A Tisha B’av address טוב

Disaster destroys the Jewish people and Goyim, in like and equal measure.  During times when National leadership stands at a crossroad juncture and appointed leaders, like Par’o, choose bone headed stupidity.  The first such examples, as recorded in the pages of the Torah, Adam in the garden followed by the decision to sell Yosef unto slavery.  This obstinate pusillanimity, dastard poltroonery of tuma spirits, they dominate the hearts of appointed leaders at critical junctures in time.   This repeating despicable tragedy, it truly defines the history of the Jewish and Goyim peoples.  Recurring over and again in particular ignoble nebbech generation(s); who through decisions made, these leaders disgrace and dishonor faith in G-d. 

The Shoah, totally discredited Pope Pius XII in particular and all Xtianity in general.   In 1648, Shabbetai Zevi declared himself – Messiah.  The  Khmelnytsky pogroms took place between 1648-1657.  The Torah\Yosef story, attributes criminal tuma: the decision to sell Yosef as a slave, to jealousy – with its cause & effect – their evil eye.  The spies in the days of Moshe our Teacher caused the extermination of the first generation who accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.  Chag Tisha B’av commemorates this disgraceful tuma history, in the shadow cast by the acceptance of the revelation of the Name of HaShem at Sinai.  The Sages of the Talmud strive to teach Yidden how to do tohor mitzvot לשמה.  The revelation of the 13 tohor middot at Horev specifically designates the measure by which brit Cohen Man can observe mitzvot לשמה.

Political Zionism under the leadership of assimilated Theodor Herzl, perhaps best defines the  Haskalah movement.  The Haskalah movement favored that Yechudim should abandon wearing the Shtreiml and Kapoteh, the cultural by-products of Ghetto mass Jewish imprisonment.  Haskalah despised the catholic church by embracing the post Napoleon secular State, together with its Goyim modernity, cultures, and customs – completely independent of the catholic abomination.

Alas, by this time the stain of “religion” had already tar and feathered Judaism with both contempt and disgrace, as it had Xtianity. Herzl, after the pollution of the Dreyfus Affair, argued that Europeans could never prevail over their primitive & barbaric Jew hatred.  He took European Jewry to a critical juncture, which the mussar of the Torah instructs, and aroused the tuma Yatzir within Yiddishkeit Jewrish “Orthodox” leadership – who denounced Zionism as wicked.

Chiam Weizmann, one of the five Zionist leaders (along with Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, and Yitzhak Shamir) most responsible for turning Zionism into reality.  In the early 1920s, Zionism failed to achieve mass popular support among European Jewish communities.  Much to the chagrin, and shattered hopes of Weizmann, who expressed his utter dismay.  In one particularly bitter moment, Weizmann cried: “Jews of the world, where are you?” 

The tepid response by world Jewry to make aliyah, most probably caused the British government to quickly sour on its initial Balfour Declaration support to establish a Jewish home.  Orthodox leaders who represented traditional Judaism declared over and again: “Zionism is not Judaism. Zionists cannot speak in the name of Jews.”  Jewish failure to rise up and settle the oath sworn lands, compares, at least to this author, to the response made by the spies in the days of Moshe; the Shoah obliterated European Jewry, like as happened to the Wilderness generation.

Abba Eban famously quipped: “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”  A disdain perhaps comparable to awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the recently elected Obama, because he replaced George Bush – the Johnson, Nixon like war criminals of the United States.  In the early 1920’s world Jewry stood at the juncture thresholds of ארץ ישראל and declared: “We prefer glut, to doing mitzvot לשמה inside the oath sworn lands”.  The Shoah exposed, before the eyes of all humanity, the anger of HaShem burning against His People.  Jews publicly desecrated and despised the oath brit faith, which HaShem and Avram cut at the brit between the pieces, and 75% of European Jewry became rotting corpses in less than 4 years.  The mussar of the Shoah, reveals the finger of HaShem in this world, comparable to the splitting of the Sea of Suf.

Jews oblivious to the mussar of the Shoah compare to the ignorance of British historian Arnald Toynbee, author of “A Study of History”.  In that revisionist history work of tripe, Toynbee declared:  “There remains the case where victims of religious discrimination represent an extinct society which only survives as a fossil. …. by far the most notable is one of the fossil remnants of the Syriac Society, the Jews.”   Toynbee’s history whitewashed the atrocities committed during the 30 years war.  He totally ignored the forced population transfer of Jews from Western to Eastern Europe.  That insignificant war crime, far overshadowed by the Renaissance and Reformation. 

If his history reviewed India rather than Europe, it would resemble the establishment of India and Pakistan, and yet omit the violent transfer of Indian and Muslim populations from their once united land.  Just another example of the failed 2 State solution, piously proposed by the Crown of Imperial Britain.

But the mussar of Tisha B’av addresses the Yatzir Ha’Rah of the generations of Jewry and the cowardice of our leaders to command our people to do mitzvot לשמה, meaning our Torah obligation to rule the oath sworn lands with righteous justice through the establishment of the Written Torah as the Constitution of the Cohen Republic, and establishment of lateral Sanhedrin common law courts – as the basis by which to impose just justice among disputing interests and parties within the Cohen bnai brit Republic.

What does it mean to stand at a Torah threshold?  The Temple of Shlomo, the Code of Rambam, the post WWI Zionist dream of mass Aliyah.  The current vision to make the Torah the written Constitution of the Cohen Republic, which includes the establishment of the Sanhedrin as the Talmudic model for lateral Common law courtrooms.  Most essentially, to cause a generation to stand upon a Torah threshold, means that our people sanctify our collective Will to do mitzvot לשמה based upon the example of our acceptance of the Torah at Sinai.

That the stuffed shirt British revisionist historian Toynbee, he ignored the cruel mass population transfer of Jews from Western to Eastern Europe, comparable to the ‘trail of tears’ during the Jackson Administration.  But it’s minimisation by Jewish historians, their failure to grasp the implications of the Rambam Civil War, this failure totally discredits and invalidates ‘historical Judaism’.   Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, his opinion of the value of historicism starkly contrasts with that of Heinrich Graetz.  Halachic Judaism teaches spirituality rather than history; a basic and fundamental distinction exists between the two terms.

The Kompert Affair drove a wedge between traditional and conservative Judaisms.  Yet neither side who debated the issue: all the people of Israel – as the Moshiach vs. a personal savior – as Moshiach, both parties to that dispute, both failed to learn the anointing of the vessels and garments of the Mishkan and the House of Aaron – that both this and that teach the identical mussar by which the Torah defines the mitzva of Moshiach לשמה.  This Torah mussar teaches the basic instruction: the obligation placed upon all generations of Jewry, to accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai לשמה.

The Gemara of Shabbot teaches a powerful mussar aggadita.  HaShem raised Mount Sinai over the entire nation and told them to either accept the Torah and live, or abandon the Torah and die.  The spies led the Wilderness generation to cross over the threshold.  This commentary on the Rif halachic commentary to the Talmud, it argues that our generation, that we too stand at the threshold of life or death.  This Tisha B’av address seeks to inspire and give heart to this generation to follow the advice of Calev and Yehoshua and despise the cowardice of the spies who prefer g’lut to do mitzvot לשמה.

3 thoughts on “A Tisha B’av address טוב

  1. I love your new posts. God made us all flawed by design for his own entertainment and also so that we can learn from our many mistakes. ( just my belief ) I believe God watches us and laughs and sometimes he watches us and cries. Sometimes he is watching old Marx Brothers movies while other times he cries when he quietly watches during times like the Shua. We are incapable of fathoming the depths of our Creator, Yaweh. There are many names for our Creator. He drags us along brick by brick and stone by stone, day by day. It is our fate to endure. We question our creator but…. quietly and respectfully with humility and fear.
    Humility is our weapon. Our God requires us to have the strength to endure total and unquestioning surrender.
    My personal quest to find our God started many years ago. I was in hell, in Sheol and I cursed my Creator. Only when I was stripped poor and naked and no longer stubborn, did our Creator pick me up from the dung heap. This is not a new story. Joseph… Lott etc etc. Without our Creator, we are dust and dung.
    Our God has rewarded me. Not for my strength but for the release of my pride and arrogance.
    VANITY OF VANITY….. ALL IS VANITY ! I await Gods purpose for me. I am just another pebble in our Creators pouch. If our Creator enjoys watching me fumble along through life, I am happy to entertain. Perhaps it is similar to watching an old Marx Brothers movie with Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo. I think God worries about mankind. If I could make our Creator smile just once in my life, my life would be complete.
    Always your friend Rabbi Kerr !
    Marc David Baker
    RAIATEA, French Polynesia


  2. The thought or contemplations of the Gods … above my pay scale. Am doing good to understand my wife and children and perhaps a friend or two. Beyond that scratch me and see my ignorance. Surrender among my people – a total anathema. G-d forbid that my people ever surrender before our enemies ever again. Surrender … have expunged it from the vocabulary of my mind. Far better to stomp and crush the heads of the enemies of my people. In like and equal measure the Goyim concept of ‘Hell’.

    Having no awareness of the finger of HaShem in my life, a real drag – no doubt about it. Par’o – not a happy person during the times of the 10 plagues and the splitting of the Sea of Yom Suf. But then when Israel stood at Sinai and accepted the first two commandments of the Sinai revelation … those folks – not particularly happy either. The prophets command mussar unto all generations. To accept mussar upon ones’ heart – neither easy or a warm fuzzy event. Perhaps the acceptance of mussar compares to the agony of arthritis, or watching your wife fight cancer etc.

    The ways of HaShem NOT the ways of Man. Doing something, anything for the first time … compares to first time sex with a virgin…she cries out and bleeds. Causing pain upon another, not my first choice for happiness, not by a long shot. None the less, for that ex-virgin, its a life changing event which neither she nor her lover ever forgets.


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