This next “reform” clip, argues that some mitzvot have no applicability in the modern era. It abysmally fails to distinguish between g’lut Jewry and the re-established home lands of Israel! A fundamental error. But no surprise here seeing that “reform” called Berlin their “New Jerusalem”. This pathetic excuse which pigeon holes the Torah as an old archaic text, only exposes the utter and total ignorance of its silly commentator. Just prior to leaving the States unto Israel, my Israeli partner warned me: “Moshe 2 types of Jews define our people: incredibly brilliant and utterly stupid – no middle ground.” Our generation has yet to restore the Torah as the Constitution of our Republic of States! So naturally no Torah based lateral common law courts capable of judging Capital Crimes Cases currently occupy the chambers of the small and Great Sanhedrin courts of law. Law, entirely different from Commandments – a basic and fundamental distinction.

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