Shabbot observance as opposed by the Xtian and Muslim concept of “the day of rest”. This next YouTube clip an christian preacher talks about the shmita year. The contrast between how Goyim theologians preach their understanding of the shmita totally contrasts with the Torah concept of the holy land, as opposed to lands/countries other than the oath sworn lands.

The focus of Talmudic learning, making the דיוק/logical inference. The Torah commands not to work. The Gemara of Shabbot defines the forbidden aspect of the commandment not to work – as the 39 principle labors required to build the Mishkan/Tabernacle. But Shabbot begins and ends by making a הבדלה\a distinction between shabbot and chol. Therefore work has no less than two opposing aspects: forbidden labor and permitted, praise worthy labor!

The praise worthy labor qualifies as the דיוק made upon the forbidden labor. Making shalom between family and close trusted friends – requires work, a lot of work. If a man does not go out of his way to validate and acknowledge his wife and family – not long before that man finds himself divorced. Shabbot separates and distinguishes the work required to make a living from the work required to keep & maintain a stable family and close friends relations. This face of doing “work” on shabbot, its what fundamentally separates Shabbot observance from Xtian sunday and Muslim friday. Come shabbot a man ceased to do פרנסה/livelihood work and dedicates making shalom work to maintain and repair family and close friends personal relations. This distinction between work and work, this הבדלה separates shabbot from chol, and makes shabbot a holy day.

The Shmita Year begins on Rosh HaShana. The 6th middle blessing of the Shemone Esri contains the language: ותן ברכה\טל ומטר לברכה על פני האדמה ושבענו מטובה … religious Goyim refer to ארץ ישראל by the title: “Holy Land”. What makes this land “holy”? Rabbi Yechuda HaNasi addressed the subject of the Torah misspelling the word heart as found in the paragraphs of the mitzva of kre’a shma: בכל לבבך\כם. Rabbi Yechuda learned that a man has to serve HaShem with the 2 Yatzirot within his heart, the Yatzir HaTov and the Yatzir HaRah. Where did Rabbi Yechuda learn this chiddush from the Torah? The first word of the Torah בראשית\ב’ ראשית – Two Beginnings. In the womb of Rivka, Yitzak’s wife, the Torah tells that two nations struggled within her womb.

The Torah stands upon good and evil, blessing and curse, redemption from g’lut and g’lut. The brit which Avram cut with HaShem between the pieces defines the brit of the Cohen nation. But the genesis of the Cohen nation starts with the life and death struggle between Cain and Abel. The Torah tells the story of the chosen Cohen nation, and it never deviates from this single narrative. HaShem redeemed Israel from Egyptian slavery and with the death of the first born on Pesach night, HaShem chose Israel as His first born Cohen people – the nation of Cohanim.

The story of this nation of Cohanim, the narrative switches from blessing and curse; the Cohen nation maintaining the tohor status which avodat HaShem most essentially requires vs. the people embracing and assimilating to the cultures and customs of Goyim who never accepted the Torah revelation at Sinai. Within the hearts of the Cohen nation these two Yatzirot wrestle together, as did Yaacov wrestle the Angel of Esau. The Torah commands mussar, because mussar applies to each and every generation that lives and shall ever live on the planet earth. Mussar defines the term “prophet”; prophets command mussar. Mussar arouses awareness of the finger of HaShem within our lives, based upon the revelation of the Torah at Sinai wherein all of Israel experienced the revelation of awareness of HaShem in their lives at that specific moment in time.

But what happens when through the “art of persuasion”, that Jews assimilate – every man woman and child – abandon tohora and embrace and accept the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim. Goyim who never accepted the Torah at Sinai. The anger of HaShem burns against Israel, and the total defeat in war up-roots the Jewish people from off our lands. Our surviving remnants languish in exile/g’lut in foreign lands, among alien peoples who practice cultures and customs completely separate and independent from the cultures and customs of the brit Cohen nation who “accepted” the Torah at Sinai, based upon the commitment to do avodat Hashem while breathing tohor spirits. (The Wilderness generation “accepted” the Torah at Sinai, but 10 times their faith flagged and they, like Par’o could not perceive the revelation of HaShem within their lives).

What happens when, through the art of persuasion, that our the Yatzir HaRa prevails, and Israel abandons the tohor precondition of doing avodat HaShem? The last bastion of hope for the chosen Cohen seed of Avraham … the land itself cries out just has it did when Cain murdered Abel; HaShem remembers the brit sworn together with Yaacov, with Yitzak, on the merits of Avraham. The keeping of the Shmita recognizes the oath as holy wherein HaShem swore to give the land of cursed Canaan to the Cohen seed of Avraham. The prophets command a mussar which denounces Israel when we abandon the Cohen faith. The last bastion of hope for the Cohen seed of Avraham, who have broken faith and renounced the Cohen obligations, only the land crying out unto HaShem – causes HaShem to remember the Brit sworn to the Avot. The holiness of the land inspires HaShem to redeem his chosen Cohen nation from g’lut.

Not the righteousness of Israel did the IDF prevail over the multiple Arab nations in all previous wars. Rather the wickedness of the Goyim, Arabs made open alliance with Hitler. During those desperate times Jews had almost totally abandoned the tohor faith. Even now very few Jews struggle to define from the Torah the Oral Torah 13 tohor middot. Herein defines the k’vanna of מברך השנים.

2 thoughts on “Shabbot observance as opposed by the Xtian and Muslim concept of “the day of rest”. This next YouTube clip an christian preacher talks about the shmita year. The contrast between how Goyim theologians preach their understanding of the shmita totally contrasts with the Torah concept of the holy land, as opposed to lands/countries other than the oath sworn lands.

  1. This Jewish baali t’shuva Israeli addresses shmita. Aharon Ariel Lavi interprets the shmita as cycles of regeneration, to let go of the old cycle and embrace the new cycle. I like his sense of humor. “Shmita does to the nation what shabbot does for individuals.” (Rav Kook the first chief rabbi of the British mandate Palestine).


  2. chavalah Chava’s Footsteps@WordPress, her blog introduces: “Jewish Erasure and Podcasts About Israeli and Palestinian Literature

    This blog addresses a particular thorny issue: Quote/UnQuote: “To be honest, I didn’t stop to think that there could be different types of colonialism. “Settler colonialism,” according to, is when “large numbers of settlers claim the land and become the majority…[with] the disappearance of the original inhabitants.” Oxford Bibliographies takes this further—calling settler colonialism “interlocking forms of oppression, including racism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and capitalism,” but Wikipedia points to several recent settler colonialist enterprises that are not white and Eurocentric in nature. The most well-known are, and they include the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Israel.”

    So much propaganda clogs the blogosphere airways – comparable to smog in California.

    Oxford Bibliographies qualify as a reliable trusted authority? Non sense. Britain in the early 1920s defined its League of Nations “Palestine Mandate”, when it unilaterally lopped off Trans-Jordan from its “Palestine mandate territories”, determining the Jordan river as the border between Trans-Jordan and its Palestine mandate territories!

    Following the success of the newly established Jewish State to attain political Independence in 1948, Jordan illegally nationalized the territories within the defunct British Palestine mandate, collectively known as: Samaria – the lands which comprised the ancient 10 tribes who broke away from the kingdom of Yechuda, and called themselves “Israel”. All member states within the UN condemned the Jordanian nationalization of the lands of Samaria as illegal!!

    Chava then argues: Quote/UnQuote: “I’d argue, is that the People of Israel are indigenous to the Land of Israel. This is about more than bible stories; there is archeological evidence and genetic evidence that ties modern-day Jews to the Levant. ”

    The indigenous people’s argument has its roots in Arab and European propaganda. In the 19th Century the majority population of Jerusalem – Jewish refugees which Turkey permitted to “settle” within the city. Political Zionism, late in the 19th Century, established as its primary political goal, to attract a Great Power patron who favored the establishment of a Jewish home in Palestine – a paraphrase of the now famous Balfour Declaration. The current issue: “indigenous to the Land of Israel”, did not concern the Theodor Herzl, nor his political Zionist supporters in the least. Herzl held that the diseased European mind – its hatred of Jews – had no cure. That the only way for Jews of Europe to deal with mass European cultural insanity, for Jews to leave Europe all together and re-establish a Jewish State.

    The Shoah has definitively proven Herzl’s analysis of the European mentality as clinically insane – as absolutely correct. Europeans condemn Jewish settlement of the lands of Samaria. Why? Because the diseased European mind remains clinically insane. Hitler and the Nazis defined the norm for Europe’s inherent mental disorder to the present day. How else can we explain, the systematic murder of European Jewry by Europeans?!

    It shocked Europe in general and Britain in particular that post Shoah Jewry won our War of Independence, that Jewish warriors defeated five Arab armies who invaded Israel on the same day that David Ben-Gurion named the newly declared Jewish State – Israel. Britain’s imperialist interests favored a Jewish homeland in Palestine, based upon the assumption made by 10 Downing Street that Jews would better serve the British colonial empire in the Middle East than would Arabs. This assumption proved itself correct. The Mufti of Jerusalem threw his support behind Hitler and the Nazis during WW2.

    Never did 10 Downing Street stuffed shirts assume that Jews would make British rule within the League of Nations Palestine Mandate completely and totally untenable. Never did any arrogant fool of any British Government assume that Jewish war against British rule in the Middle East would force London to return their “Palestine Mandate” back to the post WW2 newly established United Nations.

    Shock and dismay followed one after another. In 1956 Britain and France made an alliance with Tel Aviv. Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein, his nationalization of the Suez Canal greatly offended the European powder heads of State. The hoped to conceal their imperial aggression against Egyptian Independence and political autonomy by supporting a general Arab-Israeli war. Washington and Moscow spanked the bottoms of British and French imperialist presumptions till they bled from their noses.

    Then came the shock of shocks, Israel defeated Nasser’s attempt to negate the 1948 Israeli Independence War victory, only to discover that his army lacked the skill required to throw the Jews into the Sea. Jordan, who in 1948 illegally seized lands included within the British Palestine mandate territories, promptly lost those stolen lands after the King of Jordan’s war against the Jews turned into a rout; Israel reconquer the stolen lands of Samaria. Yet France led the EU charge, that Israel must return and denounce its June War defensive victory! Mental insanity caused European minds to pop, and the UN introduced the deranged UN Resolution known as 242.

    Since 1967 virtually all European governments have demanded from Israel that it abandon and acknowledge its rightful place, those insufferable Jews must admit their defeat in the June 1967 war! Should Jews dare to live and build homes within the borders of the Palestine Mandate as determined by the League of Nations, that such Jews, they violate international law! Just who determines this “international law”? This question has no clear answer. Only that the Jews, according to the diseased minds occupying European Capitals, that Jewish settlers living within the borders of their own country, that such Jews threaten with their mere presence — the peace of the World. That the whole world could explode into a 3rd World War because Jews live, settle, and develop their own homelands.

    So the question stands: Who hates and despises the Jewish people more: Hitler and his Nazi thugs or European governments today? Hitler, at least he declared his hatred forthwith. But the current two faced insanity whereby Europe pretends that they do not continue to hate Jews, all the while, these same governments do everything in their power to promote hostile agenda’s which favor the destruction of the Jewish state. Europe loves to hate Jews. It simply cannot abide the existence of a Jewish state, which by its existence has terminated the Jewish refugee status which the Roman empire established. Especially when the religion of Europe for the last 2000 years stands totally disgraced following the Shoah. It galls Europeans that, based upon their religion, that they now live as refugee populations – waiting for the 2nd Coming of Jesus son of Zeus.


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