Dear Mr. President

It appears that through hook and crook the Democrats have put their man as the 46th President.  This report, if accurate,places you and your capable family/dynasty into the Opposition.  Pelosi’s days i suspect that she shall not long remain Speaker of the House.  The first responsibility of Government: to prevent Civil War among the American people.  The GOP now shall desperately require your leadership.  Expect horrid corruption, worse than under Grant, with the Biden Administration. Your campaign to re election merits full amazement and respect for both your energy and drive.  Four years of Democrat corruption shall bring hard times upon the American people, the minority populations in particular.

As the leader of the GOP opposition you can possibly shape the Party that surpasses Goldwater’s influence, seeing that he never sat as a US President.  I hope my country Israel shall fully support your opposition to the corrupt Democrat rule.  We have a tremendous debt of gratitude to your wonderful leadership and vision.  Biden most probably shall attempt to mend fences with the Europeans.  But time most certainly will reveal the incompetence of this man and his Administration.

Leading the Opposition to the Party in power obviously has its limitations.  But the influence of Obama and Clinton, and the Bush family ended with their two terms as President, her 3rd major defeat, and low energy Jeb; during your first 4 yr term these once powerful folk sat, for the most part, upon the margins of the political arena.   Your situation more closely resembles the Wilderness years (a reference made by Winston Churchill as a back bencher of Parliament) of Ronald
Reagan.  I remember the Reagan Opposition and his speeches he delivered by means of radio. 

Twitter it and Facebook now serve as a hostile political format.  Rush Limbaugh, he’s a dying man.  You can fill his shoes and give a vision of hopeto the American people.  FDR with his fireside chats accomplished this during the travails of the Great Depression. 

America faces hard times.  Debt, the Federal debt, has reached its crunch.  The RATS have no vision how to drastically reduce the size of the American government.  Better for the house of cards to collapse under their treasonous regime.American society, our civilization, faces a new Hoover, an Administration comparable to that of the insanity of the syphilis infected brain of George III.  That brain dead fool caused England to lose the American colonies – thank G-d!  Biden, received a lot of honest votes by silly American reactionaries.  From day 1 of your Presidency the treasonous DemoRATS sought to poison your good name in the eyes of the politically uninformed within our society.

Mr. President, famine years – perhaps comparable to the plague during Yosef’s years as 2nd in command of the government of Par’o – years of Depression fast approaches America and the entire world.  In the opposition you can shine a vision of direction and leadership that you could never have done while sitting as the Head of State.  America must change its course.Incompetent Biden will attempt to throw money to solve a long term, post WW2, disease: the American empire which replaced the American Republic as Center Stage.  Your ‘America First’ stands up to bat, so to speak, when the political curtain falls.

National Debt and perfidious Government corruption, sticks to the DemoRATS like flies on shit.  Humanity remembers the vision of the prophets as they sat as the vocal opposition to the misrule and injustice imposed by the ancient kings of Israel and Yechuda. The prophets, these leaders did not foretell the future, rather they commanded a mussar that applies to all generations of people who make fundamental bad choices, like the American people did when they chose Biden.  Please Mr. President, it’s a tuma Yatzir to permit feelings of bitterness to drive your emotions!!!!!!!   A wise man separates external events from personal internal feelings.  Reactionary fools assume that what they feel determines and shapes the reality they live in. 

The Pelosi Opposition against your Administration, her attempt to impeach you exposed an illogical ad hominem irrationalism which dominated the DemoRATS mind and clouded their judgments.  The curtain’s fast coming down upon the post WW2 American ‘policeman of the
planet’ empire.  Your leadership at this time has the potential to far surpass the Ron Paul Opposition to the GOP in the 4 years prior to his 2nd attempt to rule as POTUS.

Unlike Obozo, that shoe shine boy who sat in the White House for two terms of Office, you have the Constitutional Right to run again for the Office of POTUS.  Once you lived the life of a businessman, but you chose to enter the field of Politicians.  You have set your course not just for yourself alone but for your capable children.  This defeat before a moron, a bitter pill to swallow.  But humility defines the spirit of Moshe, the man who served as the servant of HaShem.  Command your children that they reject the reactionary narishkeit which dominated the treasonous DemoRATS throughout your first term of Office – do not permit the feelings and emotions you feel to “form & shape” your perceptions of the American political realities.  Remember that European countries opposed your Government.  The Biden Administration shall foolishly attempt to re-connect America to the European economy. 

The Ron Paul Opposition followed the leadership taken by Andrew Jackson.  As President, who has yet to rule two terms of Office, American society needs to reject the model established by the Whig Prime Minister Walpole.  The issue at stake: not socialism but rather Patronage!!!!  The latter political concept of leadership holds that the Central Government has a “mandate” that determines the Corporate monopolies which dominate the domestic markets of the United States.

The Democrat Wilson, through slight of hand, succeeded in getting Congress to establish the Federal Reserve.  This accomplishment did not just happen.  The post Civil War governments in Washington, specifically the radical Republicans, greatly restricted Lincoln’s ‘greenbacks’ in circulation and thereby concentrated wealth into the hands of the robber barons, which set the stage for Wilsons Xmas eve passage of the Federal Reserve.  The Great Depression witnessed again a powerful restriction of the American money supply, this time by the Federal Reserve rather than post Civil War Congress.  The ensuing Depression permitted Democrat FDR to concentrate farming ownership into the hands ofgreat Corporate monopolies.  These Corporate monopolies demand huge Federal monetary support.  Patronage not only establishes Corporate monopolies but the Federal bureaucracies which protect these “to big to fail” Corporate monopolies – established by the Federal Government.

The Walpole vision of Patronage shaped all post Civil War governments in Washington to this very day!!!!  Mr. President, had you won this last election, the treasonous DemoRATS would have tried to provoke a second American Civil War.  The first rule of governing: prevent your Country from falling into a Civil War.  You must not permit yourself or your family from letting feelings of bitterness to color your perception of current American politics!!!!!  Mr. President, let the American people express our extreme bitterness against DemoRAT perfidy.   You as the leader of the Opposition must never permit neither you nor your capable family of expressing reactionary bitterness and rage.  The Torah commanded Aaron and his children not to publicly mourn the death of his two eldest children.  Emotions must never shape political reality.

Best Regards, your faithful servant

mosc kerr

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