Esther 10:3, Question 7. What is the significance of this verse/word/letter being at the end of Megillas Esther? By taryag613

Peace … a noun or a verb. The way your commentary describes it, peace functions as a noun. However, shalom its a verb. This verb requires the action of actual trust. Trust requires that allies to a partnership, agree to swear to honor and abide by defined preconditionary terms. Rabin ate a bullet and died b/c he failed to grasp, learned from the shabbot 3 meals, that a person cuts peace with others who qualify as family or friends. The selling of Yosef destroyed the “peace” within the House of Yaacov. A lack of peace functioned as a catalyst by which the House of Yaacav descended unto g’lut.

The failure of Israeli leaders today to understand that peace comes hand in hand with specific preconditionary terms, greatly worries me. King Shlomo made “peace” with all the kingdoms of his “foreign wives”. Par’o broke the peace with the divided kingdom of Yechuda and plundered all Shlomo’s gold wealth within Jerusalem! Clearly the kingdom did not benefit long term from that “Peace”!

And this gets to the crux of your commentary. In this specific case, you hang a mountain – your commentary – by a hair – the undefined term “Peace”. Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of England just prior to the opening of WW2 waved his “Peace” in our times paper, immediately upon returning to England.

The problem specifically with how you learn in general and how most Yidden study Talmud across the board – in general, you view Oral Torah as an historical document. Big mistake. Torah teaches spirituality not history. How does the Torah define the “Hair” prophet? Almost every 5th word in the Koran employs the word of rhetoric “Prophet”. Never once in the entire Koran does that book ever make the least bit of an attempt to define the Hebrew word “navi”. Translating a Hebrew word to another word of different language, does not define the Hebrew word which the alien translators translate!

I offer the classic word of ברית. Xtian translators of their bible declare brit means covenant. What’s fundamentally wrong with this translation, an error which all translations of the bible make?! Brit means cutting an alliance. Like the word שלום qualifies as a verb, so too ברית. Covenant, by contrast exists as a noun. The Book entire of בראשית teaches of the Avot cutting britot! A Torah brit, Lavan did not cut a Torah brit with Yaacov, b/c he swore his oath in the Name of other Gods!

What defines the revelation at Sinai. The Xtians declare: the 10 Commandments. WRONG. Israel – according to the Talmud – only received the opening first 2 commandments before they demanded from Moshe to ascend the mount and receive the rest of the Torah. The revelation of the Name of HaShem defines the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Hence the sages of our Talmud refer to doing mitzvot לשמה.

Neither the bible nor the koran ever once bring the Name of HaShem. This action proves that both “daughter” religions violate the 2nd commandment and worship other Gods. Both religions of avodah zarah teach belief system theologies. בראשית\ברית אש … a רמז defined as a word within a word. The fire of a brit – swearing a Torah oath. The generation of Noach swore oaths unto HaShem in vain. The floods wiped out all the seed of Adam in one day. Hence when HaShem warned Adam that if he violated His commandment, that he would surely die. This warning did not apply only to Adam the man … but unto his seed born unto the future! A source by which the Torah learns O’lam Ha’bah!!!! This concept of O’lam Ha’bah likewise repeats its theme in the brit between the pieces. Avram had at the time of the brit no children. Therefore Avram swore and oath brit with HaShem upon his future born seed!

As mentioned above neither the bible nor the koran ever once bring the name of HaShem. Therefore their belief system theology preaches the need for a person to believe … as in I believe. Not so cutting a Torah brit. This opposing concept of faith centers upon swearing a Torah oath which requires the Name of HaShem, which neither the bible or koran ever once bring!!

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