This next YouTube clip attempts to address the subject of marriage. Yes, the presentation, utterly pathetic. Jewish marriage קידושין ultimately defines the whole of Yiddishkeit. קידושין learns from the 3rd Parsha in the Book of בראשית, the brit cut between the pieces. How many children did Avram have when he mutually together with HaShem swore an oath alliance/brit? Answer, that old man had no children. From this source the Torah defines the concept of O’lam Ha’bah. HaShem and Avram mutually swore their respective oaths. Seed as the stars in the heavens for multitude vs. the Spirit of the Name of HaShem lives within the hearts of the chosen Cohen nation. קידושין this mitzva too directly and closely resembles an oath, its done with witnesses and a minyan – comparable by inference to the chillul Hashem made by both the spies sent by Moshe to search out the land, and a man who divorces his wife and refuses to give her her “get”! The Torah defines the mitzva of love as “ownership”. A man does not “love” that which he does not own. What does a man “acquire” when he makes קידושין with his wife? He acquires her nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul! What’s that? The children born into the future consequent to this union. קידושין learns directly from the brit cut between the pieces wherein the old man Avram had no children at the time of the oath brit. Herein explains the halachic custom (fence around the Torah) of Shomer Negiah as the יסוד of tohorat ha’biet. All avodat HaShem organized around the concept of tohor. The Cohen nation cannot practice avodat HaShem without obeying the pre-condition of tohor. Tohar serves as the יסוד of all mitzvot observances/avodat HaShem. When a man “acquires” his wife, he takes ownership of the children born into the future world/O’lam Ha’bah for all generations eternal. The mitzva of “get” by contrast, the man who divorces his wife returns her nefesh O’lam Ha’bah soul. Herein defines the mitzva: you shall love HaShem with all your heart and soul. קידושין obligates the father to instruct the brit faith unto his future born children. Herein succinctly defines Jewish marriage.

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