When the Son of Man Cometh, Will He Find Faith in the Earth??? By torahisteaching

Your opening thesis statement both rhetoric and therefore false. A mountain hang by a hair – a reference to rhetoric. Rhetoric, a key term or phrase, often repeated but never defined! Like the word “prophet” in both the Xtian bible and Muslim koran. The Xtian bible employs that term of rhetoric “prophet”, as a soothsayer who can accurately predict the future. The T’NaCH by contrast defines the term “prophet” as a person who commands mussar to all generations of bnai brit. All generations of bnai brit must wrestle with our Yatzir Ha’Rah.

How does the Torah define “HOLY”. Using and repeating terms which have no clear definition defines the Talmudic concept of a mountain hanging by a hair. Your thesis statement opens with: “Because Abraham was Holy, the land GOD gave him was Holy. ”

The revelation of the Name HaShem did not occur unto Sinai. Avraham called upon El Shaddai. The revelation of the Torah at Sinai did not contain ”10 Commandments”. After the 2nd commandment the people of Israel demanded from Moshe that he ascend and receive the rest of the Torah.

The Torah defines “holy”, as a sworn oath dedication in the Name of HaShem. HaShem swore unto the Avot to give their descendants the lands of Canaan. An oath brit “alliance” … if the greater party swears an oath, then how much more so the lessor party likewise swears an oath. What oaths did Avraham, Yitzak and Yaacov swear to HaShem? Don’t know? How can you accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven in the kre’a shma ה’ אלהינו ה’ אחד. The term אחד has the k’vanna that the oaths which the Avot swore upon their souls ie the lives of their children, that persons who accept the brit faith likewise swear these same oaths upon the lives of their souls – אחד.

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