Reading Log: “Black Reconstruction” and “Eruvin” by Jonathan Schneiderman’s Blog

Black Reconstruction failed for a simple reason. Slavery in no manner shape or form served as the pretext for Lincoln’s illegal invasion of the Southern Confederate States. Why did the Yankee society up North strongly favor abolition? The Industrial revolution took seed in the Yankee states. The States of the Southern Confederacy remained an agriculturally based economy. Throughout history, virtually all agriculturally based economies relied upon slavery. None industrial farming – labor intensive to say the least. Try separating cotton seeds from cotton fiber without a cotton gin!

Lincoln thought himself above Jefferson. Much like the post WW2 Presidents and the war criminal Bush in particular who referred to the Constitution as a GD scrap of paper! The Commerce Clause within the Constitution passed in 1789, has clarity that the Federal Government can regulate inter-state trade. But the Americas prior to the Civil War contained huge territories yet to become States within the Union. Herein stands the issue of States Rights, examine the words of the 10th and 11th Amendments to the Constitution!

States Rights argues that the Federal Government does not possess the authority, nor the right to regulate trade between states and territories. The damned Yankee states held that the Central government of Washington possessed this mandate. This basic dispute on how to read the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution defines the basis of the American Civil War. It also explains with clarity why the ”Black Reconstruction” failed.

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