Neturei Karta claims that Isaiah 11:1-12 commands against and forbids a Jewish State? The flaw of this notion, first and foremost, the Books of the Prophets command mussar. This mussar does not overrule Torah commandments. Another basic flaw of Neturei Karta theology, these “rabbis” simply do not know how to learn. A basic כלל which Beit Hillel taught, learn the פרט in context with the כלל. The verses which Neturei Karta claims supports their vocal opposition, its taken out of context from the NaCH sugiot. ישעיה יא: א – יב: ו. Christian theology attempts to prove their religious opinions by taking verses out of context from the sub-chapters (sugiot) which hold the specific verse they use as proof of their schools of opinions. But rabbinic tradition does not follow Xtian methodologies. Torah scholarship interprets the T’NaCH through total reliance upon the Oral Torah (middot) logic system, and only the Oral Torah (middot) logic system. Xtianity denies the existence of the Oral Torah. Neturei Karta scholarship follows in the path which church theologians established. The study of the Books of the Prophets most essentially requires making a comparison between similar sugiot. This “measured/middot comparison” defines how Oral Torah learns a depth analysis made upon both T’NaCH and Talmud! In basic English literature college courses, this discipline of scholastic learning goes by the title of: Compare and Contrast.

Compare ישעיה יז:א – יט:טו – The metaphor of a lion laying down with a lamb and eating grass as do sheep serves as a metaphor. The נמשל interpretation to this משל of poetic license, Israel – unlike the nations – suffers total military defeat and exile, but Israel returns and restores its home rule after g’lut destroyed the nation from off the face of the earth. Wonder and amazement at such a great miracle, the restoration of the Jewish state compares to a child playing with cobras!

Great and mighty empires destroyed the Jewish State in the past. The Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Roman empires; the USSR and the British empire etc none of these empires having once fallen in defeat has ever returned and restored the past glory of those dead empires.

The Haftorah read on the concluding day of Pesach employs the משל metaphor of ישעיה, by which Neturei Karta denounces the Jewish state. Why did HaShem take Israel out of Egypt? HaShem swore a brit oath that the chosen Cohen seed of Avraham would descend unto g’lut, and from there HaShem would take them, and bring Israel unto the oath sworn lands. The order of Rashi tefillen, stands upon the oath sworn at Gilgal in the days of the prophet יהושע, just as HaShem judged and made war upon the Gods of Egypt, so too HaShem pledged to judge and conduct war upon the Gods of Canaan. None the less, the nations of Canaan did not just mystically disappear and vanish during the lifetime of יהושע. Yet Neturei Karta theology proclaims that they own possess the sole monopoly upon the “truth”; that the coming of some mystical savior will restore the Jewish nation without the necessity of war – defines their Torah True Judaism.

The Oral Torah defines its 8th midda, as meaning “Path”. Each person possesses a unique destiny which defines each persons’ particular life on this earth. Neturei Karta claims that its “truth” determines the destiny of all Jews. But such claims of infallibility Pope Pius XII likewise declared. Religion which seeks to impose “truth” upon others, based solely upon some theological creed of worship, directly compares to avoda zara – the tuma of the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

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