The Stance Taken by this Yiddishkeit Blog

The Pesach before leaving Gan Shmuel, a left wing, Meretz politically oriented, kibbutz – traveled to Jerusalem and got set up for a meal at some rabbi’s house for Seder Night. I stole the akikomen, much to the chagrin of the officiating rabbi. Thus we initiated the required negotiations. Told him my desire: that he bless me with a blessing that success crown my efforts to learn in a Yeshiva. That year, left Gan Shmuel and started learning in a black hat Yeshiva. Just a short time prior to Seder night, Rav Shach – the Rosh Yeshiva of the Ponovezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak – had denounced Chabad Chassidus; and he equally abused my left wing secular kibbutz – saying that we did not keep Shabbot, ate pork on Yom Kippur, and therefore he declared us as not Jewish.

Years later the son of my wife’s sister married the grand daughter of Rav Shach. I remember my feelings when Rav Shach derided the kibbutz Artzi movement … “Who does this dude who dresses up like a 19th Century Amish fanatic; who cannot distinguish between summer and winter, those ultra orthodox dosey-does, ((Secular Yidden like myself tended to mock the language pronunciation of Ashkenazi religious Jewry. They pronouned the s sound as a t. Religious Ashkenazi Jews referred to themselves as דתי Jews. Both sides deride and made fun of each other, like as did Rav Shach in his famous speech given over the radio. Secular Yidden mockingly pronounce the word ‘religious’ as דסי.

At the birth of my daughter, named her הדס but people called her the nickname דסי. She did not appreciate the joke. She rejected the Ashkenazi minhagim in favor of Sephardi customs! She struggles today with her Yiddishkeit identity as did I at her age)), they wear black coats and fur hats in the Summer! If they can not distinguish between the seasons, how to they assume to wear the crown of wisdom – to say who qualifies as Jewish?

Who’s a Jew, a fundamental argument between Israeli and g’lut Jewry. This issue, the Israeli Supreme Court has heard on multiple occasions. The debate challenges the status quo law established at the founding of the State! Conversions to marriage, all come under the heading of “Who is a Jew?”. The struggle to define Yiddishkeit sums up the struggle between Jews throughout our history upon this earth. So why should Torah scholarship exclude itself from this fundamental debate? Answer: no fence straddling permitted… choose a side. The יסוד of Yiddishkeit: 2 Jews 3 opinions.

So naturally my blog takes up the פרדס kabbala of Rabbi Akiva and Talmud and Midrashim as my cudgel to squash the heads of assimilated Jewry. This blog waves the Banner which emphasizes the culture and customs practiced by the Cohen chosen people. The Torah Constitutional Republic. The lateral Common Law Sanhedrin Federal Court system. The Domestic Policy, that it always has priority over Foreign Policy; land reform: the State has an obligation to build or supply – first time married couples with a house.

Foreign Policy: that it plays second fiddle, in priority importance to domestic local issues. Despise repeated, ad nauseum, foreign powers propaganda which decries “international law” bull shit. Attempts to carve up the Jewish State, based upon the false presumption that Israel lost the June 1967 Six Day war. Abhor Europe, its repeated attempts to turn back the clock and return the Jewish people back to their previous stateless refugee status; our WW2 status as cursed Christ killers who had no country of our own; condemned by Jesus to roam and wonder across the earth. Europeans hate Jews, and Jews detest Europeans as vile sub-human barbarians who worship a mystery of theological mythology, a dead religion comparable to the Gods buried on Mr. Olympus.

Seek to make Middle East and North African countries the main trading partners of the Jewish State. Reject the Quartet, and all foreign attempts to intervene in local domestic Israeli concerns. The Balestinian stateless refugee populations, ((Arabs of the Middle East, they cannot pronounce the letter P)) they directly compare to Romani people within Europe – those pompous self righteous hypocrites. The UN has no voice in any Arab\Israeli dispute till the UN validates Israel as a member of the community of nations within the Middle East. Currently – Israel – the UN has excluded as a country within and part of the community of Middle Eastern States. No other UN member has received such despicable discrimination.

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