Thomas E. Meyer Jr quotes Brother Lawrence (1605 – 1691) Micah 6:6-8 – compared to 5:2, On the first Day after Xmas, what does my idol on a stick now Require of Us and our abundance? Living in the Rhythm of his Grace!

Tom blogs that his Gawd has a simple vision for all Humanity. [[[“””God’s desires for us are not hard to discern. He wants to bless us with salvation. The incredible gift of his Son is a powerful testimony to this truth. Yet salvation from sin and death is not something he wants to happen in our lives just once.”””]]]. He confuses the 5:2 reference with the birth place of David with that of the Roman\Greek counterfeit, wherein the Roman characters in the new testament fiction, mockingly declares this fictional man as ‘king of the Jews’. Such revisionist history\church propaganda/ Xtian preachers continually has vomited for 2000+ years. As if prophets could miraculously see some 700 years into the future, and their predictions merited a close watch with great anticipation and anxiety. This טפש פשט narishkeit rubbish merits not short of loathing and absolute comtempt.

What a lot of hoey apothecary. And yet Xtian Apologetics applauds this LSD trip theology throughout its long history of murder and bloodshed. People quickly found themselves, and their wives and children and neighbors violently murdered if they challenged the Church Party line & religious propaganda, preached continuously to ignorant lords, serfs and slaves – to keep them “Saved” while enslaved unto church dogma. Tom, just another preacher of the reactionary Church Party line. He totally ignores the savage brutal barbaric history of Xtian church dominated Europe during the Dark and Middle Ages. His preach totally indifferent to the rebellion by both serf and slave common Man, which expelled the church from its perch of domination following the American and French revolutions.

Xtian revisionist historians love the ‘history’ of their bibles … just as long as it ignores church oppression and injustice throughout the entirety of its intractable monolithic domination over barbaric European societies and\or civilizations. The slaughter of the 30 Years War, fought primarily within the Holy Roman Empire (1618 – 1648), its death count compares to that produced by World War I. Wars of religion have deformed and distorted the European soul, worse than did the cruel lash torture Quasimodo, in Victor Hugo’s novel: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

The Peace of Westphalia ended the the Thirty Years’ War and Eighty Years’ War, it brought “peace” to the Holy Roman Empire, closing a calamitous period of European history that killed approximately eight million people. Martin Luther and John Calvin considered the Rome corrupt due to the self serving dogma which promoted indulgences. Deep ideas of prophetic mussar never once crossed the violent prone unhinged minds of any Xtian leader, especially during times of social turmoil, anarchy, & chaos. That same year, 1648, exploded the Cossack pogroms which obliterated Jewish communities across the Ukraine and Poland. The horrors of these pogroms easily matched, they even surpassed the racial slaughter which the German mobs: both serfs & aristocrat war criminals alike, committed during the first Crusades.

The problem with church propaganda preaching their lovy-dovy JeZeus narishkeit unto ignorant aristocrats, noblemen, and serfs; this preachy preach accomplishes nothing when the minds of barbarian non brit Goyim experience and enter into their emotion crazed “rut”. The males march off and murder all in their path, comparable to a plague of locust which destroys everything that sprouts from the earth.

Never does any Xtian theologian ever ask, what causes mass insanity to repeatedly rape the primitive minds of European Xtians. Why does belief in JeZeus always collapse and fail during times of social turmoil or war? At the critical juncture, why no Xtian leader has ever stood and given heart to primitive European Xtians. Stood and Commanded them to stand fast in their faith, reject committing war crimes atrocities … and the flock obeys and listens to their “shepherd”?! When President Bush permitted the torture of capture, even illegally abducted prisoners, not a single Priest or Pastor condemned this war crime against humanity. Never in the 2000+ years, where the Church bore the responsibility to morally guide the faithful, has ever such a righteous leader ever arisen among the European peoples. Muhammad Ali, the greatest world Heavy Weight champion, he denounced the illegal Vietnam War. Martin Luther King Jr, together with Malcolm X, they rose up and denounced American Apartheid against black people. Where was JeZeus when Mehmed VI, Stalin and Hitler committed mass genocide in Europe?

Always, and only after war crimes guilt, does the church regret and abhor that senseless bloodshed. But never has any Xtian church ever tried and convicted any European church leader for his failure to give moral leadership and guidance when strikes the Torah curse: “the plague of locusts”, ‘(משל\\נמשל)’ converts Xtian minds into blood eating vampires and werewolves. The church always fails; due to the craven cowardice of church religious leaders. Their complete lack the courage to take responsibility for the actions taken by the Xtian people, who compose and organize Xtian society across Europe and Russia.

Shall now study the sugiot which contain the cherry picked p’sukim of Tom’s preachy preach. As a rule, when learning minor prophets, due to the brevity of these books, the search for close precedents, comparative sugiot, comes from Major prophet books. Shall attempt to learn Tom’s prized p’sukim by duplicating the style of difficulty\answer by which the Gemarah learns every Case\Rule common law Mishna. The Mishna, written much later, long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the T’NaCH literature as a closed Canon\masoret/tradition – the eternal inheritance of all generations of bnai brit Israel. Encourage the reader to question the precedent compared to מיכהו:א-ח.

This sugia contains the p’sukim of choice which Tom so adores. Propaganda rhetoric narishkeit always, as a rule, takes p’sukim totally out of their surrounding sugia contexts. This classic error defines all new testament theology. This most basic and fundamental perversion, by itself alone makes treif\unkosher/the new testament abomination.

The sugia comparison מלכים א ו:יא – ז:נ, the response to Tom’s blog. Industry stands upon measurement tolerances. The Hebrew term “middot” means “measurements”. Might trust a hardware store yardstick to measure and cut a fence post, but not to check a precision aerospace or medical component. The 1950 US military standard Gage Inspection established measurement tolerances to a 10:1 Gagemakers rule. “The accuracy tolerances of the measuring equipment should not exceed 10 percent of the tolerances of the parts being checked”.

Righteous morality requires “tohor middot” which fit within the tolerances of righteous justice among and between bnai brit. All moral tolerances which fall outside of these defined middot tolerances constitute as “tumah middot”. How to measure and discern between tohor and tumah middot requires great precision. Employing abstract, undefined terms of moral rhetoric, for example: love, faith, and hope, these empty comfort words, they fail to instruct the required mussar whereby to educate Man to live a moral righteous and just life – especially during times of social anarchy and chaos.

In manufacture, measuring equipment must meet certain accuracy specifications. The more precision accuracy required, the more expensive to manufacture the product. T’NaCH prophetic mussar education follows along these exact lines. רוח הקודש defines the middot which express the k’vanna of the revelation of the Name of HaShem, revealed in the opening commandment of the Torah at Sinai. As industry has its Calipers And Micrometers, these instruments, in their turn require a standard by which to check their accuracy. T’NaCH prophets, they define רוח הקודש middot. The discipline of learning a Prophetic sugia by comparing it to sugiot with the identical or close to identical middot, herein defines T’NaCH tolerances of tohor middot.

The comparison which Torah scholars make to check and define tohor middot tolerances, herein defines the scholarship of all Talmudic Aggadic sources. Aggadic sources within the Talmud, they make a דרוש, they search for and compare NaCH tohor middot, designated as רוח הקודש. When a חכם stands and dedicates through the mitzva of t’shuvah tohor middot unto HaShem, this k’vannah within the heart of the חכם lives when that man applies the designated tohor middot learned from prophetic mussar commandments as the t’shuvah dedication of his Yatzir Ha’Tov within his heart. When this same man lives and expresses those defined tohor middot\tolerances, they shape his social behavior with and among his own bnai brit people.

The distinction between the t’shuvah for tumah middot vs. tohor middot distinguishes the opposing k’vannot within the evening Shemone Esrai tefillah, stand opposed to the morning Shemone Esrai tefillah. At the revelation of the Written Torah at Sinai Israel feared the curse of death. At the revelation of the Oral Torah רוח הקודש tohor middot, which stand as מלך\king – they define the Name of HaShem within precise tohor tolerances לשמה. Therefore the evening kre’a shma, bnai brit man remembers accepting the revelation of the Written Torah death curse, he dedicates his t’shuvah for social behavior promoted by his Yatzir Ha’Rah; whereas the morning kre’a shma bnai brit man remembers accepting the revelation of the Oral Torah רוח הקודש middot\tolerances of doing and keeping the mitzvot לשמה — the blessings of the Torah — the dedicated t’shuvah made by the Yatzir Ha’Tov; which radically change how this man associates with his own people in social circumstances — especially so, during times of anarchy or social chaos.

The Church denies the revelation of both the Written and Oral Torah? When anarchy and chaos witness the collapse & fall of the church moral authority to guide and direct righteous behaviors, no Xtian priest or pastor possesses the רוח הקודש to lead and inspire his flock to reject the tumah middot of Cain – not murder again and again and again his brother Abel. The mussar משל\נמשל instruction of the measurements of the Beit Hamikdash, requires חכמים to make the required דיוק נמשל whereby They learn the mussar commanded, for example, by this prophetic book within the NaCH. Aggaditah learns prophetic mussar as the פשט of the tales and stories communicated by the Aggaditah within the Shas Talmud. Aggaditah does not learn the T’NaCH Primary Sources as if they portray physical events, which actually occurred within the history of Israel as a kingdom. Such an empty and worthless moot point, it totally perverts the purpose and intent of all Prophetic mussar.

The new testament counterfeit, exposed as false precisely on this score, for it views the stories and character personalities within the pages of the T’NaCH as actual historical figures. It limits thereby, the reality of the Gods to 3 physical dimensions, on par with Euclid’s 5th axiom of plane geometry; on par with the scientific method, which limits reality to empirical evidence. T’NaCH prophets command mussar. They do not teach, nor concern themselves with the moot point – the physical history of an ancient people who lived in the past a long long long time ago. Observance of mitzvot commandments applies only to the living, not to the dead. For this reason Jews who wear tzitzits and visit a cemetery, they tuck their tzitzits into their pockets so as not to shame the dead.

Shlomo spent far greater energy on building his house and Court over building the Beit Hamikdash; the NaCH does not validate that this king, (King David serves as the “gold standard” by which all other kings compare.), dedicated any energy or efforts to established the small Sanhedrin courts of the 6 Cities of Refuge. King Shlomo made no designated place for the Great Sanhedrin Courts within the Beit Hamikdash. In his lifetime he permitted, even encouraged Israel to worship other Gods. Gods who did not bow and accept the revelation of the Written and Oral Torah at Sinai and Horev! Gods whom the Xtians and Muslims worship and adore.

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