This next YouTube clip, likewise pathetic, attempts to address the subject of kashrut – keeping kosher. The chosen Cohen nation stands apart from all Goyim who refused to accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. The stories of Bil’am and the war with Median, from this Torah source the sages learned about forbidden wines, Kashering Pots & Pans, and other fences around the Torah. This clip like most all these YouTube clips, offers a pathetic attempt to understand a basic idea. The Torah commands the Cohen nation not to assimilate and practice and do the cultures and customs of Goyim who never accepted the Torah revelation at Sinai. Listened to the US Holocaust presentation which attempted to address the causes for European insanity. This and that “expert” said: blah and more blah. The source for all Antisemitism throughout history: when the Cohen people abandon the obligation to keep and protect, and maintain the Torah defined culture of the Cohen nation. The House of Aaron get anointed/Moshiach and immediately after the Torah address the subject of tohor and tuma animals! For example: the Torah explicitly commands not to eat blood. What and which blood does the Torah refer? Living blood. Which means what? Living blood learns from korbanot. The Gemara of Pesach teaches that the sages rejected the notion of scooping up blood from the ground and pouring that blood upon the altar. Why? No direct proof that the blood scooped up from the ground qualifies as “living blood”; blood that gushes out of the cut coriatic artery for as long as the heart of the sacrificial animal beats. Contrast the liver, full of blood. Yet if a person by accident cooked liver in a pan, permitted to eat the liver but the pan the liver was cooked becomes trief. By the time the liver gets removed from the animal, without question that animal, already dead. Blood from the heart by stark contrast, a serious doubt exists if the blood within the heart does not qualify as “living blood” at the moment the heart of the animal slaughtered stops beating. Therefore the blood of the liver exists as rabbinic blood whereas the blood of the heart exists as a doubt if its living blood which the Torah commands not to eat!

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