This next YouTube clip CNN hosts a debate between Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian team, and Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett.

CNN whom President Trump referred to as Fake News, does not support the Deal of the Century, it opposes the unification of Jerusalem. The short presentation where two “hostile” opposing persons introduce their talking points — does not qualify as a dialogue between the two leaders. Hence the CNN language “debate” skews the presentation completely.

In June 1967 Jordan attacked the Jewish State and lost the war which it initiated. Israel recaptured Samaria from the Jordanians. Jordan back in 1948 illegally, all member nations within the UN condemned as illegal the Jordanian nationalization of Samaria, nationalized the Israeli lands of Samaria, which the king of Jordan called “West Bank”.

This CNN moderator never weighs any essential background information. Rather she jumps into directed pointed questions, comparable to a person who jumps into a swimming pool on a hot summer day. Clearly the CNN moderator, like the Brussels and Moscow and the UN, has interests which favors a Two State Solution. But CNN fails to address, the elephant in the China closet! More than half a century after Israel re-unified the Capital City of the Jewish state, what would result in dividing Jerusalem like as did the victorious Allies who divided Berlin after the Nazi defeat. Brussels, Moscow, and the US State Department (America has embassies in all the Arab and Muslim countries. Consequently the State Department takes a Pro-Arabist position), never address the consequences of carving Israel into two hostile countries like as did Mr. appeasement, Neville Chamberlain in 1938. The Czech state lost its National Independence and became a satellite state of the Nazis and later the USSR.

This program, which CNN styles as a “debate”, ignores the basic rule: actions have consequences; rocks thrown into ponds produce ripples. More than a half century following the Israeli military victory, Brussels, Moscow, and this CNN moderator totally and completely ignore the consequences of any Israeli government agreeing to divide the Jewish state into 2 hostile countries and the huge population transferal that such a defeat for Israel would entail. Proponents of the 2 State solution ignore the simple fact, Israelis would fight an extremely bloody Civil War among ourselves. That foreign powers such as Brussels, Moscow, the US and the UN would send their military forces into the region thrown into absolute anarchy and Civil War, like they have done to Syria, Iraq, and Libya today.

Saeb Erekat demands an Israeli surrender; an Israeli negation of the victory of the 1967 Six Day War. He makes this demand, not because stateless Arab refugees have militarily defeated the Jewish State, but because the imperialist interests of Brussels & Moscow froth at the mouth at the possibility of Europe becoming once again dominant Powers who dictate terms in the Middle East. The CNN moderator never once addresses the interests of European powers who despise the existence of the Jewish State, even more than do the Arabs countries in the Middle East and North Africa!

This “debate” seeks to internationalize a local domestic conflict. This agenda directly supports the hostile strategic policies of European governments. The current conflict between the nation of Israel with the stateless Arab refugee populations, European propaganda declares World Peace hinges upon this conflict!! What an utterly absurd political interpretation.

The enemy of the Jewish State, Jews have no quarrel with Arabs or Muslims. The enemy of the Jewish State – the same exact barbarians who murdered 75% of European Jewry during WW2. European hostility against Jews has brought anguish and hardship upon Jewish refugee populations for over 2000 years, non stop. European hostility and hatred of Jews stems from the genesis that Jews view Jesus as an imaginary false messiah. Israel did not even exist, yet Europeans committed the Shoah war crimes!

IF CNN really sought an honest debate, THEN CNN would question Israeli strategic policy decisions in the shadow of the Shoah with European leaders. Why do these governments insist upon a 2 State solution which would result in a horrific Israeli Civil War?! Why do the haters of Israel frame the 2 State solution as the one and only solution, when the UN proposed two possible solutions prior to the Independence War which Israel won!

3 thoughts on “This next YouTube clip CNN hosts a debate between Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian team, and Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett.

  1. The is hate on both sides, is the driving force of the conflict.
    But above or else… previous Israeli governments signed a peace agreement not to build settlements on occupied lands and then they have repeatedly broken their own promise. How can the moderate Palestinians ever trust the commitment of the Israeli government, if they when it suits their political needs they break their promises. The conflict will continue until more moderate Israeli citizens, vote in a more moderate less right wing government. The last moderate Israeli leader was assassinated by a right-wing Israeli extremist.

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    1. The Trump ‘Deal of the Century’ validated some 35% of area C to the Jewish state. All Israeli settlements – in the 35% of area C which the Trump ‘Deal of the Century’, acknowledged as part of the land of Israel.


  2. Hello kevinashton greetings good health to you and life to your family friends and associates. The Oslo Accords divided Samaria into sections A PA controlled B PA and Israel controlled and C Israel controlled. The expansion of Israeli settlements has occurred in area C of the Oslo Accords.


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