Neturei Karta has the dubious fame of hating the Jewish state. They, like the spies in the days of Moshe, prefer g’lut to conquering the oath sworn lands. Consequently Neturei Karta rejects all forms of Israeli nationalism. Neturei Karta denies all mussar: awareness of the finger of HaShem within our lives. G’lut Jewry, as refugee populations, most essentially has no obligation to pursue justice. But, creed of hate opposition preaches a “true salvation” theology which denies and denigrates Zionism. These pathological assimilationists prefers g’lut over the obligation to rule the oath sworn lands with justice, the יסוד upon which Moshe brought Israel out of Egypt. Neturei Karta rejects the idea that only within the oath sworn lands can the Cohen nation keep and observe Torah commandments, Prophetic mitzvot, and rabbinic halachot. Despite the opinions held by Reshonim authorities, like the Ramban, who taught: that observance of the commandments in g’lut, serves only the purpose that g’lut Jewry not forget Torah commandments, mitzvot, and halachot. Neturei Karta ignores the fact that Israel stands at the center of Torah scholarship. Their notions of “saved” directly compare to Xtian narishkeit. This theology condemns the Jewish state for fighting wars. They argue that only g’lut Jewry support keeps the Jewish state afloat. They argue that the Jewish state stands upon the threshold of economic bankruptcy. That Zionist leadership hates the Torah. They condemn the Zionist leadership for starting wars for personal benefit and profit. They denounce Zionist leadership for its failure to build the brit alliance among the Jewish people. Never does Neturei Karta even once mention in any of its literature: the tohor יסוד upon which stands the nation of Cohanim and avodat HaShem. They condemn the Jewish state for its failure to act as the savior of the Jewish people. They denounce Zionism for its “domination over the American News media.” They accuse Zionist leadership of bribing the rabbis and people, not to condemn the Jewish state, like as the tiny but loud minority opposition. They condemn Zionism for the lack of Reshon scholars advocating for the establishment of a Jewish state; divorced from the reality that the church outright outlawed any such public Jewish discussion of this subject, viewed as a Capital Crime made against the Church. They accuse all Zionist leadership, in all generations as being atheists. They denounce the Zionist state for attempting to replace the Jewish people. They define truth as truth, comparable to describing the color red … as red – a hamster on the treadmill, dog chasing after it’s tail – theology.

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