This next YouTube clip, Rabbi Shlomo Yehudah speaks about the obligation for Jews to love and respect one another. And on the merit of this “mitzva” he claims, the construction of the 3rd Temple depends upon. What utter and absolute rubbish. This pie in the sky utter narishkeit – simply brain dead stupid. And that’s just a modest denunciation of utter non sense stupidity. King Shlomo erred, just as later did his son, both men failed to heed the advice of the elders who advised the previous king. Specifically, king Shlomo ignored the advise of the prophet Natan. When king David entertained the thought of building a grand structure of wood and stone (an idol), the prophet Natan taught the king not to make such a gross error of judgement. Justice Justice pursue. This Divine command stands upon the יסוד of Moshe the prophet whose last act while living, to establish the cities of refuge, meaning the Federal small Sanhedrin Capital Crimes courts of law. The narishkeit of “love” not related at all to either the first 2 commandments of Sinai. Jesus son of Zeus confused “love your neighbor as yourself” as a commandment that supplanted the first commandment of Sinai. Jesus son of Zeus – a false messiah. This am haʼaretz “rabbi” speaks to an am ha’aretz flock of silly sheeple dressed in archaic garments. Garments do not make a fool pius. Po[o]p[e] Pius XII definitively proves that cloths do not make a man righteous. What defines and separates Israel apart from the Goyim – who never accepted the revelation of the Torah at Sinai – the dedication of tohor middot, as the basis of all avodat HaShem. The dedication of tohor middot obeys the 1st commandment of Sinai.

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