah and the first broken tablets not?  No.  They would not exist as the identical Torah revelation if the 2nd set of tablets commanded a mussar which the first tablets did not.

      The language עשרת הדברים a לאו דוקא language whose mussar instructs by means of משל\נמשל.  In like manner Moshe did not appoint the Tribe of Levi in the place of the first born to carry the Ark at the end of the 40 years of g’lut, after Aaron died.  The Torah employs a לאו דוקא language to teach mussar.

      Mussar does not stand upon the יסוד of history.  This most basic fundamental forever separates Torah spirituality from attempts to impose the physical limitations of history upon aggaditah.

      Written and Oral Torah exist as one revelation of HaShem @ Sinai and @ Horev.  This fundamental concept of the unity of the Torah, it fundamentally separates t’rumah of the chosen Cohen nation from the trief of the Goyim religions of avodah zarah, which rejects the revelation of the Torah @ Horev @ Sinai.

      P’suk י: יב best defines the Parshah of קדושים.  Fear of heaven defines removing the ערלה from our hearts, and not behaving like Par’o which the Torah refers to as וערפכם לא תקשו עוד.

      The new testament fails to distinguish between HaShem and אדוני.  The latter applies as a reference of respect to both Man and to HaShem.  The repeated reference of “Lord” in the New Testament; the absurd notion of a Hebrew written New Testament, that predates the original Greek manuscripts, the Hebrew word אדוני, such an imaginary text would most definitely employ.

      Respecting the dignity of the גר תושב the barbarians of Xtian Europe never considered.  Goyim crushed and oppressed Jewish refugees for over 2000+ years which culminated in the Shoah.  Judges of all Goyim vertical courtrooms accept bribes as a rule.  Justice means nothing to the religions that worship avodah zarah, just as it meant nothing to the nations of Canaan whom HaShem cursed.  Goyim lack all shame and fear of heaven when the tumah spirit of barbarism dominates their hearts.

      The brit faith sanctified the chosen Cohen nation.  When Jews assimilate and embrace and follow the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim, Jews invite the tumah of no shame and no fear of heaven into their hearts.

      The Torah specifically refers to mussar.  Yet Goyim, who worship avodah zarah, ignore mussar altogether as THE critical meaning of intent of Torah spirituality.  Goyim only see the oath sworn lands as a possession of their own.  In this sense Goyim, they compare to a man who puts his hands upon a woman’s body and does not stop advancing his liberties till he beds her.  The woman then exists as but a notch upon his belt, a history of his many conquests over slut whores.

      A slightly distant precedent: יג: ב – יד: ב.  The false prophet or dreamer of dreams serves as a test which weighs the fear of heaven of the chosen Cohen nation.  Still another slightly removed precedent: כג: ד – כד: ד.  Nothing defines the descendants of Lot as their lack of fear of heaven.  In like manner nothing contrasts the middot of Ruth, as anything other than her fear of heaven.

      The concept of removing oneself from tumah middot, best encapsulated by the concept of fear of heaven.  The avodah of dedication human social behaviors to defined tohor middot and the fight to prevent tumah emotions from dominating how a person interacts with others among his people, this avodat HaShem the Torah praises.

      Theologies, Creeds, and Dogmas mean virtually less than nothing when powerful men humiliate the dignity of the poor, the widow and the orphan.  Stateless refugee populations who temporarily reside in the homeland, Jews should not go out of our way to crush their dignity, even of these Na’creim\refugee strangers/ who have no rights.

      A precise exact משנה תורה precedent: כו: טז – כז: יד.  Fear of Hear, this tohor middah defines the k’vanna of לעם סגלה.  The dedication of a korban shalom requires fear of heaven.  The Torah blessings and curses all judged by the measure of fear of heaven within the hearts of the chosen Cohen nation.

      Now compare the kabbalah of the prophet יחזקאל and his mussar commandments, how they understand the k’vanna of Torat Moshe.  יחזקאל ח: טו – יא: ו.  Prophetic mussar, unlike the tumah new testament avodah zarah, does not quote verses stolen out of their surrounding contexts in order to prove some theoretical theological theory or premise.  G’lut the direct result of the failure of the Yatzir Ha’Rah to mature fear of heaven.

      Another slightly distant precedent: יא: ד – כד.  An exact precise precedent: יב: א – כז.  Contrasts with a distant precedent: יב: כח – יג: טז.  What “Wall” does the prophet’s mussar address?  The vanity of vanities, king Shlomo’s Beit Hamikdash itself.

      Another slightly distant precedent: יח: ה – כ: כו.  But an exact precise precedent: כא: א – כח.  When did the Negev desert have forests?  Compare a distant precedent:
      כא:כט – כב: לא.   The language of לכן\therefore, according to Midrash, this languages refers to a sworn oath.  Post Shoah Europe, does it not stink of the dead, rotting, decayed murdered bodies, and horrible oppression?  Does Europe merit the respect shown to a great power?  

      The Rome treaty has established the International Criminal Court?   Justice comes from Europe like Shaul qualifies as a prophet!  A slightly distant precedent: כב: כג through כד: ה.  Do not Xtianity and Islam compare to the two daughters from the same mother?

      Religions who profess substitute theologies.  Do you imagine that prophetic mussar does not stick to your disgusting hides?  Compare this mussar to a precise exact precedent: :כד: ו – כה:ה.  Goyim who celebrate the Shoah of my people, do you think that destruction shall not overtake vile crud like yourselves?

      A slightly distant precedent: כה: ו – כו: ו.  Goyim who proclaim themselves as the “New Israel”, prophetic mussar brings you unto condemnation.  A slightly distant precedent: כח: יא – כט: יב.  The mussar of יחזקאל instructs a strong reproof.  It does not end here, but alas it’s time for me to help my daughter to build a fence.


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