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The kabbala of chariot mysticism stands on the distinction, that unlike a wagon, a chariot has two wheels – daat & t’shuva.  Daat separates and distinguishes between external events from internal feelings and reactions.  T’shuva separates how a person dedicates his or her life before HaShem in the coming year.  The wheels within the Shemone Esri have gone full circle with the annual reading of the Torah beginning anew with בראשית ונח.  Both the Torah and tefilla begin with the k’vanna of the general Big Picture concepts of faith, prior to delving into the specifics of the Cohen family of Avraham.

“The Existence of God.”   What evidence do atheists accept as valid? The Koran, the New Testament, or the Hebrew T’NaCH?

The Koran declares “Only one God lives”. This bold declaration blatantly negates the T’NaCH 2nd commandment of Sinai: “Do not worship other Gods”. By logical inference: if only one God lives, which the Muslims name as Allah, why does the T’NaCH command not to worship other Gods? Shall we attempt to declare that Par’o of ancient Egypt worshiped only Allah? LOL what a total fraud! Therefore based upon the false declaration of Monotheism made by the prophet of the Koran, who declared himself a prophet on the order of T’NaCH prophets, the Koran strict monotheism stands totally debunked.

The name new testament clearly makes reference to the foundation of Torah faith “the brit”. The first word of the Torah בראשית this word contains within its 6 letters ברית אש\brit fire. The translation of brit into English: alliance. The opening Book of the Torah directly and repeatedly addresses the subject of cutting political alliances. The skill by which to cut a political alliance with others, applies equally today as it did then.

The problem with the ”new testament”, that collection of books never once brings the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai. The Name – exists as living Spirit, not a word.  Despite the declaration otherwise as written in the opening pages of the book of John’s gospels. Hence Jewish law forbids to pronounce the Name according to the grammar of its four letters, b/c the opening account of Creation the Name blew his Spirit into clay, transforming this clay into a living man – named Adam. Pronouncing the Name, as revealed at the Sinai revelation, perverted and defiles the Spirit of the Name unto a common word.

Never in all the pages of the new testament do any of these Greek books bring the Name as revealed at Sinai. Translation of words works with other words, but you can not translate a Spirit by making it into a word. Words simply do not contain life. Quote Shakespeare to dead people and they remain dead. To cut a Torah brit alliance requires swearing a Torah oath using the Name. Therefore the new covenant of the new testament stands, like the Koran, totally debunked.

Torah commands the opposite of Muslim Monotheism, it validates the existence of many Gods. Clearly the Hindus and Chinese peoples never swore a Torah brit alliance. Atheists in Russia, or Europe, or America, shall they make unilateral declarations which negate the Gods which these billions of people worship? Hubris arrogance, every atheist I ever met from Russia, Europe, or America does not speak the language of Hindu, Japan, or China, much less Vietnam or Korea etc etc etc. The Books these millions upon millions of people, by which they base their belief in their Gods, these above mentioned hubris arrogant atheists from Russia, Europe, and America, their negative belief worship of the Ego beliefs seeks to negate the traditions of peoples whom they do not know.

Atheism for this reason stands totally debunked by simple humility and logic.  What

בראשית ב:ז – ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים ויהי האדם לנפש חיה … ועץ החיים בתוך הגן ועץ הדעת טוב ורע

faith does this teach touching the chosen Cohen nation?  It seems to me, by the sh’itta taught to me from my Rav, that rabbi Akiva derived his kabbala of פרדס from

ב: י –  ונהר יצא מעדן להשקות את הגן ומשם יפרד והיה לארבעה ראשים.

The פרדס kabbala of rabbi Akiva defines the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system revealed unto Moshe at Mt Horev 40 days after the tuma Yatzir Ha’ra challenge cast down at the sin of the Golden Calf; specifically: Moshe has died, who will teach us the rest of the Torah revelation at Sinai?  Moshe derived through logical inference the 611 commandments which he commanded as his primary source commentary to the opening two commandments which the Cohen nation accepted upon the soul lives of all generations of our children as our faith worship unto HaShem who brought Israel out of Egypt.

The Big Picture concept of faith as taught by the Parsha of בראשית which defines the k’vanna of the opening daat blessing of the first ברכה within the 13 middle blessings of the Shemone Esri, weighs the commitment of the generations to walk in tohor before HaShem.  The subject of tohor applies strictly and only unto the Cohen nation.  Neither Goyim or Yidden who assimilate and kiss the calves of foreign non Jewish cultures and customs, this huge branch of Humanity has no concept or idea what tohor means.  Keeping the commandments as the ‘sign’ of the brit, most essentially requires that the Cohen people commit before HaShem only to  strive to do avodat HaShem while breathing tohor spirits.

Doing mitzvot לשמה understands that the din of כרת comes and cuts off Israel from Israel when ever the Cohen people behave with hubris arrogance and attempt to do avodat HaShem while breathing tuma spirits.  On par with a woman, attempting tohorat ha’biet who goes to the mikveh while holding a dead rat in her hand; comes out of the mikveh and declares to her husband that she has made herself tohor.  As this example invalidates the mitzva of tohorat ha’biet, so too observance of all the תרי”ג mitzvot.
ג: יד – ויאמר ה’ אלהים אל הנחש כי עשית זאת ארור אתה מכל הבהמה ומכל חית השדה  וכו’.
The נחש teaches a central Torah משל.  The נמשל to wit, the tuma Yatzir Ha’Ra within the hearts of all bnai brit souls unto all eternity.  HaShem judges the struggle of the 2 Yatzirot within our heart in each and every generation.  The story of king David and Bathsheba, teaches the identical mussar commandment.  Learning Torah requires that students ask:  What mussar does the Torah\NaCH command each and every generation?
דכתיב ג:יט – כי עפר אתה ואל עפר תשוב.
The Xtian narishkeit of physical resurrection from the dead has no part in Torah faith.  The daat of “soul” refers to the generations of the bnai brit offspring, the Olam Ha’Bah of the Cohen nation.  The story of Cain teaches the mussar of the tuma inheritance which the first murderer caused his children to inherit.  The identical tuma which women who abort their children cause their seed to inherit; the most basic and fundamental of Torah curses which fills the earth with violence and injustice.  A woman who aborts babies never observes tohorat ha’biet.  Such a person can not do t’shuva, no regret or remorse can ever atone for the crime of abortion.
בראשית ה:כט – ויקרא את שמו נח לאמר זה ינחמנו ממעשנו ומעצבון ידינו מן האדמה אשר אררה ה’.

The 2nd wheel of the mystic Divine Chariot – t’shuva.  The dedication within our hearts to keep the commandments לשמה, meaning through the dedication of tohor middot unto HaShem, do the generations of the Cohen nation do t’shuva for g’lut.  Faith its just that simple.  The Cohen nation commits to restrict avodat HaShem in the Name of tohor middot which we breath from the midsts of our hearts.  Tefilla – strictly a matter of the heart.  A man who does not discern between the tohor/tuma spirits within his heart, such a man cannot do t’shuva לשמה – meaning in the Name of tohor middot dedicated unto HaShem.

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