This next YouTube clip, a christian attempts to differentiate between “Pharisees and Sadducees”. The presenter opens with a fundamental error. Torah commandments, not the same as rabbinic law. The Pharisees lead and fought a Civil War against King Alexander Yannai. They taught the logic system of Oral Torah, which Rabbi Akiva would later codify that logic format into the פרדס logic system; upon which stands the Sha’s Yerushalmi, Bavli, and all Midrashim. The religion of christianity denies the existence of the Oral Torah revelation at Horev – 40 days after the Golden Calf. The attempt repeatedly made by a christians to explain the distinction between opponents vs supporters of King Alexander Yannai, to what does this compare? To a European who attempts to explain the differences between President Jefferson Davis from President Abraham Lincoln; and never once does he ever mention the American Civil War!

Torah commandments no more qualify as judicial legal rulings, than do laws passed by Congress compare to the Constitution of the United States or the Amendments to that Constitution. Middle Class vs. Upper Class fits nicely into Marxist ideology about the “Class Struggle”! The concept of Olam Ha’Bah which this dude calls “Belief in Afterlife”, what a joke. Olam Ha’Bah, the rabbis (the leadership which developed after the Romans invaded Judea – consequent to the internal conflict between brothers Chashmonaim, over who should be king. With the fall of the kingdom to the Roman empire, the rabbis replaced the political P’rushim/Pharisees Party, as the teachers of Oral Torah logic), learn from the brit cut between the pieces. Avram at the time of that oath brit alliance, had no children. He cut that brit upon the oath sworn to him by his God, that his future born seed would compare to the stars in the heavens in its great multitudes, and populations.

The assimilationist Tzeddukim\Sadducees ruled the Banana Republic. Conquered Judea, ruled by a succession of empires, beginning with the Persians, followed by the Greeks, and ending with the Roman Imperial armies. A Banana Republic, a foreign power imposes a care taker government from 2% or less of the conquered population, makes them fabulously rich, while the conquering power rapes the land of its treasures and wealth, and the 98% of the population endures absolute poverty. The Tzeddukim/sadducees (Priest from the House of Aaron), these foreign empires imposed them as the care taker government. With this intent did Cyrus the Great order the construction of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple served as the seat of the care-taker Sadducee government. The transformation of Judea into a banana Republic permitted Persepolis, the Capital of the Persian empire, to rule its vast empire of conquered nations.

By the time of the Greek empires, the first based in Egypt, and the second based in Syria, the Judean banana Republic, ruled over by the care taker assimilated Sadducees, these “Syrians of the Jewish religion, learned logic based upon Plato and Aristotle rather than the logic which Moshe the prophet taught Israel when he descended from Horev. Moshe derived 611 commandments, based upon the Oral Torah logic system which HaShem revealed to Moshe at Mt. Horev on Yom Kippur.

Christianity assumes that the sum total of the Torah “the law”, exists as the 10 Commandments! Alas the 10 commandmnets never occurred at Sinai! Why then does the Torah include the 10 Commandments? The Torah, like the Talmud, a highly edited text. The Torah defines the term “prophet”, as a person who commands mussar. Mussar: the awareness of the finger of HaShem within our lives. The organization of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai into 10 Commandments, this mussar links the revelation of the Torah at Sinai to the 10 plagues “mussar”, by which HaShem took Israel out of Egyptian slavery. Logic, equally applies to the study of all literature, in all times and Ages. Logic learns by means of making comparison and contrast!

Therefore the assimilated Sadduccees, based upon their total reliance upon the ancient Greek logic formats, they did not possess the means to learn, the resurrection of the dead to the brit cut between the pieces as did the P’rushim/Pharisees. Each logic system format, like all things in this world, has its strengths and weaknesses. The Oral Torah middot logic system, it specifically functions with the sole intent – to interpret the mussar commandments commanded by the prophets throughout time. The ancient Greek logic formats/philosophies have no connection what so ever with Torah prophetic mussar. As a consequence, the assimilated Greek Sadducees lacked the wisdom to learn the mitzva of the resurrection from the dead from the Torah.

The two closely related subjects: resurrection of the dead and world to come concepts – they both learn from the brit cut between the pieces, wherein Avram cut that brit on certain defined terms. The mitzva of קידושין/Jewish marriage, a man acquires the olam habah soul of his wife, meaning he acquires title to all the children that come from this union for all eternity in time. Just as did Avram do the exact same at the brit cut between the pieces. Logic compares to separate ideas, in this case Avram walking between the carcasses of dead animals, compared to a Jewish couple getting married, in order to understand a common denominator k’vanna of intent shared between the two disparent concepts. Jewish common law does the exact same thing by means of understanding the intent of Rabbi Yechuda’s Mishna by bringing legal precedents from other Primary sources of law. Hence the Talmud exists as the authoritative codification of Oral Torah.

Church authorities, to this very day, confuse the form for the substance. Since the codification of the Talmud occurred no less than two millennium after the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina sealed the Sha’s Bavli in about the year 450 CE! Church leadership therefore concluded that the Talmud could not possibly exist as the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev. But its not the halachot learned within the pages of the Talmud that defines Oral Torah. Rather its the weaving together of Aggadic mussar learned from through פרדס logic format which interprets the Books of the Prophets – their mussar commandments – together with halachic ritual observances which define the culture and customs practiced by the Jewish people who lived in Judea, prior to the Roman expulsion of Jewish refugee populations from the country. Judea ceased to exist after the mass expulsion of these defeated Jewish refugee populations by Roman armies.

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